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Episode 1.17: Company Man


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Episode 1.17: Company Man

Airdate: February/March 2007

  • 02/22 - Summary of spoilers found in a recent TV Guide feature on the show: There will be a fire at the Bennet house when Matt is still there. Claire will get quite burnt. In the episode, Matt's taken hostage by the Company. Source: Heroes TV

    02/21 - Kristin from E! just posted spoilers that Jack Coleman (HRG) gave in a conference call: HRG is currently unaware that the Haitian can speak, but he soon finds out, and it leads to a big struggle. Claire's mom was a "person of interest" in the fire that "killed" her and Claire. HRG does a scene entirely in Japanese in an upcoming episode. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat

  • 02/21 - [Jack] Coleman said that "Company Man" focuses on his character's backstory and will answer some of the questions fans have been pondering about Mr. Bennet and how he came to adopt Claire, the invulnerable cheerleader played by Hayden Panettiere. "It reveals that he took the job and then came into custody of Claire," he said. "It will show you how that happened, and then the journey from how that changed everything and eventually brought everything to a crisis where he has to choose between them. The end of the episode is very emotional, and it stuck with me for a while. Of all the scenes that I have done
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I absolutely cannot wait for this episode!

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Notice Air date...


Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 1.17: Company Man

Airdate: February 26, 2007

  • 01/30 - H.R.G.'s past catches up to him as Matt and Ted Sprague (guest star Matthew John Armstrong), come to Texas looking for answers, and take him, his wife, son and Claire hostage -- leading to a tragic, explosive showdown. Secrets are revealed and new threats to the "heroes" are introduced. Tawny Cypress, Santiago Cabrera, Noah Gray-Cabey, Ali Larter, Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Leonard Roberts and Milo Ventimiglia also star. Ashley Crow and Eric Roberts ("Less Than Perfect") guest-star. Source: NBC
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  • 2 weeks later...

From HRG's (Mr. Bennet) own mouth!

Source: The SciFiWorld's Jack Coleman interview (Click to read entire interview.)

(Exerpts below - in some cases slightly paraphrased)


Question: Now you've been mentioning this Episode 17, and how there's gonna be a lot of big payoffs there for HRG. Jack, is there a catharsis for you that you get to finally film a lot of these payoffs sort of things?

Jack Coleman: Yes, in a word. It's -- the story is very much -- takes place in the present, but we also flash back to see how he got started in the company, and how he came to be in possession of Claire, and how a lot of things happened, but also, driving it forward from our present point. As well to a point where, you see, you know HRG really has to make a decision, and he does, and he takes a stand, and it reaches a very very dramatic conclusion.

Question: Okay. And have you had a particular sequence in the series that has stood out to you in 15 episodes that have aired thus far?

Jack Coleman: Well, yeah, I mean there are several. I'll just say that the end of episode of 117, which I will not tell you exactly what it is, but it's very emotional, and it stuck with me for a while. So it's that I think of all the scenes that I've done, and there are many that are fun and memorable, but I think the end of Episode 117 (or 17), which airs a week from Monday, is the one that has really stuck with me. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Question: Is HRG aware that the Haitian can speak?

Jack Coleman: Ahhh, that little tidbit rears its head very soon and much we say causes a bit of friction between the two of them. So, yeah, and at the moment, no, at the moment, no, and but very very soon. It becomes aware of it and is a -- does cause a problem between the two of them, at least temporarily.

** Note: In a video interview with the Actor who plays "The Haitian", he revealed that in the flashbacks from 15 years ago we will see his character speak... FRENCH!!!

Question: I also understand that your character is teaming up with Matt Parkman for an episode. Can you talk about that relationship, and maybe any other cast members that you haven't had a chance to work with yet that you're hoping to?

Jack Coleman: Yeah. Well Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) and I -- our characters have met a couple times in very sort of odd and confrontational ways, and we're about to do the episode, that again -- that airs a week from Monday (# 17). That's kind of ... I won't call it a marriage of convenience, but there's sort of an allegiance which takes place out of necessity, and the allegiances are constantly shifting. That's one of the things that I really love about the episode, is that as soon as you think you know who is on whose side, and who knows what and who doesn't, all of a sudden the land shifts beneath you and things are suddenly very different.


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By John Hutchins

Lights flash, people are yelling and most of the set is on fire. Seated on the floor of Claire's kitchen, actor Jack Coleman is surrounded by flames, clutching a syringe in his hands and doing a good job of acting like he wants out of there. And no wonder; between the strobing lights and heat it can't be very pleasant. Above the loudness is suddenly heard "cut!" followed by a team of fire professionals extinguishing the blaze and rushing Mr. Coleman (aka Mr. Bennet) off-stage wrapped in a fireproof blanket.

