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Day 6: Archive


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Please join me for live 24 Chat Sunday and Monday nights. We will be discussing (after catching our breath) the first four hours of Jack new day. Chat starts at 7:30pm, but the day starts at 6am, so get a good night's sleep!


Who hopes to see you there...

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I'd LOVE to be a part of the chat but I'm not sure I'll be able to because we'll have company staying at our house both nights...bummers. I'll see if I can sneek in somehow :naughty: ... thanks for the heads up, Fuskie!

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Just a quick note. Chat will start at 7:30PM EST for the east coast premier, but will restart at 10:30pm EST (7:30PM PST) for the west coast premier. East Coasters are welcome to join us for the west coast feed, but please no spoilers. West coasters are welcome to join the east coasters, but again, please do not bring back any spoilers to those experiencing sunrise for the first time on the west coast.


Who will do it all again Monday night for the 8-10am hours...

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The following takes place between 6am and 7am.

It's been eighteen months since Jack Bauer set sail on a slow boat to china. Eighteen months that have not treated him well. And his day is about to get worse.

America has been victimized by a seres of bombings over the last 11 weeks across ten cities. Islamic militants are suspected and people are becoming paranoid. But suicide bombers come in all shapes and sizes and the government is planning for detention centers as Karen Homeland argues against it. Wayne Palmer is President listening to the arguments, resisting historical precedent.

Karen reports another bombing. Palmer asks if they are certain that Assad is behind it all. They are. Tom McBeal anticipates failure of the CTU action plan to kill Assan. Palmer says they are playing a steep enough price.

Milo has returned to CTU as middle management. Chloe's husband is not playing nice and she tries to talk sense into him. He calls her a hottie and feels her rear. He asks her if she doesn't like it. She says no. She got a priority request from Homeland that no one else did. She asks Nadia for permission for a private channel. Nadia tells her OK. They want an attack on Assan as soon as they get his location. They have a lead: Jack Bauer.

The President has negotiated his release in return for the location of Assan. Buchanan is meeting Jack at the air force station. He and Curtis watch the plane arrive and are concerned with his state of mind. The suits walk off the plane and there is Jack Bauer, in scraggly beard, eyes darting, unsure. The Chinese ask for a signature as the cuffs are removed. Jack's hand is gruesomely distorted. Jack gives the Chinese a cold look as he walks away. The Chinese say Jack has not spoken a word in 2 years. Palmer paid a high price - whatever Bauer has must be important.

Buchanan says Palmer wants t speak to him. He informs Jack that Palmer is now president and reveals the terror situation and that Assad is to blame. One of Assad's men agreed to give him up for $25m and Jack Bauer dead. It is Abu Fayed who wants revenge for Peru. They have no choice. They can not risk an extraction - once he is turned over, Jack will be on his own. They are asking him to sacrifice himself.

Jack struggles to speak. He asks for Audrey. She doesn't know he is back. Neither does Kim. Jack tells Buchanan to keep it that way. He knows what is being asked and tells Curtis to put away his firearm. Jack asks to clean up first. Curtis takes him to an area with fresh clothes. Jack looks at himself in the mirror fir the first time in 2 years and begins to strip. His body is covered with scars from torture.

The phone rings in the white house. Bill tells Karen they have Jack. Jack is in much worse condition than they thought. Everything depends on the operation, no matter how hard. She wishes she was with him as she eyes a new ring. Bill has to take Jack to the drop point.

Homeland has just now raised the alarm level to red. Chloe wants to find out Jack's status. Nadia says she can't talk about it. Chloe says Nadia doesn't know her very well but she will find out eventually so just tell her what is going on. She blackmails Nadia with information about a security lapse. Nadia gives in and tells her why Fayed wants Jack so bad - Jack killed his brother.

Nadia explains why they can't track Jack. They don't even know if Fayed will do what he promised. Karen know what is going on and that Palmer authorized it. It is their only chance. Chloe doesn't like it but knows it is true. Morris sees her despondent. She returns to her station as he gives her a call. Cisco gets some product placement. Milo asks for the remainder of the upgrades. Morris says eventually. He goes over to Chloe and she tells him what is going on.

Jack is now cleaned up and in a car. Palmer calls Buchanan and asks to speak to Jack. Jack flinches when Bill touches him. Jack takes the phone. He has been trying to figure out what to say to him. This is a desperate measure. Jack says he understands what is expected of him and why. Palmer promises his sacrifice will not be in vain. Jack says goodbye.

Palmer said he thought he understood the job after watching David Palmer. But now he wonders if he is the right person. Tom says that it is an irrelevant question. He will lead the country whether he wants to or not. He is the President. Palmer waivers in his decision. Tom says that David would do just the same thing. It is not right. It is not wrong. It is the only option for the country to survive.

Tom exits the Oval Office and is confronted by Karen that he authorized detention centers to be created. Karen says he is disobeying a direct order. Tom says he is simply preparing for the case where the President changes his mind. Karen asks how far he is going to push it? Security has its price, Tom says as he dismisses Karen.

Buchanan gets a call from Fayed with instructions. They are being monitored. Bill wants Assad, but Fayed won't play along. He is to be handcuffed to a grate. Jack says to do it. Bill does not know what to say. Jack asks him if he understands the difference between dying for nothing and dying for something? If he had died in China, it would have been for nothing. But today, he can die for something. His way. His choice.

