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Season 1- Episode Summaries


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Chapter One: Genesis

Airdate: September 25, 2006


High atop a New York office building, Peter Petrelli spreads his arms, wind fluttering his jacket, preparing to fly. With a final breath and a prayer, he makes the leap. The ground rushes up to meet him, but then another face appears, and then

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Season One, Chapter Two: Don't Look Back

Airdate: October 2nd, 2006


Peter Petrelli

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Season One, Chapter Three: One Giant Leap

Airdate: October 9th, 2006


In the barren wasteland that is the Nevada desert, Claire digs up a skeleton wearing a bizarre ring.

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Season One, Chapter Four: Collision

Airdate: October 16th, 2006


Matt Parkman returns to the waking world bound down and attached to medical machinery in a place that is not a hospital. Claire's mysterious father stands over him with the cryptic words, "We had to drug you... I am not from any organization with initials." Another enters the room; it's the man from the bar who caused Matt to black out. Claire's father tells this person to "go deep, and clean him out."

At a Las Vegas casino, Hiro and Ando cross paths with Niki, Micah, and the officer who is bringing them to see Mr. Linderman. In a casino office, a woman tells Niki that Mr. Linderman will forgive her debt if she sleeps with a politician arriving from New York.

When Ando loses most of his money at the casino tables, Hiro stops time to win a huge bet on the roulette wheel. Ando wants Hiro to do it again. Hiro is resistant, but he decides to let the good times roll. A man at a poker table is not happy when his three aces mysteriously become lesser cards, making Ando and Hiro the winners of a large pot. With their winnings, the two guys from Tokyo outfit themselves in expensive suits, but their pleasure is short lived. Casino security soon throws them out into an alley where the man from the poker table is waiting to punch Hiro in the face.

At the casino, Niki finds Nathan

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Season One, Chapter Five: Hiros

Airdate: October 23, 2006


A messenger from the future named Hiro Nakamura has come to Peter Petrelli to deliver a simple message, "Save the cheerleader; save the world." Before Hiro restarts time, he instructs Peter to visit Isaac, and not to tell Suresh too much. Meanwhile, a group of doctors work on Claire as Brody stares at her from a nearby hospital bed after crashing his car into a wall. Claire tells her father what happened at the bonfire and admits that she attempted to hurt Brody by driving into the wall, but she really just wanted to prevent him from attacking other girls. Mr. Bennett promises he won't tell anyone.

In Las Vegas, Mr. Bennet and the Haitian 'cleaner' walk Nathan from the hotel at gunpoint. Nathan threatens to kill them both if they do anything to him. When Claire's father tells the cleaner to "put him down," Nathan looks to the sky, leaps, and takes to the safety of the clouds.

When she wakes up in the morning in Nathan's hotel room, Niki has no idea where she is. Nor does she know where Nathan is when his security detail asks for him. Linderman's henchmen arrive on the scene to tell Niki that her debt is absolved, but Niki insists that she didn't sleep with Nathan, even though there's a DVD that shows otherwise.

Janice Parkman is worried sick about her missing husband, but worry turns to anger when she discovers him waking up on their couch. He recalls working with the FBI, but doesn't know where he's been for the past day. Reading her thoughts, Matt is surprised to learn how much she still cares about him, even through they hardly speak anymore.

After suffering a beating at the hands of some unhappy gamblers, Ando and Hiro are tossed from a van and into the Nevada desert. At a diner, the two friends argue and Ando storms out. Hiro turns to look out the window just in time to see Nathan Petrelli zoom in to a landing on the scorching desert sand. In the diner, Hiro tells Nathan that he is also special, that he can bend time and space, but Nathan doesn

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Season One, Chapter Six: Better Halves

Airdate: October 30th, 2006


Over the phone, Peter instructs Hiro to "save the cheerleader, save the world" and to meet with him and Isaac in New York. Hanging up, Peter turns his attention to a missing painting and insists that he and Isaac contact Simone to track it down as it may contain a clue to the cheerleader's whereabouts.

Claire's father brings his daughter the news that he's found her birth parents. Though in shock, Claire says she's ready to meet them.

Claire's birth parents arrive at her house, but it's not the moment that Claire expected it to be. Claire stares at them in awkward, uncomfortable silence, and when they do talk, their answers to her questions are stilted and halting. More disconcerting, Claire's questions about anything "weird" or "out of the ordinary" that she should know about herself are met with nothing beyond the natural realm.

Claire admits to her mom that meeting her "bio parents" wasn't what she was hoping for. Sandra compliments her husband for tracking them down, explaining that when Claire was a baby, they thought she had some kind of disease and they wanted to screen her birth parents, but could never find them.

Nikki snaps awake in a state of confusion. She looks around her house to discover her husband D.L. standing behind her. D.L. explains what happened: with the $2 million he stole from Linderman, he planned on leaving Vegas with his family, but an unknown woman killed his crew, framed him for the murders, and made off with the money.

An angry Nikki tells D.L. that he can stay on the couch for the night but has to leave in the morning. It doesn't take long for Nikki to go back on this and she soon invites her husband into her bed. In the morning, D.L. comments that he heard Nikki get up in the middle of the night, but she doesn't remember. And as she looks at her reflection in the mirror, a different person looks back at her. She is interrupted when Micah comes bounding in, surprised to find his dad has come home.

While preparing to leave Las Vegas, Hiro and Ando are stopped by the high roller they cheated. The gambler feels that Hiro owes him a little favor.

At a private poker game, Ando plays cards for the high roller while Hiro stops time and switches cards for better hands. When Ando notices that the other players have guns, he excuses himself to the bathroom. From the bathroom, Ando and Hiro hear screams and shots fired

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Season One, Chapter Seven: Nothing To Hide

Airdate: November 6th, 2006


Peter reads the stock page to Charles Devaux, but "in the end," Charles says, "all that matters is love." Peter lets Charles in on the secret that he can fly. As Charles watches, Peter leaps from the window and wakes up in his own apartment to the sound of Simone buzzing at the door: her father has passed away.

Zach brings Claire the news that he found the tape of her trying to hurt herself, though he can't understand how it just sort of re-materialized. Claire hides the tape, but her little brother Lyle sees where she put it and snares it when her back is turned. Claire later discovers Lyle watching the tape. She tries to take it away, but he grabs it and runs. With Zach's help, she corners him in a car but he's afraid to come out. "You're a freak," he yells at her.

For the sake of total honesty, Matt tells his wife that there's something they need to talk about, but he stops himself when he hears her thoughts: she's cheating on him.

Nikki awakens with a start to find her son gone. She finds herself torn between her usual self and Jessica, who is chomping at the bit to take over. Nikki visits a friend for support and tells her about her split personality but the friend doesn't believe her.

Peter and Simone arrive at Isaac's loft to find him and his paintings gone. Peter asks for one painting in particular. Simone caves in and tells him who bought it: a man named Linderman.

A newspaper wants to do a story on Nathan and his family, but he doesn't want to let it happen. His wife, Heidi, says that she's been hiding for months and is ready to put things behind her so she can help with Nathan's campaign. He agrees, and she rolls off in her wheelchair to get ready.

The reporter tries to find holes in Heidi's armor, reminding her that her husband was driving during the accident that cost her the use of her legs. But she's stays strong and tells him that they've all made their peace. Peter, who wasn't invited, surprises them all with a visit. Nathan takes him aside, and Peter asks Nathan to get Linderman on the phone to retrieve the missing painting.

The reporter asks questions about Nathan's recent trip to Vegas and his connection with Linderman, a reputed mob boss. He also asks about the blond woman that Nathan was seen with. Peter bails his brother out by explaining that the woman was a psychiatrist helping him through his depression after his recent "suicide attempt."

Heidi confronts Nathan and asks if he still loves her. "Of course I do," he says. She asks him if Peter was telling the truth about what happened in Vegas, and he says he was.

