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SEASON 3 - Episode Summaries


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A Tale of Two Cities

Original Air Date: 10/04/2006


We're back...in the middle of a suburban home as a woman puts on a CD and prepares her house for guests.Who is this woman?And why is she upset?She sings along to cheer herself up as she prepares muffins for her book club meeting.During the meeting, just as a debate gets heated, the room starts shaking.Is it an earthquake?The book club members run outside to investigate -- and we see they are a part of a small community of houses.Everybody tracks the noises upwards to see a plane tear apart in mid-air.The fuselage falls in one direction while the tail section falls in another.A familiar face, Henry Gale, gives orders and we realize what we've just witnessed: the crash of Ocean Flight 815.

Don't let suburbia fool you -- this is the Others' home.We've been on the island all this time.Welcome to Season Three, folks.We're still LOST.

Jack awakes on a dark steel table in a room with Plexiglass dividing it and a harness hanging from the ceiling.He tries to get out but the room is secured and locked.

Somewhere outside, Sawyer awakes in a cage with a mysterious food dispenser.In a locker room, Kate awakes to find Mr.Friendly standing over her.He offers her a shower to freshen up and a new dress.

Jack is visited by the woman running the book club.She introduces herself as Juliet.She tries to reason with him but Jack stubbornly refuses, demanding to know where his friends are and what's going on.She offers him food if he cooperates in an attempt to gain his trust.But Jack isn't playing by her rules and lies when she asks him questions about himself.

In the past, Jack has trouble with his divorce.He can't let go of Sarah without knowing for whom she left him.He attempts one last reconciliation, but it fails when he demands the name of Sarah's new love.He even goes as far as cold-calling numbers from an old cell phone bill of hers, trying to identify the new man.Unfortunately, he discovers one of the numbers to be Christian's, his father.Jack immediately assumes the worst -- that the new man in Sarah's life is his father.

Sawyer works out the gizmos in his cage and gets a reward: a fish biscuit, water and grain.Mr.Friendly locks Kate in the nearby cage, mocking Sawyer on his way out.Sawyer throws the biscuit to Kate, and they reconnect over their meal.

Jack is again visited by Juliet.Beginning to get an idea of what kind of situation he's in, he decides to play by her rules.He sits with his back against the far wall so she can enter his "room" and bring him food.When she enters, Jack jumps her, threatening to cut her neck with a shard from a broken plate and demanding to be let go.Henry appears and tells Jack if he tries to leave through the door Jack's trying to open, they will all be killed.Jack throws open the door anyway, unleashing thousands of gallons of water.Henry escapes into a room before Juliet can make it.This forces her and Jack to work together.They fight their way into another room and hit an emergency button that begins to drain the water.Once safe, Juliet immediately punches Jack and knocks him out.

Flashback to the hospital where Jack overhears Christian on his cell phone.Thinking it's Sarah that Christian is talking to, Jack follows Christian.He bursts in on his AA meeting, confronts his father, loses control and physically attacks him.Jack is bailed out of jail by Sarah.Embarrassed about his behavior, Jack follows her outside trying to explain.Then Jack sees a man stands next to her car waiting.Jack asks if that's him.Sarah doesn't answer but tells Jack his father was so drunk when he called her that she barely understood him.Now Jack has something new to fix.

Jack wakes up back in his "room."Juliet is on the other side of the Plexiglass waiting for him.He intuits where they are: underwater in an aquarium.Juliet nods.It's another Dharma Initiative station: the Hydra.Juliet holds a folder thick with information on him.She explains that she knows a lot more about him than she previously let on.Broken by this revelation, Jack follows her orders so she may enter with food and crosses to the opposite side of the room.

As she steps into the hallway, Henry greets her with a congratulatory "Good work."She replies with a simple "Thank you."

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The Glass Ballerina

Original Air Date: 10/11/2006


Little seven-year-old Sun breaks a glass ballerina and lies about it to her father.She blames the maid, knowing full well she'll be fired.Her father knows Sun is lying and is disappointed with her but accepts her story.

Flash forward to the sailboat, where Sayid, Jin and Sun still wait for Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Michael.Sayid is concerned they can't see their signal fire and wants to sail around the mountains and light another fire.Worried about Sun's health, Jin won't do it.He wants to leave and claims only he can sail the boat.However, Sun reveals that she, too, can sail the boat and decides they will do what Sayid wants.

In the Hydra station, Ben learns from Colleen that "the Iraqi" has a sailboat and might be able find them.Ben tells Colleen to put together a team and go get the sailboat.Colleen tells Pickett about her orders, and he kisses her good-bye on the check.

Sawyer and Kate witness this interesting moment before they are taken out to a jungle clearing and ordered to remove the rocks.

Pickett lays down the rules and warns them if they break them they'll be shocked.Kate tries to stall, but Pickett shows how ruthless he can be by zapping Sawyer for her insolence.

On the boat, Sayid finds the dock where Michael and Walt were let go and where Jack, Kate and Sawyer were taken captive.He tells Jin this would be a good place to light the new signal fire.Sayid then confesses to Sun his real plan: he thinks the Others have their friends captive.He will build the fire to draw them out and then kill all but two, playing them off each other for information.Jin figures out Sayid's murderous intent, and also realizes Sun lied about it, betraying him.

Flashback to reveal Sun in bed with ...Jae Lee! He gives her a pearl necklace, and wants her to leave Jin and go to America with him but she refuses.Then they are interrupted - by Sun's father! Sun is embarrassed at being caught.Disgusted, Mr.Paik orders her to dress and leave.

Later, Paik tells Jin that Jae Lee has been stealing from him and has shamed him.

Paik orders Jin to kill Jae Lee.Jin refuses and quits.Paik tells him he can't quit.He is family now, and Paik's shame is Jin's shame.

At the jungle clearing, Sawyer sizes up the situation and makes a decision.He crosses to Kate, sweeps her into his arms and kisses her - a hardcore, swooning kiss! And Kate goes with it, kissing him back.Pickett and two Others pull him away, but Sawyer fights back, breaking Pickett's nose.Juliet ends the fight by holding a gun on Kate, and Sawyer gives up.Pickett's hatred boils over, and he immediately zaps Sawyer unconscious.

Back in Seoul, Jin delivers his message to Jae Lee by savagely beating him.He can't bring himself to kill Jae Lee but warns him to leave the country and never come back.As Jin returns to his car, Jae Lee's body falls onto the hood.He's dead, and in his hand he holds the pearl necklace he bought for Sun.

At Jae Lee's funeral, Paik confronts Sun and tells her to go home to her husband.Sun asks if he'll tell Jin about the affair, but Paik asks her what use that would be?

Then he tells her he knows she broke the ballerina.

On the sailboat, Colleen surprises Sun and won't let her go.Sun shoots Colleen in the gut and desperately tries to escape.Sayid and Jin hear the shot, and a gun fight breaks out.When the Others start the sailboat's engine and take off, Jin fears Sun is captured.He then sees her in the ocean swimming towards him and they are reunited.

Back in their cages, Sawyer reveals to Kate the kiss was a setup to test the Others.Disappointed but impressed, Kate helps Sawyer plot their escape.But unbeknownst to them, surveillance cameras are trained on them.And in a room watching the monitors, Ben hears every word of their plan.

Despondent and broken down, Jack learns that all Ben wants is for Jack to change his perspective.Ben offers to take Jack home if he does what Ben wants - and then he proves to Jack they have contact with the outside world.He shows Jack a video of the Red Sox winning the World Series.Ben stops the video and repeats his offer.

He will take him home ...and amazingly Jack starts to believe him.

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Further Instructions

Original Air Date: 10/18/2006


Locke wakes up in the jungle, disoriented, wondering how he got there.Then he hears something in the brush.It sounds like someone running.He looks over and sees Desmond run by, completely naked.Locke tries to shout out to him but can't.Locke finds himself mute.

Back at the camp, Locke builds a sweat lodge.Charlie tries to talk to him, but Locke can't speak.He mimes that he's going to talk to the island, and he asks Charlie to stand guard outside his structure.

Inside, Locke prepares a bowl of paste and then eats it.Sweating, Locke goes into a trance -- and finds Boone sitting next to him.In Locke's vision, Boone puts him in his old wheelchair and takes him through the Sydney airport.Boone tells him someone is in danger and Locke is the only one who can save them.Is it Claire and Charlie with Aaron waiting at check-in?Sun and Jin arguing with Sayid breaking it up?Hurley and Desmond as Oceanic Air employees?Or Jack, Kate and Sawyer in line at a security checkpoint with Henry Gale as the security guard?

No, it's none of them. Locke finds Mr.Eko's Jesus stick covered in blood.Boone, now appearing bloody and mangled, tells Locke he hasn't much time.Locke wakes up in the sweat lodge -- right as a polar bear lunges at him.Locke stumbles outside where Charlie waits.Locke now knows what he must do: he needs to save Mr.Eko from the polar bears.

Flashback to northern California where Locke picks up a hitchhiker, Eddie, and takes him back to his "family."Locke introduces Eddie to Mike and Jan who own the commune-like farm and the twenty or so people who live and work there.They welcome Eddie with open arms to their family.Locke helps Eddie get adjusted to the place.He even shows Eddie their sweat lodge, where you can meditate and find out what to do with your life.You can find out if you're a hunter or a farmer.

On the island, Locke and Charlie trek to the hatch.It seems to have imploded.They continue on and cross paths with a polar bear.They take off running.They stop in a clearing, but the bear is right behind them.

Locke pulls a knife, throws it -- and Hurley yells out in surprise! Locke pulls the brush aside and finds Hurley standing there with the knife sticking out of his canteen.It barely missed him.

Hurley continues to the camp and discovers Desmond naked in the brush.Hurley gives him a shirt to wear and Desmond tells Hurley not to worry about Jack, Kate and Sawyer.That Locke said in his speech he would go after them.But Locke didn't give a speech.What's Desmond talking about?

On the communal farm, Eddie notices a greenhouse and asks Locke why everyone is so secretive about it.With all the fertilizer and guns, he knows they're planning to blow up something and tells Locke he wants in on it.Locke laughs at the suggestion but promises to talk to Mike and Jan.He finds them inside the greenhouse, which is filled with marijuana plants.They are frantically stuffing records into bags.They tell Locke that Eddie is an undercover cop, and he's been gathering evidence to arrest them.

Locke confronts Eddie at gunpoint.

Eddie admits he's a sheriff, and that they chose Locke on purpose.Locke feels betrayed yet again and threatens to shoot Eddie.But Eddie just backs away, telling Locke he's a farmer, not a hunter.Locke wants to shoot him so badly but doesn't.He lets Eddie run away as he tries to convince himself he really is a hunter.

Back to Locke and Charlie on the island as they track the polar bear to its cave.Locke goes in alone, and finds a yellow toy truck, human bones, a torn shirt with the Pearl station logo on it.He also finds a wounded Mr.Eko.The polar bear attacks again, but Locke fights it off and drags the unconscious Eko away.

On the way back, they stop for water.While Charlie fills their bottles, Locke apologizes to Eko.Surprisingly, Eko awakes and tells him that he will find Jack, Kate and Sawyer because Locke is a hunter.But when Charlie returns, Eko is still unconscious.

They return to camp with Eko.Hurley and Locke tell everyone what the Others have done.They look to Locke as they would look to Jack -- like a leader.

Locke steps into the role effortlessly, assures them that they'll go find Jack, Kate and Sawyer and bring them back -- but for now they need to help Eko.His confidence and leadership comforts them.

Hurley realizes Desmond predicted Locke's speech.How'd he know?But Desmond stands apart from the group, simply throwing rocks into the ocean...

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Thanks for the summaries, Jem! Do you have carpel tunnel syndrome yet? ;)

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Every Man for Himself

Original Air Date: 10/25/2006


Sawyer rigs his cage so he and Kate can escape.Ben approaches, and Sawyer grabs him.However, nothing happens.Ben tells him they turned off the electricity, and beats Sawyer unconscious.When he wakes up, he's strapped down to a table.They shove a stick in his mouth and plunge a huge needle into his heart!