To be honest, it will be a relief.

He tells Bill not to be sorry. Bill and Curtis walk away.

At a home, a husband and wife are discussing their son going to school. Mom doesn't want to scare their son. He comes into the kitchen and says that the FBI is arresting his friend's dad. They look across the street and watch an Islamic man being arrested without charges. All the neighbors are watching. The man's son retreats into his house as a contractor bangs on the door and threatens him. The son wants to go help, not going to help because his dad is scared. Dad says he will handle it.

Dad goes outside as mom and son watch. The neighbor breaks down the door as Dad rushes in. He says the boy's father was arrested because the government is scared too. He tells the neighbor he will have to come through him. The men back down. He tells the boy to come stay with him.

Bill Buchanan calls Nadia. CTU is ready. Jack is giving his life for the operation, so no mistakes. Nadia says she is sidelining Chloe. Bill says he will talk to Chloe when he gets there. Morris says he has access to a satellite off the military grid. He tells her to stop sulking and find out where Jack was dropped off.

Fayed's boys arrive and uncuff Jack. Fayed has been waiting for this for a long time. They put Jack into a van, knocking him unconscious. Fayed says there is a problem. A private satellite signal has been intercepted. Morris's actions has been discovered. Fayed calls CTU. He orders the satellite being redirected. Nadia does not know what he is talking about? She says there is no satellite. Milo discovers what Fayed is talking about. They realize it is Chloe.

She orders it redirected. Fayed has detected them. Fayed counts down as Morris rushes to redirect. Fayed gets confirmation. Fayed says he will only thing about honoring the deal. Buchanan returns to CTU. He is upset and yells at Chloe. They can not be fired now because he needs the manpower. Bill tells her to look at him. She would rather not. She is not the only one mourning Jack. They better home they did not just sacrifice Jack for nothing.

Karen calls Bill. Palmer is worried. Buchanan fills her in on Chloe's actions. Karen tells him that there are those who will tear up the constitution if this doesn't work. Back at terrorist monitoring center, Fayed arrives with Jack. The money has been transferred and there is no more monitoring. Jack is taken into a torture room, beaten, and handcuffed to a chair. Fayed takes out implements of pain as Jack is hooked up to a heart monitoring device. Before he dies, Jack will know what Fayed's brother felt before he died.

Jack is stabbed in the shoulder but he does not scream. He does when alcohol is poured on the wound. Better, says Fayed. Jack says giving Assad's location was the deal. Fayed says Assan has lost faith in the cause. Assan has talked about negotiation. Fayed says there is no negotiation. Assan is a traitor, and soon he will be dead. CTU is about to kill the wrong man. He has come here to stop the attacks. He has come here to stop Fayed. Jack is stabbed again and loses consciousness. Fayed says Jack will die for nothing.

Back at CTU, Fayed calls CTU. He gives Bill the transponder coordinates for Assad. Milo calls up the location and Buchanan gives the order to go. Surveillance is cut off for Fayed as Morris tries to comfort Chloe. Copters take off on their attack. Fayed revives Jack and asks if he remembers cutting off his brother's finger.

He is interrupted with a phone call. Jack tries to listen as the Arabic son tells Fayed that the FBI took his father. His father is innocent - does not know what the son is doing. Fayed says the father is to be sacrificed. Jack rips off the heart monitor while everyone is distracted. The code is sounded and a guard comes over to investigate. Jack bites him in the neck and the guard faints. Jack grabs the key. Fayed tells the boy he needs the package delivered soon. The boy asks if everything is OK. He says it was just his uncle.

Fayed returns to the chamber and Jack is gone, escaped through a ventilation duct. Fayed is furious.


Who is only an hour into the day and already hooked...

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The following takes place between 7am and 8am.

For the first time in 18 months, Jack is a free man, in control of his own destiny. Naturally, he is on the run from terrorists who want to kill him.

The terrorists scour the sewer looking for Bauer. He knows the truth. 2nd in command tells Fayed that it is too late - Bauer can not stop them. They must leave now. Fayed agrees and Jack is left alone. He escapes out the storm drain as Chloe mourns her friend. Morris is using satellite imagery to see the coordinates. Milo worries that Jack died for nothing. Chloe tells him to shut up. Morris tells him to watch what he says.

Jack breaks into a car and finds a phone. Nadia is updating the attack as Bauer calls in. Jack tells him to call off Assad, Assad is not responsible. It is complicated. Jack says to put him through to the President. Jack hot wires the car as the call is put through. Palmer is amazed Jack escaped. Karen says Jack's explanation is insane. Jack is put on the line. Palmer is skeptical that Fayed is responsible, that Assad is trying to mainstream his organization.

Palmer says we can do a ground assault. Karen says they can't do that. Bill pushes to listen to Bauer. Tom agrees with Karen. Jack appeals to Palmer. Tom tells him not to let his relationship with Bauer to interfere with his decision. Palmer agrees. He is sorry. Bill tells Jack it is the President's call, and he will send a call to him. Jack says it is too late.