I'm standing next to director Allan Arkush and various members of the cast, watching the action on monitor and wondering what just happened. It's February 2nd, Groundhog Day 2007, and regarding the 17th episode of the runaway NBC hit Heroes, everyone on set is understandably tight-lipped. "Why is Claire's house on fire? Is someone trying to kill Bennet? And what's the deal with that syringe?" All anyone can say is the scene has something to do with the show's new character 'Thompson,' played by veteran character actor Eric Roberts, and that all will be revealed on Monday the 26th. Arriving on set clad in a fire-retardant body suit, Roberts is also cautious about what he can and can't tell me.

"All I've been told I can say, because we have to sign things saying we can't talk - they're adamant - but I can tell you I am the recruiter; I recruit the people with special powers. I recruited [bennet] and in my first episode there's a flashback showing that."

"What about the fire?" I ask.

"I can tell you this" he says, "an accident happens. There's an explosion that's not supposed to happen and we have to escape from it." He then adds, "I think I'm talking too much already. I'm going to get fined or fired or something."

Outside the LA soundstage, sitting with Greg Grunberg (aka Matt Parkman) away from prying ears, he gives us an even bigger revelation:

"I think maybe Greg and I should take this opportunity to tell you guys... we are a couple."

The pair laugh. Roberts: "He was the first guy to make me comfortable on this shoot..."

"Just because our farts sound exactly the same," says Grunberg.

Roberts, laughing: "You know what we discovered? We both found out that in grammar school - every year I would pick the best looking girl, sit behind her in class and then... (makes a high pitched farting sound). I would always get kicked out of school the first day."

"What I learned from Eric is that if you let one go, you can just keep it going and it sounds like a brass band from New Orleans (imitates the sound of Dixieland horns)."

Both laugh.

"I gotta say, I didn't have much to do in the scene, but Eric just shot this thing that is just unbelievably scary. It's so simple and (turning to him) you're like the scariest guy on the planet! And he doesn't even try."

"The whole thing about being a bad guy" adds Roberts before getting called back to set, "is you think you're a saint, and if you don't think you're a saint, you're going to be a caricature. All my bad guys always love themselves, that's why they're such a**holes."

After saying his goodbyes, Greg explains the tight schedule.

"Right now we're shooting (episodes) 1-17 and 1-18 at the same time and 1-19 starts on Monday. We're wrapping 1-17 today and it's been twice as many days as we normally get. We've had fourteen days on this episode and normally we get seven to eight, eight being the overlapping day, and it's been a monster, really huge episode for effects, stunts, everything. It's been grueling and exciting at the same time. There's one stage we're on, a set that's been established as somebody's home, and it's burning down. So they've built three different sets. There's the regular, the slightly charred and then the absolutely destroyed, burned-out 'you could be in a parking garage' version of the stage. It gets progressively more depressing being on those stages, but being on that one stage for so long; I would burn it down if we didn't actually have to. These shots take so long."

Co-starring in his fourth hit TV show, three of which were created by executive producer JJ Abrams (that's counting his brief stint as pilot of Oceanic Airlines flight 815), and sensing I've gathered all I'm going to about the mysterious fire, I ask about what it's like to be on in such a role.

"Four hits... do you think there's a mystery to that? If you want a hit show, cast Greg as the number 7! (laughs). I was in the middle of a deal with NBC when I got the [Heroes] script, and when I read it I knew right away that this show was going to be huge, I really did. I had to audition for it, so it wasn't like I had it, but I read it and called JJ and asked, "have you heard about this thing?" He had heard about it already and thought it could be a monster.

So, I was willing to do anything I could possibly do to get on the show. It's one of those things, right place right time. I did "The Catch" with JJ, this great pilot, and it didn't get picked up. I did a comedy for NBC I was so excited about, that didn't get picked up. It all happens for a reason; at least as actors we tell each-other that. "I'm getting kicked out of this apartment for a reason!"

Finally, on the subject of stardom:

"For me, what's great is that this is a character show. I knew that I was going to get more attention with this character; that we all were, as a true ensemble. First of all it's written that way - and Masi (Oka) has kind of broken out as the face and icon of the show, which is great. He's embracing that and doing such a great job of it, Hayden too. They're sharing the episodes so well. I love it because it's what every network tries not to do - like Les Moonves at CBS. They make shows, not stars. And they're smart about that; they can never be held ransom. This show, you can be killed off at anytime, so there's that element. None of the actors are going to hold anybody ransom, but at the same time, they sold the show saying, 'this is Matt Parkman.' So people identify much more so than, 'aren't you the guy who comes through the scenes and asks somebody if they want a calzone?'" (laughs)

"Especially this episode, I feel like this is my show right now. And next week I feel like I can be a great ensemble and supporting player. So, it feels great.

HEROES Episode 17, "Company Man," aired Monday, February 26, 2007.

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TV Guide Article on "Company Man" episode:


On this page they talk about filming a scene where a fire takes place in the Bennett home (Ted?) and how it was done to ensure the safety of the cast and crew.


