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Yau-man Chan


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Yau-man Chan - Biography

Originally from Malaysian Borneo, Yau-Man Chan attended All Saints Secondary School in Kota Kinabalu. He moved to the United States where he received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He went on to receive his Master of Science degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Chan is the Director of Information Systems for the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. In this position, he manages and runs the information systems infrastructure for administrative, research and teaching units of the college. This includes setting up networks, computers and managing business database systems. He previously worked designing electronic circuits for scientific instruments to collect data. He's also been a housepainter, cook and dishwasher.

Chan enjoys playing table tennis, bicycling, woodworking and reading. He is a member of the USA Table Tennis Association. He describes himself as intellectual and contemplative. He considers himself a natural leader, a good organizer, very skilled with his hands, very resourceful and feels he possesses a keen intellect.

Chan has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for 23 years. They have two children, Penelope and Ione. They also have a dog, Tucker and two rabbits, Ruby and Cupid. Chan's birth date is August 26, 1952.



Sky blue


Rose, lavender



Board Games

No favorite

Video Games

Atari classics, Ms. Pac-Man

Sports to Play

Table tennis

Sports Teams

No favorite

Outdoor Activities


TV Shows

News, 60 Minutes


Three Days of the Condor, Anne of the Thousand Days




The Economist


The Reason Driven Life by Robert Price


No favorite



Snack Foods

Shrimp chips


Chocolate chocolate chip

Candy Bars


Alcoholic Drinks

White wine--Gewertzraminer



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This guy is going 1st or 2nd, no doubt. And his favorite snack is shrimp chips???? Ugh.

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Remember Billy from last season? Well, it seems from what we are shown on the show that Yau-man is nothing like Billy. He's just using his mind and his knowledge to get himself further. He seems to be very knowledgeable and if he can form alliances, he can go far.

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I hope his little fake idols wreak havoc! hee heeee! I loved it during the reward challenge, Yau didn't look all that secure when it came time for him to throw -- Mookie, and some others from the other tribe were making fun of him... the BANG -- he hits the target! I know -- editing editing-- but the looks on those other guys faces was priceless!

Go Yau!

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I'm having trouble figuring out why Boo said Yau was obviously the weakest when he was the ONLY one on their tribe to hit the target. And the other week he was the ONLY one on his tribe to knock his opponent off that muddy platform. I think he's a lot stronger then he appears.

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Still annoying I had to take a shower after watching him lust all over that II. And of course he was the only one on his tribe to knock someone off he was fighting a girl

As for the fake II not very smart to use the paint that is there in the camp. DUH!!

I hope it bites him in the rear

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I like him. I really like him.

He reminds me of the once-good side of Gollum.

Knows a lot.

Good eye.

Just needs a chance.

Found a Precious.

Willing to share.

Hey, faking it is always worth a try.


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And of course he was the only one on his tribe to knock someone off he was fighting a girl

It doesn't matter who he was paired against - they were shooting at targets -- he was the only one from his team to hit the target -- period.

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