Later, Ben shows Sawyer a caged rabbit.Ben scares the bunny, which falls over and dies.It had a small pacemaker inserted in its heart to give it a kick-start if it gets anxious, frightened, or tries to escape.Ben gives Sawyer a heart rate monitor and warns him that if his heart rate goes over 140 his heart will explode.And if Sawyer tells Kate, they'll put a pacemaker in her, too.

Back at the cages, Kate immediately questions him, but Sawyer ain't talkin'.Kate has an escape plan -- she could squeeze through the bars at the top of her cage and get them out.Sawyer dissuades her.Kate doesn't understand.They could escape and he's telling her not to?

Flashback to Sawyer in jail.

The new guy, Munson, stole $10 million dollars from the government and hid it.Munson denies stealing it, of course.Sawyer guesses Warden Harris is protecting Munson to play him for the money.Sawyer warns Munson that the Warden will turn his wife against him.When questioned why he's freely offering this advice, Sawyer expresses his hatred for the Warden.Whether the money's real or not, he doesn't want the Warden to get it.

WHOOSH to the Others returning with Colleen, bloody and pale from Sun's gunshot.Juliet asks Jack for his help.Jack scrubs in, and notices x-rays on a lightbox.Juliet says those aren't Colleen's.In the O.R., Juliet confesses she's not a surgeon and couldn't stop the bleeding.Jack finds the bleeder but Colleen dies on the table.

Pickett goes ballistic, ranting that they did this, and beelines for Sawyer's cage.He savagely beats him in front of Kate, demanding to know if she loves him.Kate confesses that she does, and Pickett stops.

Back in jail during visitation, Sawyer sees Munson arguing with his wife.

Sawyer's visitation is with Cassidy, who shows him a photo of their baby daughter, Clementine.Cassidy hoped Sawyer would write a letter to her, but Sawyer becomes angry.Denies he has a baby.Cassidy gets the message and backs off.

Munson tells Sawyer he was right about the Warden using his wife against him.Sawyer tells him when you care, that's when they come after you.Munson wants Sawyer's help moving it.His wife hired a private investigator to find it, and he'd rather Sawyer screw him over than his wife.

Back to the present, Kate squeezes out of her cage and tries to break the lock on Sawyer's.She knows he's lying about what happened to him, and that scares her.What did they do to him, and why doesn't he fight back?He tells her if she really loves him to go without him.Kate claims she said that so Pickett would stop hitting him.She squeezes back into her cage and tells Sawyer, "Live together, die alone."

Juliet tells Jack she's a fertility doctor, but Jack wants to know whose x-rays those were.

They're of a man, about 40 years-old, who has a very large tumor on his vertebrate.He wants to know who he's really there to save.

Desmond tells Claire she has a problem with her roof.He suggests she move down the beach while he fixes it.Charlie, feeling territorial, says if there's any problem, he'll fix it.

Desmond borrows a golf club and ties it to a long stick of bamboo.He puts it near Claire's tent and waits.A storm suddenly blows up, and a bolt of lightning strikes the golf club -- Desmond used it as a lightning rod.Charlie realizes Desmond just saved them, but how did he know that was going to happen?

In jail, Sawyer reveals he conned Munson to get the last six years of his sentence commuted.Sawyer gives up the location of Munson's stolen $10 million.He's now a free man.He instructs them to put his commission in an account with Clementine Phillips' name on it.

On the island, Ben takes Sawyer on a hike.Ben tells him his heart isn't going to explode -- that only thing they put inside him was doubt.

At the top of the hill, Ben points to a big island across the way.That's the island Sawyer knows and loves.They're on a smaller island, like Alcatraz.If they escape, there's nowhere to run.Ben reminds him the only way to gain the respect of a con man is to con him.Sawyer's good, but the Others are better.

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The Cost of Living

Original Air Date: 11/01/2006


Eko is unconscious and dreams about when he and his brother, Yemi, were kids.They broke into the church pantry to steal food and were caught.He is told hunger is no excuse to sin and forced to confess.He snaps awake -- to find Yemi is standing in his tent.Dressed in his priest's collar, he tells Eko to confess his sins and be judged.

Ben brings Jack to Colleen's funeral.Jack asks about the x-rays and guesses that Ben has the tumor.Ben denies it.He then confronts Juliet about it, but she didn't tell Jack.

Sayid, Jin and Sun return to camp, and Sayid updates Locke.Locke proposes they go to the Pearl station and use its computer to contact the Others.He hopes to start a dialogue with them to get back Jack, Kate and Sawyer.Eko mumbled Yemi's name before he disappeared, so Locke believes Eko is going to the Nigerian plane where Yemi's body rests.The plane also happens to be on top of the entrance to the Pearl station.

Back in Nigeria, after Yemi is killed, Eko is returned to the church.

Eko walks through it, very aware he was responsible for his brother's death.He finds Yemi's Bible and a photo of them as kids tucked between its pages.He is interrupted by Amina, who asks about Father Yemi.Eko tells her he is taking Yemi's place.Amina introduces her son, Daniel, who is an altar boy in the church.

Outside, they hear gun shots.It's Emeka and his gang who demand the vaccine.Amina tells them it'll arrive on Friday.She explains that the clinic gets ten percent of the vaccine, and Emeka and his gang get the rest as payment for protection.Eko isn't afraid of Emeka, so Emeka shoots and kills a random woman.Eko is angry but keeps quiet so he doesn't blow his cover.Emeka promises to return for the vaccine.

On the island, Eko stumbles through the jungle, dehydrated and delirious.He sees Emeka and his men, bloody and butchered.Then he sees Daniel, who tells him to confess.He stumbles to a stream for water.While he's drinking, he hears the smoke monster and sees its reflection looming menacingly behind him.

But then it dissipates, and Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo break through the jungle on the opposite side of the stream.Together they continue to the plane and Pearl station.

Ben talks to Jack and tells him they had a wonderful plan to break him.But the plan was ruined when Jack saw Ben's x-rays and figured out he was dying.Ben asks Jack to save his life.Then he asks Jack if he believes in God.Two days after he found out he had a tumor on his spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky.If that isn't proof of God, Ben doesn't know what is.

Flashback to Nigeria, where Eko plans to take the vaccine for himself and sell it.Emeka and his men return after hearing about Eko's plans.Believing Eko really is a priest, Emeka says he'll only cut off Eko's hands.But Eko the war lord emerges, and he slaughters the men inside the church.

Daniel asks if Eko is a bad man.Eko tells him only God knows.Amina confronts Eko about the vaccine, telling him Emeka and his men will simply be replaced by similar men.

Eko notices they are boarding up the church.Amina tells Eko it is no longer sacred.He needs to repent because he owes God for every life he's taken, and he owes Father Yemi one church.

In the Hydra station, Juliet shows Jack a movie.While the movie is playing, she apologizes to Jack for what they've done to him, and tries to convince him to perform the operation on Ben.However, the "movie" is actually Juliet holding cards that read the opposite of what she's saying: Ben is dangerous; people want a change; Jack could make Ben's death look like an accident during surgery; she would protect him.Jack is stunned.

In the Pearl station, Sayid concludes they can't send a message to the Others.They check the monitors for other stations on the island, and most of them are blank.But then a live feed reveals another working station on the island -- when suddenly a face pops into view: a menacing man with a patch over his right eye.He reaches up and turns the camera off.Everyone reacts.

Outside, Yemi appears to Eko asks him if he's ready to confess his sins.Eko refuses to do so.He maintains he has not sinned.He killed to save their lives.He is not sorry -- he is proud.He asks what has God done for him.

Yemi chastises Eko for speaking to him as if they he were brothers.Suddenly the smoke monster coils up before him.It grabs Eko, and slams him violently against the trees.Locke hears the smoke monster's roar and runs out.By the time he gets to Eko, he is dying.Locke tries to comfort him, but Eko whispers one last thing to him before he dies: they're next.

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I Do

Original Air Date: 11/08/2006


We open with a flashback -- Kate checks into a hotel room and looks at her wedding veil.A policeman knocks on the door and demands to be let in.Is she going to be arrested?When Kate opens the door, she jumps into his arms -- they're a couple! Kate is marrying a cop.Kate has a moment of doubt, but Kevin assures her it's right and real because he loves her.

On the island, Jack checks Ben's x-rays and medical file.He tells Ben the tumor will be inoperable in about a week and he needs to be in surgery immediately -- but Jack won't do the surgery.He told Ben this so he would know how he's going to die.

Locke tells Nikki, Paulo, Sayid and Desmond that Eko was killed by an animal.Sayid doesn't believe him.When they're alone, Sayid asks Locke what really killed Eko.Locke says people call it the monster but he doesn't believe in monsters.Locke believes it may be what brought them there and that Eko died for a reason -- he just doesn't know what it is yet.

While Kate and Sawyer are working, a warning sounds -- it's a compound breach.

Suddenly Alex runs out of the jungle holding a slingshot and firing rocks, demanding to know where her boyfriend is.She's grabbed from behind and taken off.She shouts to Kate that they'll kill her boyfriend, meaning Sawyer, just like they killed hers.

Juliet tells Kate that Pickett is going to kill Sawyer, but if Kate can convince Jack to do the operation, Kate can save Sawyer's life.When Jack and Kate see each other, emotion overcomes them.Kate hates being used but she tells Jack he has to do the operation.Jack is mad she believes the Others...and mad that she's there asking him to save Sawyer's life.

Flashback to Kate, nervous before her wedding.Kevin's mom, Suzanne, gives her a beautiful gold locket her mom had given her.Kate tells her mother-in-laws aren't supposed to be so nice.During the ceremony, the Minister talks about Kate's honesty and faithfulness, and how what you see is what you get.But Kevin, Suzanne and the Minister think Kate's name is Monica, and Kate is aware of the irony of those words.

After shopping for dinner, Kate calls U.S.Marshal Mars.She doesn't want to run any more, and pleads for him to stop chasing her.He guesses it's about a guy.She tells him she loves the guy.The Marshal agrees that if Kate can really stay put, really settle down, he'll stop chasing her.But he and Kate both know that's not going to happen.

Back on the island, Kate tells Sawyer about seeing Jack and what they want him to do.Sawyer is glad Jack isn't dumb enough to do the surgery.Kate gets angry, climbs out of her cage and breaks open Sawyer's.If he doesn't want Jack to save his life then he's going to save his own.But Sawyer finally tells her they're on another island -- there isn't any place to run.This hits Kate hard.Sawyer didn't tell her this earlier because he wanted her to believe they had a chance.In his own way, he was protecting her.

The situation, the emotion, the chemistry between them is too much -- and Kate kisses him.Sawyer is surprised, but he kisses her back.Maybe they think Pickett really will kill Sawyer, or maybe they really love each other, but all that matters is their moment together.

They fall out of frame as they make love.

Meanwhile, Locke says a few words for Eko and buries him.As he pounds Eko's Jesus stick in the ground for the marker, Locke sees a message on it: Look north, John 3:05.Locke smiles -- he's finally found his further instructions.

In the Hydra station, someone unlocks the door to Jack's room.Jack gets out and finds a weapons cabinet and the surveillance room.On one of the monitors he sees Kate and Sawyer together.It's a sucker punch for Jack.Ben appears behind him and is surprised, too.He thought Kate would've picked Jack.Jack decides to do the surgery.He promises to remove the tumor and keep Ben alive, but he wants Ben to keep his promise.He wants off the island.

We WHOOSH back to Kate with pregnancy test results -- she's not pregnant.Relief floods over her.She brings Kevin iced tea and tells him the truth -- she's a fugitive on the run for killing her father.She can't be tied down to their domestic life, worrying about getting pregnant and planning dinners.

Kevin protests, and she reveals her name isn't Monica.She loves him but can't stay.Kevin tries to get up but falls over.She drugged him to protect him.Since he's a cop they'll ask questions and she doesn't want him to lose his job.He falls unconscious.She put the gold locket his mom gave her in Kevin's hand and leaves.

Back on the island, Jack starts the surgery.Once Ben is under, Pickett goes after Sawyer.He discovers Sawyer and Kate together.He forces Sawyer to his knees with a gun to his head.He's going to kill Sawyer and make Kate watch...

