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Fun Lost Quiz


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Hey you guys I found this fun quiz online about Lost! Everyone should do this it will be intresting to see each others answers.

what is your opinion on the TV show?

Do you think Jack is too controlling

Will Charlie's heroin addiction ever be ended for good

Will we ever see a flashback on how the island's hatches were formed

will the mysterious others ever be revealed in full detail

Will Hurley ever remember Libby being in the sane asylum

Will Desmond ever return

Will Walt and Michael be reunited

Will people start building another raft to escape from the island

Will we ever see Henry again

Will John ever get kidnapped by the others

Will Mr. Eko finish his church

will we ever see Walt's dog again, where'd he go?

Will they ever get saved from the island

Whats the main reason for the Dharma initiative

Are the Others really the Dharma initiative people

Will the Hatch ever lock down again

who was talking over the intercom in the hatch before it locked down

Is Michael really an other

Will Hurley find more batteries for his CD player

Will the creators make a sequel to LOST called FOUND?

Who is your favorite character

Least favorite

who is the smartest

who is the hottest

Whats your take on Rose and John being healed when arriving on the island

Will John's leg injury come back to haunt him

will we ever see the ghosts of Shannon or Boone? what about Ana Lucia

Will Hurley go insane and kill himslef

Do the others have backgrounds like the survivors or are they just nobodies

Will Rosseau come back ever

will they ever go back to the hatch Claire and Kate found?

Will Sun's baby be a boy or girl

Will Sayid ever tortue again

is one of the main main characters ever going to die

Will John's faith in the button ever be restored

will we ever see a flashback for Rosseau or maybe Desmond

will we find out where the Black Rock came from

will they ever travel to the cockpit of the plane again

will they ever be rescued

how will the shows finale go?

whats the main reason for the numbers

whats your take on the numbers?

is any one of the regular cast, John Jack etc. maybe an other?

why did the plane crash at this exact spot

Will one of the survivors dress up as an other and try to live in with them

Will Jack and John finally kill each other

Will Hurley ever become skinny

will Sayid ever venture back to the beach were he and Shannon stayed

will the Others and the survivors ever agree to not fight

Will Ana Lucia ever return in some strange way

Will Sawyer and Jack ever agree on something

who will win, the survivors or the others?

What is awaiting in the fifth hatch?

whats your take on the electromagnetic thing in the hatch

what do you think will happen if the clock counts all the way down

will the black smoke ever come back

will the plar bears ever return for more

Will John ever hunt boar again

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Ok its a questionare techically but do we have to be so technical lol!!! Some of the questions I just noticed are a little bit outdated too lol!

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