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Survivor Meets Big Brother And Vice Versa


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Im bored! So lets say we take former Survivor castaways and put them on Big Brother and vice versa give me a cast and who you think would win!!!!

Survivor Big Brother

Sue Hawk(can you imagine her on BB! Dont think she would last long would be great entertianment though)

Elizabeth Hasselback(I want her back on reality TV so hot!)

Tina Weason(the mom figure)

Rupert(I wonder how he would fare on BB)

Julie(from survivor Vanuatu)









I think if I had to pick I would pick Yul he could be the puppet master!

Big Brother Survivor


Dr Will(great for survivor)






Will W



Janelle(another awesome pic)


I think the obvious choices would be Janelle or Will!!!!!!!!! To win it all!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is I dont know im sure my casts arent anywhere near great! Let me know your casts and if you think these shows could be a success or if you think it would be a big flop and a bad idea!

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That list of prima-donnas that you listed from Big Brother wouldn't last one day on Survivor. I love BB as much as the next guy (I mean I am posting to this board in February for goodness sake), but the games are completely different animals. Not to say that one is harder than the other, they are just different, and I don't think that either set would last very long on the other.

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I think the Survivor people could make it on BB but I doubt many BB'ers could make it through Survivor. I mean Dr Will NO WAY. While he is my favorite BB'er of all time there is no way he would make it thru 1 nite of Survivor. Janelle on Survivor :huh: since there is no bed to lay around in all day I don't think she would make it too far either ;)

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When Jase got the boot in AllStars didn't he say that he was better built for Survivor? HA, I thought it was funny then and I still chuckle at the idea . But seriously, I think Adria and the other twin could do well on Survivor. Maybe Bunky...just for ha-ha's sake. It would be kind of funny to marry the two shows for a summer. Knock out two allstars at the same time.

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