...When Friendly calls over the walkie.Jack sabotaged the operation and will let Ben die if they don't let Kate and Sawyer go.Jack tells Kate to run.When they're safe, he wants her to radio him and tell him the story he told her on the day of the crash when she stitched him up.Kate doesn't want to go without him, but Jack tells her to run...

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Not in Portland

Original Air Date: 02/07/2007


"Kate, dammit, RUN!"

With Ben bleeding out on the operation table, Jack stops the surgery to give Kate and Sawyer enough time to escape.Juliet orders Ivan to bring them back - to kill them if necessary.Jack warns her he'll let Ben die.Jack tells Friendly that Juliet asked him to kill Ben.Juliet denies it.Friendly orders Juliet to leave the room.

Kate and Sawyer make it to the shore but realize they need a boat.With Pickett, Jason and Ivan hot on their trail, they run back into the jungle to hide.They meet Alex, who hides them in a camouflaged tiger pit.Alex tells them she has a boat they can use - but only if they help rescue her boyfriend, Karl.

FLASHBACK to Juliet in Miami.She visits her sister, and in the hallway passes Ethan Rom.He says hello but Juliet doesn't know him.Juliet wakes Rachel and gives her an injection.Rachel has lost her hair from chemotherapy, so what's the injection Juliet gives her?A cancer drug?Juliet tells Rachel they can stop if she wants.Rachel asks her if she's worried if Edmund Burke, Juliet's ex-husband who runs the research lab, will find out.

Back on the island, Friendly warns Jack that he dies if Ben dies.Suddenly Ben interrupts them - he's awake and heard everything.He asks to talk to Juliet alone.After their talk, she tells Jack if he continues with the operation, she'll help Kate and Sawyer escape.

Alex leads Kate and Sawyer to the compound where Karl is being held.They disarm the guard and sneak inside, finding Karl in Room 23.He is strapped to a chair with an I.V.drip and being forced to watch a film.Images bombard him while loud music and a cacophony of overlapping sounds blare out of the speakers.They free him and head for Alex's boat.

Back in Miami, Edmund confronts Juliet.He knows that she's been sneaking out serum and experimenting on her sister.If she won't let him in on her research and publishing, Edmund will report her to the authorities.Juliet is trapped.

She has a job interview with Richard Alpert from Mittelos BioScience.He tells Juliet that Mittelos is based in Oregon, just outside Portland, and that they are privately funded.

Juliet is not sure why they contacted her.Alpert reminds her she successfully impregnated a male field mouse, but Juliet brushes off the compliment.Alpert shows her an MRI of a woman whose uterus indicates she'd be in her seventies - but he tells Juliet the woman is 26.Juliet wants to know what happened.Alpert tells her if she comes to work for them, she could have complete freedom and all the money she needed to find out.Juliet refuses the offer.She explains her ex-husband wouldn't let her out of his grant early, that he won't let her do anything.Alpert insists there must be something they can do.Frustrated, Juliet blurts out that Edmund could get hit by a bus.Embarrassed and starting to cry, Juliet tells Alpert she's not a leader - she's a mess.

On the island, Jack continues Ben's operation.Jack asks why, if they can get off the island, they simply didn't take Ben to a hospital.Before Friendly can respond, Jack accidentally nicks an artery, sending Ben into cardiac arrest.

Alex takes Kate, Sawyer and Karl to the boat she had hidden - when Pickett bursts out of the jungle and is about to shoot Sawyer - but BAM! Juliet shoots and kills Pickett.

Juliet tells them they can leave now - but not Alex.Her father, Ben, wouldn't let Karl live if Alex goes, too.Alex says good-bye to Karl.Juliet hands a walkie to Kate and tells her to radio Jack.Kate tells Jack the story of him "counting to five" to prove they're safe.As she retells it, Sawyer begins to understand the depth of their connection and is troubled by it.Jack makes her promise they won't come back for him.Kate, Sawyer and Karl sail away.

Back in Miami, Rachel tells Juliet it was a success - she's pregnant.The serum wasn't a cancer drug but a fertility treatment.Juliet leaves to tell Edmund the news but informs him she's not interested in publishing.Right as Edmund is about to protest - BAM! He is hit by a bus!

Juliet goes to the morgue to identify Edmund's body.Richard Alpert appears with Ethan Rom to express their condolences.Juliet realizes in their interview she said she wanted Edmund to get hit by a bus.Alpert denies that he or his group had anything to do with the accident, but reminds Juliet that the job offer still stands.

It'll only be for six months.She'll be back before Rachel has the baby.But wait.How did they know Rachel was pregnant?Alpert tells her they are very thorough in their recruitment process.Juliet wants to bring her sister along, but Alpert tells her Rachel wouldn't have access to the treatment she'll need.But there are plenty of clinics in Portland, Juliet points out.Sensing her confusion, Alpert admits their location is not quite in Portland&

On the island, with Friendly's help, Jack stops the bleeding and saves Ben.Juliet returns, and Jack asks her what Ben said.Juliet tells Jack that she's been on the island for three years, two months and twenty-eight days.Ben promised Juliet if she let him live, he'll finally let her go home.

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Flashes Before Your Eyes

Original Air Date: 02/21/2007


Desmond brings Hurley and Charlie to a secret meeting with Locke and Sayid.Locke tells them Eko died, that he was killed by the "island."Locke doesn't want to cause a panic in the camp and needs their help keeping the calm.

Suddenly, Desmond takes off running back to camp.He sprints to the ocean and dives in.Charlie, Hurley, Sayid and Locke follow and see someone in the water.The person Desmond saves is - Claire! Desmond brings her back to the beach and resuscitates her.

Charlie demands to know how he knew she was drowning, and Hurley tells him Desmond can see the future.Charlie is disturbed by Desmond's behavior.He doesn't buy Hurley's precognitive theory and plans to get Desmond drunk to get the truth.

They offer him whiskey from Sawyer's stash.They get good and drunk, but Desmond won't talk.Charlie calls him a coward.Enraged, he attacks Charlie, screaming they don't want to know what happened when he turned that key.We WHOOOSH back to the final moments of the hatch ripping apart as Desmond frantically climbs down to the fail safe switch, inserts the key and turns it - FWOOOM!

Desmond is blasted by a white light - quick snippets of his life on the island flash before him - and he wakes up lying in a pool of blood.

In a room.Of his flat.In London.But it's not blood - it's paint.Disoriented, Desmond tries to get his bearings.A woman runs to his side to help him - it's Penny! She's moving in with him, and he fell off the ladder while painting the room.Desmond's happy to see her but can't shake the feeling something's wrong&

Later, Penny helps Desmond with his tie.She tells him he doesn't have to go to the job interview with her father, but Desmond insists.He wants Widmore's respect.Then& Beep.Beep.Beep.A sound so hauntingly familiar of a time pushing a button every 108 minutes& Desmond tenses but is drawn to it.He follows it to the kitchen - where Penny stops the beeping.It was just the microwave heating his tea.However Desmond can't help feeling a strange moment of d

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Stranger in a Strange Land

Original Air Date: 02/21/2007


Waiting in his Hydra station cell, Friendly tells Jack they're moving him.Guards cuff Jack and take him out.In the hallway, he passes Juliet, who is also cuffed, and put into his old cell.Jack sees Friendly taking orders from a new woman, Isabel.Friendly warns Jack that Juliet is in trouble.Isabel is their "sheriff" and here to investigate Juliet.

Kate and Sawyer row towards their island.Kate wants to go back for Jack, but Sawyer says no.The tension is thick.Karl warns them that if they go back, Ben would kill them.They argue about rowing back to their camp or stopping for the night.Sawyer says he's not rowing at night and they pull ashore.Kate is not happy about being told what to do.

Juliet is let out to show Jack a picture of Ben's back.It's infected and Ben has a fever.She wants Jack to help Ben as a favor to her.She's in trouble for killing someone and this would help her case.Tired of no real answers and feeling manipulated, Jack refuses.

We flashback to Thailand.

Jack comes out of his hut on the beach, buys sodas from a Thai boy, and tries to fly a kite.It's a disaster.He can't even put it together correctly.A Thai woman watches him and laughs at his efforts.She finally comes over and helps him.She surprises Jack by speaking English and introduces herself as Achara.She takes him to a restaurant where her brother, Chet, is the chef.She's clearly flirting with him, but then a man approaches and gives Achara an envelope filled with money.Jack is suspicious.She will only tell Jack that she has a gift.

Back on the island, Isabel reads the Chinese characters of Jack's tattoo and asks if he knows what it means.Jack says yes, but Isabel doubts him.There's something chilling and dangerous about her.She takes him to Ben's office.In a seemingly court-like proceeding, with Juliet handcuffed to a chair, Isabel asks Jack if Juliet asked him to kill Ben.Jack lies and says no.He tells her that he would've said anything to get his friends out.Isabel doesn't believe him.

Back in Sawyer's old cage, Jack wakes up to find a group of Others staring at him like he's a zoo exhibit.He's angry and yells at them to leave.A woman says hello, and he remembers her.It's Cindy, the flight attendant from the plane.He thought she was abducted.She's okay but says it's not as simple as that.With her are the kids, Emma and Zack.Emma wants to know if Ana Lucia is okay.Jack gets angry and tells Cindy to leave and watch whatever it is they came to see.

Kate and Sawyer wake up and realize Karl is gone.They search for him and find him in the jungle crying.He's upset over leaving Alex.Sawyer talks to him and tells him to be a man.If he loves Alex, he should go after her - even if it means Ben might kill him.

At Jack's cage, Alex approaches.She's worried about her father, Ben, and tells Jack that he needs his help.Jack asks why should he help?Alex says Juliet's verdict is about to be read - she'll probably be killed since she killed Pickett.But Ben is still in charge.

If Jack helps Ben, Ben can save Juliet.

In Thailand late one night, Achara slips into Jack's room.He's been there a month and he still knows nothing about her.He wants to be part of her life.She tells him there are some things that are personal, that things happen he could never understand.But old habits die hard, and Jack decides to follows her to see what her "gift" is.He discovers she has a tattoo parlor.Achara is disappointed with him.She reluctantly tells him she "sees" who people really are and marks them.That's her gift.Jack asks her to tell him who he is.She won't because he is an outsider.Jack is desperate - he needs to know.She finally tells him he is a leader, a great man, but it makes him lonely, frightened and angry.Jack insists she mark him.Resigned, Achara warns him there will be consequences.

The next morning Jack realizes something is wrong when the Thai boy sees Jack and runs away.Achara's brother, Chet, and his buddies storm up to Jack.Chet grabs Jack's arm, pushes up his sleeve - and sees the fresh tattoo.

Chet is furious and punches him.Jack tries to fight back, but Chet and his buddies overpower him.Chet tells him to leave.Then Jack sees Achara down the beach watching, and realizes she's the one who instigated this - Jack's an outsider who overstepped his bounds.

Back on the island, Jack makes a deal with Ben.He promises to stay and see Ben back to health - if Ben stops Juliet's execution.Ben tells Jack that Juliet is one of them, that she has no feelings for him.Jack doesn't care.Ben agrees, and Alex races to the hearing room.She gives Isabel Ben's note: Juliet's sentence is commuted but she must be marked.

Afterwards, alive and grateful, Juliet brings Jack a sandwich.She's obviously in pain, and Jack asks to see her mark.Juliet shows him: she has been branded on her lower back.She wants to know why he helped her.He says together they're going to make Ben keep his word about letting them go home.

As they prepare to leave the island, Isabel tells Jack what his tattoo says: he walks among us but is not one of us.

Jack tells her the characters may say that but the tattoo is not what they mean.

On the main island, Sawyer tells Kate he let Karl go.Kate's upset.Karl could've lead them to where the Others live.Sawyer says Karl was a target, and that would've made them a target, too.He tells her not to take her frustrations out on him.He knows she feels guilty about leaving Jack behind - and about them sleeping together.He knows she only did it because she thought he was a dead man.Kate is shocked he's right but won't admit it.She denies she feels guilty, and they begin the trek home.

