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Watched the premier lastnite & there's going to be fireworks this season!Colie seems to be the most immature mentally & bit clingy.Southern Bell...dippy?And then there's always the trashy chick......

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So far we have...

The bar-ho slut

The naive' youngest minded clingy girlie

The macho big black guy

The know it all but truelly ignorant midget black guy

The gay guy

The *supposedly* hot guy


The dippy Southern Bell

Lions and Tigers and Bears..OH MY!

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I've seen ALOT hotter guys on than him!Um,didn't the gay guy offer the Southern Bell(Brook?) to sleep with him in the previews? :blink:

Maybe he was joking.But he did say he's slept with more chicks than dix!

Soooooooo,maybe bi?That'd be MUCH more fun for him!

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Okay watched the second episode last night. I was really feeling bad for Colie that Jen betrayed her like that but WTH was she doing making out with a guy from a bar she just met???

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Is it just me or are the Real World cast members hooking up sooner and sooner? These guys were barely in the house for a day and you had people practically falling into bed with each other. Like when the 2 girls were kissing in the hot tub and that one black guy wanted to join in, lol!

I wonder when MTV is going to bring the Real World to North Carolina. There are a couple of good cities they could do it in...Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, to name a few.....

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Holy crap that was a hideous show weds!They should have named THAT episode "High School Chix and a Guy with a Big Dik'.

The mentality of that 3some reminds me of my Junior year!Ugh!And best friends?Inviting to weddings?They just met.Drama Queenssssssssss!

And once again rather than bringing in an intelligent well rounded blackman they stuck in a neanderthal and a mini meathead. <_<

RWD isn't looking promising!*sigh*


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The first couple of episodes were quite scandalous...but for some reason I think this season will end up being pretty lame and boring.

and I disagree...please do not have a Real World in NC...lol. If I ran into any of them, I'd end up slapping one of the cast members...or a cameraman...or the person that holds the boom mic.

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I couldn't figure out why the heck the big black guy was all up in the little white guys face. He went home because he was wasted...he didn't do anything to anyone.

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I'm not sure drinking the spirits effects people differently some get hostile,some are flirty,some down right ridiculous and confrontational.Since they were all drinking it probably lead to lack of communication and things got out of control.The next day when the smoke cleared and they were sober they were able to talk calmly and rationally.And Big guy and little guy came to an understanding and hopefully they can move on from there

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Mini-meathead goes to bar with Davis(token cute gay guy).

Davis toasted goes home without telling mini-meathead so he can drunkenly call his boyfriend.

Mini-meathead once back at house turns into a Big mini'meathead Drama Queen and whines to everyone that Davis left him & that when he kept pushing his way back into the bar..the bad bar tender told him "you ain't coming back in here "N".

Giant Meat-head Tyrie who's been looking for ANY excuse to go off decides Davis is a perfect target(who is currently simmering his already fried brains in the hottub with ho & southern bell.

Giant Meat-head trots in DEMANDING Davis get out of HT & talk to him.Once out Giant Meat-head spits all over lil Davis about being a man...you know...because the big angry neanderthal blackman's such a great one.

Drooling Davis comes out of his fog enough to know he should pick up a chair and bop Giant Meat-head upside his blockhead but couldn't get the floor to hold still long enough to attempt such a feat.

Meanwhile Mini-meathead has disappeared with his spotlight now stolen.

Southern Bells eyes are bugging out & her nails are gnawed off.

Ho's mouth is agap(normal?)

Colie see's her last weeks rejection by Alex as an opportunity to distract Giant Meathead from his tirade by shoving her drunk face 2 inches from his cooing & hoping he'll take his frustrations out on her in bed.

Giant Meathead jumps one more opportunity to take his shirt off & show Mtv viewers he's got boobs.

Droolin Davis unable to lift a chair and fed up with Giant Meathead calling him every known whiteboy name in the book calls Giant Meat-head the "N" word which SOMEHOW is worse than Giant Meat-heads name calling list(insert personal huge sick of THAT crap eyeroll here..WickedOne)

Eventually the Mtv staff packs Foggy Davis off to no-tell motel.

Next week:

Mini-meathead decides he feels a tish guilty about siccing Giant Meat-head on lil Davis and decides he shall be Davis's lil buddy.

Giant Meat-head knowing he's an idiot but too small a man to admit it decided to play the victim(let ME have the chair and I'll hit the *bast#rd*)Then Giant Meat-head decides he and ONLY he may beat Davis's ass and saves Davis from someone else's wrath.


Did Brooks(SB) nails regrow?

Did Colie get her man & her big..........?

Did Alex ever admit he was faking a nap throughout the incident?

Did Ho ever close her mouth(can't...it's hinge is broken)

Stay tuned...

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Wicked... that was a PERFECT assessment!

*Tiny Tim voice* "May we have some more sir?" :D

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