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Jorge Garcia as Hurley


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Jorge Garcia as Hurley


When Jorge Garcia played a villain in his school's seventh-grade musical production, based on the comic strip, "Drabble," his song brought down the house. It was then that he realized that acting might just be the ticket for him.

After college he joined the Beverly Hills Playhouse and has been working steadily ever since. His television credits include a series regular on Becker, guest leads on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Spin City, and the television movie Columbo: Columbo Likes the Nightlife. Garcia will soon be seen on the big screen in the films The Good Humor Man and Little Athens.

On stage he has appeared in productions of The Midnight Zone, Something Borrowed Something Blue, Romancing Valentino, Fiddler on the Roof, Hurlyburly and Guys and Dolls.

Garcia enjoys doing standup comedy and has performed at the Laugh Factory and Comedy Store in Los Angeles. He likes singing Rock 'n' Roll and has worked in record stores since high school

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'Lost' has found actor Jorge Garcia

By Sarah Kuhn / Back Stage West

Jorge Garcia is one of a kind. With his generously sized frame, massive shag of hair -- director Tenney Fairchild affectionately refers to it as "souffle-head" -- and laid-back California-dude demeanor, the actor has a distinctive presence that casting directors and couch potatoes alike can't help but take notice of. "There's no one quite like him," says "Lost" casting director April Webster. "He's a one-er, as they say."

Garcia's unique persona helped him land a role on "Lost," ABC's runaway hit about a diverse group of plane crash survivors marooned on a mysterious island. As easygoing Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Garcia has emerged as a major fan favorite, an accessible, everyman kind of character that seems to be universally loved. "Lost" co-creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof realized the impact of Garcia's performance when a flight attendant approached him on the way to Hawaii, where the show is filmed. "It was right after the show had premiered," he says. "Up until that point, people were, like, 'Oh, I like that doctor dude; I like the hot chick; I like the drug guy'; but nobody really knew their names yet. But she walked up and goes, 'My husband and I just love Hurley so much.' I think, at that point, he's only referred to by name one or two times over the course of the episode. I'll watch an entire season of television and not know a character's name. I'll be, like, 'Oh, the blonde dude on 'ER.' "

The character of Hurley didn't exist prior to Garcia's audition -- at least not in the form that ended up onscreen. "(The creators) had this part of Hurley, but (they) hadn't written anything for Hurley yet, because we didn't know Hurley was going to be a series regular. He was going to be this redneck, 50-year-old hunter guy," says Webster. "And then when they saw Jorge, they just decided to make the character him. What's so great about these producers is, they have a vision to create roles around the actors if they're good actors and interesting actors."

Lindelof says he, Webster, and fellow co-creator/exec producer J.J. Abrams initially spotted Garcia playing a drug dealer in an episode of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Adds Webster, "What I loved about (the part on 'Curb') was that he didn't act it. He was just so cool ... The character wasn't a stereotyped character: the sleazy little guy. He's a big guy, he's very present, and he was just so underplayed. It had that reality to it."

In person, Garcia is just as engaging as his onscreen persona. Though he has the same laid-back quality as Hurley, the actor is obviously passionate about his craft and the hard work he's put in to get to this point. He has an infectious grin that seems to take up his whole face, and he breaks into it often, especially when recalling certain memories: for example, that fateful day he auditioned for the role on "Curb," which, coincidentally, was the same day he was set to shoot a pilot he'd recently booked. "There's nothing like auditioning for something on the day you're going to work," he says. "That's like auditioning on the day you get a paycheck; you audition different. The whole trick is to learn how to walk in like that even when you've been living on ramen and microwave burritos for a week."

Garcia, who was born in Nebraska and raised in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., remembers getting the performing bug as a young child: The first thing that made a big impression on him was "Fiddler on the Roof." "I would sing 'If I Were a Rich Man,' " he says. "It was very, 'Sing for Grandma, sing for Grandma,' but I really liked it." Garcia acted in high school and while in college performed in a play and dabbled in standup comedy. "I was really starting to look at maybe doing film school or something like that. I wasn't sure at that point," he says. "But the most important thing after I graduated was to get a job, so I didn't have to move back home."