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Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Original Air Date: 02/28/2007


As a little boy, Hurley carefully lays out his father's tools.They're repairing a Camaro together, and today they're going to work on the carburetor.But his father, David, wants Hurley to try and start the Camaro anyway.Of course nothing happens, and Hurley says it was stupid to try.David says having hope is never stupid.In this world you make your own luck.Then David tells Hurley he's going away for awhile and leaves.

On the island, Hurley talks to Libby at her grave and tells her he misses her.Later, he runs into Charlie and asks him why he's been moping around.Charlie confesses that Desmond told him he's going to die.Hurley thinks it's his fault.Death finds him because of the cursed numbers and lottery winnings.Charlie says that's ridiculous - right as Vincent runs up carrying a skeletal arm in his mouth with a set of car keys hooked on it.Hurley chases Vincent through the jungle.Vincent drops the arm in a clearing, and Hurley sees a mini-van tipped over on its side in the foliage.

He is strangely excited by the discovery.

At the beach camp, Sun tries to teach Jin English, but it's frustrating for both of them.Hurley races back and tells everyone about the van.He wants to repair it and get it running because it'll be fun.However, no one cares except for Jin.He's happy to get away from Sun.

Sawyer and Kate trek through the jungle and are almost home.Kate tells him he could say he's sorry and they'd start over, giving each other a clean slate.Sawyer refuses to apologize.He ain't got nothing to be sorry about.They continue to the beach camp.Everyone's excited to see them.Separated by the happy throng, Sawyer looks for Kate.She's looking away.He turns his attention to the crowd - and misses Kate looking over for him.It's a bittersweet moment.

Hurley and Jin find the rest of the skeleton in the van's driver's seat.His name is sewn on his jumpsuit: Roger.They open the back of the van, and cans of beer spill out.Hurley realizes Roger was on a beer run.

They take Roger out of the van and try to push the van over.However, they can't leverage it.

Flashback to the grand re-opening of Mr.Cluck's Chicken Shack.Television reporter Tricia Tanaka interviews Hurley for a news story, but Hurley is not a good interviewee.Frustrated, she goes inside to shoot some background footage.Suddenly, a meteor plummets through the sky and slams into the Chicken Shack, killing Tricia Tanaka and crew.Hurley is convinced it's because of him - the curse is inescapable!

He returns home and tells his mom what happened.The only way to stop the curse is for him to go to Australia to find the origin of the numbers.She slaps him.He's not cursed, and to prove it she says his father, David, is back.Sure enough, David comes around a corner and says hello.Hurley is shocked, and even more convinced he's cursed.

On the island, Charlie wants to know when he's going to die.Desmond says it doesn't work like that.Sawyer interrupts them and wants to know where all his stuff is.

Desmond apologizes for drinking the Scotch but says it wasn't just him, but three of them.Sawyer guesses who the third culprit was.

Hurley is thrilled to see Sawyer and gives him a big hug.Sawyer's outrage dwindles, and together they're able to push the van over.Inside they find blueprints - apparently Dharma was building a dirt road.Hurley tries the engine, but it doesn't work.Jin tells him he can't fix it.Sawyer also has a negative attitude, and Hurley gets mad at them.He says they could all use a little hope.After everything that's happened to him on the island, Sawyer doesn't have any hope left.

Flashback to Hurley's house.Carmen admits she hired someone to find David.She felt Hurley needed a manly influence to stop him from thinking about numbers and curses.Hurley is upset, and says he doesn't need a father.The only reason David is back is because of the money.Hurley decides to get rid of all of it.Carmen then shows David the garage, where Hurley has kept the Camaro, still unrepaired.

When they're alone, David confesses that Carmen is worried Hurley's blown another gasket because he wants to run off to Australia.But David has a plan to get rid of the curse.Hurley reluctantly goes along with the plan and finds himself in a psychic's house.Madam Karnoff reads his tarot cards and says she sees the curse around him.There is a solution - he must be exorcised.As she prepares an outrageous concoction, Hurley realizes his father bribed her and leaves.

As Hurley's about to leave for Australia, David admits he came back for the money.He tells Hurley to go ahead and give all the money away - but to save just enough for a new carburetor.Together they'll fix the Camaro.And as heartbreaking as his plea is, as much as Hurley may want to believe David, he just can't.Hurley leaves, saying he'll send a postcard from Sydney.

On the island, Hurley gets an idea.They're going to make their own luck and get a "win" for once.They're going to push the van down the hill and Hurley's going to pop the clutch.

Hurley convinces Charlie to join him, and Sawyer and Jin push the van over over the crest.Hurley focuses, poised for just the right moment, as the van picks up speed.He closes his eyes, pops the clutch - and the engine sputters and rumbles to life! They avoid a wall of boulders just in time and pick up Sawyer and Jin.All four yell and cheer as they drive around in circles.A simple car ride has given them hope.They return to the beach to tell their story.Jin has Sun, Charlie has Claire, but Sawyer has...no one.Kate isn't there.

In the jungle, Kate tells Locke and Sayid she wants to go back and rescue Jack.She finds Rousseau and asks her for help.Rousseau can lead them to the Others' camp.Rousseau refuses.Kate tells her she's seen Alex, her daughter, living with the Others.Rousseau stares at her, shocked.She doesn't say anything, but it looks like Kate found her help.

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Enter 77

Original Air Date: 03/07/2007


Sayid, Locke, Kate and Rousseau trek towards the Others' camp.Sayid comes across...a cow.In the jungle.That's strange.And then he hears a distant whistle.He follows the cow and discovers a farmhouse, which has a huge satellite dish.Then Sayid sees Patchy, the one-eyed man they saw in the Pearl station monitors.Sayid decides to go up and talk to Patchy.Locke and Kate will stay behind and cover him.But Rousseau has survived on the island by avoiding these types of confrontations and slinks back into the jungle.

FLASHBACK to Paris, where Sayid works in a restaurant under the name Najeev.A customer, Sami, congratulates him on the food, and asks where he's from.Sayid initially denies he is Iraqi, but Sami is also Iraqi.He owns a nicer restaurant and wants Sayid to come work for him.When Sayid visits, Sami's wife, Amira, identifies him as "the one."Sayid is taken prisoner and beaten unconscious.

At the beach camp, Sawyer discovers everyone playing ping-pong with a walnut.He has a ping-pong ball, but he won't give it to them because they took his stuff while he was gone.

His challenge: he'll play them and when he wins, he gets all his stuff back.And if he loses?Well, that ain't happening, but he concedes to no nicknames for a week.

Sayid approaches the farmhouse.Immediately, he is shot in the shoulder.Patchy yells that they had a truce, he didn't cross the line.When Patchy comes out to check on Sayid, Locke and Kate move and hold him at gun point.Patchy tells them he is Mikhail Bakunin, and he's the last living member of the Dharma Initiative.

Mikhail takes Sayid inside so he can remove the bullet from his shoulder.Kate grabs the medical kit while Locke explores the place.Mikhail explains he's been on the island for eleven years living alone in the farmhouse, which they call the Flame station.Its purpose is to communicate with the outside world.All the Dharma members died in a foolishly initiated war with the Hostiles.They called it the Purge.Mikhail survived by not participating.After it was over, the Hostiles told him he could live if he never left the valley.

It was a line he could not cross.

WHOOSH to Paris, where Sayid is shackled in a storage room.Sami confronts him and wants him to admit he tortured Amira.Sayid denies it, but Sami doesn't believe him.Amira definitely remembers Sayid's face.If Sayid won't admit he tortured Amira, Sami will kill him.

In the Flame station, Locke finds the computer room.On the computer a chess game awaits.Locke can't help himself and sits down to play.Mikhail warns him the game cheats.Locke laughs it off and keeps playing.

After the bullet is removed from his shoulder, Sayid notices a cat pawing at a rug.Kate confides to Sayid that the Others wouldn't leave Mikhail here with all this equipment.Sayid agrees, and believes Mikhail is not part of Dharma but one of the Others...and he isn't alone.Sayid continues to question Mikhail.It's tense, and then Mikhail attacks Sayid.Locke rushes out from the computer room as Kate smashes a chair over Mikhail and knocks him unconscious.Sayid says since the horse outside was saddled, someone else must be here.

He throws back the rug the cat was pawing and finds a trap door.He and Kate go down into the basement.Sayid discovers a strategically place brick of C-4 explosive.He looks around and finds more of them.

Locke guards the unconscious Mikhail, but the computer draws him back.He continues his chess game and wins - a new Dharma film with Dr.Candle appears.He has achieved manual override, and a list of options is presented: pallet drop, station uplink, mainland communication and sonar access.Locke tries them but receives messages that they are inoperable.Then a chilling option pops up: for an incursion of Hostiles, enter seven-seven.And right then Mikhail brings a knife up to Locke's throat and takes him hostage.

In the basement, Sayid finds a storage room filled with Dharma Initiative operation manuals.He takes one.Exploring the main area, Kate checks out a rack of Dharma jumpsuits - when Ms.Klugh jumps out and attacks Kate! They struggle, and Sayid runs up and holds Klugh at gunpoint.

They take her upstairs, but Locke is nowhere to be seen.Then Locke yells from outside.They force Klugh out and find Locke being held hostage by Mikhail.It's a standoff.Klugh yells out something in Russian, and she and Mikhail argue.Then quick-fast Mikhail swings his gun over and shoots Klugh in the chest! Mikhail turns the gun on himself, but Locke grabs his wrist and stops him.They subdue Mikhail, and he begs to be killed.Sayid refuses.

Back in Paris, Sami tries to beat a confession out of Sayid.Amira stops him and talks to Sayid alone.She holds a cat and explains that she rescued the cat from being tortured by the neighbor-hood kids.The cat helped her overcome her own fears.But every once in a while the cat would bite her because he has forgotten that he is safe now.So she forgives the cat because she knows what it's like to never feel safe - and that's because of Sayid.She asks Sayid for the respect of acknowledging what he did to her.Sayid breaks down and finally apologizes.

Surprisingly, Amira forgives him.She lets him go but makes him promise never to return to Paris again.

At the beach camp, everyone votes for Hurley to play against Sawyer, and the match is on.But to Sawyer's shock, Hurley is a great ping-pong player.Better than Sawyer.And Sawyer quickly finds himself hustled.As Sawyer is about to call him a nickname in protest, Hurley reminds him - nuh-uh, no nicknames for a week.

Mikhail refuses to lead them to the Others, but it doesn't matter.The binders Sayid took contains an electrical map which shows a place indicated as the Barracks.Sayid guesses that's where the Others live.Kate and Locke return from the station.Locke mysteriously admits he now knows why Mikhail didn't want him playing that chess game - and then BOOM! The Flame station explodes! Sayid is furious with Locke.It was their only hope of contacting the outside world.Locke says he entered the code for a Hostile incursion.Sayid swallows his anger, and they head off for the Barracks.

As they leave, Sayid sees the cat, Nadia, in the jungle.Watching him.

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Par Avion

Original Air Date: 03/14/2007


Claire wakes up to a perfect day on the island: Charlie is taking care of Aaron and has prepared a picnic.Desmond approaches Charlie to go boar hunting with him, hinting it might be better than spending the day on a picnic.Charlie gets it but Claire is upset.Just then, a flock of migratory birds flies overhead, and a glint of sunlight reflects off a tag on one of the birds.Claire suddenly realizes how they can get off the island.The birds are being tracked.If they can capture one, they can send a note for help.

Flashback to Sydney where Claire is in a bad car accident.Her mother has been thrown through the windshield and lays on the street, bloody and unconscious.But this Claire is not the sweet blonde we've come to know on the island.This Claire is dressed all in black, with dyed-black hair and thick mascara.At the hospital, Claire is defensive and tells an officer that a truck forced them off the road.The officer thinks Claire was driving too fast, but Claire angrily insists it wasn't her fault.

After cleaning up, Claire checks on her mom and finds her Aunt Lindsey there.The doctor comes in and tells them Claire's mom has suffered severe head trauma.She'll need life support to stay alive.Claire is devastated.Lindsey says they can't afford the costs, but the doctor assures them the expenses have already been paid.