This page contains photos of Hayden and Matt with their stand-ins for the episode, and the bottom photo is of Grunberg and Coleman goofing around on the set (this is not an actual scene from the show, I believe.)

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Clips from this upcoming as-yet-unaired episode for those who just can't wait until Monday.

(Or Sunday, in the case of those with access to Canada's Global network.)

These are non-flashback clips.

A 'Heroes" break-in: http://youtube.com/watch?v=AEwnYqv-W-k

Putting the pieces together: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cnJ9BaRA1c0

A plan of action: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kCYUygAAwak

Preview teaser for episode 17: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZk4z-e-NfA

Preview teaser for episdoes 17 & 18: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4jqnJ2txQI

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AWESOME- thank you!!!

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HRG gets hired: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH3fh5n8kqE

(And meets his first partner.

Holy crapola! I didn't see that coming....hmm :animated_scratchchin:, this show just keeps getting better and better!

(thanks for the excellent clips, bb!)

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Heroes News : Canadian HEROES fans may get to see "Company Man" a day early!

I'm so jealous! The viewers up north may get the scoop about episode 17, "Company Man" at least 24 hours earlier, according to the Global TV listings. Here's the run-down of who gets to see HEROES when:

Global Regina @ 8 pm

Global Saskatoon @ 8 pm

Global Manitoba @ 8 pm

Global BC @ 9 pm

Global Ontario @ 9 pm

Global Quebec @ 9 pm

Global Maritimes @ 10 pm

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It was a good one, alright!

I'm going to watch it again tonight!

There were some seriously unexpected suprises revealed.

And the story behind Mr. Bennet's signature glasses was very special.

(You have to wait until practically the end for that one, though!)

Here's a couple of NON-spoilers for you.

1) We don't get to hear "The Haitian" speak French.

2) It ends with the words "To Be Continued..."

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I AM SOOOO JEALOUS...that's it, I'm moving to Canada! ;) Was it just this episode, or do you get to see each weekly episode one day ahead of the U.S.?

It ends with the words "To Be Continued..."
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This is SO NOT FAIR :sadwalk: ...Jem, you've seen it too?? But it says you're from Virginia...did you fly up to Canada just to watch the eppy?

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:bigcry: Aaaah- Now you're taunting me! :nono: Can't...take...it...must...see...the...show...NOW! Eight hours to go...I won't make it... :faint:
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I AM SOOOO JEALOUS...that's it, I'm moving to Canada! Was it just this episode, or do you get to see each weekly episode one day ahead of the U.S.?

It was just this episode.

Not really sure why.

Maybe Global is showing something else in its regular timeslot tonight?

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Jem- you're killing me!!

Is that...is that person he's talking to...someone related to...HIRO?? If it's who I think it is... :jawdrop:

Less than 3 hours now...keep beating heart, keep beating...(I really need to get a life)

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What an undeniably FANTASTIC episode full of so much info!! This show absolutely


Mr. Nakamura is a part of The Company!...and it must be a big part because both Mr. B and Claude spoke Japanese. Now I have to go back and watch the episode with Mr. Nakamura's interaction with Hiro. I'm trying to figure out if he KNOWS about Hiro's powers or not. It seems like he would, but then wouldn't he have to turn his son in too? Why would he let Hiro go on his "mission" if he knew? And what about Hiro's sister- is she going to have any powers? What about Mr. N. himself? This is just getting too good!

One question yet to be answered but one I've really been pondering is: how did Claude survive after being shot at least twice by Mr. B and then the HUGE drop into the canyon? :animated_scratchchin: He was hiding one of "his people"- but who? And could this person he was hiding have been the one to have saved him from falling into the canyon? I'm thinking FLYING here. Remember, Claude told Peter that there were other "empaths" like Peter. What if the one Claude was hiding was an empath and was able to fly and become invisible to save Claude? But who? We still don't know much about Peter's dad other than he supposedly killed himself. What if Peter's dad was an empath too and was the one Claude was hiding? Or maybe it was Nathan? Or...?

I also have a few questions for those that picked up on something I didn't-

The Haitian- so he is kind of on the line of Claude/aka Invisible Man, in that he is trying to protect "his people", and although he was working for "The Company" he was also helping and/or hiding good heroes (not ones like Sylar), correct?

Should we be under the impression that he has always been able to speak, even as a young boy when they first discovered him?

When he told Mr. Bennet that he answered to someone higher than the company regarding Claire...what was he referring to? I'll definitely have to watch the episode again, because that was one part of the conversation I didn't totally understand the first time through.

The Eric Roberts character is freaky! I definitely don't like the guy- how did he find out about the goings on at the Bennet place...the Haitian, Mr. B?

Also, Mr. B told Matt when they arrived at the Paper factory that he had contacted the Haitian who would be meeting them at the factory. How would he have done that? He was with Matt, or Matt and Ted the whole time.

All in all, an A+++ episode...and Peter and Hiro weren't even in it!

oh, and Jem- I forgive you! :P:D

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