August 2003 is the month Garcia landed a day on a sitcom, a lead in a feature film, and a part on long-running series "Becker" that turned into a series-regular gig.

"I would do 'Becker' in the day, go do night shoots for the movie, and on the weekends I was doing this play at the Skylight (Henry Jaglom's 'A Safe Place') -- I was in one scene," he remembers. "I'd do my scene, and then I'd set up a little makeshift bed and sleep, and then one of the other actors would wake me up before curtain call."

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From E!

Jorge Garcia (Hurley)

Can I borrow a million dollars?

[Laughs.] Of course!

That was an amazing episode. Do you think those numbers are really cursed?

It's so funny, 'cause when we were shooting that episode, a lot went wrong, like the Hummer they were mounting the cameras on, they cracked the windshield, so it took all this time to get a new windshield, and it was the wrong size. Then they got another windshield. We cracked the other windshield. There were little things that would happen that we'd be like, "It's the numbers, it's the numbers!" And now friends or people on the Internet will tell stories about when they were watching the episode, bad stuff happened or happened in that week, and everyone's blaming the numbers.

You know some fool is gonna play the lottery with those numbers, right?

Yeah, I think people already did. I was like, "What are you doin'?! Are you crazy? You opened the box!"

Why were you on TV in Korea?

I think that's how much money I won. I won so much money it even made Korean news. I think there's a little subtitle on it that said, like, big winner in Korean.

Is there gonna be another Hurley-centric episode?

There has to be, because you saw the psychiatric place that apparently he used to be in. That sets up that we have more to learn from him. Also, in my episode, there are a lot of people calling me Hugo, and now everyone's calling me Hurley, so he's got a whole 'nother chunk of his life we haven't even really delved into.

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I know this has been "answered" somewhere but, I don't remember what the explanation is/was...

It's really starting to bother me that this character hasn't dropped massive amounts of weight. Last night there was a scene when he was standing on the beach in a blue shirt and it took me right out of the moment because he looked even bigger than when they first crashed on the island.

I don't care about his weight personally... only for the suspended disbelief of this show. I mean in the real world if this happened Hurley would be shrinking big time. I mean even the survivor castaways drop lots of weight and they're only on the island 39 days. Richard Hatch lost like 45 lbs.

Anyways, I adore Hurley but, I want him to "own" this part.


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Guest ranster627

FROM Sci Fi Wire

12:00 AM, 20-SEPTEMBER-05

Garcia Is Lost By The Numbers

Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley in ABC's Emmy-winning series Lost, told SCI FI Wire that he's as curious as everyone else about what Hurley's cursed numbers really mean. "I'd gotten some hints about the lottery situation when we added the scene where I'm playing backgammon with Walt, and I tell him he'll get the money that I owe him," Garcia said in an interview. "That kind of [made me suspect], 'OK, I do have money.' But it's the cool, Twilight Zone aspects of my story that really make me anxious and anticipating. ... I want to find out why those numbers are on the hatch."

Last season on Lost, the audience learned that Hurley had accidentally used cursed numbers to win the lottery before he wound up on the fateful flight that crashed on a deserted island. When Hurley saw the numbers on the mysterious hatch, he tried unsuccessfully to stop the others from opening it.

The mystery numbers have become an obsession to viewers interested in the mythology. Executive producer Carlton Cuse said that he didn't anticipate the passion fans would have when it comes to speculating about the numbers. "If you were to ask us back during that story, the numbers were on a fundamental level a plot device for Hurley to go on this journey," Cuse said. "We understood that they were part of the mythology of the show, but we never thought that they would loom larger than the fact that Hurley was a lottery winner, or that people would be so engaged and interested and dissecting the meaning behind the numbers."

