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Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch Show

Brekkie Boy

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It's time to say goodbye social life as Celebrity Big Brother returns...

We open with Davina in a waiting car announcing "I smell celebrity"...

The titles roll - and to our surprise we have a brand new look. I'm referring to Davina of course!

Davina confirms there will be more celebs than ever, with the show running longer than ever - but only 25 days, shorter than expected.

A nostalgic VT reminds us why Celebrity Big Brother is the best way to start the year before a brief glimpse of the new celebrity housemates - can you guess who they are yet?

The obligatory house tour follows - the main house is pretty much the same as BB7, though the bathroom has been adapted to include a private shower and toilet.

The dining table is now inside, along with a gym (well, exercise bike!) - while outside we have a new hot tub, outside lounge and of course, the bridge to nowhere - which is now heated!

One new feature in the house is a silver square with a slot - and that will allow viewers to question the celebrities!

So with the tour done we're just minutes away from finding out who goes in - all after a break and plug for the Big Brother 8 auditions.

The first celebs are in:

Jermaine Jackson

Brother of Michael, former member of the Jackson Five. At home he has servants and is unsure if he'll have to cook.

Unlike last year Davina is questioning the HMs as they arrive - and of course completly ignores his fame in a bid to find out what Michael and Janet think.

Danielle Lloyd

The de-throwned Miss Great Britain 2006 - axed for dating one of the judges - Premiership footballer Terry Sherringham, but claims they didn't meet till the aftershow party.

Introduced to boos - mainly due to the barrel scraping me thinks - with Davina grilling her about her about her ambition and questioning why she's doing Big Brother, before asking the WAG if she knows what WAG stands for!

(Annoying sound dips due to it being before the watershed.)

Ken Russell

Genuine celeb alert - one of Britain's most famous film directors, including films such as Women in Love, The Devils and Tommy.

Wants to do the show as he's fascinated by the programme and it's a strange situation you're put in - but unclear whether it'll be three weeks in paradise or hell!

He walks down the red carpet "Singing in the Rain". Davina asks him which former HM he'll most relate with - with him saying he wants to immitate Mad Pete. Davina has to help him up, and down, the stairs right to the front door.

Introduces himself as an "Old English Film Director" - I think Ken might be the star here!

Some more facts from Davina - Jermaine loves the London tube, Ken has size 12 feet and Danielle thought Winston Churchill was America's first black leader!

Jo O'Mara

Former S Club 7 star - and one not on the rumour list - well, not this year. She released one solo single and then it went "horrifically wrong" and she turned to dog breeding. Describes herself as "scatty old Jo from London".

Is blinded by the press as she walks down - they love her and she's getting a great response from the crowd. I'd tip her as the winner, but that would guarantee her being first out!

Davina speaks to her asking why she is doing Big Brother - with her saying she has no idea. She's being quite tough on them, asking if she plans to release a single afterwards.

Leo Sayer

Another surprise - seventies singer famous for "You Make me feel like dancing" and "I Need You". Considers himself amusing and able to cheer people up.

Davina asks him why he's doing the show - replying it's something to do in January and an excuse to return to the UK from Sydney.

Leo instantly greats Jermaine as an old friend - though he's not so familar. Ken doesn't recognise him and say's he doesn't know who he is - but when he introduces himself he responds that he does know him but thought he was older!

Shilba Shetti

Bollywood star dubbed as the Indian Angelina Jolie, recognised every where in India. Feels she's special and it would scare her if people didn't recognise her or want to know about her.

Constantly travels with an entourage, and wants to showcase Bollywood and Indian culture.

Davina asks her if she's ever seen Big Brother, with her saying it's just started in India but she's never seen the UK version. She also says she'll miss her entourage before Davina escorts her up the stairs.

No one seems to know her - and she knows no-one either! Perfect...

Carole Malone

Another surprise - a newspaper columnist who often appears on TV shows. She doesn't really approve of reality stars who just appear on TV - and isn't a fan of WAGs (footballers wives and girlfriends).

Fears she'll make a fool herself - and thinks it's big for her as a journalist as every other journalist is dying to get in. She'll be right in the middle of the story.

As a journalist, of course she gets booed into the house! Davina reminds her shes described previous housemates as a "bunch of morons", but says she couldn't say no but is scared of going in. Davina asks her if she has any skeletons in her closet before she gets to the door - with an audible chant of "who are you" from one member of the crowd.

Donny Tourette

Lead singer of the Towers of London - as a band they take it "full tilt" and push things further and land themselves in trouble.

Has a few dirty habits and says he needs to spit alot. Not given it too much thought about how he'll get on with people in the house!

Introduces himself with a barrel of swearing and rude gestures as the crowd chants "who are you?" as Davina tells him to get in the house!

Seems a case of tourette by name, tourette by nature!

Introduces himself by referring to the crowds as "****ing dickheads" before saying hello mate to Leo. Davina reveals he smelt like a brewery!

Ian "H" Watkins

Best known for Steps - which he admits was completly cheesy and that they knew it. Now a jobbing actor, doing mainly stage work.

Wants to show he's not just "the nob from Steps" - though claims he's still a bit of a nob who likes to have fun!

"How mad is this" is his response as he meets Davina, who clarifies his name as Ian. Asking which Steps song fits the mood, thinking it's probably tragedy. Asks him why he chose to "come out" before he went in, and says he's proud of who he is, with Davina congratulating.

Dreading "crotch shots" and looking forward to alot of fun.

He's Welsh, so I suppose I have to support him! Think he'll have to proove himself first though!

Cleo Rocus

Another surprise - says she's most famous for being in the Kenny Everett show. Love doing characters and sometimes decides to go out and pretend to be someone else completly.

Likes to think she wasn't born but a "happy doodle on God's telephone pad that leapt off".

Claims to be "nauseatingly happy" and knows with Big Brother to expect the unexpected - so it's best not to expect anything.

Davina asks him what Kenny would have made, saying he'd think she's a complete loon. She says some of her "friends" may turn up - and is single and into "OIL" - Old, Ill and Loaded.

Ken, you're luck might be in!

Dirk Benedict

Actor, who launched his career with Battlestar Galatica and is most famous for appearing in The A Team.

Thinks every character he's done has got more shallow - and claims women threw himself at him and he got very good at catching, but not keeping. Hopes there is someone in there of a "certain age" for him.

It's also everything he doesn't like - groups, tasks, working with groups!

Arrives to the A Team tune - in the A Team van! (I assume, I'm too young to know!)

Davina asks him if he's figured out what he's doing here, and claims he has sacrificed himself for the A-Team. Davina seems to be trying to play cupid with Dirk and Cleo!

He enters the house with the words "now begins the torture" and says "I love what you've done with the room".

That seems to be our line up - not the best in the world, but not as bad as it could have been - I've heard of five of them!

Davina says Big Brother wouldn't be Big Brother without throwing a spanner in the works, and that spanner will be thrown in on Friday when the "first family of Big Brother" will be moving in and adopting one of the celebrities.

So did Davina just call Jade a spanner then?

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YEAHHHHH its started....keep the updates coming Brekkie

Heard Jermaine...who my age hasnt!! hey no comments

Had to look up Dirk to make sure I had the right person...the cute one from BG. lol

How old is Ken? 79..is that a record for BB? He was acting before I was born.

Sounds like it will be interesting to read about!!

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