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Tim, 24, was born and raised outside of Boston in Newton, Massachusetts, and graduated cum laude from Harvard University, where he majored in government. He moved to Los Angeles after college to write music and began tutoring on the side, but his side business proved so successful that he and a partner wound up launching an academic tutoring company, The Cartim Group, when Tim was just 22. Now running the company's daily operations, Tim employs 20 tutors and projects his company's annual revenue at over $1 million. Still devoted to his main passion - writing music - Tim spends his free time composing and playing the piano, and his first album is expected to be released in early 2007. "I should be the next Apprentice," he says, "because I have always welcomed a massive challenge, and I approach everything I take on with passion and energy."

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Apprentice's Tim: 'Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost...?

by Matt Webb Mitovich


Tim Urban, The Apprentice

It may seem like Tim Urban is all mouthwashed up, but he did get the girl in the end, right? Right...?! The day after his dismissal from NBC's The Apprentice (Sundays at 10 pm/ET), Tim called TVGuide.com to kiss-and-tell about his on-screen romance, share his take on the remaining contenders (Nicole included), and reveal a never-seen "high"-light of one reward.

TVGuide.com: What's the saying? "'Tis better to have loved and lost The Apprentice?" Is that how it goes?

Tim Urban: Yeah, I think so! [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Are you regretting trying to help Nicole by whispering through the hedges a few weeks ago?

Tim: I don't regret much about the Nicole situation, but that was pretty stupid. It wasn't even necessary, I was just being emotional and being an idiot. I shouldn't have done that because this is a game where everyone tries to smell blood all the time on anyone, and that suddenly became a huge, bloody wound. Suddenly the team was like, "Oh, look at this. This is such an easy attack now!"

TVGuide.com: But on the flip side, Trump had only a week earlier told Nicole that you were "not loyal" by not fighting to keep her on Arrow.

Tim: Yeah, I don't know how you can do both. [Laughs] Somehow I was in big trouble for being loyal to the team over Nicole, and I was in big trouble for being loyal to Nicole over the team.

TVGuide.com: What was more awkward: Trying to speak to Nicole's visiting mom through the hedges, or watching yourself do that on TV?

Tim: Um, it was pretty awkward on TV, but it was more awkward in person. Yeah, that was... uncomfortable.

TVGuide.com: Getting to the tasks at hand, does anyone else actually come up with ideas on Arrow? Because they tend to only show us your grand ideas and everyone climbing on board.

Tim: To be honest, not really. We do have brainstorming sessions, but for five straight weeks

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