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Next Amazing Race To be All-Star Edition


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Courtesy of: CBS.COM


Millions of viewers will watch as Teams, each with a pre-existing relationship, race around the world in THE AMAZING RACE. Never knowing where they'll go next or what they'll have to do once there, these Teams and their relationships will be put to the ultimate test as they'll have to work together to stay ahead of the rest. One by one, Teams will be eliminated, and in the end the first Team to cross the finish line will win a cool million dollars!

To apply for THE AMAZING RACE, you must complete the application form and follow the instructions.




Open Casting Call

An Open Casting Call is an event your local station holds for THE AMAZING RACE. When you attend an Open Call, you will fill out an application and be put on camera there. You do not need to bring your own tape, and you do not need a copy of your passport. Open Calls alleviate the headaches and expenses of making your own tape, transferring it to VHS format and mailing it.

These events are also lots of fun. Meet fellow AMAZING RACE fans, make some new friends, enjoy. Your local station will send the tape directly to the casting department, where it will be watched by the casting team and treated the same as it would be if you sent in an individual tape yourself.

Good luck, and have fun!

May 20th, 11am-3pm

Fort Smith, AK

Central Mall

5111 Rogers Ave.

Fort Smith, AK 72903 KFSM

For questions, call (479) 783-3131.

May 21, 11am-4pm

Rochester, NY

Lilac Festival


For questions, call (585)224-8888, x402.

May 27th, 2006 from 1-4pm

Miami, FL


In the Shops at Sunset Place, South Miami

5701 Sunset Drive

Miami, FL 33143


For more information, call 305-591-4444.

*For more info please call your local CBS station directly

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Amazing Race renewed for an eleventh season

CBS has ordered an eleventh season for The Amazing Race. The news comes after just two episodes of The Amazing Race 10 have aired.

Despite placing third in its timeslot, Variety reports the show has actually

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Amazing Race 11 will reportedly be an all-star season

Having failed to learn its lesson, CBS has reportedly ordered an all-star season of its third major reality show, The Amazing Race, its only marquee reality series that has been as-yet-untouched by such a stunt.


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Oh uh... goody -- cuz I so love these All Star versions of my favorite shows........ :blink::rolleyes:

Say it ain't so!!!!!!!

Colin and Christie ( did they get married) and Myrna and Charla? Geez -- think we'll have to see Romber again??? sigh..........

What, they can't get enough new people to do these shows??? Sign me up!!

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i would love to see romber!

lets not forget though... all the talk about doing TAR from the BB cast... if its true about a TAR season with familar faces... i wouldnt be surprised to see a mix of reality shows all on TAR.

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Teams react bitterly to not being selected for Amazing Race All-Stars

At least two past Amazing Race teams have confirmed that there will be an all-star season that

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