Sylar has struck again. Aubrey takes Matt to the morgue where she shows him a charred body that is emitting a massive amount of radiation. The only thing found on the body was a fingerprint seared to the bone. A match comes up for the fingerprint: Theodore Sprague of Los Angeles, California.

Aubrey and Matt arrive at Sylar's house and smell something burning. Behind a charred door, they find a room that's been melted with heat and is filled with massive amounts of radiation. Matt finds chemotherapy drugs prescribed to Theodore's wife, Karen, making him suspect that Theodore isn't Sylar after all.

Aubrey and Matt find Ted in his wife's hospital room. Ted says that he didn't mean to kill her doctor, but he can't control himself when his emotions flare. When Aubrey says they're taking him to the station, Ted grabs a nurse and threatens to explode and take out the whole city like an atomic bomb. Matt hears his wife's thoughts and repeats them aloud: "Don't do this, Ted... you never listen. You're too damn stubborn." Ted lets go of the nurse revealing terrible burns on her arms. As Aubrey moves in for Ted, Karen passes away with the thought that she will remember her time with Ted forever.

Matt calls his wife and leaves a message that they should be open and honest and that he doesn't want any regrets

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Season One, Chapter Eight: Seven Minutes to Midnight

Airdate: November 13th, 2006


Mohinder scatters his father's ashes across the waters of Kanyakumari, India. Across the world, Isaac wakes up to find Eden talking care of him. "You'll be completely clean in no time," she tells him. "That mural on the floor, we're not going to let that happen." As she finishes shaving him, she tells him that she went through "the same thing myself."

At the Burnt Toast Diner in Texas, a sheriff and his deputy have breakfast over a crossword puzzle. Their waitress, Charlie, helps them out with some obscure answers. Charlie even translates the Japanese phrase on Hiro's jacket as he has breakfast with Ando. Strangely, after owning a book on Japanese for only one week, she can now speak the language fluently.

Charlie flirts with Hiro, but he's shy and doesn't know how to respond. She has to get an order while a sinister man in dark clothes stares on as he reaches out to summon his coffee cup, which slides across the table and into his waiting grasp

Mohinder unpacks his things in his father's old office, finding a locked drawer. He's interrupted by Mira, an old girlfriend who once said some terrible things about his father's theories. She's been promoted at her company to head of genetic research and asks Mohinder to come in for an interview with the partners, but only if he makes sure his father's theories stay locked up where they belong

In a dream, Mohinder recalls an argument he had with his father shortly before he took off to America to become a taxi driver. Mohinder tells his dad that he is a fool and is becoming a laughingstock over his theories, but Dr. Suresh doesn't care. He knows who will be shown up as the real fool. As they argue, Suresh notices a mysterious boy looking for a lost soccer ball.

At F.B.I. headquarters in Los Angles, Audrey calls Matt an "idiot" for assaulting a fellow officer and jeopardizing her investigation. They go to interview Ted, but he's not talking and Homeland Security is on his way to send him down the "rabbit hole" as a suspected terrorist who is hiding radioactive material.

An enraged Ted thinks Audrey and Matt are trying to book him for terrorism. Grabbing a glass of water, he threatens to blow up the building. Radiation detectors turn red, and the water begins to boil. Matt calms Ted down and learns about his past by reading his mind: one day, Ted blacked out. When he came to, everything started dying and he had a strange mark on his neck... the same mark that Matt has on his.

Ted recounts celebrating a big sales commission at a hotel bar in Kansas where a mysterious Haitian man lingered in the shadows. Two-days later, Ted awoke in Arizona and couldn't remember what happened. From then on, he started getting headaches, experiencing stranger powers, and his wife got sick from radiation. Matt recalls that he once saw a man like the Haitian, but is interrupted when Homeland Security agents take Ted away, but not before he shouts at Matt to "find the Haitian."

Claire's father arrives at his office at Primatech Paper Company in Odessa, Texas, which is clearly a front for something else. He talks to the troubled Isaac about Claire and a man named Sylar who is killing people with special abilities. Bennett tells Isaac that Sylar is going to kill Claire tomorrow night at her school's homecoming.

Isaac refuses to take heroin one last time in order to paint Sylar, even after Bennett promises to teach him how to use his abilities without drugs. "For years," Bennett explains, "a number of us have been tracking... people like you... sometimes things go right... sometimes things go very wrong." Fourteen years ago there was a case that ended in death and a baby girl with no one to take care of her. Since Bennett and his wife were having a hard time conceiving a child, they adopted the infant as their own.

Bennett forces Eden to shoot Isaac up, but she refuses. "Do you remember what you were when I found you?" he tells her, insinuating that she was once a junkie, too. She gives in, shooting Isaac up with the destructive drug.

While opening a can of tomatoes in the kitchen, blood starts pouring from Charlie's skull. A co-worker comes in and screams... Charlie's dead. Her skull has been ripped wide open. When he finds out that she died the same way that Isaac does in the future, Hiro decides to go back in time to prevent her death. Right before Ando's eyes, Hiro vanishes.

Mohinder asks his mom about a dream where she told his father that he could "never take the place of her." His mom reveals that Mohinder had a sister named Shanti who died at the age of five, two years after Mohinder was born. Chandra Suresh was convinced that Shanti was special and never told Mohinder about her so his son wouldn't compare his father's love of him to his love for her.

Mohinder discovers the mysterious boy breaking into his father's locked drawer. Mohinder has a gruesome vision of his father's death in his New York cab. Standing outside the taxi, the kid points at Mohinder, snapping him out of this strange vision. Back in the office, the kid opens a palm and gives Mohinder a key. When Mohinder wakes up from this dream, he removes the same key found in his father's address book. Mohinder opens the locked desk drawer, reaches in, and finds a secret files on sleep research and a picture of the mysterious boy that has been haunting him.

Matt's wife looks through a photo album as he comes into their bedroom. Realizing that he knows, Janice confesses her affair, promising that it's over. A call from Audrey interrupts them: Ted escaped from the Homeland Security personnel by exploding the car they were in.

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Season One, Chapter Nine: Homecoming

airdate: November 20th, 2006


The entire cheerleading squad is shocked and disgusted when Claire wins homecoming queen even after she sent the team's star quarterback to the hospital. Claire has won this honor because the school's geeks and outcasts voted for her.

Nathan confirms with Simone that she didn't tell Peter about the painting recovered from Linderman. Simone watches helplessly as Nathan destroys the painting, worried that Peter is going to get himself killed if he travels to Texas to "save the cheerleader."

Niki prepares for the battle ahead by purchasing a Blaser R93 sniper rifle. "We're going hunting" she tells her reflection in a car's side view mirror. Somewhere in Utah along highway 12, Micah pester D.L. about returning to his mother. D. L. gets out of the car to use the bathroom at a rest stop. When he returns, Micah is gone.

D. L. finds Micah at a bus stop. Micah tells his dad about Jessica and how sick his mom is. " She can't help herself. She can't control it." His boy's words get through, and D. L. agrees to turn around to help Nikki.

Mohinder wonders how he could possibly dream about a sister he never knew had or how he dreamed of a boy who actually exists? According to the file, the boy's name is Sanjob Iyer, and he has the ability to enter one's dreams and change one's perceptions... a kind of spirit guide.

Mohinder finds Sanjob Iyer in a crowded marketplace. "You came to me in my dream last night," Mohinder tells the boy. "I don't come to anyone," he replies. "They come to me... they have questions that need answers." Mohinder asks which path he should take and the boy tells him, "You already have the answer you seek."

Simone is convinced to show Peter a digital image of the painting, which shows Peter's own death at 8:12 that very night. Peter knows that he has to go. With a hug and kiss, he says goodbye to Simone to find his destiny.