He inputs the transponder coordinates into his phone, gets a map location, and heads out to find Assad. The dad is trying to find information from the FBI when Fayed calls. He wants the package. Fayed tells him to get the package and call him. Ahmed makes the excuse he is meeting his uncle and they let him go. The son tells him he is sorry that this is happening to him. Ahmed says it has been crazy for a long time. Son gives him a good luck charm out of friendship. Ahmed says he can't take it, the friend might need it himself someday.

The copters head for the location, cleared hot. Bill gets a call from Karen, they are on-line with Palmer. The strike will take place in 5 minutes, followed by a ground search by Curtis. Jack arrives at the location first (of course), and rushes in. The copters are hot and 4 minutes away. Jack sneaks up the back of the home . A man comes out. Jack grabs a log, taps the garbage can and attacks the man from behind. Grabbing his gun, Jack heads into the house.

There are 3 men inside as the copters are 2 minutes out. Another man comes out and Jack holds a gun to his head. Jack tells them to not move. Jack says they are about to be attacked and he has to get them out. He knows about Fayed and Fayed set Assad up. The men tell him not to listen to Jack. They searched for the transponder. Jack says one of Assad's men has it on them, to empty their pockets. Jack puts down his gun. He is trying to save his life.

Assad tells his men to empty their pockets. One man refuses and the transponder is found. You betrayed us. No, you betrayed us. Jack reaches for his gun, but Assad says if Jack is telling the truth, he will not need it. Jack leaves with Assad and the traitor as the other men secure the files. The copter strike takes place as Jack makes his escape. Buchanan tells Palmer the target has been destroyed.

The FBI wants a list of names from the Muslim-American alliance. The attorney asks for a warrant as Voyager Tom asks them to cooperate anyway. The lady attorney refuses. The director asks if maybe they should help. The attorney, Sandra Palmer, calls her brother.

In the White House, Sandra's call goes through. Wayne clears the room as Sandra tells him what is going on. Wayne says he has to do whatever he has to do to what is necessary to follow up on leads. She says they were not following up on leads. They can not be ethnic profiling. She points the finger at Tom McBeal. The President balks at the accusation, and Sandra says David never liked Tom either. Wayne has to go. Sandra kisses her client as he thanks her for talking sense into him.

Buchanan tells Palmer that they missed Assad. They are sealing a 10 block perimeter. Palmer is furious. He asks Tom what Assad's next move will be? Assad will respond, Tom says. Fayed arrives at his headquarters and says he will have the package soon. There is a suicide bomber wired with explosives. Fayed arms the device as the bomber says he will not fail him. When the moment approaches, Fayed says, even the most devout can experience fear. His family will learn of his sacrifice.

Bauer, Assad and traitor watch a moving van leave from a home with a for rent sign. They break in. The traitor is unconscious as Jack says they can not stay there long. Assad says he only needs a few minutes. Jack confirms Assad had been trying to stop Fayed. Jack removes his shirt and Assad sees the scars.

Chloe discovers satellite imagery showing Jack escaping with Assad. She calls Buchanan and shows him the images. Bill says it makes sense from Jack's perspective. Chloe asks what she should do with it. Bill says to keep it for himself, to keep an eye out for Fayed but under the radar.

Jack says they will have to involve CTU. Assad says they will find Fayed on his terms. Jack begins his own version of interrogation of the traitor as Assad looks on. He does not know anything and begs Jack to stop. Jack stops and Assad asks why. Jack could see it in his eyes, he is n't going to tell us anything. Assad takes a knife and stabs him in the knee. The traitor gives up where some of Fayed's men will be as Jack looks on. Assad stabs him again and talks to him as he dies. He understands his convictions but he took the wrong path. Assad says they can find Fayed and stop him. Jack has no words.

I don't know how to do this anymore.

Fayed says he will remember.

The FBI is back with a warrant. Voyager Tom demands the files. It is an administrative warrant. Sandra says it is not valid but gives in. She runs to the computer as she sends the FBI agents on a wild goose chase. Sandra deletes the files as the FBI tries to pull them up. She tells the FBI they have been erased, shredded. Voyager Top arrests her and the director, as Sandra protests she is not involved. FBI partner asks if he is sure. Voyager Tom says she gets no special treatment.

Good son watches as a man walks up to Ahmed's house. Ahmed has taken the package out from behind the wall as he is attacked by his neighbor. A battle ensues as Ahmed finds a gun and shoots the neighbor in the leg. The man pleads for his life as Ahmed shoots him. He pulls a shard of glass out of his own leg as the good sun comes in, sees the dead neighbor and runs to call an ambulance. He pulls a gun on Scott, and tells him to do what he says. Scott says they are friends, and Ahmed says he can't even pronounce his name.

Assad arrives at the location, spots 2 men in suites, and immediately identifies them as Fayed's suicide bombers. They get out of the car and tail them into the subway. The terrorists make their way into the subway. One is the suicide bomber. Jack and Assad follow and watch from above. The detonator is in the right hand of the bomber. The handler will not get on the train. Jack says he will go after the bomber. Assad should follow the handler. Jack heads down to the platform as the train arrives.

