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Celebrity Big Brother: Week 1

Brekkie Boy

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The first family of Big Brother - Michael, Janet, Latoya, Tito...

No, Davina - you're not fooling us!

The twist had been leaked even before the celebs went in, and in tonight's highlights they didn't try to hide the housemates speculations - but as always with Big Brother, expect a twist to the twist!

Tonight, eight housemates moved out!

Big Brother informed the celebrities they must choose eight of them to move to the "squallor, filthy, puldrid, frankly not very nice" house next door. It's basic, dirty and very victorian esque - only fit for servants really.

When the celebs have to choose three HMs to stay in the main house they quickly nominate Ken - perhaps due to his age, perhaps due to wanting to escape his snoring. Jermaine is next to be nominated to stay, with them finally agreeing on Shilpa. As she cries when they leave, Davina points out how they appear to have made their decision based on status.

The eight celebs moving out move in to their new quarters - and are initially pretty impressed at the prospect of living in filth - though Ian "H" Steps is on the ball in suggesting they may become the servants to the main house - and that Ken, Jermaine and Shilpa will be getting company.

And how ironic how the three left in the house are the three who probably won't have a clue who Jade is - this will test Ken's claims he's a massive BB fan!

Jade, her boyfriend Jack and her mother Jackie - who was a star in her own right on the BB3 eviction shows when they actually used to feature the families - will be moving into the main house later tonight.

They have all been in hiding since the show launched and have no idea who is in the house, and no idea there are eight (not so) famous servants ready to wait on them hand and foot!

So in the main house we have Ken, Jermaine, Shilpa, Jade (from BB3), Jack (Jade's boyfriend) and Jackie (Jade's mother).

In the Servants quarters we have Carole, Cleo, Danielle, Dirk, Donny, Ian (H), Jo and Leo.

P.S. After a couple of nights of highlights it's now pretty clear why they scraped Danielle Lloyd from the bottom of the barrel - Jade's got a rival!

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The second of tonight's show and Jade, Jack and Jackiey (yeah, Jackiey!) move in to discover there are only three people in the house.

Jade is called to the diary room and puts her foot in it right away by saying how she didn't feel she got a warm welcome - as the celebs in both the house and servants quarters watch on.

Big Brother explains that Ken, Jermaine and Shilpa are now part of Jade's family and as adopted members of the family they'll share the same privileges as the rest of her family - to stay exclusively in the Big Brother house and be waited on by servants - the celebs next door!

After clarifying what exclusively means, Jade insists she doesn't want servants and is incredibly concerned when BB tells her that she, or her family, can't lift a finger - she wants to be able to brush her own teeth and feed herself!

So, it's all goody being part of Jade's family then, isn't it!

Well, no - as being part of Jade's family puts you at risk of eviction. Jade, or one of her family, will be evicted in a surprise eviction on Wednesday night - meaning Jack, Jackiey, Jade, Jermaine, Ken and Shilpa risk being the first one out!

Now, although predicted and although I weren't too keen at first, I've pretty much enjoyed tonight's events and look forward to see how things will unfold...

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she wants to be able to brush her own teeth and feed herself!

ewwww yeah I would want to too.

So what can they do for themseves?

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I'm sure they'll be able to feed themselves - just Jade misunderstanding as usual. I expect the servants will be responsible for all cooking and cleaning, plus things like making the beds, providing drinks and doing the laundry - and probably having to entertain "the family" in the evenings too.

One servant less though - Donny escaped from the Big Brother house last night over the walls - and won't be returning!

Some pics of the rather nice (in a not very pleasant way) Servants Quarters:






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One servant less though - Donny escaped from the Big Brother house last night over the walls - and won't be returning!

Explain Please....Did he actually climb out over the wall or is that an expression meaning he talked BB into letting him out?

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Nope - he literally escaped!

