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Adrian Pasdar As Nathan Petrelli


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Just a little a trivia...Adrian Pasdar who plays Peter's brother, Nathan, is married to Natalie "ashamed to be from Bush's home state" Maines of The Dixie Chicks.


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Here is his bio, which contains some very interesting info!:

Adrian Pasdar was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. His father, Homayoon Pasdar, was a cardiac surgeon who was born in Iran and moved to the United States, working as a surgeon near Philadelphia. His mother, Rosemarie Sbresny was born in K

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Adrian Pasdar: Heroes' "Flying Man" Swoops by TV Guide

by Matt Webb Mitovich


Adrian Pasdar, Heroes

You'd think a rock star was in the building the way the crowd poured into the TV Guide conference room when Heroes star Adrian Pasdar came by for a visit last Thursday. After pressing some flesh and autographing many TV Guide covers, Pasdar sat down with TVGuide.com to tease what's ahead for Nathan and that blonde beauty who's gunning for him.

TVGuide.com: Do you know who we'll be taping over? [i play a tape of a female saying, "This is what I can tell you about her: In all of us there is an angel and a devil, and you get two-in-one with her."]

Adrian Pasdar: That's Ali [Larter], the Jersey girl....

TVGuide.com: How's that for kismet? So last we tuned in, Jessica had just gotten her assignment to snuff Nathan. Why do I have the feeling that when the moment of truth comes, those two will end up having torrid sex instead?

Pasdar: Well, we do end up in bed... but not like you think. I can't tell you any more than that, but we do end up on a bed.

TVGuide.com: Are you surprised by the amount of support for that couple, based on just that one early-season encounter?

Pasdar: No. I mean, it's a logical extension of the physical things that we bring to the show. But it does take an interesting turn in Episode 20.

TVGuide.com: Of course, Nathan has that other great pairing, with Masi Oka's Hiro. Do you enjoy having those lighter moments to play?

Pasdar: Yeah, it's fun. Every time there's a script where we have a scene together, they leave a little blank space for us to improvise. It's become a kind of tradition that we get to do that. It's great doing stuff with him, because I think he embodies the unbridled enthusiasm of a child, where I, of course, am saddled with the responsibility of an adult. So the two characters, when we get together, it's interesting.

TVGuide.com: Even before Heroes premiered, we here were making much of the last moments of the pilot, where Nathan swoops in to save Peter. Take us back to when you first read that scene in the script.

Pasdar: I still get goose bumps talking about it. It read just like it played, and that's one thing about the show they have been able to consistently maintain: What they write is exactly what we film.

TVGuide.com: Enigmatic characters, good buzz, ardent fans

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Adrian Pasdar interviewed on The View

February 26, 2007

The View

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Adrian's been making some behind-the-set videos and posting them on YouTube.

They're mostly just funny tidbits featuring his castmates, but if you have the time, check them out.


Also, the video he made, called "Dirty Deeds" features David Anders (who plays Kensei) in a suit.

What could this mean? Well, it's possibly a very huge spoiler, so I don't recommend reading it unless you want to ruin the show for yourself all the way until Episode 11 (if the spoiler is true, naturally!)

On the NBC forums, a member calling

herself "Insider" has posted a lot of information, the gist of which is that Kensei IS in fact immortal, and in our present is the one killing the previous generation of heroes. Apparently he will go to Primatech and there will be a "frozen time" standoff between Peter and Hiro over Kensei, until Matt gets there and manages to telepathically tell Peter to help Hiro defeat Kensei. How do you kill an immortal? Well, you can't, so you don't. You just bury them alive in concrete!!!

I'm not going to repeat any more spoilers from this source at this time, but I'm really curious to see if it comes true, since a lot of the other things from this source are interesting as well, including who we can expect to get killed off this season.

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Awesome possible spoiler, BuxomB! (you just knew I had to look ;)) In fact, the theory/spoiler regarding

Kensei being the one killing people

is exactly what I had been thinking! Actually my hunch is either

Kensei or West as being the one...I still don't trust West. There's just something about that guy...

Plus I LOVE the thought of a

showdown between Hiro and Kensei, with Peter joining in. Fantastic!...and embedding an immortal in concrete makes sense. LOVE IT and hope it's true!

Getting back to Adrian's videos- just the fact that he has fun on the set and doesn't take himself too seriously makes me like him all the more...and I definitely find Nathan to be a much more compelling, interesting character this season too!

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