Isaac's painting doesn't help Mr. Bennett track down Sylar. He demands that Eden have him paint another when the artist wakes up and instructs Eden to go to the high school, find Sylar, and take him out.

Zach impresses Claire when he tells her that he campaigned for her to win homecoming queen. He also hands her a copy of Chandra Suresh's book, which includes a chapter on spontaneous regeneration. Jackie interrupts their moment with some callous statements about Zach's sexual orientation. Claire responds by knocking her block off.

Claire is infuriated when her father refuses to let her leave the house for homecoming, but Zach shows up and rescues her from her bedroom window. She invites him to homecoming as her date.

At the Burnt Toast Diner, Ando waits for Hiro to return from the past when he notices a snapshot on a memorial wall for Charlie the waitress: it's Hiro with Charlie on her birthday. Ando asks another waitress if she knows Hiro, and she says, "Of course... he and Charlie were tight... but he popped out of her life weeks ago."

A cab pulls up to the Burnt Toast Diner, and Peter Petrelli gets out. Ando tells him that Hiro has traveled back in time, and Peter admits that he has no abilities of his own, but when he's with others who do, he can absorb their powers. With an hour before Claire's murder, Peter leaves the diner to save the cheerleader.

Sanjob Iyer gives Mohinder another vision: he sees his colleague yelling at his father about the boy and his father's theories. He sees himself telling his father that he just read his book on evolution. He sees his father casting him out, refusing his aid in his quest to find those who have taken the next evolutionary step. When Mohinder snaps out of his vision, he knows what path he must go down. He cracks his father's computer password - Shanti

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Season One, Chapter Ten: Six Months Ago

Airdate: November 27th, 2006


Six months ago, Hiro arrives at the Burnt Toast Diner from the present, just in time for Charlie's birthday; however, he thought he was only teleporting himself back one day. Hiro gets a job bussing tables at the diner. One day, he presents Charlie with a birthday gift: a Japanese phrase book. She skims the book and instantly remembers everything she reads. She doesn

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Season One, Chapter Eleven: Fallout

Airdate: December 4th, 2006


At the other end of a strange and violent night, Claire's father tells his bloodied daughter that he's known about her ability for years and admits to doing things he wasn't proud of to keep her safe. When she confesses that Lyle and Zach also know, he demands that she not tell anyone else, especially her mom.

In the local jail, another confession takes place. Peter admits to Nathan that he feels like he can't stop the nuclear blast that's coming. "That's because you can't," Sylar tells him. Peter looks up with a start to see that it's Sylar he's talking to and not Nathan. The young nurse panics... and awakes from this terrible vision.

Audrey and Matt question Peter, but he won't talk. When Matt tries to read his thoughts, Peter cries out in pain. When it passes, Peter can also read thoughts and lets the two cops know that the cheerleader that needs saving is not the one that Sylar killed.

With Mr. Bennett in the room, Audrey questions Claire about the homecoming events. She asks if Sylar exhibited any unusual traits, but she's cagey with her answers. From around the corner, Matt attempts to read her mind, but can't seem to get through - some kind of static interferes with his ability. Little does he know that the Haitian is just out of sight.

After Mr. Bennett thanks Peter for saving his daughter's life, Claire asks her father to wait outside while she speaks with Peter alone. Claire tears up when she tells Peter how alone her ability has made her feel until now. "You're my hero," she tells a beaming Peter.

Niki takes aim and fires, shooting D.L. through his shoulder. When she crosses the street to get her son, both D. L. and Micah are gone, having fled into the woods. Micah watches in stunned amazement as his dad puts a hand straight through a cabin door and unlocks it from the inside.

Niki is distraught to find D. L.'s bloodied jacket in the woods. She falls to the ground in anguish. When she gets up, Jessica lectures her about moving forward with the hunt. Micah's voice calls out for "mom." "I'm coming," Jessica replies as she gets out her gun.

When she comes through the cabin door, D. L. pushes Jessica to the ground. She bounds back, grabs a hold of him, and flings him through the air, accidentally throwing Micah against some rocks in the process. Micah screams in pain, but reaches out to hug his mom when he's convinces that it's her and not Jessica.

Mr. Bennett arrives at Primatech and lets Sylar know that his abilities won't work there. Bennett believes that so many alterations to Sylar's DNA has corrupted his mind, made him insane. In the halls, Eden is confused as to why they have orders to keep Sylar alive when she can force him to commit suicide right then and there.

Suresh returns to his father's New York apartment to find a note from Eden welcoming him back. His attempts to warn the authorities that someone is after the people on his father's list fail.

Hiro believes that he failed to save the cheerleader, but tells Ando that they most forge ahead to find Peter so they can prevent New York from destruction. They're interrupted by a phone call from Isaac, asking to meet.

Zach brings Claire the tapes of her healing, and she destroys them. The following day, Claire summons Zach for an emergency. She's freaked out that Lyle can't remember anything, "Like they made him forget." Zach feels like he's being played with, and Claire realizes that they've gotten to him, too.

Isaac meets with Hiro and Ando and can't believe that he's holding the "9th Wonders" comic in his hands since it hasn't even gone to the printer yet. Hiro tells him that in the future, he saw Isaac dead with his head cut off, but Isaac assures him that Sylar is now captured. Isaac shows Hiro some drawings he painted while sober a couple days ago, drawings of Hiro with Charlie at the diner. They believe it's their destiny to stop an "exploding man."

Niki worries that Jessica is stronger than she is, that Jessica is out of control, that she's not to be trusted. Niki walks over to the police swarming outside the Burnt Toast Diner and tells them to arrest her for murder.

While staking out Primatech, Matt admits to Audrey that he'd feel like a "chump" if he goes back to his wife. She tells him to grow up and forgive her. They spy Mr. Bennett emerging from the building to have a chat with the Haitian. Matt recognizes him as the man who was at the bar the night he was abducted. Matt tries to read a thought, but only gets one word - Sylar - before blood drips thickly from his nose.

Back at Isaac's apartment, Hiro tells Isaac to concentrate on a blank easel. Isaac doesn't think he can paint the future without drugs, but then his eyes glaze over and he begins to move his brush across the canvas. Later, Hiro and Ando watch as Isaac paints a picture of Hiro battling a dinosaur with a sword.

Claire calls her dad to tell him about Lyle and Zach's erased memories. He tells her to stay put, and he'll be right there. She hangs up the phone to see the Haitian coming into the room. He grabs her and tells her that her father sent him to make her forget, just like he's done to her mother, "so many times." He asks Claire if she can keep a secret, because it's very important that she not forget.

Eden calls Suresh to tell him that "I'm not who you think I am... I'm a bad person... I want to explain it all to you and soon." She tells him that she wants to make things right, "Starting by killing the man who killed your father." Eden faces Sylar with a gun and commands him to use it to blow his own brains out. It doesn't work. He smashes the glass, grabs at the gun, but not before Eden shoots herself in the head so Sylar won't be able to get her powers.

Nathan arrives to get Peter out of jail, but doesn't want to listen to any of Peter's babble about saving the cheerleader. Peter topples over, passing out. When he comes to, he's standing on the streets of New York, streets that are filled with hundreds of stopped cars. Slowly, the other heroes emerge, circling Peter with terror on their faces. Peter is confused, but not for long. When he looks at his hands, he realizes that he is the exploding man.

Peter coughs, sputters, and awakens in his brother's arms. "It's all my fault. The explosion. It's me."

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Season One, Chapter Twelve: Godsend

Airdate: January 22nd, 2007


Machines beep softly as an IV line snakes its way to the arm of Peter Petrelli, who lies in a hospital room with his mom and brother by his side. The doctors don't know what's going on with Peter. Nathan tells Simone that before he passed out, Peter said he felt he was absorbing too many powers. Nathan doesn't believe any of this "crap" about the future, the paintings, and the end of the world, but Simone believes in Peter.

