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WE's 'Dirty Dancing'


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'Dirty Dancing' Premieres on WE


Choregrapher Cris Judd hosts 'Dirty Dancing'

For those who are having withdrawals from "Dancing With the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance," Women's Entertainment Network (WE) comes to the rescue! If you're lucky enough to have the WE Network on your cable system, check out this new dance reality show which premieres on Wednesday, December 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Host/Choregrapher Cris Judd welcomes 30 hopeful young dancers to dance camp where they meet the six professional dance instructors who could help them live their dream. Each instructor will select three women to train in their respective dance styles, which range from hip-hop to tango.

In the first episode, the women vie for 18 spots in the competition. The women come from various every day backgrounds ranging from housewives to secretaries to bartenders. By the end of this grueling day, only 18 women will remain to dance their soles off in hopes of being chosen to dance with their guy in the finale.

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Host Cris Judd


'Dirty Dancing' Host Cris Judd

Cris Judd's rise to fame began soon after his college days, when he landed a dance contract at Disney's Pleaser Island. Cris went on to dance with Michael Jackson on the MTV Video Music Awards and later joined his "Dangerous" and "History" world tours.

Many concert tours followed, along with more music videos, award shows and films. With his choreography partner, Eddie Garcia, Cris created routines for Ja Rule, Eve, Sheryl Crow, and Paula Abdul, and extensively with Jennifer Lopez, including her videos, "Aint It Funny" the remix.

His TV appearances include "Lets Get Loud" for NBC and commercials. Cris also choreographed and performed in "Bringin' Down the Houze," starring Steve Martin and Queen Latifah, and Disney's "The Suite Life with Zach and Cody."

When Las Vegas' Luxor Resort presented its hit, "Fantasy," the show's success was largely credited to the creative choreography and directing of Cris and his partner.

Cris recently completed the pilot, "Bust A Move," for MTV Network Europe and his newest venture is Lee Grant Productions, a music production publishing company, which already has completed projects for television and feature films, including "Supernatural" for the WB Network.

Judge Eddie Garcia


'Dirty Dancing' Judge Eddie Garcia

Incredible choreographer Eddie Garcia is extremely renowned in the hip hop world. He's traveled with Michael Jackson as a dancer in both the "Bad" and "Dangerous" tours in addition to appearing as a featured dancer in nearly every Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson video that exists to date.

Recently, he choreographed "Bringin' Down the Houze" with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah, and he also works on various projects with his choreography partner, good friend and "Dirty Dancing" host, Cris Judd.

Judge Jackie Rios


'Dirty Dancing' Judge Jackie Rios

Specializing in salsa and cha cha, Jackie Rios' spicy personality heats up the dance floor whether she's teaching, critiquing or performing herself.

She is a championship-winning dancer, a professional ballroom instructor and a world-renowned ballroom judge whose work has been showcased in numerous dance films including the critically-acclaimed "Dance With Me."

Judge Keith Young


'Dirty Dancing' Judge Keith Young

In addition to choreographing numerous routines for the Grammy and Emmy Awards, legendary Broadway genius Keith Young's credits range from hit blockbuster films such as "What Women Want" and "Something's Gotta Give," to major-circuit music tours and videos for artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Toni Braxton and Outkast.

Keith was named among the 100 most creative people in the entertainment industry. His work on "The Drew Carey Show" began a resurgence in dance on television, inspiring sitcoms and dramas alike to feature dance elements. Keith remains passionate and committed to the harmony of choreography, art, culture and accessibility.

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Instructor Rodrigo Guzman


Rodrigo Guzman

Age: 22

When it comes to the world of salsa, "people know the name Rodrigo."

A native of Mexico, his seven years of experience as an instructor and professional competitor have earned him recognition as the 2005 L.A. Salsa Congress Competition Champion. He also placed second in this year's World Salsa Competition and recently took first place in a competition in Miami.

He's toured Europe and Asia with the world-famous Salsa Brava Dance Company and continues to teach salsa five nights a week in Los Angeles.

Instructor Ryan Adams


Ryan Adams

Age: 22

Ryan is a Mississippi native whose entire family is involved in dance. With 15 years of dance experience and eight years of martial arts and gymnastics training, Ryan was inspired to dance by his role model Wade Robson, choreographer to Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and N'Sync.

He describes himself as a "white guy from Missisippi that can throw down!"

Instructor Artem 'Russian' Chigvintsev


Artem 'Russian' Chigvintsev

Age: 23

Artem began his dance training in Moscow, Russia over 10 years ago. He studied ballroom dance in Germany for three and a half years and continued for another year studying in England. In 2004, he represented the United States at the World Ballroom Championships. Currently he is working as a professional instructor and competitor in addition to choreographing awards shows.

Instructor Paul Barris


Paul Barris

Age: 27

Paul has been dancing for 17 years and currently teaches, performs and choreographs all over the world. His accomplishments include placing first in the 2000 British Open Championships, a competition revered as the "Super Bowl" of dance championships.

Paul also represented the U.S. in Latvia at the National 10 Dance Championships in 2000, placing first there as well. According to Paul, the number one thing that stands out in a dancer and potential partner is "her passion."

Instructor Jonathan 'Johnny' Curtis


Jonathan 'Johnny' Curtis

Age: 25

Jonathan has been studying Latin American Ballroom dance for the past 14 years and is currently a professional instructor, competitor and choreographer. He holds 10 first place championship titles from various professional ballroom competitions around the world.

Jonathan is currently writing a book about his experience as a professional dancer. He loves teaching dance because "there is no greater reward than seeing others reach their full potential."

Instructor Brandon 'Gazpacho Rumbero' Vega


Brandon 'Gazpacho Rumbero' Vega

Age: 21

Brandon has been a professional hip-hop and salsa dancer for the last four years, working on music videos with Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. He was a break dancer in high school, and the influence it's had on his style shines through impressively when he's on the dance floor.

One of his greatest accomplishments came just six months into his career, when he competed in his first semi-pro competition and ended up taking home the championship title.

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