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Family Guy


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This season has had its ups and downs. This season is somewhat lacking. Peter summed up my feelings for last nights episode pretty well with this quote he had last night "That was an ordeal"

That quote is a good example of what was wrong with the episode aired last night. It just wasnt funny. And no matter how long that song got last night it wasnt gonna get better. I was in that same pardicament last night watching and waiting for it too get funnier.

The problem for me was it got off to a bad start. The only thing i really laughed at by the first break was Quagmires all too brief cameo this episode. Because of how his character I saw the Lois carpet joke coming long before it arrived, but it was still a nice joke to add to the boring episode. His question about whether she wanted him to leave her a strip or not was a nice add to the bit as well. Any advances made by the next door neighbor was killed by electric man and his red footy pajamas.

Was it just me? This episode didnt do me in. In fact at one point it even annoyed me because the one time Peter wasnt in his footy pajamas was when he was in bed with the money. So a third of the episode was blown on a setup that didnt work. I was hoping it would be better when they got to the restraunt and it did but what we got from it was still rather dull.

The part of the episode where Stewie put the rat puke on the steak was funny but it was also somewhat played out as it was in most of the promos this week. I liked how Joes friends were treated as senior citzens at peters restraunt too. The part where he talked about homosexual and native american stereotypes was funny too.

Crippled Tom was good too. His parts were nice peices of animation if i do say so myself. I even liked the way it ended when the whole thing came to end when Peter gave him a karmic bi*** slap and ending him in a wheel chair. They kind of lost me again with the Elton John backed montage where Peter learned his lesson though.

The cut aways this week were another mixed bag. MC Esher was clever as id give the ok for Mexican Superfriends, the OJ verdict, Patrick Stewarts voice, and Stewie doing Peanuts. I also really liked Peters M Knight comercial for a Vern Fonk add.

Overall this one didnt work for me. Its worth a look for a couple of the bits, but not an episode ill watch when it gets repeated. Thats ok though they cant all be gems.

What did evreyone think of last nights episode and the show in general?

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Hey tvrocks! Thanks for opening up a thread for the quality of animated TV series on the air today. Unfortunately, I don't catch many these days but I'm sure there will be other posters who will join in the lively discussion of this popular genre.

I encourage all fans of animated series like "Family Guy," "King of the Hill" and "The Simpsons" as well as so many others to support the clever writers and brilliant animators that work so hard to bring this art form to our big and small screens alike.

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