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In case any HEROES fans weren't aware of the online aspect of the show (clues were given during the broadcasts), here is everything (so far) you need to know to play along. (At least it's something to do during the between-sweeps hiatus!)

OFFICIAL NBC SITE: http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/360/

Introducing the Heroes 360 Experience

As dark forces gather to spell doom for the city of New York, it's become clear that the Heroes universe is missing one more person who can help stop this terrible disaster.

That person is you.

Each week, immerse yourself in the Heroes 360 Experience where you become part of this season's biggest hit. Through original content created specifically for TV, online, and mobile, the Heroes 360 Experience lets you explore, interact, and discover exciting new characters, sneak peaks, new and expanded storylines and much more.

So be sure to log on each week to NBC.com (and mobile WAP site) to participate in the Heroes 360 Experience where you become part of the show that everyone is talking about.

www.nbc.com/heroes/wap or text HEROES to 62288

Or, skip that step and follow this summary.


TO LOGIN TO THE ASSIGNMENT TRACKER For GROUP C3 go to: http://www.primatechpaper.com/about.shtml and Hover your mouse over the top of the Primatech Paper logo and click on the Helix. When asked for your username and password enter the one located below.

MAIN LOGIN - Mr. Bennet

Username: bennet

Password: claire

C3001 - Hana

Username: bennet

Password: HGghx11a

C3002 - Matt Parkman

Username: bennet

Password: MPggtn75x

C3003 - Ted

Username: bennet

Password: TSntz14b

C3004 - Gabriel Gray

Username: bennet

Password: GGeh81zu

After that, you can visit a site created by the Hana character. http://www.samantha48616e61.com/

(If you read the HEROES graphic novels (http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/novels/), she was going by the name of Samantha after she escaped, and 48616e61 is "Hana" in hexadecimal, hence the name for her site.)

Next, visit the website of Linderman's casino in Vegas. http://www.corinthianlasvegas.com/

If you win enough money you get access to Linderman's archive pages,

here: http://www.corinthianlasvegas.com/archive/index.shtml (password = "sword")

And the latest site to surface (link sent out yesterday by Hana) is: http://www.activatingevolution.org/

Also check out Claire and Zach's MYSPACE pages.

Claire: http://www.myspace.com/ClaireBennet

Zach: http://www.myspace.com/zachtothefuture

You can keep up with future developments at an excellent fan blog here: http://heroesarg.blogspot.com/

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Linderman's Archives

(Thanks to "HERO" at 9th Wonders)

So far, 7 images are available, which you can click to see below if you want, and you can compare the images of Isaac's paintings we haven't seen before with some similar scenes from the episodes that have already aired.

Photo #1. Samurai sword allegedly owned by Takezo Kensei - leather, steel and wood with decorative markings - circa 1580 (Here is a view of the sword that we saw in Future-Hiro's possession in "Collision" and "Hiros" - screencap and swf vidcap.)

Photo #2. Japanese tapestry depicting Takezo Kensei - artist unknown - watercolor on silk, stretched over wood panel, circa 1595 (The panels are in a different order compared to what you can see from the museum. You can see a little bit of the panels rearranged in this set of pics. Also, you can see that the subtitles showed that warrior's name to be Takezo Kensai.)

Photo #3. "Girl On Autopsy Table" - Isaac Mendez - oil on canvas, 2006 (Claire)

Photo #4. "The President Stands Alone" - Isaac Mendez - oil on canvas, 2007 (Nathan in the Oval office in the future.)

Photo #5. "The Mirror Has Two Faces" - Isaac Mendez - oil on canvas, 2006 - (From a scene in the episode "Collision" when Niki/Jessica are split in the reflection of the elevator doors.)

Photo #6. "Tourists" - Isaac Mendez - oil on canvas, 2006 (Hiro and Ando by the bloody "Homecoming" Banner.)

Photo #7. "Unknown Man" - Isaac Mendez - oil on canvas, 2007 (When compared to the scene where HRG is looking at Niki and Nathan in "Collision", it appears that the unknown man is Mr. Bennet.)

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First, there was a bit of action recently on Hiro's Blog. (HERE)

It looks like he was posting secret messages to Hana (Wireless) telling her how to contact him.

Both were solved, and you can read how within the comments accompanying the blogs.

(Or first try to solve them yourself.)

LOTS of action this week.

Hana had text-messaged everyone who subscribed to the Primetech paper site.

She told us our help would be needed on April 9th.

Visit her site (HERE) to see the post in question. It asks for 3 passwords.

All passwords have now been found, but you can try to find them yourself for fun.

(That's why I'm not posting HOW they were solved. It's long and complicated!)

Otherwise, here they are:

First code: CLSx172

Second code: Lac Long Quan

Third code: 2007:0db8:85a3:08d3:1319:8a3e:0270:7234

After entering all 3 codes, you can enter your name and e-mail address.

No one has been e-mailed yet, though.

And if you're STILL bored, visit Mohinder's Research site: http://www.activatingevolution.org/ .

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