Across the country, a group of battered police officers handcuff Niki and take her from her cell to see her attorney. Niki's attorney delivers the harsh news that the D.A. is going to seek the death penalty. He suggests that she cooperate by telling the police where the two million dollars are, but she doesn't know anything about that. Jessica then takes over and has a conversation with Niki in front of a confused lawyer.

At home, Claire watches a news story about the slain Jackie and wonders to her dad how she's going to answer other students' questions. She tells her father that she doesn't remember much of what happened, although she is lying.

At Primatech Paper, a cockroach scurries by a drugged Sylar as Mr. Bennett and another employee discuss their inability to come up with the strands of code that identify his aptitudes. Mr. Bennett authorizes the technician to dig deeper and then asks The Haitian to wipe Sylar's memory of Claire.

Based on Matt Parkman's suggestion, a SWAT team descends on Primatech Paper, but only comes up with... paper. When Matt asks Mr. Bennett about Sylar, Mr. Bennett plays dumb as The Haitian looks on. Audrey's superior threatens to bench her for the SWAT team "stunt." Audrey lashes out at Matt, telling him that she wasted three weeks of her life based on the crazy idea that he can hear peoples' thoughts. Matt pushes Bennett against a pallet, threatening to keep after him. "Good luck with that," Bennett says.

In search of a mysterious sword, Hiro watches computer-generated dinosaurs at New York's Museum of Natural History. According to books he read, the sword from the painting is at the museum. Hiro knows they only have three weeks before the city is destroyed, but his powers are weakening and he believes the sword will help restore them.

Hiro locates the sword on a suit of armor once worn by Takezo Kensai, a wild savage with great powers feared by all of Japan. When he removed a sacred sword frozen in the snow, it gave him the power to become a hero. Ando points out a symbol on the sword that means "great talent... godsend."

At the museum, Hiro attempts to stop time in order to steal the sword but his powers fail him. When he tries again, he is able to slow everything down to a crawl and steal it from the cabinet. Once outside the museum, he pulls the sword from its sheath only to discover that it's a fake and Linderman owns the real one.

At D.L.'s front door, a man named Aaron Malsky assures D. L. that the charges against him have been dropped after Niki confessed to the murders. D.L. hands over a suitcase with two million dollars, but Malsky warns D.L. that Linderman still reserves the right to call in a debt.

The FBI has finally listened to Suresh's warnings and an agent interviews him about the list his father compiled. One person on the list, Sarah Ellis, otherwise known as Eden, turned up dead three days ago at a lake outside of Ontario. Local law wrote it off as suicide.

Simone takes Nathan to Isaac's loft and is surprised to find the artist there after being gone for several weeks. He explains he was in a clinic, but doesn't remember much of his time there. When he woke up, he was in Texas, clean, and able to paint without drugs. "I still love you," he tells her. The door opens and Hiro comes in to tell Isaac that a man named Linderman owns the real sword. "Did he say 'Linderman'?" Nathan asks as Hiro looks over, sees Nathan, and shouts in surprise, "flying man!"

Claire has a secret meeting with The Haitian and asks to talk to Peter Petrelli. He warns that if she tries to contact him, her father will know because Peter is being watched. He admits that the "parents" she met earlier work for her father as does he. Later, Claire brings Zach to the spot where he first videotaped her jumping off a giant staircase. She gives Zach a video camera and has him tape her again to help jog his memory. She jumps and he watches in amazement as she survives and pushes her bones back into place.

Somewhere in the dark night of the Nevada desert, Ted Sprague works to control his explosive ability.

D.L. and Micah visit Niki in jail. Niki tells D.L. that they're sending her to the pysch ward for an evaluation with a shrink. She tries to convince him that Jessica is real and not a split personality. He reaches through the glass to take her hand as Micah watches. When the guard won't let her hug Micah, Niki grabs his nightstick, breaks it in two, and a swarm of security rushes in to throw her against the wall and back into cuffs.

Mr. Bennett surprises Suresh with a visit in New York. He tells Suresh that Eden cared about him and had an ability that she was wise in using. Bennett asks for Suresh's help, making Suresh realize that his father knew more than what Bennett does now. Suresh refuses to help or hand over his father's list, but Bennett gives the young doctor a business card in case he changes his mind.

Matt comes home to find his wife, Janice, unsure of whether he wants her to stay or go. He thinks they need to come clean to each other about everything - he tells her that he can hear peoples' thoughts.

Back at the hospital, Peter wakes up screaming after having another vision of himself blowing up New York City and of a bearded man laughing. Meanwhile, Simone finally admits that Isaac can paint the future and tells Hiro that Linderman is one of her clients. Linderman buys all of Isaac's paintings and says she can get Hiro in to Linderman's collection to look for the sword.

After sneaking out of the hospital, Peter books a flight to the desert - where nuclear tests were once conducted. Then he sees the bearded man from his vision stealing cash from someone's wallet. The man is shocked that Peter can see him and pushes Peter against a wall. The reason he is shocked is because nobody can see him... he's invisible. Peter becomes invisible too as he comes in contact with the man.

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Season One, Episode Thirteen: The Fix

Airdate: January 29th, 2007


Peter encounters the invisible man and asks for his help, but he warns Peter to stay away. Meanwhile, Matt proves to Janice that he really can read her thoughts. At Primatech, work continues on understanding Sylar's abilities even though he is close to death.

Hiro tries to stop time to get out of a parking jam but finds that his powers no longer work - he believes that only the sword will get them back. When he and Ando reach their car, they find a suspicious man waiting for them with a gun. They turn to flee, but find themselves boxed in by a black van.

Nathan comes to Suresh looking for Peter. Suresh tells Nathan about his father's research and the list of those with special abilities. Suresh believes that Peter's ability to absorb powers like a sponge could become dangerous, but that he can help if he studies the young man.

Peter finds the invisible man on the roof of the building that was once home to his patient Charles Deveaux. Peter once again asks for help and once again the invisible man refuses.

Zach attempts to crack into Mr. Bennet's home computer but comes up empty. He quickly shuts everything down when Mr. Bennet makes a surprise return home. Zach explains that he and Claire are lab partners working on a project about manatees. Later, Claire hangs some wind chimes in her window to signal The Haitian that she needs to speak with him.

Janice is incredulous when Matt tells her that he was abducted, especially when he says that he's going to take down all the people who did this to him. He cuts their conversation short when he has to leave for a review board hearing.

The review board hears Matt Parkman's case and double-checks that he really wants a statement entered into his record about a Texas paper salesman harboring a super-villain. When Matt hears one of the member's negative thoughts, he decides to recant, and the board suspends him for six months

Hiro manages to escape from his pursuers, but they grab Ando. Hiro offers himself in trade and they simply take him, too. Across the country, Niki wakes up in her padded cell to find Dr. Witherson, a psychiatrist, waiting to speak with her. Witherson thinks this a classic case of multiple personality disorder, and Niki asks for more drugs to help keep Jessica sedated. Witherson refuses to give them to her.

D.L. struggles to be a good father. Micah snaps at him when his lunchbox goes missing and unfavorably compares him to his mom. In Odessa, Claire asks The Haitian who her real parents are. He doesn't know anything about her father, but says that her mom died 14 years ago in an explosion.

Mrs. Bennet tells her husband that Lyle has been very absent-minded lately. As he takes this in, he gets a call from Primatech notifying him that Sylar is dead. Bennet orders that the body be prepared for shipping. When the doctor un-straps Sylar from the gurney, Sylar's eyes snap open.

Zach unearths a newspaper article about an apartment fire in Kermit, Texas that happened 14 years before. A woman named Meredith Gordon and her 18-month-old daughter were killed. Zach suggests that the 18-month-old girl was Claire and that she may have family living in the area.