Jack and the bomber get on the train. Jack makes his way toward the bomber. The handler exits the station and Assad follows him. The handler calls Fayed to tell him the bomber is on the train and the bomb will go off in 5 minutes when the train pulls into the station. He gets into a car to go to the station and confirm that the bomb went off. Assad gets into his car and follows him.

The conductor checks for tickets (on a subway?). The bomber is nervous. Jack Bauer is asked for a ticket. Jack says he is a government agent, there is a terrorist on board, and the guy should walk away. He does. Jack walks up to the bomber and stands next to him. The ticket guy moves away fast, alerting the bomber. Jack grabs the detonator switch. A fight ensues. The bomb is triggered as Jack kicks the bomber out the back window of the train.

The emergency brakes of the train engage, and Jack jumps out onto the tracks. Assad pulls up behind the handler. There is no explosion and he calls in to Fayed. Fayed says it does not matter. Once again, the streets are flowing with blood. Milo confirms to Buchanan that there were 3 other bombs. Nadia reports that Bauer may have stopped the 4th bomb. Chloe intercepts a call from the handler.

Tom tells Palmer that these attacks were planned ahead of the Assad attack. Karen reports to Palmer that CTU intercepted the handlers call and that Fayed is is actually behind the attacks. Jack was right all along, Wayne says, this is going to get much worse.

Jack gets a call from Assad. He is still following the hander. Jack says he will find him, the handler is the only connection to Fayed.


Who notes this premier was dedicated to the memory of a Marine helicopter pilot killed in Iraq in 2005...

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:notworthy: Man, are you fast! Thanks Fuskie....what a great show! This one has started out much better than last season...although I always cringe at the torture scenes :cry: (what was that long skinny thing Fayid used on Jack's back??).

I find myself rooting for Jack more than ever and can't wait for tomorrow night's episodes!

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what was that long skinny thing Fayid used on Jack's back?

I thought it was an ice pick, but it happened so fast and I was typing at the time.


Who figured Jack mentally didn't care about the pain, only physically responding to the alcohol, after what he had gone through in China...

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by Chana Shwadlenak

January 14, 2007: Day 6: 6AM-7AM/7AM-8AM

First of all, it should be noted that I've spent all day with the following thought running through my head: "ohmygod-ohmygod-ohmygod-ohmygod-24 starts tonight!"

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UPDATE: Chloe looks like somebody cut the cheese. But this normal.

UPDATE: Jack looks like a Wookie. ChewJacca!

UPDATE: Just six guys against Jack? How stupid are these terrorists

UPDATE: Don't you hate it when you're about to cut off somebody's finger and the phone rings?


UPDATE: OK, what happened to Jack's 287 blood-oozing wounds? He must have found a styptic pencil the size of a baseball bat.

:smilielol: Thanks for sharing, Fuskie...that made my day!! (and is SO TRUE!)

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I must say that although I absoutely love 24 and basically schedule my evening viewing around it, the way Jack got rid of the guy on the subway was a little too Hollywood theatrics for my taste. And the fact that their car was parked close to handler's car was a little far reaching.

That being said, when Jack attacked the terrorist and took it back "Lost Boys" style was AWESOME!!!

I really like this new vulnerable/ almost fallible Jack.

And now I have cold hard evidence that I watch entirely too much TV. The scene in which we're introduced to Miss Palmer, my comments we're: Hey, you're 227 & "Show me the Money's" wife...hey, you were on Oz...and hey, you're the dude on Law & Order who killed the student to cover up an affair!!

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"Show me the Money's" wife...

LOL...that's where I remember the actress playing Wayne Palmer's sister from!!! :clap: Thank you- it was driving me crazy!

The Palmer family keeps growing larger and larger...next year Palmer's son will probably reappear as an adult running for office... :P

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James Morrison, 24: CTU's Boss Teases the Next 22 Hours

by Matt Webb Mitovich, TV Guide, Monday, January 15, 2007

To hear James Morrison sum up his 24 alter ego, "Being Bill Buchanan is like trying to romance a beautiful woman in a crowded bus with a love poem about the Terrorism Index, while a pit bull gnaws its way up my leg." In other words, this guy really knows what his character is about. TVGuide.com welcomed the opportunity to chat up Morrison about Buchanan's wedded bliss, the new day's first two hours gone by, and what lies ahead for Bill, Chloe, Audrey et al.



Who notes the most interesting thing he gleamed from the interview is that 2/3 of the way through the day and Audrey has not been written into the show, despite it being Jack's first spoken words...

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Is it my imagination, or does Assad really not look like he is of Arabic decent?

OK, here we go.

The following takes place from 8am to 9am.

Jack is running to Assad's car. They are still tracking Fayed's handler. The handler gets a phone call - he is on schedule. But Fayed wants him to make a detour - the Americans are feeling weak. It's his call. Palmer is told Jack and Assad prevented the bombing from causing more damage. Fayed calls and demands to speak with the President.

They put him on.

They have proven they can strike any time anywhere, but they will offer a ceasefire if he meets his demands. Palmer says his promise holds little weight. Fayed orders 100 military combatants released. The "freedom fighters" need to be airborne within the hour. If not, the consequences will be immediate and devastating. The offer will only be made once. For the country's sake, he better accept it.