On the island, Sayid, Kate, Locke, Rousseau and Mikhail trek through the jungle.Kate doesn't understand if they have a way off the island why anyone would want to come back.Mikhail says they wouldn't understand because they are they are flawed.They aren't on the list because they are angry, weak and frightened.The list was made by the man who brought all the Others there.He's a magnificent man, and it isn't Ben.

Suddenly, Rousseau spots an endless ring of cement pylons that disappear into the jungle as far as the eye can see.It's the Others' security perimeter.Kate starts to walk through, but Sayid stops her.He says the sensors would be triggered.Mikhail claims it hasn't worked for years - Locke grabs Mikhail and shoves him between two of the pylons.

Instantly an odd, electronic sound rings out.Abruptly, Mikhail starts twitching.His eyes roll back in his head, blood trickles out of his ear and saliva foams at the corners of his mouth.He falls over and spasm violently.Then he goes still.Everyone is stunned.

Jin and Sun help Claire try to capture one of the birds when BAM! BAM! BAM! Gun shots ring out and scare the birds away.It was Desmond hunting for boar.Claire is incensed and immediately suspicious.She knows it somehow involves Charlie.She confronts Charlie about his and Desmond's behavior.Charlie struggles whether to tell Claire about Desmond's prediction.Instead he says her plan is a crazy scheme and he doesn't want to advocate false hope.Claire is angry and hurt.She thought she could count on him.She now realizes she's on her own and tells Charlie to leave.

Back in Sydney, Claire discovers her mother has a new visitor - it's Dr.Christian Shephard, Jack's dad.Claire doesn't know him, and is about to ask who he is when Lindsey walks in.

Lindsey and Christian immediately start arguing.She doesn't want him there and tells him to go.Christian says Claire deserves to know the truth, but Lindsey won't hear of it.Claire shouts for them to stop arguing.She realizes he's the one paying the hospital bills.Reluctantly, Christian admits that he is her father.

Over coffee, he explains that he had a fling with her mom.She got pregnant and had Claire.Christian visited a couple times when he could, brought her toys and sang to her.However, Aunt Lindsey and Claire's mother didn't like that he had another family and told him to stay away.He's here now to help Claire.He says her mother's alive but not living.He suggests thinking about taking her off life support and not keeping her alive for the wrong reasons.Claire gets angry.She tells him paying the bill doesn't make him noble.She has hope her mom can get better.

On the island, Sayid surmises the noise was a sonic wave that caused a cerebral hemorrhage in Mikhail.To avoid the sonic trigger, they decide to go over it by cutting down a tree and using it to crawl over a pylon.

Sayid gets the ax out of Locke's bag and discovers inside a brick of C-4 from the farmhouse/Flame station.Sayid immediately questions Locke's motives.He's not really there for Jack, is he?

Back in Sydney, a cleaned-up Claire visits her mom.She's eight months pregnant.Although still in a coma, Claire tells her mom she's pregnant but giving away the baby.She tearfully apologizes for the accident and for all the terrible things she said to her.

On the island, after watching him argue with Charlie, Claire decides to follow Desmond and find out what's going on.He goes to a rocky enclave on the ocean and finds one of the birds trapped.Claire wants to know how he knew the bird was there.Desmond relents and tells her about his visions.He then points out the spot where Charlie died trying to get the bird for her.Claire takes the rescued bird back to Charlie.She tells him Desmond explained everything to her and asks him to release the bird with her.

Charlie reads Claire's note: they are the survivors of flight 815, and they are alive.

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The Man from Tallahassee

Original Air Date: 03/21/2007


Kate, Sayid, Locke and Rousseau watch as Jack and Friendly play football.Unnoticed, Rousseau slips away.Juliet comes out, and then Ben rolls out in a wheelchair - and shakes Jack's hand.Jack smiles, and they all go inside.Our survivors are shocked - what is going on?Kate is angry; she locks and loads her rifle, ready for the fight.But Sayid cautions her.Maybe Jack doesn't want to be rescued.Kate insists that the Others have done something to Jack.Locke interrupts and calmly reminds them that it's Jack.He most likely has a plan, and they just need to go down and find out what it is.

FLASHBACK to Locke in his apartment watching TV.He seems sad and defeated by the world.Then a young man, Peter, knocks on his door and asks if he is John Locke.Locke tells him he's got the wrong guy, but then Peter asks him how many kidneys he has.

Locke invites Peter in, and he tells Locke that Peter's mom met a guy named Adam Seward a couple months ago.Adam said he was a retired computer entrepreneur from Ontario, but something about him bothered Peter, so he checked Adam's story out.

Peter discovered Adam's name was really Anthony Cooper, and that Locke had donated one of his kidneys to him.If Locke did that, then "Adam" couldn't be all that bad, right?Locke lies to Peter and tells him it was an anonymous donation.

On the island, Kate, Sayid and Locke wait until night falls to sneak up to Jack's house.Kate quietly enters and finds Jack playing the piano.Emotion floods her face, but Jack is apprehensive.He tells her to get out - now! It's not the reaction she hoped to get.Jack says they're watching him, and he points up to a video camera in a corner of the room.Kate says she isn't leaving without him.Right then the door bursts open and two armed Others grab her and force her onto the ground.They bring in a struggling Sayid and ask who else is with them.Kate realizes they didn't catch Locke.She lies and says it's only her and Sayid.

In Ben's house, Ben hears something and wakes up.Standing in his room, pointing a gun at him, is Locke.He demands to know where the submarine is.

Locke says he learned about it from Mikhail.But they are interrupted - first by Alex, whom Locke grabs and hides in the closest, and then by Friendly.Friendly tells Ben that they captured Kate and Sayid trying to rescue Jack.Ben tells Friendly to separate them and interrogate them.He wants to know how they found the barracks.Then Ben gives one of the Others a cryptic order: bring him the man from Tallahassee.Once alone, Locke wants to know if that was a code.Ben assures him it is not.Locke needs Sayid's pack and tells Alex to go get it.

FLASHBACK to a florist shop where Locke watches his father, Anthony Cooper, with Peter's mom.Cooper notices Locke, and slips over for a chat.Locke knows Cooper is conning the woman for her money.Even her son knows something is wrong.He won't let Cooper ruin another family's life.He warns Cooper to call the wedding off and end it or he'll tell the woman the truth.Cooper reluctantly agrees.

On the island, Kate is held in a rec room.Friendly lets Jack in for a talk.

Kate asks if Jack is one of them now.He denies it, then he reminds her that he told her not to come back for him.She asks what they did to him.Jack says he made a deal with them.They're letting him go home.Kate is stunned.Jack says it was the best chance to bring back help for everyone.But why would he trust them?Jack replies it's because she told him to when she asked him to save Sawyer's life.Kate realizes he wasn't brainwashed or drugged - he was hurt by her.

Ben asks for Locke's help getting out of bed and into his wheelchair.Ben says that if Locke killed Mikhail, it means he found the communications station.And that means he also found the explosives.Ben guesses that Locke isn't going to leave in the submarine, he's going to blow it up.Locke tells Ben he knows nothing about him.But then Ben rattles off facts about Locke's life: raised in foster care, wasted away his life in Tustin at a box company, and spent four years in a wheelchair before crashing on the island.Locke is taken aback.

Ben says he even knows how Locke ended up in the wheelchair, and asks how it felt.Locke says he felt his back break, how does he think it felt?

WHOOSH back to Locke walking to his apartment.Two detectives stop him and tell him Peter Talbot is dead.Locke realizes Cooper killed Peter and that he's essentially responsible.Locke goes to Cooper's condo and confronts him, but Cooper denies any involvement.He's a con man, not a murderer.He says Peter's mom was devastated and called off the wedding.Locke doesn't believe him.He picks up the phone to call her - when Cooper charges him and SMASH! shoves Locke through the window! Locke falls eight stories and SLAMS into the ground.

On the island, Ben asks Locke if he regained his ability to walk immediately after the plane crash.Locke says yes.Ben asks if Locke is afraid it will go away if he leaves.That it's why he wants to destroy the submarine.Ben tells Locke that if he blows it up, he'll have a big problem with his people.They need to know they can leave if they want to, and the submarine maintains that illusion.

And if Locke stops and thinks, Ben can show him things he wants to see very badly.Then Ben offers to explain it in a way Locke will understand.He tells Locke to picture a box.Locke knows something about boxes, doesn't he?Somewhere on the island is a large box, and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted, would be inside the box.Locke makes a joke about it, and calls Ben a hypocrite.If Ben knew what the island really was, he'd have more respect for it.

Alex returns with Sayid's pack, and Locke makes her take him to the sub.Locke goes inside and checks it out.Juliet and Jack are escorted to the dock so they can leave in the sub.They run into Locke as he's walking back up the dock - and then BOOM! The sub explodes.

FLASHBACK to Locke in the hospital.The two detectives inform him that his father has fled to Mexico and then disappeared.They leave as a physical therapist, Kincaid, brings Locke his wheelchair.Locke says he doesn't want to go into it.Kincaid lifts Locke out of bed and places him in his wheelchair for the first time.

A look of despair crosses his face, and Locke cries.

On the island, Ben leads Locke down a hallway, telling him that for whatever reason Locke's in communion with the island.And that makes Locke very, very important.They stop at a door, and Ben opens it.Locke goes white with shock.Inside the room tied to a chair, gagged, and looking terrified - is Locke's dad.

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Original Air Date: 03/28/2007


Skimpy outfits...heavy, pounding music...a crowd of excited men waving money in the air...It can only mean one thing: there's a stripper on Lost, and it's Nikki! She works the stage with abandon, then notices a man sneaking into a back room.She runs off the stage, confronts the man and is shot! Nikki dies...and then we hear, "Cut!" Turns out Nikki's not a stripper - she's an actress on the TV show Expos

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Left Behind

Original Air Date: 04/04/2007


Kate is held captive by the Others.She scuffles with Juliet but is unable to escape.Locke comes in to say good-bye.He's leaving with the Others.Kate asks if he's brainwashed and tells him not to believe them if they promise to take him home.Locke tells her he doesn't want to go home.He made a strong case for her, but then they told him who she was and what she'd done.Forgiveness isn't one of their strong suits.

Flashback to Kate in Iowa.Her car breaks down, and she is towed into a service station.She overhears a man and a woman arguing.The woman is Cassidy, whom Sawyer trained and then stole all her money.She's working the jewelry con on the man.He's not buying it and wants to call the police.But police are the last thing Kate wants there, so she intervenes, defusing the situation.They go have drinks together, and Cassidy asks why Kate didn't want the police there.Kate says her stepfather was a bad guy.So she killed him, escaped from the Federal Marshal who arrested her, and she's back now to talk to her mother.

Cassidy offers to help.She says she was conned and embarrassed by a bad guy, too, and that one of them deserves something good.

WHOOSH to the island, where Hurley tells Sawyer that after the Nikki/Paulo thing with the diamonds, the camp is going to vote on whether or not to banish him.Hurley says there are benefits to living as part of a society and suggests he make amends to fix things.

At the barracks, Kate can see the Others packing to leave.Then she sees them all put on gas masks.Suddenly, the door flies open, someone tosses in a canister and slams the door shut.The canister pops open and gas starts pouring out.It knocks her out cold.She wakes up in the jungle...handcuffed to Juliet! Kate takes Juliet's knife and tries to unlock the cuffs.It doesn't work.Kate asks what Juliet did to piss the Others off.Juliet doesn't answer.Kate says they are going back for her friends.

She follows a trail leading to the barracks.Juliet hopes Kate isn't dragging them back for Jack, because now that she's ruined his chance to get off the island, he might not want to see her.

Juliet tells Kate that there were cameras on the cages and Jack saw her with Sawyer.Jack told her not to come back for him because she broke his heart.Kate is stunned.She knows it's true, but she hates that she's hearing about it from Juliet - and then they hear the monster's roar! They hide in the roots of a banyan tree.The smoke monster roils up in front of them, and FLASH FLASH FLASH - Juliet's face is lit up by bright flashes of light coming from the monster.Then the monster retreats and it's over.