Garcia said that he is surprised at the lengths people have gone when it comes to the cursed numbers. "There was a piece of toast on Ebay that had the mystery numbers on it," Garcia said. "I'm anxious to find out how much it sold for. ... There were two more copycat toasts that came after it, one with the numbers backwards. The other one was a kid's piece of toast, like a plastic toy toast. The first toast, if I remember correctly, I went and looked, and it was like $50. When I looked again it was $200. And I swear I saw it over five grand at one point. That's so incredibly insane ... for a piece of toast!"

Like the other actors and anyone who watches the show, Garcia is curious about what's going on. "Particular people have their theories that we're in purgatory," he said. "I always feel like that's too easy. And they're going to have to explain how that creature in the woods does it by being a smoky tendril. How exactly does that tendril grab you and suck you down the hole? I know they know how it works, because I was talking to the guy who created the effect for it. He said, 'They explained to me how it was, and it's really fascinating. But we're not allowed to tell you how it happens."

But Garcia has his own theory. "I think it's based on that cartoon thing when they put the pie on the windowsill, and it would drag the character to the window," he said. "Yeah, the whole thing's going to be a big pie on the windowsill. ... A pie on the windowsill of purgatory." The second season of Lost premieres on Sept. 21 in its new Wednesday 9 p.m. ET/PT timeslot.

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My favorite character!!! He's just so funny and goofy.

Loved that one line from last season... gosh what was it... he was commenting to Jack I think.. and said

"Woah.. that was like.. a Jedi moment.." or something like that.. OMG I love the character so much *huggles him*

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Dude! Hurley's one of my favourite characters in the show next to Locke. He's awesome.

My favourite Hurley quotes and moments..

Hurley: (to the unconscious marshal) "Hey guy you awake? Yo! There's a rescue plane, we're saved. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! (pause) Yeah, he's out."

... and then he faints at the sight of blood

Hurley: "So..I had an idea. I'm out here looking for some psycho with Scott and Steve, right. And I'm realizing.. who the hell are Scott and Steve?"

(talking to Locke. A guy passes by...)

Hurley: "Hey, can I talk to you for a second, yeah I know I already talked to you I just really wanted to get away from him (Locke)." :lol:

Hurley (to Jin): "Are you sure you don't speak English? There's a rumor that you do....Your wife's hot!"

Charlie: "Hurley, look, I appreciate the help. You don't have to. I killed Ethan, I can bury him."

Hurley: "Yeah, 'til he raises from the dead. Dude, I know how this works. This is going to end with you and me running through the jungle screaming crying. He catches me first because I'm heavy and I get cramps."

Hurley (About Sawyer's new glasses): "Dude, looks like someone steamrolled Harry Potter."

Hurley: "So, Arnzt."

Arzt: "Arzt."

Hurley: "Yeah, Arnzt. Your name's hard to pronounce."

Arzt: "Well, I know a bunch of ninth graders who have no trouble saying it."

Hurley: "Fine. I'll just call you by your first name. I know it from the passenger manifest."

Arzt: "No,"

Hurley: "Why not? I think Leslie's a bitchin' name."

Arzt: "Call me Arnzt."

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Garcia Brings Hurley to Life on 'Lost'

By LYNN ELBER, AP Television Writer


Dominic Monaghan and Jorge Garcia

LOS ANGELES - Tell Jorge Garcia that his "Lost" character, Hurley, may be television's most lovable castaway since Gilligan and the actor begs to differ. "I thought you were going to say Rupert," says Garcia, citing Rupert Boneham, the bushy-haired contestant from another island drama, last year's "Survivor: Pearl Islands."

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes certainly has as wild a mane and the same burly frame as Boneham. But competitive enough for a reality series?

No way. Hurley is a mellow guy who skirts conflicts with his often touchy fellow plane crash survivors. And he's got the sort of heft that's more a comfort than a threat, not to mention an endearing way with his trademark word "dude."

Garcia said he recognized Hurley's potential from the start. "I loved the character and I knew he had a good chance of having audience appeal for his 'ahhh-guy' qualities. He's the one who makes the audience go, 'ahhh,'" Garcia told The Associated Press in a phone interview from Hawaii, where the series films.