Inside the black van, Hiro and Ando's abductor tells them that his powerful boss is aware of their mission and wants them to stop. He offers them two first-class tickets back to Tokyo, but Hiro refuses.

As Peter packs a bag, he is interrupted by a visit from Nathan and Suresh, who offers his help. Nathan threatens to have his "mentally ill brother detained" if Peter continues on. When Nathan's back is turned, Peter runs out of the room and vanishes into the waiting capture of the invisible man, who tells Peter that he is an "empath" and that training will be more difficult than he thinks.

Matt tells Janice about the suspension and she gives him "one more freebie." He listens to her thoughts and learns that she's pregnant.

D.L. walks through the walls of Niki's padded cell to visit his wife. He tells her that he can't raise Micah on his own and needs to find a way to get her out of there. She gives him some advice on handling their son and then sends him on his way. In another location, Micah touches an ATM machine and piles of cash spill out.

Mr. Benett checks up on his daughter and notices the wind chimes in the window. Meanwhile, Niki decides to work with Dr. Witherson to help assure a future between her and her son. Dr. Witherson asks to speak with Jessica. When Niki refuses, the doctor threatens that she won't see Micah for a long time if she doesn't cooperate.

D.L. admits to his son that he's having a hard time dealing with everything, but that he wants to be a good dad. Micah says he'll try harder and hugs his father. To help even more, Micah shows a shocked D.L. the mound of cash he collected from ATM machines. Micah admits that, "I have a secret, too."

Hiro and Ando's captors stop the van and take them to meet their inscrutable boss - Hiro's father!

Claire skims through a phone book and calls someone who may be related to Meredith Gordon, and the woman is surprised that someone knows that name. To Claire's shock, the woman she's reached is actually Meredith Gordon, but what Claire doesn't see is that her mom has an ability, too... the ability to create fire.

Mr. Bennet enters Sylar's cell and pulls the sheet off the body, revealing that it's not Sylar at all. It's the doctor. He looks over to see Sylar standing by with a single question on his mind... "How's Claire?"


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Season One, Episode Fourteen:Distractions

Airdate: February 5, 2007


For Peter's first lesson, the invisible man says that he must learn to hold onto his abilities when the person he absorbed it from isn't around. To test this, the invisible man steals a lady's purse, hands it to Peter, and leaves. The woman turns around and sees Peter in the broad daylight.

Tick-tock goes a metronome as Dr. Witherson asks a chained Niki to let her speak with Jessica. As Niki recounts her childhood, Jessica emerges and rips off the chains like that were made from paper and lunges at Witherson. Meanwhile, at Primatech, Sylar telekinetically throws Mr. Bennet against the wall, grabs his driver's license, locks Bennet inside the cell, and flees.

Simone asks Isaac about Peter's whereabouts, but he doesn't know. In Texas, Claire tells her mom that she and Zach are skipping school to talk to a marine biologist at an aquarium for their manatee paper. However, their real destination is the town of Kermit where her biological mom lives.

At Port Washington Harbor in Long Island, New York, Hiro confronts his austere father and sister. His father wants him to immediately return to Yamagato Industries and accept a job as a new executive vice president on his way to taking his father's place as CEO. Hiro rejects this offer and explains his true destiny. In response, Hiro's father rips the painting of Hiro fighting the T-Rex into pieces.

Niki comes to and finds Dr. Witherson badly beaten. Prison guards rush in, smack her with a nightstick, and drag her back to her cell.

The invisible man suggests to Peter that he can't use his abilities without help because he's still stuck in the mentality of being second fiddle and of serving others. The invisible man thinks that all people are rotten and out for themselves. Peter swears that Simone is "different," so to prove his point, the invisible man suggests they pay her a surprise visit.

As Hiro attempts to repair the painting, his sister Kimiko tells him that he has brought shame to their family. Kimiko informs him that there's problems at Yamagato Industries and shareholders are saying that if his father can't manage his own son, he can't manage the business.

Claire and Zach find that her bio-mom lives in a trailer park. As Claire meets Meredith face-to-face, little does she know that Sylar has arrived at her home in Odessa posing as a deliveryman from Primatech. Sandra graciously accepts him into her house and even invites him to stay for dinner.

Claire and her mom awkwardly get to know each other. Meredith fills her daughter in on her many travels through Mexico and how she just got back to Kermit a couple months before. Claire demonstrates how she survived the fire by cutting her arm and healing right before her mom's eyes. Her mom then holds up her palm and lights a fire with the power of her mind.

Sandra starts getting suspicious when Sylar continues to ask weird questions about Claire. When Sandra says she wants to check with her husband about dinner, Sylar responds by using his powers to knock the phone out of her hand. As he goes in for the kill, Mr. Bennet and The Haitian arrive to the rescue. Sylar goes running and Mr. Bennet gives the order for The Haitian to kill Sylar

Sylar gets away and Mr. Bennet has The Haitian erase Sandra's memory once again. In Kermit, Claire asks Meredith about her father. "That's complicated," Meredith tells her, holding out the information until "next time."

Simone finds Isaac on the rooftop of her father's building. Isaac believes this rooftop is somehow connected to what's happening. He doesn't think there's any hope for the future, but she tells him that "I believe in you," as she stands close to him, unaware that the invisible man and Peter are watching this intimate moment.

Hiro accepts the position of executive vice president. His first move is to consolidate management, but Kimiko thinks this is a bad idea and that they should expand. Hiro belittles her ideas; she defends herself by replying that she already runs three divisions of the company. But all that was a ruse to prove to his father that Kimiko should be his successor.

Niki is surprised by a visit from Aron Malsky, a lawyer for Linderman. Malsky tells her that she's going home because the charges against her have been dropped - the D.A. threw out the entire case when a man on death row confessed to the crimes.

The invisible man hammers away at Peter's idealism, which only makes Peter angry. When he reaches a boiling point, the invisible man tells him the only thing he has to do is fly. With that, the invisible man pushes Peter off the roof... only he doesn't fly. He smashes into a taxicab 30 stories below. Miraculously, Peter regenerates.

Peter realizes that the invisible man is wrong: he doesn't have to cut people out of his life; he has to remember how they made him feel as a way to control his abilities. But then Peter starts to phase through all the abilities. Fearing that he'll explode, the invisible man does the sensible thing and punches him out.

Isaac paints Peter sitting next to the cab, half his limbs invisible. He calls Mr. Bennet with the news that Peter may be invisible. He asks Mr. Bennet what this means. "It means an old friend isn't quite as dead as we thought he was."

Hiro's father decides to make Kimiko his successor. Hiro says goodbye to his family and continues on with his quest. As Micah calls for his newly exonerated mother back at their house, it appears that Jessica is now firmly in control and now Niki is trapped inside her own mind.

When Claire finally gets home, her mom has no memory of the conversation they had about skipping school and going to the aquarium. Meanwhile, Meredith gets a hold of Claire's bio-dad... Nathan Petrelli.

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Season One, Episode Fifteen: Run!

Airdate: February 12, 2007


After fourteen years apart, Nathan is shocked to receive a call from Meredith Gordon. He's even more shocked to discover that their daughter is still alive. With only two weeks until the election, he assumes she wants money to keep quiet and offers her $100,000. She hesitantly accepts.

Mr. Bennet brings his wife home after an appointment with a neurologist. Apparently she is starting to experience huge gaps in her memory. In Las Vegas, Jessica covers up the helix tattoo on her shoulder with some makeup and opens a waiting package: plane tickets. She makes a phone call and receives final instructions to kill someone who has stolen Linderman's money.

Matt prepares for his first day working in private security. Janice is scared that he's taking a gun, but he tells her not to worry. He leaves to meet his first assignment at the airport: Aron Malsky, the target Jessica is supposed to eliminate.

