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Failure Of Most Serialized Dramas?


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Why do you think that most of the serialized dramas have been bombing?

I have seen a few, and I think they are, for the most part, decent shows that have potential. This season, they are being cancelled extremely quickly. If the ratings don't start good and continue rise, they are cancelled within a half dozen episodes. Last season, several were cancelled, but many were given a full season to find an andience.

What sets Lost, Hereos, and 24 apart for all the failed one?

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I know this is an old thread, but I've thought about this before so I thought I would throw my two cents in.

I think that now-a-days, most serialized dramas are getting canceled because viewers don't want to invest their time into a show. Shows such as The Nine, which had complicated back stories and hard-to-follow plot lines turn viewers off because they don't want to have to keep track of what's going on. On the other hand, shows like Ugly Betty which are easy to understand are thriving because viewers don't really have to commit to them.

Miss a week of Lost? Uh-oh, you better watch it online and get caught-up, or you'll be all confused!

Miss a week of Ugly Betty? Oh well, just jump right in. You won't be missing that much.

I think 24 is doing well is because fans have already become addicted. It's now in it's sixth season, meaning the first season started in 2001. Back then, I think viewers were a little more open to watching a show that required more attention out of them. Now, those same fans have continued to watch. If the show was just starting this year, it's quite possible that it wouldn't survive.

You also brought up Lost. I can't really tell you why it's so successful, but I do know that if you compare all the ratings, the ratings do end up gradually decreasing towards the end of the season. Probably because fans stop watching because they get confused after missing a single episode or two.

As for Heros... I have no idea, I don't watch/read anything about that show.

Another point to bring up. In 24, the entire season is continuous. You don't see repeats or weeks where the show is preempted. You just don't. And I think that all networks need to start adopting this policy, because that's another one of the reasons 24 does so well. People are constantly watching the show. On other networks, which will show repeats or preempt their shows, fans start losing interest because of these long periods without their show. They loose touch with the characters and the story lines, so once the show comes back on they're like "eh, who cares." But this whole repeat thing deserves another thread of it's own, so I'll stop here. :P

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