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Ok, so the teaser told us that there would be something new called an Intersection and that this would pair up teams? This could get very very interesting. It looked like the Blondes were going to go with Mary and David, so.......

these would make for some interesting pairs:




TAR seems to be throwing is some interesting changes this season, good job!

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Map reading classes for team directionally challenged (lol kayo)... $100

Bag of toys for the Brothers Cho... $500

Couples counseling for Rob and Kim... $1000

Trip to Disneyland for Kentucky... $5000

Seeing the BQs and Bama having to work together... priceless

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I totally missed this past episode, I was relieved to see it was non-elimination for mary and david once again.

That said, is there a little more detail about this intersection? Is it doing a task or spending the day working together? Anyone know more?

Anyone know where I can see the whole eposode online?

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I didn't care for the Intersection. I actually was hoping the Cho brothers were going to slow down the blondies, instead they worked hard as teammates with them (of course what red blooded male wouldn't have!).

I wish the 6-pack had thought about the long term effects of helping the Barbies. If they had, they would have teamed up the Bama girls with them so Mary and David would have benefited better from the alliance with the 6-pack. You know darn good and well the Bama girls would have made it hard on the Barbies.

Oh well...now I only have the Cho's to cheer for. :mellow:

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