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Celebrity Big Brother UK: Starts Wed 3 Jan 2007

Brekkie Boy

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Less than two weeks now till the start of the fifth series of Celebrity Big Brother, the spin-off series which has become as much a part of the UK winter schedule as Big Brother has in the summer.

The live launch show airs on Wednesday 3rd January, with the series expected to run longer than any previous celeb series - with some rumours suggesting it'll run for six weeks, twice as long as the 2006 series.

Firstly some pics of the house - it's basically the same house as BB7 in the summer but with some minor alterations adapting it for the winter. The dining table is back inside, the garden is smaller while there is a new wet-room (not pictured) for the celebs.

Pics from: http://bbuksite.net/article/bb193.html








The trailers for the series began on Monday, again courtesy of http://bbuksite.net -

Main trailer: http://bbuksite.net/article/bb165.html (


Spin-off trailer: http://bbuksite.net/article/bb169.html (


As for who is in it, well that won't be confirmed until the live launch show itself and there are always some last minute surprises - but that doesn't stop the rumours:

Here are a selection of names (apologies for any duplicates):

David Schwimmer (actor, Friends)

Rachel Stevens (singer, ex-S Club 7)

Dustin Hoffman (actor)

David Baddiel (comedian)

Jackie Mason (comedian)

Jon Ansell (G4, operatic group - The X Factor)

Matt Steiff (G4, operatic group - The X Factor)

Dirk Benedict (actor, The A Team)

Justin Hawkins (singer, The Darkness)

Leilani Dowding, page 3 girl

Tara Reid, actress - American Pie, Scrubs

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Only four days to go now until Celebrity Big Brother returns for it's fifth UK series.

I've been providing BBUK updates here for a good number of years now and although there has never been an overwhelming interest, there is usually a loyal following from a handful of you - and I know this year at least more of you got into watching online.

Question is, is it worth me continuing this year?

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AWWWW Brekkie you give us our BB fix in the American BB off season. We would be lost without you!!!!!!!!!!!

MUST HAVE BB!!!! :drool:

p.s. there is noway David Hassellhoff would survive in tnere. LOL

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Talking of off-season, has there been any confirmation of BB8 USA yet? I guess we'd know by now if it been axed though!

Well, at least here in the UK we're guaranteed at least another four summers of Big Brother!

More photos from the celeb BB house, with a new look smaller garden seeing the pool disappear and replaced with a hot tub.

The "Bridge to Nowhere" remains though.

Photos from Big Brother Site - so blame them for the PNG files.









All looks pretty nice!

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A brief history of Celebrity Big Brother UK

WARNING: These things are never as brief as I intend!!!

It's all for chariteeeeeeeeee!!!

Celebrity Big Brother began in March 2001 as a fundraising event for the long estabhlished telethon, Comic Relief.

Six celebrities would spend one week in the Big Brother house, nominating each other for eviction and facing the public vote - which would raise money for Comic Relief. 14.5p out of each 25p vote went to the cause.

The celebs were boxer Chris Eubank, chat show host Vanessa Feltz, TV presenter Anthea Turner, soap actress Claire Sweeney, comedian Jack Dee and boyband star Keith Duffy.

By today's standards it was a low key affair - Davina didn't even turn up for the evictions - but one event stands out six years on - Vanessa Feltz going mad! She had recently split up with her husband and, as has become a Celeb BB tradition, wasn't in the most stable of minds.

Following a task Vanessa, in her dressing gown and sun glasses, began writing with a piece of chalk provided a series of seemingly random words on the table, which she later claimed were all related to being incarcerated. BB called her to the diary room several times to stop, only to be told to **** Off!

Chris, Vanessa and Anthea all got the boot with Keith first out on eviction night. with Jack eventually declared the winner - despite his previous escape attempts from the house. The celebs all did it for free too and over

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WOW Thanks for the run thru.

I didnt know the first ones were played for charity. Nice touch.

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