He elaborates with examples: Having the kindhearted Hurley give a pregnant crash victim extra food was an "ahhh" moment. So was a scene in which the bulky character faces a physical challenge and defiantly proclaims that he can handle it because "I'm spry."

Garcia also admired the series that skeptics initially compared to "Gilligan's Island" meshed with "Survivor." It became a breakout hit in its freshman year and a template for other dramas trying to match its combination of sharply drawn characters and plot twists.

"Lost" (9 p.m. EST Wednesdays on ABC) draws more than 20 million weekly viewers. "We weren't sure if we would succeed or not. But we were proud of the show and we were definitely making television that other people weren't," he said. "For one thing, we had an episode (about a Korean-speaking couple) almost entirely in subtitles."

Hurley's story involves a set of mystery numbers, which brought him a huge lottery jackpot and, he's convinced, an endless run of bad luck. The same figures are a key part of the show's leitmotif, seen on the now-blown hatch to a bunker and in a supposedly vital computer code.

Garcia is mum about what will happen as the season progresses but is happy to discuss where he'd like his character to go. Maybe headlong into a romance, for instance? "Who wouldn't want to see Hurley find romance?" Garcia replies, recalling an online petition that called on the series' producers to "get Hurley some lovin'."

"I remember checking it and we still hadn't gotten to 200 yet. I was like, 'C'mon, people, can't we at least break 200?'" the actor said.

He's pleased that Hurley, who in flashbacks was seen living at home and being scolded by mom, is developing a spine. In one episode, put in charge of a newly discovered cache of food, Hurley insists on handling the task his own way

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Once again I have to declare my love for the character.

Gosh.. I can't remember the exact quote.. but he was gawking at Jack after Jack had done something.. and said something along the lines of...

"Dude... that was a jedi moment."

ehehehe I love his lines. I really hope they dont decide to kill him off.. and I really hope he just smacks the crap out of Charlie.

So tired of Charlie walking all over the guy.

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Hurley/George has a cute GF that he's been dating for o'er a year!She says he is a great cook & has great penmenship.Um...ok.Got tae love the big lad!Hair an all.

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Okay, I just saw the video for Coheed and Cambria...and my husnabd asked if it was "the fat guy from Lost"

I thought it was funny and now that he mentioned it, he does look like a trimmed down hurley lead singer??

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

Will Hurley Get Lost in Love?

by Matt Webb Mitovich


Jorge Garcia, Lost

ABC's Lost (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) took another tiny step toward Housewives-like sudsiness last week when Hurley finally (thanks, James!) made his move with Libby. But is the most lovable castaway about to get his big heart broken? In between hosting poker games with his Lost buddies

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'Lost' mystery: Why is Hurley still fat?


Chicago Tribune

When the plane first crashed on the ABC drama "Lost" and deposited its surviving passengers on an island, lottery winner Hurley (portrayed by Jorge Garcia) had the pudgy physique

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'Lost' Co-Star Gets 'Halls' Pass

Comedy stars DeVito, Broderick


Jorge GarciaJorge Garcia is about to get into the holiday spirit for 20th Century Fox.

According to Variety, Garcia is joining the cast of "Deck the Halls," a seasonal comedy being rushed into production with John Whitesell ("Big Momma's House 2") at the helm.

The film focuses on the rivalry between two men (Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito) over increasingly garish Christmas decorations. Eventually they learn the true meaning of the holiday -- gifts.

The project's cast also includes Kristin Chenoweth, Kristin Davis, Lochlyn Munro and Alia Shawkat.

Garcia will play Wallace, described as "a colorful character in town who is constantly bothering Broderick's character."

On "Lost," Garcia plays unlucky lottery winner Hugo "Hurley" Reyes. As part of the show's ensemble, he won a Screen Actors Guild award earlier this year. Previous credits for Garcia include "Becker" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

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errrrr can someone remind me what happened to Hurley at the end of last season???

last i remember he was gagged and on his knees on that dock along with sawyer, jack, and kate.... and now he is not with them???

did they let him go? where did he go? i must have zoned out cause i cant remember.


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