Karen says it is wishful thinking to assume this is Fayed's end game. Palmer tells Buchanan to determine the logistics. Tom McBeal says Fayed can not be trusted. Palmer says he doesn't. Karen says he can not release 100 terrorists. Palmer says he may be forced to.

Jack says there is a problem. The traffic will thin out and they will be spotted. Jack wants to call in CTU. Assad says he will not work with his enemies. Jack says he is working with him now. Assad agrees.

Milo tells Morris to review the 100 detainees. Morris says to give the request to someone less important. Morris lectures Milo on how to manage. Milo says you have 20 minutes or he is gone. Chloe tells Morris to grow up. Jack calls Chloe and is connected to Bill. Bill asks if he can trust Assad. Jack says he thinks so and needs Chloe for satellite support.

Bill fills Jack in on Fayed's request. Chloe needs 10 minutes. Jack says there is not enough time. Jack tells Bill to send a tact team his way. Jack asks Assad if the handler will spot him. Assad says he does not think so. Bill orders Curtis to help Jack and Assad.

Jack carjacks a vehicle and tears onto the road, dodging cars and getting into position. He crashes through an ally, through a gate. Assad is following the handler as Jack crashes into the handler. He gets out and picks a fight. Assad gets out and says he is a witness. Jack goes onto a race rant and then takes off. Assad says he will report to the police. The handler says he can't wait. Assad says he can drive the handler where he wants to go. Assad makes a phone call, sticks the phone in the door without the handler seeing. They drive away.

Jack gets a call. It's Assad's phone. Assad is playing up the good samaritan. Jack calls Bill and catches him up to date. Jack will be following 2 miles behind and is forwarding the call to CTU. CTU is listening in. They are heading to New Hall. Bill tells Curtis to head there.

Fayed's man reports activity by the detention center. By the time they are loaded on the aircraft, it will be too late for the Americans. Ahmed is bringing the component for the weapon.

Ahmed leads Scott back home and takes his mother hostage too. He tells her to call Ray. Ray comes downstairs and Ahmed orders him to do what he says. He tells the nice mother, conveniently a nurse, to get bandages. he orders the men to the couch. Ray can not believe his eyes but complies. He orders mother to patch the bleeding. Scott tells dad Ahmed killed the neighbor. Nurse Mom says she can't stop the bleeding.

Ahmed tells Ray about the package. Tells Ray to deliver it or he will kill his wife and son. Nurse Mom bandages the leg. Ray asks what is in the package. None of your concern. If he sees anyone around the house, the wife and son are dead. He gives Ray the address of a man named Marcus. Ray takes t he package, which is still wrapped, gives his wife and son a lingering look, and leaves.

Chloe checks Curtis's status and gives him an update. Morris asks her why she is taking Milo's side. Chloe tells him it's his character flaw to think he's smarter than his boss. Morris tells Milo the files are unlocked.

In the White House, there are pictures of David Palmer. Karen updates Wayne that CTU is working with Jack and Assad. There are no estimates. They have to have the detainees on buses in 10 minutes to meet Fayed's deadline. He says there is no other option. Tell them to load the buses.

Assad speaks the name of the road, delivering clues to CTU and Jack. The Handler gives him further directions. Jack hooks up with Curtis and the tact team. Curtis gives Jack a com piece (blue tooth jacked up). Curtis reports in. Satellite is coming up. As soon as they have a fix, they will upload it to his GPS. Curtis tells it is good to see him. He is sorry for what he was put through. But now he has to work with Assad. Jack does not say anything. Curtis presses on, he is a terrorist. Doesn't that mean anything? Jack says he doesn't know what means anything anymore. Curtis wants him to pay for his past. Jack says he may be the only chance for peace. Curtis says, we'll see. Jack asks what does that mean but Curtis shuts up.

Ahmed is still in pain. Nurse Mom has prescription pain killers in the kitchen. He sends Scott to get them. Scott gets them, fills a glass with some water and spies a knife from breakfast. He palms the knife and returns to the living room. He gives the pills and the water to Ahmed who opens the childproof bottle with one hand. Mom sees the knife behind Scott's back. Ahmed takes the pills and tells Scott to sit down. Mom tells him to sit down. Scott does, still hiding the knife.

Detainees are being loaded onto buses. In their orange jumpsuits, the detainees are worried as the military man barks orders. Palmer watches on a video link. Tom McBeal tells him that his sister has been arrested and that Sandra gave the agents no choice. Palmer picks up the phone.

Voyager Tom arrives with Sandra and the Director at the detention center with angry protests outside. Tom splits them up and orders her cuffs removed. He hands her a phone. It is President Palmer. She was standing up to an unlawful seizure. She understands what is going on but won't let him set her free. Sandra tells him the director is innocent. Palmer says then he has nothing to worry about. She goes to Voyager Tom and demands to see the Director. Tom refuses and she is escorted out of the detention center. Soldiers are ordering the civilians to submit to a cavity search. The director interferes and is assaulted. Sandra does not see this.

Assad and Handler are driving as Assad continues to ask prodding questions. Handler tells him to drop him off around the block. Assad pulls over. The tact time is right behind. The Handler gets out of the car and walks across a road toward a commercial district. CTU has him on satellite. Assad pulls around and Curtis gets out of the car. Looking at Assad, Curtis deploys his men. Curtis tells Jack Assad is no longer part of the operation. Jack tells Assad he will take care of him as soon as this is over. Assad agrees to be taken into custody.

