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Article - Bbau07 Housemates "more Worldly"


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March 27, 2007 article on News.Com.AU about this years housemates...

Big Brother housemates 'more worldly'

By Michael Gadd

March 27, 2007 06:21pm Article from: AAP

BIG Brother producers have given the first hint as to what fans can expect from the show's seventh season, starting with "more worldly" contestants in the human fishbowl.

The big daddy of reality TV returns next month with a new house built on its usual site at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

The show will be under its closest scrutiny to date after last year's "turkey slapping" incident saw calls from politicians, including Prime Minister John Howard, and lobby groups for the show to be banned and the risque Big Brother Uncut program pulled off the air mid-season.

But it's full steam ahead again say producers with, as there are every season, a number of twists designed to test the housemates' mettle and keep viewers tuning in.

Understandably, this season's executive producer Tim Toni was coy with details to avoid potential housemates getting a head start before they go into "lock down", a method of quarantine from the general public which has become part of the show's tension building process.

But at an informal lunch for journalists today, he revealed there would be significant rule changes introduced this year that would affect all aspects of the show.

The housemates have been selected, even if they may not yet be aware themselves, and will represent a wider array of age groups than previous years.

Fans can also expect a little more meaningful conversation, perhaps at the cost of some of the house's trademark tomfoolery, after Toni dubbed this year's housemates "more worldly" than those of previous series and able to discuss a wide range of topics in depth.

He added some housemates have been plucked from the fringes of elite sport.

Endemol Southern Star producer Kris Noble said the uproar from last year's controversy

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Here is a little bio about the new Executive Producer from "The Southern Star Group" website...


Tim-Toni-new.jpgTIM TONI

Multi-award winning producer Tim Toni has been making factual and documentary programs for more than 20 years for global broadcasters including Discovery Channels International, National Geographic Channels International, The Travel Channel and Animal Planet as well as for MediaCorp Singapore and all Australian terrestrial networks. Currently he is co-Executive Producer on Big Brother and he is developing a small slate of documentaries and factual series.

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Here is another article from "The Daily Telegraph"


Big Brother cleans up its house

Sydney Confidential

March 28, 2007 12:00

NO more slappers, an environment-friendly space, more worldly wise contestants and a neat freak will make up Big Brother's 2007 house.

And the Federal Government is threatening to gatecrash the three-month Gold Coast party, according to the show's executive producer Kris Noble.

That's thanks to the intense scrutiny the show was put under by horrified politicians after last year's infamous ``turkey slapping'' incident on BB's internet site.

"The (moral) climate has changed a fraction and we have to be far more mindful of what has happened,'' Noble told TV editor Marcus Casey yesterday.

"There was a perception last year that it was a sleazy show and while I don't believe it was, the perception was out there.

"We got rid of those two (turkey slapping) boys but the result is there is now a big brother looking over Big Brother's shoulder and we have to be mindful of that.''

That follows Communications Minister Helen Coonan ordering authorities to conduct a review of reality TV regulations after public complaints last year.

The result of the review is due in late next month - the same time the seventh season is to begin _ and Noble said they had little choice but to mend their ways.

But while not giving too much away, Noble said BB will monitor the housemates' green credentials in their re-designed cage and institute a tougher fines system.

There will be older, more life-experienced contestants - and not all looking like models - and one will have a mild obsessive compulsive disorder of the tidy kind.

Hank :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

Articles are popping up everywhere today!!! Only 26 days to go!!!!

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Nothing like watching two live feeds at the same time! One eyeball on each. One is winding down and the other is just ramping up. A time that I don`t want to miss either. I wish they would get together and time their seasons to give us a one week break between them to reset out brains, clear our rooms of pizza boxes and fast food wrappers, and perhaps pay a few unpaid bills that are waayyy over due...

The long grueling BB season is NOT for the weak. It is the ultimate tri-marathon that tests the upper limits of human endurance. We are about to enter the Twilight Zone. A time to experience the thrills of victory, the agonies of defeat, and the true test of our marriages, relationships, and friendships. Many of us will not survive, and there will be casualties along the way. But for those of us that reach the finish line after this three ring circus, we will have seen it all, and WE will be the ultimate survivors! Good Luck everone!

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