Hiro and Ando arrive in Las Vegas and walk through a hotel kitchen where they find a girl named Hope crying. The next state over, Matt drives Malsky to the diamond district in downtown Los Angeles. As they drive, Matt picks up Malsky's thoughts, "I hope this loser knows how to use his gun; otherwise, we're both dead."

Suresh fails to contact any of the people on his father's list, but then he receives a frantic message from Zane Taylor, a man who claims to have some uncontrollable ability. Meanwhile, Hope cries her eyes out to Ando about her abusive boyfriend. She offers to introduce them to someone who can take them to Linderman if they get her bag from her boyfriend's room. At first Hiro wants to focus only on the mission. But Ando guilt trips him into helping since they are always doing what Hiro wants and never what Ando wants.

Dressed as a room service valet, Ando enters the boyfriend's room, but fails to retrieve the bag. However, Hiro is hiding in the room service cart. When Hiro opens the closet, he sees a shotgun and gets scared. Ando convinces him that it's OK and gets the bag himself, but he gets trapped under the bed in the process as Hiro flees the room.

Zane Taylor nervously awaits Suresh's arrival in his home in Virginia Beach. The doorbell rings and he opens the door, only it's not Suresh... it's Sylar! An unsuspecting Zane assumes that he is Dr. Suresh and ushers him in. Zane is extremely nervous, but is still able to demonstrate his ability by putting a pot on the floor and...

Suresh arrives at Zane Taylor's house where Sylar opens the door for him, posing as Zane. Sylar demonstrates his ability to liquefy objects.

Nathan's mom tries to talk him out of going to Texas to see Meredith and Claire. He tells her that he used to care about Meredith and owes them more than a phone call. In Texas, Mr. Bennet grounds Claire for lying about her aquarium visit. Claire gets on the phone to her real mom, who says that her father is coming down from New York but they probably won't be able to meet.

Malsky looks over some diamonds he's about to buy when Matt overhears the seller's thoughts, "You won't get out of here alive." Matt tells Malsky it's a setup. Malsky grabs the diamonds, dumps stacks of money on the counter, and runs. They race down the hall and Matt hears that Malsky stole $2 million from Linderman. In the hall, Matt hears Jessica's thoughts coming from the elevator. With her gun at the ready, she's prepared to kill them both.

Hiro overhears Hope boasting to someone on the phone about how she got "two Chinese guys" to help her out by turning on the waterworks. Hiro accuses her of being a bad person but she drops him with one punch.

When Malsky gets an asthma attack, Matt sends him to the elevator as Jessica hunts down her prey. Matt overhears a heated conversation between Niki and Jessica about a deal with Linderman to get out of jail. Matt calls in the police as Jessica starts firing. Matt hears Malsky

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Season One, Episode Sixteen: Unexpected

Airdate: February 19, 2007


Somewhere in the Nevada desert a mysterious woman named Hana Gittelman contacts Ted Sprague through his computer. Strangely, she's right there in the cabin, which immediately makes Ted suspicious of her motives. Hana can hear and send electronic transmissions with just the power of her mind. She tells Ted that she can find the people who kidnapped them, but that she needs his help in order to take them out.

Meanwhile, in Texas, Claire frantically looks for her father when her mom fails to recognize her or Mr. Muggles, but Mr. Bennet is away on business. When Claire gets Lyle to show him what's going on with their mom, Mrs. Bennet turns around and instantly recognizes them both.

Claire explains to her mom that her memory lapses might be caused by something else, but her mom won't listen and says that "dad's in charge." As they talk, her mom collapses.

Mr. Bennet visits Isaac in New York and gives him a gun to take care of Peter if he comes to visit Isaac. Bennet also realizes that Claude, the invisible man, is still out there somewhere and not dead like he thought.

Matt gives Janice a diamond ring from the stash he lifted during the Malsky assassination. He tells her that he got it wholesale from a guy he knows. She tells him that a Professor Suresh called the other day to talk about Matt's DNA; Matt makes it clear he won't talk to him.

In Bozeman, Montana, Sylar and Suresh arrive at a garage where they meet a woman named Dale who has ultra-powerful hearing. It's clear that Sylar wants this ability for himself, but has to maintain his cover around Suresh. Meanwhile, Hiro joins forces with Agent Gustavson from the Nevada Gaming Commission to go after Hope and Ando.

On the Deveaux rooftop, Peter continues his training with Claude where he learns to control a telekinetic power he absorbed from Sylar during the Odessa Homecoming debacle. At the loft, Isaac tells Simone that he thinks Peter left New York. They argue over her relationship with him, and she tries to give back his loft key, but he refuses to take it.

Outside their hotel, Suresh tells Sylar that he's working on a way to inhibit the mutation that causes special abilities. Sylar looks upset about this but Suresh explains that not everyone can control their powers so this would be for those who don

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Season One, Episode Seventeen: Company Man

Airdate: February 26th, 2007


Mr. Muggles runs down the stairs when he hears Matt and Ted breaking into the house. When they see the Bennets arriving home, Ted insists they kidnap Mr. Bennet then and there. After family comes through the door, and Ted and Matt spring into action.

15 years ago, Mr. Bennet is recruited into a secret organization that keeps people "safe"-keeps them unaware of what's happening to the human race. Bennet is given a partner for his mission: Claude, the invisible man.

In the present, Matt tells the shocked Bennet family that Mr. Bennet abducts people, drugs them, and makes them forget. Mrs. Bennet asks how he does this and Matt hears Claire's thoughts, "The Haitian."

In a private interview with Claire, Matt hears her thoughts and learns that she has the power of regeneration. As she wonders if her dad made her this way...

14 years before, Mr. Bennet and Claude meet with Hiro's father on the Deveaux rooftop after "bagging a bloody firestarter" who they believed died in a fire. Hiro's father demands that Mr. Bennet adopt her baby but cautions, "She belongs to us. If she manifests; we'll take her."

In the present, Ted holds a gun on Mrs. Bennet and prepares to shoot her as revenge for his wife's death. Matt hears Mr. Bennet and Claire's thoughts telling him to shoot Claire because she can heal. Matt fires and shoots Claire to diffuse the situation.

Matt and Mr. Bennet bring Claire's body to her bedroom before she heals. Matt tells him that Ted was about to shoot his wife and Mr. Bennet thanks Matt for shooting first. Mr. Bennet explains that the people he works for don't know that she has an ability and will take her if they find out.

Ted insists that he stay with the family while Matt and Mr. Bennet go to Primatech to get proof of the abductions. At Primatech, Mr. Bennet prepares a tranquilizer for Ted while telling Matt they need to trust each other.

Matt and Mr. Bennet run into The Haitian; Bennet yells at him for not erasing Claire's memory. The Haitian responds that he answers to someone whose authority supersedes Mr. Bennet's and that someone else will soon know about Claire's ability.

Seven years ago, Claude catches Bennet in a lie. Bennet confesses that he's supposed to kill Claude, who admits that he's hiding someone with an ability. Bennet stops the car on a lonely bridge and shoots Claude. He fires again and Claude turns invisible.

With Ted out of the room, Claire grabs a knife and frees her mom. Ted goes into Claire's room and sees that her body is gone. He runs down stairs just in time to stop the others from fleeing. Ted grabs Claire and burns her neck, which heals right before her mom's startled eyes.

Claire tells her mom that her husband has lied to her their entire marriage and that he's the reason she lost her memory. Mrs. Bennet, however, still has faith in her husband.

Mr. Bennet and Matt arrive back at the house; Mr. Bennet hands Ted a folder full of files. Ted calms down as The Haitian comes in to free Claire and her mom. As Ted looks over the files, Mr. Bennet tells him that they can't make him normal, "We can't change the way you are."

As they quietly converse, Mr. Bennet's boss arrives and shoot's Ted in the shoulder. Ted loses control of his ability and begins to contort violently as fire spreads through the Bennet household. Claire rescues her father and sends him outside as an explosion tears through the house. Moments later, Claire emerges alive as her father's boss looks on and the firefighters arrive.

