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Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos Solis

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Ricardo Antonio Chavira as

Carlos Solis on Desperate Housewives


A native of San Antonio, TX, Ricardo Antonio Chavira has worked consistently in all areas of the entertainment industry - film, television and theatre - since arriving in Los Angeles. Film credits include Touchstone's "The Alamo" and several independent films. Television credits include a series regular role on "The Grubbs," recurring roles on "Six Feet Under" and "The Division," and guest star roles on "Joan of Arcadia," "Kingpin," "24" and "JAG," as well as "NYPD Blue" and two other Steven Bocho series, "Philly" and "City of Angels."

Chavira starred in a production of "Tracers" at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, and has worked at some of the country's top regional theatres, including the La Jolla Playhouse in "Dogeaters"; The Guthrie, in "Jack and Jill"; the San Diego Rep, in "Bandido"; and most recently, the Seattle Rep & Missouri Rep, where he starred in a co-production of "Living Out."

Chavira received his Master of Fine Arts degree from UC-San Diego in 2000 and his "D-A-D" degree in 2003, upon the birth of his son Tomas.


HOMETOWN: San Antonio, TX

BIRTHDATE: September 1

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Desperate Househusband Tells All

by Ileane Rudolph


Ricardo Antonio Chavira

Playing the scorned spouse isn't always easy on a guy, especially if he comes from a machismo Latino background. Both a Texan and Mexican-American, just like his TV-wife Eva Longoria, Desperate Housewives' Ricardo Antonio Chavira gets plenty of teasing for all the sleeping around Gabrielle does behind Carlos' back. Being a jailbird under house arrest

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He is one striking, man.

Gabby can go and do all day. I'll stay home with Carlos. I'm sure we could, I mean I could find plenty around the house to keep us, I mean me busy. :wink: :wink: :lol:


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Actor downplays Desperate feuds

By Kevin Williamson

If the claws are out on the set of Desperate Housewives, Ricardo Antonio Chavira is staying above the flying fur. The actor, who plays Eva Longoria's affluent husband on the hit suburban soap, says because he works primarily with Longoria -- and not the other actresses -- he hasn't witnessed the catty clashes among its leading ladies firsthand.

"Eva and I get along great. We work together 90, 95 per cent of the time. The other five or 10 per cent, I run into the other women in hair or make-up or passing in the corridors moving from one scene to the next and when I work with them, they're nice and charming and sweet with me.

"But those are my experiences. How many leading women do we have? Five. And they've all got stories going on and they're all got issues with regards to self-identity and publicity and work and God knows what else ... So when they're all on the same set at the same time, there are going to be a few bumps on the road. It only makes sense ... My relationship with the women has been nothing but professional and cordial ... But being a fly on the wall when they're all there, that would make for some very interesting conversation."

Recent reports of the show's starlets-- Teri Hatcher, Longoria, Marcia Cross, Nicolette Sheridan and Felicity Huffman -- bickering on the set of the show and, more notoriously, during a photo shoot for Vanity Fair, have reached critical mass, perhaps not unexpectedly considering Housewives' blockbuster status and the insatiable public appetite for tales of behind-the-scenes backbiting.

Chariva, who admits he's often queried about the behaviour of the titular actresses, puts it diplomatically. "If you were in a room with five other journalists from the same paper, the same organization, and you were all vying for the same story, there would be some competition. Sometimes it's friendly competition and sometimes it's not."

Yet while feuding stars have been known to sink a series or two in the past -- Moonlighting, anyone? -- Chariva doubts off-camera animosity could derail the ratings juggernaut. "(The show has) is this huge vehicle, this machine that's become Desperate Housewives. (The network's) not going to let anything slow that down -- no matter how large your ego is or how much weight you think you have."

More worrisome for him is how long he has before the writers decide his character's run his course. The show's not called Desperate Husbands after all. While he admits it's a concern, he's been invited to the press day in May that ABC is throwing to promote the fall season, "so I think they're keeping me for a bit."

This despite the fact "my character has a jail sentence looming for his head ... If this was reality, if these were real situations, then that would be a cause for alarm.

"But this is television and it's a kind of heightened form of reality, so the storylines and the public can be forgiving."

With the final episode of the inaugural season about to shoot -- "I haven't seen a script or even a shooting schedule," he says when asked about plot points -- he's well aware the most harrowing hurdle the show may face isn't the egotism of its drama queens, but its overnight, out-of-left field success.

"It's like the band that comes out with first album and the first album rocks and now it's the sophomore year," he says, referring to the follow-up jinx that may await Housewives when critics inevitably decide the twisting antics of Wisteria Lane aren't so appealing any longer.

"I have a sneaky suspicion that that could happen with us because when you start out of the gate that strong, you have nowhere to go but down ... Hopefully that doesn't happen. That's why we're about to shoot a new episode and we still don't have a script or schedule because the writers are being meticulous and trying to put out the best product possible."

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Desperate Housewives Star Speaks At Portland State University In Oregon


Ricardo Antonio Chavira

Portland, Oregon - The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Portland State University is hosting its ninth annual Chicano/Latino Scholarship Gala. The evening includes dinner, dancing and celebrity guest speaker Ricardo Antonio Chavira, current star of the hit television show Desperate Housewives where he plays Wisteria Lane's resident bad boy.

Chavira has had many recurring and guest star television roles and is an honorary spokesman for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The event will award scholarships of $1,000 to $5,000 for academic achievement and community involvement to 18 of PSU's stellar Chicano/Latino students.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Chicano/Latino Gala Committee celebrates the accomplishments of the students at the Gala, which serves as the primary scholarship fundraising event to supportChicano/Latino students at Portland State University. The Gala recognizes the achievements of the Chicano/Latino community and provides an opportunity for corporations, organizations and individuals to invest in the education of the fastest-growing ethnic population in Oregon and the United States.

When: Saturday, November 5, 2005. Cocktail reception 6:30 p.m., dinner 7:30 p.m.

Where: Oregon Convention Center, 777 N.E. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd.,

Portland. Cost: Tickets are $100 per person. Tables of ten are also available


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