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James (Seattle, Washington) Internet Entrepreneur

James, 29, immigrated from Seoul, Korea to the United States when he was four years old, and grew up in Houston, Texas and Seattle, Washington. He started a technology investment fund at age 18 with just $5000 and turned it into over $2 million at age 23, while earning his degree in business and computer information systems from the University of Washington, from which he graduated cum laude. After graduating college as a multi-millionaire, James joined one of the largest business consulting firms in the world, offering management consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. He currently lives with his wife and two children in Seattle, where he is the CEO and founder of an

internet company that provides a unique approach to professional and online social networking at www.zoodango.com. James feels he should be the next Apprentice because, he says, "I bring a strong balance of Fortune 500 experience and the initiative and drive of a true entrepreneur, and I've already proven myself by achieving the 'American Dream' since I started with nothing to build everything I have today."

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