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Anthony Robinson


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Anthony Robinson - Biography

Growing up in Compton, California, Anthony Robinson was raised by his mother and grandmother. After high school, Robinson moved to New Haven, Connecticut where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from Yale University. While at Yale, he performed in two college plays and various college sketch comedy shows with Yale's "The Fifth Humour."

Robinson currently works in legal support services where he helps find expert witnesses for attorneys. He also coordinates the inspections, exams and testimonies. He previously worked in public relations and in computer support and sales.

Robinson enjoys gaming--live action role-playing (dressing up in costumes and reliving an era or genre), video games and poker. He also enjoys dancing, juggling, roller hockey, watching movies and creating his own movies. He describes himself as friendly, dorky and intelligent. He is a member of the Yale Alumni Association and a genre writing group called "Fictionados."

Robinson is currently single and living with his mother and grandmother in Compton, California. His birth date is June 25, 1974.



Purple, black


Fresh cut grass, tobacco pipe, the ocean



Board Games

Scrabble, Monopoly, Checkers, Chess, Clue

Video Games

City of Heroes, Star Wars: Night of the Old Republic, Masters of Orion 2

Sports to Play

Roller Hockey

Sports Teams

Edmonton Oilers

Outdoor Activities


TV Shows



Singin' in the Rain, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hatari


Jazz, alternative, old school R&B, Brit pop


Inquest: Gamer, Entertainment Weekly


Charles Bukowski, Philip K. Dick, J.R.R. Tolkien


Honey Nut Cheerios


Apple, banana, strawberries

Snack Foods

Doritos, Pringles, Twinkies


Chocolate chip, oatmeal

Candy Bars

Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Alcoholic Drinks

Vodka martini, Rum & Coke, red wine


Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew

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I like this guy...intelligent and down-to-earth...plus he loves his mom :wub: which is a nice plus. HOWEVER, that being said...he STILL lives with his mom, which is a bit scary at age 32. He needs the money so he can move out!

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Robinson is currently and always will be single and living in the basement of his mother and grandmothers house in Compton, California. His birth date is June 25, 1974.

He should have the word L - O - S - E - R tattooed on his forehead...

Go back to your fantasy gaming life momma's boy, And please pick a different hockey team to like..... You are giving us bad luck...

I call B.S. on this sissy boy playing roller hockey too...

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Not saying I'm a huge Anthony fan or anything, but when Rocky was badgering him that way, I thought maybe Anthony might have a chance to stand up for himself if Rocky would just SHADDUP!!!!! Sheesh, that guy bugs me. (rocky)

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I had total compassion for him tonight. I knew he wouldn't be long for this game after seeing the tribe he ended up in, but he didn't deserve Rocky's :censored: .

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Poor Anthony. He was not my fave and I knew he wouldn't last, but geez Rocky is annoying. He's sitting there telling Anthony to "stand up for yourself" while behind his back Anthony WAS playing the game. I wish Anthony had said that. Plus, one of the things that bothers me most...Jeff, stirring things up. Jeff could have chose to say "Well, Rocky, why exactly do you think that Anthony is not here to play" instead of acting like everything Rocky said was justified. UG, annoying!!

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Survivor's Anthony Recoils from Rocky's One-two Punch

by Angel Cohn


Anthony Robinson, Survivor: Fiji

Three of the scariest words Jeff Probst says on CBS' Survivor (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET) are "Drop your buffs," a directive that turns entire strategies and alliances topsy-turvy. Last week, those three words put the final nail in the coffin for Anthony Robinson, who after some intense bickering with Rocky, lots of alone time as the tribe's designated cook, and a weepy moment early in the season, was dismissed as the testosterone-filled Ravu tribe's weakest member. Here's what Anthony, an expert witness locator and self-proclaimed geek, told TVGuide.com about his ouster.

TVGuide.com: I thought for a second that Ravu was going to turn on Rocky.

Anthony Robinson: Yeah, so did I

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