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Charla And Mirna


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Ohhhh noo... You said it... You own it...

Too late to back down now... We are already planning the King123/Charla Wedding....

Just as soon as the Dancing poodles clear the centre ring... We're going all out on this shindig!!

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oh king123 you can have dirty talk with Mirna in bed with phony accents. You might have little people babies since it might be in family genes.

Hey you and Mirna can do your own reality show! whooooooo hoooooooo

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Whoa, we got some serious back peddling going on here....

You wanna play the game you have to abide by the rules...

Besides, the invitations have gone out already...

Marty please edit out Mirna and replace with Charla... You are screwing this up... Dios mi...

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