UPDATE: While in the servants back yard Donny got Ian (H) to help him up to see what was over the roof - then jumped up and said "I'm not being a servant to some moron and her family" and disappeared. Only Ian and Leo were in the garden when this happened and they went to tell the others, who didn't believe them at first and thought it was some game of hide and seek. We saw shots of Donny being met by security guards in the cordon outside the house, and then later the housemates in the servants quarters were informed Donny wouldn't be returning. The other housemates in the "manor" didn't find out until today when they met their servants.

The Servants have been alocated the following roles:

Head Butler: Carole - ensure servants perform all duties

Day Butler: 07.30-19.30 - Ian (serve all food and drink)

Night Butler: 19.30-07.30 - Leo

Cook: 08.00-20.30 - Cleo (must make breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and supper)

Kitchen Hand: 08.00-20.30 - Jo

Housekeeper: 09.00-17.00 - Dirk (cleaning)

Peasant: Danielle. Danielle is not permitted to enter the Big Brother manor and is on call 24 hours a day as the servants servant!

By the way - if you've not found it the official site is at http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother and is updated regularly with the latest news, pictures and videos.

Fan sites - Digital Spy is the most estabhlished and has a very good live updates service, similar to Mortys (last night's events - Day 3 - unfolded between around 9pm and 11pm if you want a look): http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk

I've got alot of my info this time around from http://www.bbuksite.net - while one of my personal faves is http://www.thebigbrothershow.tk

And of course clips crop up regularly on YouTube and similar services - and if you know how, you can download full episodes from bit torrent sites.

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According to spin-off show Big Brother's Little Brother, Ken Russell has now asked to leave the house and is likely to depart this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Jade's grandparents Sylvia and John will be visiting the Big Brother manor tonight and the servants have been instructed to prepare a banquet for the occassion.

In other news it's been reported that the "Bridge to Nowhere" will actually lead to somewhere for one of our celebs, with them being secretly snatched from the house and moved to a secret room behind the house - where they will get to spy on their fellow celebs!

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OK, time for a quick recap of events.

The first 24 hours were all about Donny. He had over endulged on the vodka prior to entering the house, resulting in him being the first to stick his head down the toilet. Within an hour of entering he'd also jumped into the hot tub - fully clothed - with Cleo taking on the role of helping him out of his wet clothes.

Sleep talking isn't anything new in the Big Brother house, but I can't recall snoring ever being a major problem before. Cue 79 year old Ken Russell - he's making up for it in spades, keeping all the celebs awake for their first night.

And with one less beds than celebs, Leo Sayer is forced to share with Donny - resulting in an early morning visit to the diary room: "I can't sleep - there's a naked man in my bed!"

Apart from Ken's snoring, tension was relatively low in the first couple of days in the house. Once the hangover had cleared, Donny revealed himself to be a pretty decent bloke - and not the mad drunk everyone met on opening night. Donny himself remembers nothing of his first night in the house.

So with everyone getting on so well, the celebs knew it was the calm before the storm, and thanks to earlier press leaks, speculated the storm would arrive in the form of Jade Goody. However, as always with BBUK, there is a twist to the twist.

On Friday night the housemates were invited to move to the "cramped, confined, puldird, squallour, not very nice, living quarters next door" with Big Brother instructing that all but three of them will relocate. The group were unanimous in quickly chosing Ken to stay, along with Jermaine and Shilpa - with host Davina observing how they appeared to have made their decision based on status.

The others would move next door to the Servants quarters - styled out like an old Victorian house, and absolutely filthy!

With eight gone, and Shilpa in tears at their departure, it's time to send in the new housemates. Jade Goody came fourth in Big Brother 3 and is widely deemed to have been the most successful of all former housemates, becoming a millionaire in the process. Now, Jade is back - and this time she's bought the family - well, her 19 year old toyboy lover Jack and her one armed lesbian mother Jackiey - yeah, Jackiey!

Once back in Big Brother calls Jade to the diary room to welcome her back and asks Jade to adopt Shilpa, Jermaine and Ken into the Goody family. They will live exclusively in the Big Brother house and are not permitted to lift a finger - that job is down to the servants.