Mr. Bennet throws The Haitian under the bus by telling his boss that he's the one who had been hiding Claire and her abilities. The Haitian can't be found, but he'll be killed once he is. Meanwhile, Ted will be kept sedated until he's no longer useful.

Bennet and his boss check in on Matt who is hooked up to monitoring equipment. The boss suggests that Matt may make a good new partner for Bennet. He adds that the woman running the lab has an ability that will help them clean up "the mess you made." Lastly, the boss asks Bennet, "When can we be expecting Claire?" "I'll bring her in now," Bennet replies.

Mr. Bennet drives a crying Claire to the same bridge where he shot Claude. As they drive, he tells her he tried to protect her and be the best dad he could. They arrive and find The Haitian waiting to take Claire away to hide her from The Company. To make it look like a kidnapping, The Haitian shoots Mr. Bennet in his side. "Go deep. Don't take anything that will lead them to her." With a final hug from Claire, The Haitian erases Bennet's mind before fleeing into the unknown.

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Season One, Episode Eighteen: Parasite

Airdate: March 5th, 2007


Isaac blames Peter for Simone's death. The tortured painter picks up the gun and shoots at the youngest Petrelli brother, but Peter turns invisible and escapes. Meanwhile, Hiro attempts to enter the Corinthian Casino but security throws him out.

Mr. Bennet tells Thompson that he can't remember anything about the hostage taking or being shot by the Haitian. When he says he wants to go after Claire, Thompson refuses to let him. In a hidden room, a captive Matt Parkman is forced to check if Bennet is lying. When Thompson enters that room, Parkman confirms that Bennet is telling the truth but is denied his freedom. Elsewhere, the Haitian pulls over along a dusty highway and makes a mysterious phone call while Claire waits in the car.

FBI Agents Alonzo and Quesada visit Nathan in his New York office and ask him to wear a wire during his upcoming meeting with Linderman as part of their plan to put Linderman behind bars. When they leave, Peter materializes and tells Nathan about Simone's death; Nathan says he'll take care of it.

Mr. Bennet returns to the hotel where he's staying with his family. Sandra turns the volume up on the radio and whispers that he told her to pretend that the Haitian took her memory and that he also told her the truth about the Company

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  • 1 month later...

Season One, Episode Nineteen: 0.07%

Airdate: April 23, 2007


Claire pays a surprise visit to Mr. Bennett's prison cell at Primatech Paper, though he's quick to recognize that it's really Candice, the illusionist. Thompson stops in and cautions Bennett that he's waiting for the kill order to come down from the top.

Linderman tells Nathan that he wants to heal and save the world. To demonstrate his powers, Linderman waves his hands over some dying flowers and they return to health. Meanwhile, Mr. Bennett's thoughts wake Parkman in his Primatech cell. Using his thoughts, Bennett gives Parkman instructions on how to escape.

Linderman reveals some of his past: he was young when he discovered his ability. He found others like him and they banded together to make a positive impact on the world, but some of them later used their powers for their own agenda/personal gain. He then tells Nathan that the upcoming explosion in New York will only kill 0.07% of the earth's population, but it will serve to band all of humanity together in a common cause. It's Nathan's destiny to be the leader who will rally the city, the nation, and the world.

Returning to the previous episode's Peter/Sylar face-off: Peter uses his abilities to throw Sylar off him and against the wall. Suresh, no longer held by Sylar

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Season One, Episode Twenty: Five Years Gone

Airdate: April 30, 2007


On the fifth 5th anniversary of the New York explosion, past Hiro confronts his sword-wielding future self in Isaac's loft. Future Hiro realizes that since Claire was saved, past Hiro can now kill Sylar and stop this terrible future from ever happening. Matt bursts in with a team of Homeland Security agents and arrests past Hiro as future Hiro and Ando transport to Las Vegas to look for Peter.

At a Vegas strip club, Niki dances on stage as Hiro and Ando arrive to look for Peter, her boyfriend. She won't say where he is and when asked about Bennet's location, she replies that he's "rustling cattle in Texas." When Hiro and Ando leave, a brooding Peter materializes at the bar. As he drinks, he looks troubled by the fifth anniversary of the bomb explosion, while Niki prefers to forget about it.

Matt interrogates Hiro and screams at him for killing "a lot of good men" at the National Science Center. When Hiro isn't able to answer any of his questions, Matt calls President Petrelli at the White House to tell him that they finally have Hiro, but that he seems to have no memory of the past five years.

Nathan summons Professor Suresh to the Oval Office and delivers the news of Hiro's capture. Before Suresh leaves for New York, Nathan tells him that he's decided to exterminate everyone with special abilities before another Sylar happens.

Suresh visits Isaac's loft and finds the timeline web. At Primatech Paper, Bennett tests a young boy for special abilities. When he tests positive, he gives him a new identity and cautions the father to do whatever it takes to keep him away from authorities who are hunting down undocumented people with abilities. Future Hiro and Ando arrive and tell Bennett that he knows Claire is still alive. Ando tells Bennett that it was Hiro who saved his daughter by warning Peter to "save the cheerleader".

Suresh theorizes that Hiro built the web so he could try and fix the past and realizes that Peter met with Hiro on the subway car with the message to save the cheerleader.

In Texas, Claire waits tables at the Burnt Toast Diner and goes over wedding details with her fianc

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Season One, Episode Twenty-One: The Hard Part

Airdate: May 7, 2007


Hiro and Ando are thankful to be back in their own time, but there's little pause for reflection- it's now time for the "hard part": to save the world! In another part of the city, Claire watches as Nathan arrives home to the warm embrace of his wife and two sons.

Meanwhile, with Ted's help, Matt and Mr. Bennet repair their car and continue their journey to New York. In Isaac's loft, Sylar paints a future depicting Ted's glowing hands. In Brooklyn, Suresh receives an unlikely phone call: Sylar begging for help because he believes he is going to cause the deaths of many people. But when Sylar hears Suresh dialing 911 on his cell phone, he angrily hangs up.

D.L. decides to go after Micah, and Jessica insists that she come, too. As they prepare to leave, Micah plays video games in a large suite while Candice, disguised as his mom (Niki), watches over him.

Using D.L.'s special ability, D.L. and Niki are able to get into Linderman's archive. There they discover a painting of Micah on the ledge of a burning building along with reams of files about all three of them. After seeing a note about the New York election, they decide to head to NYC to find their son.

Thompson offers Suresh a job with the Company by enticing him with the story of Molly Walker, a girl with a special ability who is dying from the same rare disease that killed Shanti, Suresh's sister. Suresh's father invented a cure, but it came too late and no one can figure out where it is. Time is running out for Molly, and she is the only one who can stop Sylar, according to Thompson.

Hiro and Ando arrive at Isaac's loft to find his dead body on the ground. When they overhear Sylar on the phone begging someone to allow him to visit, they quickly hide behind a painting. Sylar hears their hearts beating and they teleport from the loft before he can discover them. Hiro and Ando then start following him out on the street.

Suresh takes a blood sample from Molly as she explains her ability to find any person in the world just by thinking of him or her. Suresh realizes she can help find Sylar, but she cautions that her ability hasn't been working for some reason.

Peter tells Claire that she can't leave; that she has to stay to help him. He tells her that he can see the future and sees himself blowing up New York. Claire mentions Ted's ability and they decide to tell Nathan about it. Nathan commends Claire for being so brave, but when she leaves, he picks up the phone and calls Linderman with the message, "We have a problem."

Ando and Hiro lurk outside an apartment where Sylar reunites with his estranged mother. He brings her a snowglobe for her collection and asks if it's OK for him not to be special - he just wants to be a watchmaker. But his mother adamantly insists, "Why would I tell you that when I know you could be so much more. If you wanted, you could be president."

