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How To Look Good Naked


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Lifetime's Got 'Naked' Ambition

by John Dempsey


Host Carson Kressley

Lifetime has signed Carson Kressley of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" as host of "How to Look Good Naked," a half-hour reality series based on the successful British program. The series focuses on one woman in each half-hour episode who hates her body so much that she wants a complete makeover.

The goal is to change the woman's perception of herself without resorting to interventions like plastic surgery, dieting or exercise. Chris Coelen, chief executive of RDF USA, said many of the women in the English original, which runs on Channel Four, went through "a life-changing experience."

Greg Goldman, executive vice president of development and current series for RDF USA, co-producer of the series with Maverick TV, said 'Naked' is "more about boosting self-confidence and learning how to feel good about yourself."

The women who choose to participate in the British series, said Jessica Samet, senior vice president of reality programming for Lifetime, agree early on to allow their picture to be taken in underwear, with the image then projected on the side of a building.

Samet said it's usually a revelation to them when passersby, asked to evaluate the larger-than-life projection, shower praise on various aspects of their figure. 'Naked' executive producers Goldman, Alex Fraser and Riaz Patel start shooting the pilot later this month.

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