So, what do the eight celebs next door think about a life of servitude. Well, most of them begrudgingly accept it and even like the more homely environment of the Servants Quarters - but one just won't be a servant to that "moron and her family", with Donny climbing over the walls and escaping from the Big Brother house.

With Donny gone it means more work for the rest of the servants. Carole is Head Butler and allocated Ian and Leo to the roles of day and night butler respectively, responsible for serving all food and drink to the newly extended Goody Family.

Cleo is named cook, with Jo as her kitchen hand, while Dirk is the House Keeper and cleaner. Yes, Face from the A-Team is now cleaning the toilet of an ex-Big Brother housemate!

Danielle is named the "peasant" and is not permitted to enter the manor. She will be the servants servant and responsible for all cooking and cleaning in the servants quarters.

However, one good thing the servants soon realised is that they've escaped Ken's snoring and can get a decent nights sleep!

Back in the main house the family have been introduced to their new servants - but all the tension is between themselves - well, mainly between Jade's mum and everyone else, including her daughter - with Jade the first to break into tears because of her.

Jackiey's vulgar behaviour led to Ken issuing Big Brother an ultimatum - me or her - resulting in Ken Russell being the second celebrity to quit the house within the first five days.

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lol how long is this supposed last? They may run out of Celebs before it ends.

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It's 25 days.

Losing a couple IMO has done the show more favours than harm as it means the eviction process won't be as rushed and hopefully they'll be a sensible number of people in the final.

Even with the 12 left they'll probably have 2 evictions a week, still leaving 6 in the final (which IMO is far too many).

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The first housemate to be evicted is... Jackiey!

She's annoyed all the housemates - even her daughters - and although she may have annoyed the viewers, it was expected the switch to "vote to save" instead of "evict" this week would save her.

She got booted out through the backdoor too - called to the diary room and told by Big Brother she had been evicted and is leaving without saying goodbye to her housemates - or family. She left with no shoes and fresh carpet burns on her back, leaving Jade inconsolable in the house.

Meanwhile, Davina has announced that tonight Carole and Cleo will be punished for discussing nominations last week.

The first nominations will take place later tonight, just an hour after the first eviction.

However, not all housemates will be making their nominations - with the first to the diary room set to be Danielle - with BB skipping Carole and Cleo.

After each housemate has made their two nominations for Friday's eviction, Carole and Cleo will be called to the diary room and told why they've been banned from nominating. They will then be told that as punishment one of them will automatically face the public vote and that their other housemates must now decide.

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The nominees for tomorrows eviction have been announced with Carole joining Dirk and Leo in facing the public vote - and we're back to voting to evict, how it should be!

Carole joined the others as punishment for discussing nominations with Cleo. The other HMs had to decide which one of them would automatically face the public vote.

Leo is favourite to go - he's been a complete arsehole all week and his constant complaining about how they, as celebrities, are treated by Big Brother hasn't gone down well. He even demanded to see his contract to try and pull them up on it, but then had to quietly retreat out of the diary room when he realised he'd signed up to do anything producers wanted!

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but then had to quietly retreat out of the diary room when he realised he'd signed up to do anything producers wanted!

LOL did he settle down after that?

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A bit - but he's still annoying. Basically he comes across as a middle aged man who's just discovered swearing!

He's got such an overinflated ego we can't wait to pop it. He thinks people "love him" and speaks of himself in the same sentence as The Beatles, Stones and Elton John!

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He's such an arsehole he's denied us the pleasure of evicting him... Leo Sayer has left, and it's all down to pants!

Leo wouldn't wash his own - and Big Brother wouldn't supply him with any fresh underwear!

Goodbye and good riddance!

Voting was temporarily suspended but the lines have since reopened with just Carole and Dirk facing eviction - and Carole the favourite to go. No confirmation yet about whether it'll go ahead tonight.

The live feed was also suspended but has since returned.

At this rate the winner might be determined by default!

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wow three that couldn't hack it (awww poor babies) and one eviction, all in the first week.

LOL it could be the first BB default win.

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