Sylar demonstrates his abilities to his horrified mom. When a floating snowglobe hits her, she runs off in fear. He tries to coax her back into the room, and Ando encourages Hiro to make his move. Inside the apartment, Sylar's mom comes out and tearfully asks what happened to her son.

She grabs a pair of scissors for protection and he wrestles her into a hug and accidentally kills her. Hiro stops time, barges into the room and swings his sword at Sylar

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Season One, Episode Twenty-Two: Landslide

Airdate: May 14, 2007


Peter's hands glow, signaling the beginning of the end, but he gets his newly acquired ability under control and calms down. Bennet decides to send him, Ted, and Claire to Windy Fork, Nebraska while he continues on with Matt to disable the "Walker tracking system". Meanwhile, Ando calls a shop that has the "godsend" symbol on their yellow pages ad, that says they specialize in repairing samurai swords.

The polls have Nathan down by five points, but Linderman, stepping into Nathan's den, assures him victory. He also informs Nathan that his father had "great power," but when he couldn't make a difference in the world, he gave up. Heidi wheels in, surprised to find Linderman there. Linderman then holds her hand and tells her that he is going to give them a gift. After he leaves, Nathan sees Heidi's feet move and she then gets up out of her wheelchair.

At the repair shop, Hiro and Ando are in for a surprise when Hiro's father, Kaito, emerges from the backroom. Kaito says he remained in the U.S. to observe his son's progress and then takes him into the back room to speak with him further.

Kaito tells Hiro that he has waited a long time for a Nakamura with power to ascend, and is surprised to find that it was Hiro. Hiro admits that he failed in killing the villain, but Kaito says next time he will not. He takes out a sword and teaches Hiro how to fight with a sword and teaches him an important lesson taken from a story he told Hiro when Hiro was a child: you must "cut out your heart" to be a hero.

Candice brings Micah some valuable comic books; he doesn't understand why she's working for a bad man when she can use her power to be a hero. She says the world is an awful place and people can be mean just because of the way you are born or look, but Linderman is going to change all that.

Back on the streets of New York and thanks to a tip from Sylar, FBI agent Audrey Hanson nabs Ted, but Peter and Claire manage to escape.

Disguised as an African American woman, Candice takes Micah to a voting booth where he touches a computer and creates a 64% landslide victory for Nathan. Later, D.L. and Jessica surprise Nathan in his den and tell him about Linderman kidnapping Micah. They want him to lead them to Linderman so they can kill him.

At the building where the Walker tracking system is being held, Bennet asks Matt to use his ability to get them through building security. Matt succeeds in getting them through security and then sees D.L. and Jessica on their way to find Micah and kill Linderman.

Molly Walker is responding well to Suresh's treatment and her ability is coming back. She says that Matt, her "other hero", is nearby, but when Suresh asks her to find Sylar, Thompson enters the room to say that they're taking her by helicopter to an ultra-safe location.

Thompson and Suresh watch Matt and Bennet approach on a surveillance monitor. Thompson tells Suresh they want Molly. Matt hears Thompson's thoughts and pulls Bennet aside just as Thompson fires at them. Bennet runs off, leaving Matt weaponless. Thompson sneaks up behind Parkman, but Bennet gets the drop on him and shoots Thompson in the head.

Before using Thompson's access card to get in, Bennet tells Matt that, "whatever happens in here you have to know, it's the only way our families are ever going to be safe." They go into Molly's room where they find her cowering by the bed. Bennet didn't know that the "Walker system" would be a young girl. Suresh comes out of hiding and holds a gun at Bennet's head. "Shoot me, and she dies," Bennet says as they face off in a stalemate.

Outside, Sylar uses his powers to flip over the FBI vehicle carting Ted away. He opens the door and slices off Ted's scalp, taking his ability. Meanwhile, back at the sword repair store, Kaito is happy with his son's progress. They leave the backroom to discover that Ando has purchased a sword and has gone after Sylar on his own.

Jessica and D.L. phase through Linderman's room. She throws him against the wall, demanding to know where Micah is. Linderman tries to buy off Jessica. She admits to D.L. that she wants the money, but then Niki takes control and Linderman fires at her. D.L. jumps in the way and takes the bullet... but he isn't dead. He sneaks up behind Linderman and phases his hand through his brain, pulling out a handful of bloody tissue before collapsing in Niki's arms.

Nathan wheels Heidi onto the stage for his big acceptance speech. As he talks, Hiro leaves his father to continue his quest, Peter and Claire return to the city, Ando goes after Sylar with a sword of his own, Niki cradles DL, Suresh and Bennet standoff, and Micah waits to return home. On a rooftop, Sylar practices controlling his new ability. "Boom," he says, with the city spread before him.

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Season One, Episode Twenty-Three: How To Stop An Exploding Man

Airdate: May 21, 2007


As Linderman's guards fight their way into his office, Niki helps D.L. to his feet and they phase through the wall. In another part of the building, Molly recognizes Matt as the officer who once saved her. The standoff ends and guns are lowered.

Outside of Claremont's store, Hiro receives a reluctant blessing from his father to go after Ando. Meanwhile, back at Isaac's loft, Sylar paints a picture of himself facing off against Peter in Kirby Plaza.

Angela tells Nathan that a helicopter is meeting them on the roof to take them to safety. Elsewhere, Niki leaves an injured D.L. in the halls to go hunt for Micah on her own. In another room, Bennet gets a call from Claire who tells him that Ted is dead by Sylar's hand. Bennet then talks to Peter and tells him that Peter is the only one that can stop Sylar.

Claire feels betrayed by Peter when he pulls into a garage for a secret meeting with Nathan. Peter assures Claire that Nathan won't let them down, but when Peter hears his brother's thoughts, he realizes that Claire was right and Nathan has betrayed them. Claire runs off, but Angela Petrelli is there to stop her. Peter turns invisible and flees the garage. But his newly acquired nuclear powers threaten to flare out of control again and he quickly passes out on the street above.

Suresh tends to an ailing Molly, who pinpoints Sylar's location as Isaac's loft. She cautions everyone that there's an even worse villain out there... someone she can't find, but who can see her when she's thinking about him.

Bennet calls Peter to check on Claire, but Angela answers the phone. She tells him they're taking Claire out of harm's way, and he begs to speak with his daughter. Over the phone, he tells Claire to go with Nathan and Angela, but to flee once they are out of the city.

When Peter wakes up, he finds himself on the Deveaux rooftop, watching his first day as nurse to the ailing businessman. From his vantage point, he watches his slightly younger self meet Simone for the first time and sees his mom conferring with Charles, who believes she is betting on the wrong brother to save the world. She assures him that Peter is an insecure weakling and the world will turn to Nathan for leadership. After Angel leaves, Charles looks over and says, "I know you're there, Peter."

Peter doesn't understand how he can talk to Charles, and Charles replies, "it doesn't matter. You came here because you needed to. You needed to hear the truth before you could save the world." Out on the New York streets, Bennet wakes Peter and agrees to put him down if he's about to explode. "Thanks, Mr. Bennet," Peter says. "Call me Noah," is the reply

Ando arrives at Isaac's loft, but he's no match for Sylar, who telekinetically pins him to the wall. And since Ando has no powers, Sylar decides to decapitate him instead. Hiro comes to the rescue in the nick of time, grabs Ando, and teleports away. They materialize in their old offices at Yamagato Industries where Hiro says goodbye to his friend and teleports back to New York City.

While searching for Micah, Niki opens a door and finds Jessica waiting for her. Jessica shows Niki Micah's dead body, and then she starts beating her weaker half from pillar to post. But Niki sees the real Jessica in a reflection of broken glass, warning that it's not really her... it's Candice! Niki finally finds a way to use Jessica

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