WHOOSH back to Iowa, where Kate knocks on her mother's door.Diane opens the door, but before she can say anything, cops surround Kate and cuff her.Federal Agent Mars walks out and realizes it isn't Kate.It's Cassidy dressed as Kate.She says she was just selling Bibles.Watching through binoculars down the street is the real Kate, and she realizes just what she's up against.Later at their motel, Cassidy wants to know why Kate needs to talk to her mom.Kate admits that her mom gave her up to the police.

Her mom chose her abusive husband over Kate, betraying her, and Kate needs to know why.

Cassidy goes to the restaurant where Kate's mom works.She accidentally on purpose dumps a bowl of chili on Diane, and Diane goes to the bathroom to clean up& and Kate is waiting there for her.Kate wants to know why Diane turned her in.Diane says Kate killed the man she loved.But Wayne abused her.Diane snaps back you can't help who you love, and says Kate didn't kill Wayne for anyone but herself.Diane promises not to say anything now, but the next time she sees Kate she'll yell for help.Kate is hurt, and realizes that even though she got her answer, she wished she had never asked.

On the island, Sawyer realizes he can't be on his own.He tells Hurley he's ready to make amends.He apologizes to Hurley for calling him all those names, is nice to Claire and gives her a blanket for the baby, and partners with Desmond to hunt for boar and provide food for the camp.

Kate and Juliet continue to the barracks, and then - MRRROOOOOWWW! The monster is back.

They take off running, and come upon the pylons.Kate jerks Juliet to a stop, says they can't go through them.Juliet reaches into her back pocket, takes out a key, and unlocks the cuffs.She then runs to a pylon, enters an access code on a key pad, and they run across the barrier.Juliet jams the setting into the red zone.The smoke monster zooms in and bounces off the barrier.It roils and rises, unable to pass through the fence.Then it quickly shoots away.Juliet admits that they don't know what it is, but they do know it doesn't like their fence.Kate asks about the key.Juliet says she was left behind, too.She hoped that if Kate thought they were in it together, Kate wouldn't leave her behind in the jungle.Kate unlocks her cuff, and they continue on.

Flashback to Iowa.Cassidy drops Kate off at the service station.Cassidy tells her she's pregnant.She wants the guy dead yet she still loves him.Kate says call the cops and have him locked up.Cassidy asks if Kate would forgive her mom for calling the cops.

Kate says no, but that this guy has it coming.Maybe something good will come out of it.

On the island, Sawyer roasts the boar and everyone eats.It's a happy moment.Charlie tells Sawyer he hadn't heard about any vote, and Sawyer realizes he was conned by Hurley.Hurley tells Sawyer that if he's going to be their temporary leader, he needed to do damage control.With Jack, Locke, Kate and Sayid gone, Sawyer is all they've got.

Kate and Juliet reach the barracks.It's completely empty.Everyone is gone.Juliet goes to get Sayid, and Kate goes to get Jack.He is passed on the floor of his house.Kate wakes him up and tells him the Others left because of her.She apologizes for messing up his plans to go home.But Jack's first question is about Juliet, and Kate pulls back emotionally.She says they left her, too.They join Juliet and Sayid.Jack suggests taking what they can find and starting back before dark.Sayid objects to Juliet coming with them, but Jack is insistent.The Others left her, too.

Kate and Sayid trade looks, both worried about this new development, and head out.

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One of Us

Original Air Date: 04/18/2007


Kate, Sayid, Juliet, and Jack trek back to the beach camp.They stop for the night, and Jack explains to Kate the deal he made with Ben.He kept his head down and didn't ask questions.Though Jack is talking to her, Kate feels an emotional distance between them.Sayid grills Juliet for answers, but Jack returns and tells Sayid to leave her alone.She is under his protection.Juliet confesses to Jack that she's nervous about joining the beach camp.

Flashback to Juliet arriving at a private airport.Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom are there to escort her the rest of the way.It's a security thing.Juliet says good-bye to her sister, Rachel, promising to be back before the baby's born.In the airport terminal, Ethan checks Juliet's vitals, telling her it's routine.Alpert pours sedative into a glass of orange juice and gives it to Juliet to drink, saying some people can't take the trip's intensity.It's easier if they're asleep.Juliet says she was fine with signing all the paperwork, not being able to talk with anyone for six months, and that no one had ever heard of Mittelos BioSience, but.

..Alpert interrupts and tells her she was fine with it because she knows the place they're taking her is special.Juliet has a gift, and isn't she supposed to do something significant with it?Juliet drinks the orange juice and passes out.She wakes up strapped down in the sleeping compartment - of a submarine! Ethan unstraps her, and she follows him through the submarine, up the ladder and sees the awe-inspiring sight of the island.

At the beach camp, Charlie hears Aaron crying and wakes up Claire.Claire says she's not feeling well, so Charlie offers to take care of Aaron.Sawyer sees Jack, Kate, and Sayid returning.It's a joyous reunion& and then he sees Juliet.Sawyer is not pleased.Hurley engages Juliet in casual conversation.Juliet guesses that Hurley was sent to keep an eye on her.He tells her the last Other who came over, Ethan, was killed and buried nearby.Um, wow, was that a threat from Hurley?

Flashback to Juliet talking to Ben.She tells him she thinks the pregnancy complications happen at conception but there's nothing she can do about it unless she takes a woman off the island.

Ben says no.Juliet tells him she's done all she can and wants to go home.Rachel will give birth in three months.Ben says she won't.Rachel's cancer is back and she'll be dead before then.Juliet is horrified.Ben promises to cure Rachel's cancer if Juliet stays.Juliet wants to know how.Ben says Jacob will take care of it himself.

At the camp, Jack tells everyone that he trusts Juliet and that should be enough.Sayid reminds him it's not.Jack defends his time with the Others saying he was there looking for a way off the island.Then Claire collapses.Juliet takes Jack and Kate aside and tells them she knows what's wrong with Claire because she did it to her.

Flashback to Juliet in bed& with Goodwin.There's a knock on the door and she is given x-rays.Juliet looks at them and knows they have a problem.She walks to Ben's house and tells him he has a tumor.She accuses him of lying about curing Rachel's cancer.How can he if he has cancer himself?Ben denies lying and says he doesn't understand why he has cancer.

Juliet wants go home, but he refuses to let her go.

At the camp, Juliet explains that Claire's immune system has turned on her due to a latent reaction to medication in her bloodstream.The medication was designed to keep Claire alive during the late stages of her pregnancy.Juliet knows because she designed it.She was brought to the island to solve why women here couldn't have children.The mother's body treats the pregnancy as a foreign invader and the immune system attacks.Every pregnant woman on the island died.Claire was the first to survive.Even though she didn't conceive on the island, Claire developed the same symptoms.Juliet developed the serum to reverse what was happening, and Ethan was giving it to her.Without the serum, Claire is in a form of withdrawal.Ethan kept a stash of the serum close by.

Juliet goes out into the jungle and retrieves the serum.Sayid and Sawyer have followed, and they want answers.Juliet tells them there isn't time.Realizing they aren't going to budge, she stands up to them and says she finds it interesting that they are the camp's moral police.

Did Sayid tell everyone what he did in Basra?And did Sawyer gather everyone into a circle and explain how he shot a man in cold blood?She says the serum can save Claire's life.The last thing they would want is Claire's blood on their hands.She takes the serum back to the beach and gives it to Jack.He warns her that if anything happens to Claire, he won't be able to protect her.

Flashback to Juliet and Ben as they watch flight 815 break apart above them.Ben then leads Juliet out to the Flame station.Mikhail is there, and Ben tells him he wants detailed files on every passenger.Then Mikhail brings up a live video feed.They see a close-up of a newspaper with the current date.The camera swings around& and reveals Rachel in a park with her newborn son.Ben tells Juliet that Rachel's cancer was cured.It went into complete remission and shortly thereafter that she gave birth.The boy's name is Julian.

At the camp, Claire wakes up.She's feeling and looking better.Juliet is now trusted.

Jack brings her supplies to set up her tent area and tells her eventually everyone will need answers.Juliet asks why Jack trusts her and doesn't ask for answers.He says because when the sub exploded, he saw in her eyes that she wanted to get off this island more than anything.That makes her "one of us."

Flashback to Juliet and Ben going over their plans.Juliet will handcuff herself to Kate and say she was gassed and left behind, too.If Kate questions that, Juliet will say it was the only way to earn Kate's trust.Ben tells Juliet that Claire's implant has been activated, and she'll symptomatic in forty-eight hours.By the time Juliet gets to the camp, she'll have a nice crisis to solve.Pryce is already on his way to hide the case in Ethan's old drop point.Ben tells her to tell Jack she can save Claire.Jack trusts her.He says he'll see her in a week.

And back at camp, as Juliet looks around and sees Hurley and Sun talking, Charlie with Claire, and Jack smiling at her, she smiles back& and we realize the whole thing was a set-up.

What is Juliet up to?

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Original Air Date: 04/25/2007


Charlie and Hurley trek through the jungle.Charlie steps on a trip wire and SCHLICK! An arrow embeds itself into Charlie's neck.Then FLASH! Hurley lifts a cable out of the sand.FLASH! In the night sky, a blinking red light slowly descends.FLASH! Jin shouts and pulls a sheet taunt.FLASH! A helmeted figure dangles from a tree in a tangle of cords.FLASHFLASHFLASH! The images repeat themselves, finally resting on the photo of Desmond and Penny Widmore - and then FLASH!

Desmond gasps, sweating and disoriented.For the first time we experienced what it's like for Desmond to see the future.He finds Hurley and wants to be taken to the cable in the sand.Why?Because he knows someone's coming.Desmond explains he saw a sequence of events that are going to happen.Usually he sees just one thing, but this was different.It was like a jigsaw puzzle, and he doesn't know how the pieces fit together.Hurley wants to know what the other images were, but Desmond's worried if he tells it might change events.

Hurley realizes that Desmond wants the events to happen and guesses that "someone coming" relates to them getting rescued.

FLASHBACK to Desmond silently waiting in what looks like a small prison cell.A monk comes in and tells Desmond it's time.The monk says that God tests our faith in many ways.A vow of silence challenges one's patience and faith, and he wasn't sure Desmond would last a week let alone a month.But he passed the test and now Desmond is one of them."Welcome, Brother."

On the island, Sawyer slips into Kate's tent and catches her changing clothes.He asks if she told Jack about him and her.She tells him Jack saw them together on the monitors.They had cameras on the cages.Then Sawyer asks her for a little afternoon delight.Kate walks out on him.Sawyer asks what he has to do, make her a mix tape?

Because Charlie and Jin were also in Desmond's visions, he has to convince them to come, too.Jin easily agrees, but Charlie is suspicious of it.He doesn't want to go.

Desmond lies and tells Charlie nothing will happen to him.He agrees to go.Hurley leads them to the cable.He lifts the cable out of the sand, and Desmond smiles.It's the vision he saw.They're on the right track.They make camp and wait for Desmond's mysterious "someone" to show up.

FLASHBACK to Desmond in the monastery helping the other monks bottle wine.Brother Campbell explains the name of the winery, Moriah Vineyards, was taken from the name of the mountain where Abraham was asked to kill Isaac.Another monk tells Brother Desmond he has a visitor, a guy named Derek.Desmond doesn't react as Derek punches him.Derek looks at the other monks, apologizes and leaves.

On the island, Kate runs into Jack in the kitchen area.They chat about how strange it is to be back, and then Jack leaves taking two bowls of oatmeal.Kate watches as he crosses to Juliet's tent and eats dinner with her.Kate is stunned.She crosses to Sawyer's tent, tells him not to talk, and she kisses him passionately and rips his clothes off.

That night, Desmond looks at the picture of him and Penny.Desmond explains he tried to run away from her but still she tracked him down.He now hopes she spent the last three years doing the same.Then they hear the sound of a helicopter out over the dark ocean.But then the sound changes and it crashes into the ocean.Then they notice a blinking red light slowly falling to earth.It's another one of Desmond's images he saw.They can't see what the beacon is attached to, but they watch as it falls into the jungle.

