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The Surreal Life: Fame Games


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VH1 Makes 'Surreal Life' Fair 'Game'

by Denise Martin


Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice and Emmanuel Lewis have signed on to 'The Surreal Life: Fame Games'

VH1 has greenlit "The Surreal Life: Fame Games," an all-star edition of the reality show. Unlike regular seasons of "The Surreal Life" in which C-list celebs live together "Real World"-style, the 10-episode "Fame Games" will be an elimination in which housemates face off for a $100,000 prize.

"The Surreal Life: Fame Games" will feature former cast members Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice and Emmanuel Lewis. Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna Doll, Sandra 'Pepa' Denton, C.C. DeVille and Traci Bingham also will participate. Production begins in March for a debut in late summer or early fall.

Set in Las Vegas and hosted by Robin Leach, the series will pit players against one another in challenges sending up the world of fame and showbiz. Possible contests include "Red Carpet Fashion Showdown," "Paparazzi Hide-and-Seek," "Hotel Room Trash-a-thon" and "What's Charo Saying?"


Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna Doll and Sandra 'Pepa' Denton return to 'The Surreal Life' to compete

"Surreal Life" producers Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego will executive produce the show, one of several projects under the pair's production deal with VH1. Struck last summer, it committed Abrego's 51 Pictures and Cronin's Mindless Entertainment to produce at least seven series through 2007 for the music cable channel.

Cronin and Abrego's shows have included four seasons of "The Surreal Life" and the spinoffs "Strange Love," "My Fair Brady" and "Flavor of Love." The last is currently VH1's top-rated original series.

Sixth season of "The Surreal Life" -- fourth for VH1 -- debuts on March 19. The cast includes Sherman Helmsley, Steve Harwell, DeVille, Tawny Kitaen, Andrea Lowell and Alexis Arquette.

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(from Wikipedia)

The Surreal Life: Fame Games

In February 2006, VH1 announced the fourth spin-off of The Surreal Life. The upcoming Surreal Life: Fame Games will bring back ten former housemates to compete in a ten-week elimination competition that will take place in Las Vegas. The winner of the series will leave with $100,000. Robin Leach is set to host. It is set to premiere in January 2007. Former "New Kids on the Block" singer Jordan Knight leaves part-way through the competition for unknown reasons (it is rumored that there is a death or sickness in his family) and he is replaced by actor Verne Troyer. [citation needed] The ten former housemates set to appear are:

Emmanuel Lewis

Traci Bingham

Ron Jeremy

Vanilla Ice

Brigitte Nielsen

Joanie Laurer

Sandy Denton

C.C. Deville

Andrea Lowell

Verne Troyer (replacing Jordan Knight)

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The great thing about "The Surreal Life" is that every season the cast is always an odd but incredibly compelling mix of celebrities, everyone from A-Listers all the way down to... well, not A-Listers.

The hierarchy of the casts' fame and the question of the level of each person's celebrity always seems to come into question. Well, now it's time for those questions to be answered and find out who is more famous than whom in the first ever "Surreal Life All-Star Challenge!"

"The Surreal Life All-Star Challenge" is a show where 12 cast members from previous seasons of "The Surreal Life" will compete against each other in a fun and out-of-control elimination-style contest to see which celebrity is the most famous of them all!

Throughout this 10-episode challenge, the celebrities will constantly fluctuate between the A-List, the B-List and the dreaded "Thanks for playing, see you later"-List, but by the competition's end, only one celebrity will remain to claim the grand prize of $100,000, bragging rights and the title of the most famous Surreal Life All-Star!


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OK I watched too. The first episode is always boring. However I'm a bit perplexed about the Amazonian love going on between Chyna and Brigitte. I would have bet these two wouldn't get along being so similar in their seasons..oh well I guess sparks did fly but not the kind I expected.

From the previews it's looking like Vanilla Ice is gonna do well. Did you notice that none of the previews showed too much of Manny and Mini Me so I bet they go early.

We'll see what happens next week, but I bet eliminations will probably start the week after that. I also think the B-list house was still too nice. They should have made it a one room barracks type..that would have been too funnny to see the looks on their hasbeen faces.

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I'm trying to figure out the teams, A-list and B-list and who goes home or not from the previews they are showing. If you don't want any POSSIBLE spoilers, then don't read ahead.

I don't know if it's just me but I did not see a lot of Brigitte, Verne, or Pepa in the previews. I remember seeing a lot of Rob, Ron, Traci, and Chyna. Anyone else notice that or is it just me? I think the A-list team will consist of Ron, Rob, Andrea, CC, and Pepa. The B-list team will consist of Traci, Verne, Manny, Brigitte, and Chyna. This is all speculation though from the previews that I saw. I don't want to know any real spoilers, I'm just pointing out what I noticed.

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Well the B-list team now consists of Chyna, Verne, Brigitte, and Traci. Seems like next week that Brigitte is going to quit (I recall not seeing a lot of her in the previews in the first episode).

Ron is an ass without talent. He can't even make the best porn/scandal video.

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Agree Ron's an ass with his stupid commmentary about everyone's videos and so was Chyna trying to bully Verne in the van..all 2 feet of him and rudely calling him a "midget"...twice!

I'm glad Traci was sent to the B-list because she really thinks she's an A lister with that attitude. Both Manny and Brigitte should have been sent because of their super lame video.Hey at least one outta two went.

Right now I'm only liking Pepa, Vanilla Ice (wow can't belive I sad it) and CC. The rest suck!!!

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So now we are divided up into two teams.