The tact team gets eyes on the Handler as he enters a storage facility. He uncovers ammunition in a storage locker. Jack tells Bill Fayed is not there. Bill wants to take the handler and interrogate him. Against Jack's advise, Bill orders the handler taken. A noise distracts the handler and he spots the tact team. He grabs a gun and starts shooting. Curtis orders him to surrender but he pulls out a grenade and kills himself and the ammunition. Jack recovers the laptop the Handler had been looking at.

Bill informs the President the suspect is killed. Tom McBeal tells Palmer they need his orders for the prisoner release. Palmer tells him to load the detainees on the plain. The detainees are loaded on the plain. They do headcount checks as the detainees are ordered onto the plane. The buses are driven away (did they check them for stragglers?). Back at Fayed's headquarters, he learns that the detainees are loaded onto the plane.

Ray pulls up to the address on the piece of paper and takes the package inside. There is no one there. A voice calls from in back. It is Marcus. He gives Marcus the package and is supposed to get something in return. Marcus opens the package and it is full of money. He says it is not enough. Ray says he can't get anymore. He begs him. Marcus won't budge. Ray asks to use his phone and calls Ahmed. He fills the kid in. Ahmed says he doesn't care. If Ray doesn't get the item, the family dies.

Ray says he will get the money but first he needs to make sure Marcus has the item. Marcus gets it. It is an electronic device. Ray grabs a lamp and hits him over the head. Marcus does not go down easy and grabs a gun. Ray beats his head into the floor. He has blood on his hands now. He grabs "the item" which has fallen on the ground.

Chloe says the hard drive is toast but they can access the most recently accessed file. It looks like a wiring diagram. Jack tells Curtis he needs Assad. Jack asks him to read the Arabic in the file. It is a list of components for a nuclear detonator. Assad says they have tried to get one in the past but failed. Curtis attacks Assad but Jack breaks them up. Nadia identifies it as a suitcase nuke. There was a report that a scientist had one so Chloe pulls up a file. There is a 6yr old surveillance photo. Assad identifies him. Chloe looks him up and finds the guy is being released.

Assad says the bombings were intended to free this man so they could set off a nuclear bomb. Nadia calls the President while Buchanan stops the plain. Guards board the plain and call for the prisoner. He checks the faces against a photo that appears on a PDA. Meanwhile, the bus has pulled off the side fo the road and the guard who had been barking orders tells the escaped detainee to to go, Fayed is waiting for him. He passes the dead driver as he climbs off the bus.


Who thinks Ahmed is turning out to be quite well indoctrinated and wonders when Bill will start listening to Jack...

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The following takes place between 9am and 10am.

Bill tells the military that this was Fayed's plan all along. They find a Sargent is missing. Chloe tries to track the bus on satellite. Bill is ticked off and yells at his staff. Milo says the prisoner is a German-trained nuclear engineer. He can prep a suitcase nuke on site. Capturing Numir is the number one priority. Milo tells Morris to do something, but he says he is working for Chloe. Chloe says he is not. Milo says this is no joke. Either work with him or quit.

Palmer, Tom McBeal and Karen talk through the suitcase nuke. The kill radius is at least half a mile. Casualties depend on where the nuke is set off. Potentially hundreds of thousands. Palmer tells them to give him Jack Bauer. Assad says they are wasting time. Curtis says there is no we. Just him and us. Jack gets Palmer's call.

Palmer says he is verifying Assad's peace initiative. Palmer wants Jack to take charge of the search for Numir. Jack crumbles against a wall. Jack says he does not know if he is up to it. Palmer says he needs Jack and wants to make it official. Jack takes a deep breath says he will do his best. He tells Curtis that he needs him to accept Assad. Jack asks him to trust him. Curtis asks what the Chinese did to him. Jack asks if there is a history with Assad. Assad interrupts with a PDA that refers to a "Visitor". Assad says the weapon arrived last Thursday.

Jack tells Curtis that nothing is more important than finding Fayed and Numir. Jack calls Chloe and orders a cross-check on Curtis and Assad. She says she will go as fast as she can.

Numir arrives at Fayed's headquarters. He goes straight to the suitcase. It is the last model the Soviets produced. He gets his tools but the device to arm it is still coming.

Ahmed is chugging down pills. He has to do this whether he wants to or not. Ray calls and Ahmed tells him to deliver it to Fayed. Ray refuses. He just killed a man and will not deliver it anywhere until he knows they are safe. Ahmed will release one. Ray says his son. Ahmed says he will release his wife only because he values his son the most. Ahmed tells Nurse Mom to leave and call Ray. If Ahmed sees any police, Scott is dead. Nurse Mom gives Scott a long hug and then leaves.

She runs to her car and calls Ray on the pay phone. She says he might kills Scott anyway. Ray says they can't take the chance. He has to deliver the package to Fayed. Ray calls Ahmed back and is given the address for Fayed. Nurse Mom stops the car, grabs her cell phone and calls 911. She reports that a terrorist is holding her son hostage and she needs to speak to the police.

