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The Best Of Muppet Show

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Jim Henson first created the muppet characters in 1955, appears on numerous tv programs both local and national but only gained popularity when they showed on the tv series Sesame Street in 1969. Jim sought a program that will be enjoyed both by young and old until in 1976, The Muppet Show was premiered and they become a cultural phenomenon. The show was actually produced in England and syndicated around the world and garnered tremendous ratings and stores jammed with muppets in toy merchandises.

The show features the Muppet stock company doing variety show filled with music, dancing and silly comedy sketches, humors and slapsticks. Weekly, they have special guest star join them accompanied by Kermit the Frog who serves as the host and stage manager of the show. Popular characters of the show includes Miss Piggy, a glamorous diva pig also pursuit Kermit, a stand-up comic bear Fozzie, the gofer Scooter, a general all-around weirdo the Great Gonzo, the playing piano dog Rowlf the Dog George, the scientist Doctor Bunsen Honeydew. The Muppet Show's slow-witted janitor. Beeker Meep, Droop the Anteater, Crazy Donald (later named Crazy Harry), Brewsters the old timer, Mildred the goose, and Rufus (later named Muppy). The special featured actress Mia Farrow, taught the muppets about love, and that everyone loves something.

The Best of the Muppet Show includes seasons 1-5 with total of 120 episodes lasted for 5 years from 1976 to 1981.
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