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Kevin And Drew


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Kevin: Bayonne, NJ / 40 / Forensic Accountant

Drew: Staten Island /41 / Senior Court Officer

Season 1: 4th Place

The fraternity brothers from Season 1 are all grown up and married. Kevin & Drew met in a fraternity while attending St. Johns University and immediately hit it off. This high-spirited friendship paved the way for one of the most popular teams in the series' 10 seasons.

After falling short of the million dollars during season 1, the fraternity brothers took their lovable banter to Discovery Channel's "Kevin and Drew Unleashed."

Kevin describes himself as loyal, analytical and outgoing, and has been performing stand-up comedy in New York City for the last three years. Drew describes himself as charismatic and honest. Both are admittedly hard-headed and stubborn which provides a constant stream of bickering between these two.

Although Kevin and Drew are still close, they don't see each other as much as they would like to due to work and family responsibilities. Both are looking forward to traveling the world together again and bringing home the $1 million.

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I totally agree, Rejuv. I remembered loving them in season one, but man, have they turned into Wimps with a capital W!

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Time seems to have taken its toll on these two. I don't look for them to make it too far. Their good natured ribbing from way back when seems to have turned into middle aged moaning and griping.

You sure called that one, Juve. Right down to Drew's pouting on the mat.

The thing is, to drive 40 mph he must have wanted to go home.

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