Milo and Morris continue arguing. They go nose to nose when Chloe intervenes. It turns out that Milo and Chloe dated before she and Morris got together. She tells Morris to get over it. Morris acquiesces, getting in a last dig.

Buchanan calls Jack reporting Nurse Mom's call. He connects the two and she fills him in, giving him Ahmed and Fayed's names. She does not know where he is taking the package. Jack says they will get back to him. Jack takes his tact team to the hostage situation. Curtis is not sure of Jack's decision.

An Ambassador from arrives at the White House and meets with Palmer, Karen and Tom McBeal. They ask the Ambassador if Assad is telling the truth. The Ambassador says he thinks he is, and a substantial number of followers might listen to him. Karen says this corroborates everything Jack said and they need to formalize a partnership. Tom has reservations. Palmer asks for Jack. He tells Jack that he would like to come to an arrangement with Assad. Curtis is not happy.

Palmer offers him full protection for all crimes and acts of war as long as he continues tracking Fayed and continues his path toward peace. Assad says he needs it in writing. Curtis is still not happy. Palmer says it was not an easy thing to do. Jack says it is not a call he would have to make. Assad asks if the President is honorable. Jack says yes.

Sandra calls for the President. Tom McBeal intercepts the call and prevents her from talking to her brother. She chews him out because her Director is still incarcerated. Sandra says she will do whatever it takes to defend her client and she is holding him personally responsible for her Director's safety.

In the detention center, he is approached by the man who he helped. Before the day is over, "they" will pay. Another man comes over and takes the first man away. The Director tries to eavesdrop on their conversation in Arabic.

Ray arrives at Fayed's headquarters. He is taken at gunpoint inside with the package. He hands over the package and asks Fayed to call Ahmed to release his son. It will take 20 minutes to complete assembly. The bomb will detonate in an hour. Fayed says to not kill him until they are ready to leave. Ray pleads for his son's life. Fayed says he may if Ray cooperates. Numir has everything he needs. Fayed is heading to the safe house. He calls Ahmed. He has no further use for the son, so kill the boy and leave.

Ahmed asks if it is necessary.


Yes, Fayed.

Palmer approves the pardon. Tom McBeal and Karen come into the White House. Palmer tells Tom to put his disagreement from the public. They argue over where to publicize the agreement. For every life lost in the past, 10 more will be saved in the future. Karen leaves to put it in action as Tom expresses his reservations. Palmer says it makes him appreciate his loyalty.

Jack and the tact team arrive at Scott's house. They need Ahmed alive as they move into position. Jack jumps over a wall into the backyard. Ahmed is not talking. He seems to be drifting off. He tells Scott that his father is fine, did what he was told. Scott asks if he is going to be let go too. Ahmed tells him to get up. He is pointing the gun at Scott. Scott pleads for his life. Ahmed doesn't want this to be harder than hit has to and tells Scott to kneel down. CTU is almost in position.

The gate squeaks as Jack opens it. Ahmed tells Scott to turn around. Curtis makes the call. Go. Ahmed turns the gun on CTU. Hack orders him to drop the weapon. An agent shoots Ahmed. Jack orders medics because they need Ahmed to lead them to Fayed. Scott remembers the address. Jack calls it into CTU. Bill orders Nadia to send 2 tact teams. Scott asks Jack if he will save his dad. Jack says they will try.

Chloe gets the satellite images for the last 10 minutes. Palmer orders first responders to be briefed. Bill calls. They believe with a high level of probability they have found the nuke. They will patch him in when it becomes available.

Sandra gets to see her Director. He says he is not going anywhere. He thinks there is a connection in the camp to the terrorist attacks. He does not understand Arabic, but he wants her to pass on a phrase he heard over and over. He tells her to stop being a lawyer and think of the country. She agrees and the Director is taken back to the camp.

Ahmed is taken out on a stretcher. Jack gives Assad the pardon and agreement. He needs a moment, but Jack needs to get back to work. Assad will be taken to CTU. Jack takes Curtis aside and tells him about the pardon. Curtis is not happy. It is not their call - it is the President's. Curtis says all right, if that is the way it has to be.

Scott's mother arrives home and is reunited with Scott. There is no word on Ray yet, but he has to go. Chloe calls with the past connection between Assad and Curtis. Curtis was wounded in an Assad attack. 5 dead, 2 taken hostage and later beheaded. Assad leaves with the document as Curtis follows him. Jack loos for Curtis who is gone. Curtis takes over escorting Assad and reminds him what Assad did. He pulls a gun and Jack orders him to put down his weapon. Curtis refuses. Jack pleads to not do this.


I can't let this animal live.

Jack shoots Curtis in the shoulder. Crying and looking at Jack, he collapses as the medics work on him. Jack tries to shake off the guilt. Curtis is dead. Jack vomits in the grass, collapses to the ground.

The phone rings. It is Bill. He knows what happened. Curtis didn't leave him any choice. He did the right thing. He tells Jack to come in. Jack tells Bill to tell the President he can't do this anymore. Bill says they need him. Come back to CTU. Jack says he is done.

His head is against a tree. He is sobbing.

Nadia tells Buchanan that Ahmed died en route to the hospital.

