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CBS Confirms 'All Star Edition'

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Wicked...relax, DUDE...I was just asking a simple question. I wasn't trying to irritate you- just curious.

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Uh, no one was being mean to him...King, is your caplock button stuck too?

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Im used to saying dude. Although I don't say it much now since no one i know says it. So anyways back on topic dude.

I think for TAR all stars they should bring back David and Margretta.

Dont want to see anyone from season 4 on there. I think it would be more competitive if they brought back people from earlier seasons. If i could pick 12 teams to return for All stars they would be

Rob and Brennan (because it wouldnt be TAR all stars without the first season winners.

The Guidos (evil team would give great entertainment)

Dave and Margretta (because they got screwed in there season)

Tara and Will (another evil team would have good entertainment)

Blake and Paige (there just plain funny)

Teri and Ian (The Tara and Will of the elder years)

John Vito and Jill (Dave and Margretta the younger years)

Zach (Flo is a winer I would want to see him back if it was diffrent teams plus he won with Flo his season)

Ken and Gerald (they rock)

Mary and Peach (because Mary kicks ass)

and the frats from the first season.

Its hard to choose though i like more then 12 teams.

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i see someone cleaned up all the spew from their keyboard and has freed the caps lock button.

dude.. didnt anyone ever tell you to use protection while doing freaky things while on the computer????

King??? your tunes are too loud, please turn them down!

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