FLASHBACK to Desmond visiting Ruth, sister to the guy who punched Desmond.Desmond apologizes for disappearing one week before their wedding.Desmond says he had a calling.He was scared about the wedding, but after blacking out from drinking too much, he woke up in the street with a monk helping him up.Desmond knew then that he was supposed to leave all that mattered to him behind for a greater calling.Ruth ridicules his story, telling him next he wants to break up with a girl to simply tell her he's scared.

On the island, Desmond races through the jungle looking for the beacon.He finds a bag hanging in a tree containing supplies and a high-tech satellite radio-phone.Hurley quickly tries it, but it doesn't work.They also find a copy of the Desmond and Penny photo.They're shocked.Who would be carrying the same photo?Desmond is convinced it's Penny coming to rescue him.As they continue looking for Penny, they get to a clearing and Desmond realizes this is where he saw Charlie impaled by the arrow.He struggles whether he should say something to Charlie or let it play out, desperate not to change anything that would alter him finding Penny, but at the last minute he relents and shouts a warning.Charlie ducks, and the arrow lodges in the neck of his guitar.

At the beach, Sawyer brings Kate the mix tape.Kate is charmed.It's a genuinely sweet moment.Then Sawyer asks if she jumped him the night before because she saw Jack with Juliet.Kate denies it, but Sawyer doesn't buy it.He tells her she doesn't need to use him.

All she has to do is ask.

Charlie confronts Desmond about the arrow.Desmond says if the flashes don't happen the way he saw them, it changes the future.He was supposed to let Charlie die, but he's saved him again and again and again.What good has it done?Desmond guesses that it's a test, like God testing Abraham, but he's failed.He's changed what he saw, and now everything he wanted is gone.But Jin shouts for them in Korean.They follow him and find the parachutist dangling from a tree in a web of cords.

FLASHBACK to Desmond in the monastery.Brother Campbell tells him he's not cut out to be a monk - he's been fired.Desmond protests, but Brother Campbell tells him the Abbey isn't the place Desmond was meant to end up.Before he leaves, Desmond helps load cases of wine into a waiting car.The driver is Penny Widmore! This is how Desmond and Penny officially met.She is charmed by him, and he's captivated.There's definitely chemistry between them - it's love at first sight.

On the island, Desmond cuts Penny down.

Desmond removes her helmet& and sees that it is not Penny.It's a woman Desmond has never seen before.He's stunned and confused.Who is this woman?Her eyes flutter open, and she sees him.Before she loses consciousness, she mutters one word: "Desmond?"

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Original Air Date: 05/02/2007


Sun works in her garden.Jack joins her and asks questions about her pregnancy.Routine check-up questions at first& and then he asks if there's been any bleeding.Jack maintains he's just checking in, but Sun is clearly disturbed.Sun goes to Kate and asks if she thinks Jack seems different since he's come back.She believes Jack may be working for the Others.She tells Kate that Jack was asking about her baby, and she is worried the Others want it.Kate insists Jack's not working with the Others.Sun is suspicious that Kate knows more.Reluctantly, Kate tells her that Juliet was the Others' fertility doctor and they wanted Claire's baby for research.Sun immediately goes to Juliet and demands answers.Juliet reveals women who get pregnant on the island die.Sun is horrified.

Flashback to Seoul, Korea, and Sun talking on her cell phone with Jin.They've just moved into their new apartment, and Sun strolls through a park holding shopping bags.After she tells Jin "I love you madly" and hangs up, an older woman asks if she's the woman in a wedding announcement in the paper.

Sun says yes.The older woman asks how Sun hid the truth about Jin from her father.If it were known that the daughter of a Paik married the son of a fisherman and a prostitute, it would bring much shame on Sun's family.She demands $100,000 in three days.If Sun loves Jin as "madly" as she says, she'll spare him the shame of the truth being exposed.

One the island, the parachute woman wakes up and mumbles that she's dying.They find a tree branch impaled up through her chest.Charlie wants to simply pull the branch out of her chest, but Desmond says no, that might cause more damage.They argue about whether to take her to the camp or run and bring back Jack when - KA-POOF! Hurley fires a flare gun he found in the woman's pack.Suddenly Mikhail bursts out of the jungle.But the moment Mikhail sees the group, he bolts.Jin tackles him, and they drag him back.

At the beach camp, Juliet tells Sun there may be hope for her yet.Sun agrees to follow Juliet to the medical station where Juliet will try to ascertain the date of conception.

Sun wants to know why Juliet is helping her.Juliet tells her she used to give women good news about their pregnancies and see the happiness on their faces.However, in the last three years she's lost nine women on the island.She wants to give good news again.Sun admits that she slept with another man before she got to the island and fears the baby is not Jin's but the other man's.Juliet's only comment is we all make mistakes.

Flashback to a small Korean fishing village.Sun approaches an elderly man and asks if he is Mr.Kwon.He instantly knows who she is and invites her into his modest house.He explains that Jin's mother was with many men.She left him with the baby, and he didn't even know if he was the father.He raised Jin as his own because who else would care for Jin?He implores Sun to never tell Jin his mother is still alive.He tells her Jin would never recover from the shame.Sun decides to go to her father and ask for the hundred thousand dollars.Mr.Paik wants to know why she needs it, but Sun refuses to tell him.

For the past 27 years, she's pretended not to know what he does, and if he gives her the money she'll continue to pretend.Paik gives her the money, but his price is that Jin has to work off the debt.He'll work for Paik personally.Sun immediately knows the implications.It's a deal with the devil, but she takes it and seals Jin's fate.

On the island, the parachute woman mumbles again that she's dying.Mikhail offers his services as an ex-army medic to save her but only in exchange for safe passage to leave.Desmond agrees, but Charlie, Jin and Hurley are very wary of the deal.Mikhail examines her, and says the branch has punctured her lung, which is filling with blood.She needs to be ventilated immediately.Using supplies from their first aid kit, Mikhail evacuates her lungs and rips the branch out of her chest.As he bandages her up, she mumbles something in another language.Desmond asks what she said.Mikhail takes a beat and says that she said thank you.Desmond doesn't quite buy it, and neither do Jin, Charlie and Hurley.

As the parachute woman falls asleep, Mikhail says she'll be better in a day.They keep their agreement and allow Mikhail to leave - but Jin realizes Mikhail has stolen the sat-phone.He tackles Mikhail and takes it back.Desmond lets Mikhail go over Charlie's protests.

In the medical station, Juliet reveals a secret room behind the locker area.This is where they stored all the medical equipment from the station.Sun asks why the room was hidden, and Juliet admits they brought the women there to die.Worried, Sun tells Juliet Jin was infertile so the baby couldn't be his.Juliet performs an ultrasound& and determines the D.O.C.was 53 days ago.Sun got pregnant on the island.Sun immediately knows what that means.Juliet promises to do whatever she can& but Sun is smiling.The baby is Jin's.

Flashback to Sun and Jin's Seoul apartment.Jin returns home and finds the cash Mr.Paik gave her.Sun lies and says it was to buy new furniture and have a nice honeymoon.Jin wants her to return it.He says he'll take care of her no matter what.

Sun nods, but leaves to meet the older woman.Sun gives her the money and warns her never to come near her family or Jin again& or she'll have the older woman killed.The older woman understands and hurries off.

On the island, Sun asks Juliet how long she has.Juliet says most of the women made it to the middle of their second trimester.That gives Sun two months.Juliet goes back inside to double check the results and to cover their tracks.Inside, she opens one of the lockers and takes out a tape recorder.She clicks it on and then records a message to Ben: Kwon is pregnant and conceived on the island.She should have Kate's and the other women's samples soon.She clicks stop& and then mutters, "I hate you."

Charlie and Jin build a makeshift stretcher.Charlie tells Desmond you can't trust the Others.They should've killed Mikhail.But Desmond points out that by his count they have killed more of the Others than the Others have killed of them.Charlie doesn't see it that way.Hurley tries the sat-phone again, but it's still broken.

Then the parachute woman wakes up.They explain they are the survivors of the Oceanic flight 815 crash.Naomi is confused and says it's not possible.Flight 815 was found& and there were no survivors.They were all dead.

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The Brig

Original Air Date: 05/02/2007


Sawyer gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and runs into Locke.Sawyer asks why he joined the enemy.Locke denies joining them - he claims he infiltrated them.He's undercover.He's kidnapped Ben and wants Sawyer to kill him.

WHOOSH back eight days ago.Ben reveals Locke's father, Cooper, is on the island and held captive.Ben tells Locke that Locke himself brought his father here, but Locke denies it.Ben tells Locke that they are leaving in the morning.He asks if Locke wants to come with them.Locke says yes.Ben tells Locke he can say good-bye to Kate.She's a few buildings over.

Charlie and Hurley argue with Desmond about letting Jack examine the parachute woman.Desmond wants to know if they can vouch for Jack, give their word that Jack can be trusted.But Charlie and Hurley realize they can't.Desmond says they need to bring in someone they can trust - and Hurley goes to Sayid.

Locke and Sawyer trek through the jungle - when BAM! Sawyer hits Locke in the head with the butt of his gun and knocks him to the ground.

Sawyer grabs Locke's knife, and holds it at Locke's throat.He wants to know what's really going on.Locke tells Sawyer to trust him.He really does have Ben tied up and he wants Sawyer to kill him.Locke can't do it himself - that's why he came for Sawyer.Sawyer says he ain't killing nobody.They'll bring Ben back to the camp.Locke insists that Sawyer will change his mind once he hears what Ben has to say.

WHOOSH back three days ago.Locke is with the Others helping Cindy pitch her tent.He goes to talk to Ben, and overhears Juliet's taped message for Ben.Ben explains his plan: Juliet is getting information on the women, then they'll go into the camp and take them.Locke is troubled by this and asks about the remaining people at the camp.Ben assures him it isn't the first time they've done that type of thing.And then Ben stands up.He can walk now thanks to Locke.Since he showed up, Ben has regained feeling in his legs.Ben tells Locke he can't wait to show him what the island can do, things Locke can't imagine, except Locke isn't ready yet.

He's still crippled.Cooper is tied to a column, and in front of all the Others, Ben tells Locke to kill him.As long as Cooper is still breathing, Locke will still be the same pathetic little man who got kicked off the Walkabout tour because he couldn't walk.Locke tries but can't kill Cooper.Ben announces to the group that Locke is not who they thought he was.

At the beach camp, Sayid talks to the parachute woman.She says her name is Naomi Dorrit, and that her freighter is about eighty nautical miles west of the island.She's part of the search-and-rescue team.She tells Sayid that flight 815 was found in a trench four miles deep.They sent down a camera and saw all the bodies there.Sayid says it's obvious they're not dead.Who was she looking for?Naomi points to Desmond.The company she works for was hired by Penelope Widmore, whom she never met.A few weeks ago Ms.Widmore gave them a set of coordinates that were in the middle of the ocean.They didn't know about the island.

Naomi gives Sayid her sat-phone.

He tries to fix it, but he says he's never seen equipment that sophisticated.He gets it working, and they pick up Rousseau's distress signal.However, Sayid realizes it is blocking the ability to send a transmission of their own.Kate walks by, sees the phone and asks about it.Sayid tells her about Naomi.

Locke leads Sawyer to the Black Rock.He says he has Ben tied up in the brig.Locke opens the door, and sure enough there's a man tied up with a bag over his head.However, when Sawyer goes inside the brig, Locke slams the door shut.Sawyer bangs on the door, but Locke won't let him out.

Cooper reveals to Sawyer that the "bald bastard" is his son.Sawyer wants to know how he got there.Cooper tells him that he was driving on the I-10 in Tallahassee when a car hit him.He slammed into the divider, and next thing he knew paramedics were strapping him into an ambulance.They inserted an I.V., he blacked out, and when he woke up in a strange room, the door opened and Locke was standing there.

Cooper believes they're in hell, but Sawyer tells him they're on an island.Cooper tells them they're all dead, that they found the plane at the bottom of the ocean.Cooper goes on to tell Sawyer that he conned Locke into giving him one of his kidneys and Locke never got over it.Sawyer just looks at him.Conned?Sawyer asks Cooper his name.Cooper says a con man goes by many names.He lists them, and at the name Tom Sawyer, Sawyer stops him.He tells Cooper his name is Sawyer, too.