The A-list

Ron (yea, right)





The B-list






I called it earlier. :-D And the new rules are that the B-list cannot go into the A-list quarters without verbal permission and meals must be eaten separately. The first three episodes seemed kind of boring. Hopefully now that the eliminations start next week, the game will get better... and Ron will leave quicker. I'm rooting for Manny, Rob, and Pepa as of right now.

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i've caught parts of this show for a couple of episodes, and these are really irritating nobodies......webster's voice is still as irritating as it was when he actually WAS a kid and the whole thing is just crap ........oh dammit when is it on again?

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I pick Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice to win. He's golden right now, though he does appear to have some type of melt down next week!

I'm glad to see that someone else can't stand Traci Bingham. To me she acts like she's so worthy of being an A lister, so does Ron Jeremy. Chyna and Brigitte seem right at home being a B lister, Manny doesn't even care!

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If anyone cares....Verne Mini Me Troyer lost the first elimination challenge but got a reprive when Bridgette left the show. I've got a sinking suspicion this show is on life support. It's entered an all new realm of lame. It's almost laughable that some of these stars really think they're A listers and being considered B list a bad thing...Traci and Ron.....

A lot of them are not even D list celebrities. More like Z list.

I hope Pepa wins the money. I would be cool with anyone winning except Traci or Ron.

Why do I watch this crap?

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Well, from the previews, I predicted the A-list team and B-list team and predicted that Brigitte wasn't seen that much in the previews. I think I might have figured out the next three people to go from watching the previews again. So I'm just going to put it in spoiler form even though my assumptions may be false.

CC, Verne, then Manny. I don't remember seeing them that much in the previews either compared to all the rest of the cast members. In the challenge where the cast members have to call famous people, I only saw Andrea, Ron, Rob, Chyna, Traci, and Pepa.

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I think I'm probably the only person who's watching this show on the forum. lol

Anyways, I predicted CC to leave this week just like I predicted in my "spoiler" writing by just watching the previews.

So we're down to 8 people. Brigitte and CC are both eliminated... One from quitting and one from losing a game of go fish. Rob, Ron, Andrea, Pepa, Verne, Manny, Traci, and Chyna doll are left.

I'm still sticking with my predictions that Verne is leaving next week and Manny is leaving after that. However, Manny might leave before Verne. I don't know. However, I do believe they will both be eliminated back to back.

From watching the previews again, it looks like these people will go pretty far.

Rob, Ron, and Pepa. However, looks like Rob will be eliminated before the other two are. Remember when Rob through the thing into the Las Vegas Sign? That was during the Back to the reality game and the only reason you could be that mad is if you are the one leaving.

By the way, I'm going to start doing rubber chicken shots. :D

The previews that Vh1 shows gives away too much of what's going to happen later on in the season.

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I watched and CC deserved to go for stupidity. Not that I didn't like him but why did he ask Ron for Jacks when Pepa asked for them so many times. Unbelievable.

I agree with you on your next two predictions as to who will be leaving but I'll shake it up a bit and say

I agree with your 2nd option and Manny leaves first followed by Verne. I think it will be a B list massacre before we see any A listers leave.

I know I've said I would like to see Ron go...but I'm enjoying him getting on Andrea's nerves...for now.

I'll say the final three will be

Chyna, Rob and Pepa with the $100k going to Pepa

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I have to say, the show has been getting better and better. After Brigitte left, I think the realization that it was a game hit the people. In the first three episodes, no one went home. I thought that was boring, but today's episode was great.

You were right Stephen, Manny leaves first. I did think Manny was a bit manipulative but that's what I like to see. I was rooting for him. Now, we're getting a sense of who is a villain, who do we want to win, etc... the way a reality show should be. I also thought the "Every Rose had its thorn" was a good bit. It helped create some tension. Now we got 3 people gone, Brigitte, CC, Manny and 7 people left, Rob, Ron, Pepa, Andrea, Verne, Chyna, and Traci. Manny should have fought harder to put Traci on the Back to Reality game. Chyna and Verne both played it twice for elimination already. And Chyna Doll just seems like she wants to go home. She's always trying to drink.

On next week's show, I'm not so sure Verne leaves anymore. I was basing Manny and Verne leaving back to back because of that phone challenge that they are showing next week. Since Verne participates in it, I'm not so sure who will leave anymore. It does seem like we're going to see

an A-list lost with maybe Andrea leaving.

These later episodes are a hell of a lot better than the first few episodes. And one other thing that should be changed. The winning team should choose which of the three of the losing team get to play the Back to Reality challenge.

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Okay, I watched the first 37 minutes this morning then went to church so I don't know who goes home, but I have an idea. There is no back to reality challenge this week. There is no more B-list. It is now an individual game. The contestants are given 8 hours to call celebrities or have them call them back. Whoever had the most famous celebrities would win and whoever didn't would be eliminated and sent home.

The scoring was down on the fame-o-meter or whatever. They would take 50 celebrities that the cast called and rank them in their A-list status. #1 would be 50 points and #50 would be 1 point. Whoever had the least amount of points would be sent home. Rob van Winkle flipped out before the scoring started because he didn't want his friends judged by their status.

Andrea, Rob, and Verne were the most pissed off in this challenge. Since there is no back to reality challenge this week and since I clearly remember Rob, Ron, and Andrea drinking champagne on a back to reality challenge in the previews, those 3 are safe. I also believe Pepa is safe tonight because I remember Rob called Ron a backstabber in the previews and she was standing in the background. So I'm guessing either Verne, Chyna Doll, or Traci go... I'm thinking Verne is going to leave.

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