The CTU tact teams are ready to assault Fayed's location. CTU and the White House are watching. Inside the terrorists are unsuspecting. They move in. The attack begins with silent strangulation. No alarms. Numir is almost finished. He needs to reconnect the fuse. Ray is watching. They are alerted.

Numir is done. The attack begins in earnest. Ray drops down. Numir can detonate now. Ray shouts NO as the bomb is set off. Jack watches from afar as the nuclear explosion rises into the sky. CTU and the White House are in shock. Palmer orders all first response teams to work with the military. Calmly, he tells Karen to go. At CTU, Milo reports a message from the FBI with the arabic phrase. Nadia translates it as 5 visitors.

There are 4 more suitcase bombs out there.


Who honestly did not think they would set off the bomb...

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:jawdrop: Whoa...I saw the Curtis problem coming (is he actually dead?), but not the nuclear bomb... :jawdrop:
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Whoa...I saw the Curtis problem coming (is he actually dead?), but not the nuclear bomb...

Yes, Curtis had to go to make room for Skippy, I mean Ricky Schroeder who becomes Jack's new right-hand tact team man. I was also taken by surprise with the explosion, but in seeing the previews for next week it was obvious in hindsight. Jack had effectively quit. Sure they could have stopped the bomb and continued pursuing the other 4 suitcases. But that would not have been enough to get Jack back into the game. Now I expect Jack to be raw and bordering on manic revenge. The next 20 hours may very well be the story of a man on a rampage, a man on fire. In fact, it would not surprise me if the only man keeping Jack from becoming totally unhinged is Assad.


Who is now watching the Golden Globes Tivo'd after 24 and is disappointed both the show and Keifer lost...

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They blew up LA?!? When Curtis got shot, I was hoping it would be more out of revenge...I think Jack needs to have a little coming to Jesus meeting with Wayne, Bucannan, smarmy guy from last season, Yanoche from Ghostbusters 2 AND Mr. Wong.

I really was expecting Dad to jump on the guy before he pushed the button...man!

BTW - did they say that a bomb would kill over 100,000 people? Was that for all or one? The blast looked a little small...good, but small.

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I really was expecting Dad to jump on the guy before he pushed the button...man!

There were a number of misdirections and missed opportunities. For example, Scott and the knife. Even in a hostage situation, a good boy listens to his mother. Why didn't Ray call the police and tell them of the drop-off address? Did he not think this was terror related? Even after he saw the electronics, did that not suggest BOMB? He could have negotiated that CTU watch the delivery location until his family was released. Bill might not have gone for it, but Jack would have agreed.

I too was expecting the bomb to be neutralized. Ray did seem to lunge at the very end but it was too late. I expect we will find that the fallout was limited due to a defect in the bomb. I also expect that Sandra will be making more trips to the concentration, I mean relocation camp (which has clearly gone from putting the pieces in place to execution, counter to Presidential order) as her Director friend has proven he has a legitimate source.

The question I still have is how Dr. Crane will fit into the picture. Clearly from the previews, Tom McBeal will join the hawks pushing for a nuclear retaliation, but against whom? What country was the Ambassador from who certified Assad? Will Assad keep Jack from going over the edge? Can anyone? Paging Dr. Phil!


Who sees the detonation as necessary to yank Jack out of his self-pity fest into a guilt-driven rage...

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I was a bit disappointed the Nurse-mom didn't tell kiddo to get the "other" Rx drugs for Kumar. Although he kind of looked like he was zoning out, but that could have been from bloodloss.

I think Ray was caught up with saving his family. I mean, he just killed a guy. I was half expecting him to tell Fayid, "Hey man, I already killed one American...I'm cool." What I don't understand is why he didn't grab the gun from the dealer guy he killed? And who the f*ck doesn't carry his cell phone when he's delivering goods for terrorists?

I officially HATE Milo and want him to take a radiation shower. I hope he got the message wrong.

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I was a bit disappointed the Nurse-mom didn't tell kiddo to get the "other" Rx drugs for Kumar. Although he kind of looked like he was zoning out, but that could have been from bloodloss.

I was thinking, I wonder if the drugs Nurse Mom told Scott to get contained a sedative or narcotic. I wonder if maybe there wasn't a scene that got cut where Scott thought Ahmed had dropped off and challenges him with the knife, only to be interrupted with Fayed calling. BTW, if Jack needs leads (and he does since he does not know where Fayed's safe house is), Ahmed's phone has Fayed's phone number in it. Calling Chloe!

I think Ray was caught up with saving his family. I mean, he just killed a guy. I was half expecting him to tell Fayid, "Hey man, I already killed one American...I'm cool." What I don't understand is why he didn't grab the gun from the dealer guy he killed? And who the f*ck doesn't carry his cell phone when he's delivering goods for terrorists?

Seems to me that actor specializes in playing cluless characters. The cell phone was left with Ahmed. He's just lucky he had enough quarters and could find a working payphone.

I officially HATE Milo and want him to take a radiation shower. I hope he got the message wrong.

I missed Milo. Apparently, though, Chloe had a relationship with every male CTU manager. If Morris does not "work" for CTU, what is he doing there? He certainly does not seem to have an indispensable level of expertise.


Who fully expects Karen to come into harms way and Buchanan having to make the choice between his country and his wife...

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