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The Riches


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Did any of you catch the FX debut of this series last night? I was impressed.

To quote the TV listing, "A family of Irish Travellers assume the identity of a wealthy family in a posh suburban development."

(Note that it is definitely a late-night program - and one that the guys would like as well.)

I don't know the lead male (papa Wayne, con artist), Eddie Izzard, but I have always enjoyed Minnie Driver (his wife), and she was excellent last night. As Dahlia Malloy, she's fresh out of prison and drinking a lot of cough syrup while she rides out her addiction to the needle. And my, does she look bad when she feels bad - yet beautiful on a sunny morning. It's more drama than comedy, and no leprechauns in sight.

It was an unexpected treat for a Monday night, and enough to have me checking out the new website this morning. Fascinating.

The premier will be repeated tomorrow night at midnight (Eastern) and 10 pm on Saturday. TIVO, gang -- try it just once!

Gawd, do I sound like a commercial or what? Just sharing -- cuz it really was good! :2thumbsup:


Or try this review first

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I loved it...............FX is really coming out with some strange shows but "The Riches" I watched it twice. The neighbors seem more corrupted than the Riches family.Modern day gypsies..........it's a little out there but believe it or not........it's true.

When my mother was young our uncle owned a little country store,everytime the gypsies would come through town and stop at his store,he would always hide my mother under the counter, they were known to picking up children or people on the road.

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The Riches

by Raven Snook

March 12, 2007: These Cons Are Real Pros

How charismatic is Eddie Izzard? Even playing a morally ambiguous career criminal, he's still the life of the party. And the life of this show. I signed up to cover The Riches because I am always captivated by his performances, whether he's doing his unique brand of stand-up, suffering through mediocre movies, or headlining a dark show like this one. I watched the pilot twice and I'm glad I did. The first time around, I felt like I could see the hamster wheels of the writers turning at 100 mph. There was just so much exposition. First, the Malloys and their m

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