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Ellen's Acres Very Cute Show For Pre Schoolers


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Hi everyone,

The vividly colorful and imaginative animated series "Ellen's Acres" has been canceled by Cartoon Network after only two weeks. Did anyone get a chance to catch it? The little girl Ellen uses her imagination to keep her amused at her parents hotel. It was a very cute idea for little kids and I felt it inspired little kids to find fun in being creative. :artist:

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I heard about this show. I still can't understand why it was cancelled. I was pleasantly surprised to see a show that mixes fun and education in a way that is appealing to parents and kids. Unfortunately, I recently had to explain to my four-year-old niece why she can't see it anymore. It's a shame that Cartoon Network did that because it showed a girl's imagination is exciting and adventurous and it still held your attention without seeing any violence.

I had to search for other information and, fortunately, Cartoon Network is webcasting the program on their website. Broadcasting the show on their channel would be better, though. I've also found that the official Ellen's Acres site has a place where people can see this fantastic show.

Thanks for spreading the word and I'll tell more of my friends about this too.

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