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Stacy Kimball


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Born in South Korea, Stacy Kimball was adopted at six months old and raised in Montpelier, Vermont.

At the age of 17, Kimball moved to Miami, Florida, even though she had never visited the city before. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the Ai Miami International University of Art and Design while working full time and interning.

Kimball currently works in advertising as an interactive producer where she works together with the creative department and the development team to produce innovative web content for national clients.

Kimball enjoys knitting, making jewelry and cooking. She describes herself as resourceful, optimistic and good-humored. Whether living in Vermont, Miami or Boulder, she is most proud of her ability to adapt to her surroundings.

Kimball is currently single and living in Boulder, Colorado. Her birth date is October 1, 1979.



Baby pink, purple


Clean, fresh spa


Calla lily, rose

Board Games


Video Games

No favorite

Sports to Play

No favorite

Sports Teams

Miami Heat

Outdoor Activities

Horseback riding

TV Shows

No favorite


Amelie, Motorcycle diaries


Sinatra, lounge music


Real Simple


Dean Koontz


Kashi Strawberry Fields



Snack Foods

Buttered popcorn


Oatmeal raisin

Candy Bars


Alcoholic Drinks

Captain Morgan's Rum and Ginger Ale, Guinness


Orange juice, coffee, Coca-Cola Classic

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Seems nice- she is in the same line of work as my son and she didn't put down Monopoly for favorite game...so I'll give her bonus points ;) .

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She is acting the same way she did on the first Moto tribe- having to be completely rude to people just because they are not in the majority alliance. Remember, Stacy karma's gonna get you, they'll use you in order to get rid of Alex next tribal then afterwards it'll be your ass that's outta here. You'll be lucky if your fed (cuz we all know you ain't working fo it).

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