WHOOSH back two days ago.Richard Alpert tells Locke that the point of Ben's exercise was to embarrass him.Ben knew Locke wasn't going to kill his own father.He doesn't want people to think that John is special.Alpert says that Ben was been wasting their time with fertility problems, and that they are looking for someone to remind them they are here for more important reasons.Alpert wants to help Locke find his purpose, and to do that Cooper has to go.And since Locke can't do it& He hands Locke the file on Sawyer and tells him to read it.

At the beach camp, Kate approaches Jack.She doesn't want to say anything in front of Juliet, but Jack insists it's okay.Kate tells him about Naomi.Jack wants to know how Naomi was going to contact her boat, and Kate tells him about the sat-phone.Juliet asks if they should tell Kate something, but Jack says not yet.

In the Black Rock brig, Sawyer asks Cooper if he's ever been to Jasper, Alabama.Cooper says yeah.Sawyer tells Cooper he killed his daddy.Sawyer takes his letter out and tells Cooper to read it.Cooper mocks Sawyer as he reads.Cooper even remembers Sawyer's mother - Mary.He refuses to finish the letter and rips it up.Sawyer snaps.He grabs some chains, wraps them around Cooper's neck, and strangles him.Cooper struggles, but Sawyer holds on tight and kills him.

Locke opens the door and looks at the body of his father.He tells Sawyer thank you.Sawyer asks Locke why he did this, and Locke says Cooper ruined both their lives.Locke then tells Sawyer that Juliet is a mole and what Ben's plan is.

He gives Sawyer the tape recorder that Ben had in his tent.Locke swiped it.He wants Sawyer to warn the camp.Locke isn't going back with him, and he was never "undercover."Locke is on his own journey.

Sawyer starts back for the beach camp.Locke puts Cooper's body in a burlap sack, hefts it over his shoulder and heads off to join Ben.

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The Man Behind the Curtain

Original Air Date: 05/09/2007


Roger Linus carries his newborn baby and his wife, Emily, who has just given birth and is dying, to the closest road and flags down a passing car.Horace and Olivia Goodspeed stop and offer to take them into town when Emily tells Roger to name the baby Benjamin, and then she dies.

WHOOSH to the island, were Alpert asks Ben if he wants the tape recorder with instructions for Juliet taken back to the medical station.But Ben thought Alpert already took it.He goes outside to ask Tom about it - and sees Locke walking into their camp carrying the body of his father.Locke reminds Ben that if he killed his father, Ben would tell him everything about the island.Locke throws the body down and suggests Ben start at the beginning.

Ben tells Locke that he isn't the leader of their community.Everyone answers to someone, and Ben answers to Jacob.Locke then wants to be taken to Jacob, but Ben can't do that.Jacob will only talk to be Ben.Ben was born on the island and everyone else was brought there.

Jacob trusts Ben and tells him what to do.No one else has even seen him.Locke thinks Ben is lying but makes Ben take him to Jacob anyway.

Flashback to Roger and an eleven-year-old Ben arriving to the island and being greeted by Horace Goodsped.Roger thanks Horace for the opportunity.Roger and Ben are taken to processing where they watch a welcome video with Dr.Marvin Candle, and then Roger is given his job assignment: workman.Roger is not happy about it.He thought he'd be helping to change the world, not clean up after everyone.But that is his only option.He has no choice, and he begrudgingly accepts the position.

Young Ben goes to Dharma school.Their teacher, Olivia Goodspeed, is giving a science lecture when KA-BOOM! There's an explosion in the distance.Air raid sirens start to wail, and Olivia tells everyone to take their positions.Young Ben is scared, but his friend, Annie, tells him it's the hostiles.They'll be okay, and she holds his hand.That night, young Ben overhears his dad arguing with Horace about the attack.

Roger is mad and drunk.He says this isn't what he signed up for, and he wants another thirty grand for hazard pay.Horace reminds Roger that he did him a favor and Roger kicks Horace out.

Ben hears a tapping on his window.He looks over - and sees his dead mother staring back at him! Young Ben stumbles backwards, and when he looks up again she's gone.Later, on his birthday, young Ben comes home and finds Roger passed out in his chair surrounded by empty beer cans.Ben takes his father's boots off and Roger wakes up.He sees an unwrapped box given to Ben and realizes he forgot Ben's birthday.Roger apologizes, saying it's hard to celebrate the day Ben killed his mom.He and Emily were out on a hike, but Ben just had to come two months early.Now Emily's gone and he's stuck on this island with Ben.The words cut deep, and Ben runs off crying.He runs through the jungle and sees his mother again.He runs towards her, but she's on the other side of the pylon fence.She stops him from crossing the boundary, telling him it's not time yet, then disappears back into the jungle.

WHOOSH to the beach camp, where Sawyer returns a changed man.He finds Sayid, who asks what happened to him.Sawyer says it doesn't matter.He gives Sayid the tape recorder proving that Juliet is a mole.They immediately go to Juliet's tent, but she's not there.Kate tells them she left with Jack right after she told them about Naomi.Sayid is not pleased that Kate told Jack about Naomi, and they play the incriminating tape for her.

Ben and Locke trek through the jungle to see Jacob.They reach a break in the trees.On the ground is a line in gray ash that encircles the area in front of them, and in the center is a cabin.Ben says, "We're here."

Flashback to young Ben in a clearing at the pylon fence.He enters a code into a pylon keypad, and disarms the fence.Ben runs into the jungle looking for his mom and meets Richard Alpert.Young Ben tells Alpert she's dead but she's here and she talked to him.Alpert believes Ben and asks what she said.Ben tells him she said that he couldn't go with her.

It wasn't time yet.This seems to have great significance to Alpert.Ben wants to go with Alpert, but he says no, he can't.Alpert tells him to go back to his people.Young Ben says he doesn't want to go back.He hates it there.Alpert tells him if that's what he really wants - go back, think about it and be patient.

WHOOSH to Ben and Locke step onto the porch of the cabin.It's creepy.Ben tells Locke to turn off the flashlight.Like Locke, Jacob doesn't like technology.Ben lights a lantern.He announces out loud that he's there with Locke, and they enter the cabin.It's dark.Inside is a small stove, a table and a chair, but it's empty.No one is there.Ben talks to the chair and introduces Locke.Locke is confused.Who is Ben talking to?Ben says Jacob is sitting right there.Can't Locke see him?Locke says no.Ben says he knows someone is there and that Locke is too limited to see.Locke turns to leave, and then he hears a voice."Help me."Locke asks Ben what he said, but Ben didn't say anything.Locke turns on his flashlight - then BOOM! Everything goes crazy! The cabin starts shaking, a window shatters, the lantern falls and starts a small fire.

Locke is knocked to the ground and drops the flashlight.As the beam of light rolls around, Locke sees what looks like Ben struggling with someone.Locke scrambles out of the cabin and runs into the jungle.Soon Ben emerges.Locke asks what was that?Ben says that was Jacob.

At the beach camp, everyone is crowded around Naomi.They all have just been told about her, and they question why she was kept secret.Sayid says Naomi represents their best chance of getting off the island, and they wanted to keep it safe from Jack.He believes Jack is one of them now.Sawyer plays the tape, and they hear the last message Juliet recorded for Ben about Sun's pregnancy.They are shocked.Right then Jack and Juliet return.Juliet tells Sawyer to turn the tape over and play the other side.He does, and they hear Ben's message in response.He reveals their plan of invading the camp and taking the women.Juliet confesses that she told Jack what Ben was making her do after she performed Sun's ultrasound.Jack tells the group he hasn't figured out a plan yet, but they have some catching up to do.

Ben and Locke head back.Locke insists there is no Jacob, that Ben is a fraud and it's time he told his people the truth.Ben says yes, some of the things he said were not true.Like him being born on the island.Locke asks where he come from then.

Flashback to adult Ben getting ready for work.He's a janitor just like his dad.Roger picks him up in a blue Dharma VW van, and they drive off.Ben mentions it's his birthday.Roger suggests they head up to the Mesa and drink some beers; have a little father and son time.Ben asks if Roger really blames him for his mother's death.Roger shrugs.Ben keeps looking at his watch, and Roger asks why.Ben says he missed his mom as much as Roger did, but the difference is he's had to put up with Roger and that required a tremendous amount of patience.Ben says good-bye and pulls out a gas mask and a canister.He puts the mask on and opens the canister.Soon he sees a trickle of blood leak out of Roger's nose.Roger suddenly jerks in pain.Ben calmly watches from behind the gas mask as his father flails, shudders and finally dies.

Ben gets out of the van and walks back to the barracks.And there, scattered everywhere, lie bodies.All of the Dharma Initiative members are dead.Ben sees Alpert come out of the jungle along with the rest of the Others.Alpert gestures to them, and they begin collecting the bodies.

WHOOSH back to Ben and Locke standing over a mass grave where the Others dumped the bodies of the Dharma Initiative.Ben tells Locke that these were his people.They came seeking harmony but couldn't even coexist with the island's original inhabitants.Ben says when it became clear one side had to be purged, he did what he had to do in order to survive.He was smart enough not to end up in this ditch& and that makes him considerably smarter than Locke and then he shoots Locke.Locke pitches forward and tumbles into the mass grave.Ben asks what Jacob said to him.Locke tells him.Ben says he certainly hopes Jacob can help him, then he turns and walks away.

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Greatest Hits

Original Air Date: 05/16/2007


Jack and Juliet lead the beach camp into the jungle.Jack tells them that he knows what Ben's plan is and he has a way to fight back.Rousseau connects two wires to a battery and KA-BOOM! A nearby tree explodes.Jack explains that Juliet is going to mark the tents with white rocks as instructed by Ben, but when the Others come there isn't going to be anyone inside the tents.They'll be filled with dynamite from the Black Rock, and they're going to blow the Others to hell.Charlie catches Desmond looking at him strangely and knows he just saw a flash but Desmond denies it.

As everyone prepares for the attack, Naomi asks Charlie who are the people they are going to war with.Charlie tells her it's a long story.He tells her that he's also from Manchester like she is and that he was in a band called Drive Shaft.The name rings a bell for Naomi and realizes Charlie is the dead rock star.She tells him that Drive Shaft put out a new album, a "Greatest Hits" thing, after the accident.

Sayid tells Jack he hasn't been able to transmit with the sat-phone because Rousseau's distress signal is overriding the frequency.

Since Naomi's boat is only eighty miles off shore, he wants to go to the radio tower and turn off the message.That will allow her boat to receive the sat-phone signal.But Juliet says no, they won't - Ben is using a Dharma station to jam all signals from the island with a station called the Looking Glass.

Desmond reveals to Charlie that he did have a vision.He saw Claire and Aaron getting into a helicopter that lifts off and leaves the island.Charlie is excited.But Desmond tells Charlie for there to be any rescue, Charlie has to die.Charlie asks how.Desmond describes a room full of equipment.There's a blinking yellow light, and Charlie flips a switch.The light goes out - and then he drowns.Charlie wants to make sure if he does that, if he puts himself in danger, Claire and Aaron really do get on that helicopter and off the island.Desmond assures him they do.

Sayid shows Jack and Juliet a schematic of the Looking Glass station from the folder he took out of the Flame Station.

Juliet says the Looking Glass station was used to guide the sub back and forth, but there was some accident and Ben said it was flooded.Sayid points out that if they follow the cable out into the ocean, it should lead to the station.It has a "moon pool" which he can swim through, get inside and disable the relay switch.Jack says no, it's a suicide mission.There's no way to get back.Sayid says if they don't, they'll never get off this island.

And then Charlie volunteers to do it.He'll swim down and turn off the switch.Jack says no.Charlie tells him he was the junior swim champion of Northern England.He can hold his breath for four minutes.Jack says there's no reason to do it now.They can deal with it after they take care of the Others.

Rousseau realizes they don't have enough wire to trigger the dynamite safely from a distance, and Jack gets a group together to start stripping wire from the plane wreckage.As they are stripping wire, they notice someone sailing towards the beach.

A guy leaps out of the boat and runs ashore.Sayid tackles him, but Sawyer recognizes that it's Karl.He tells them he is okay - Karl was prisoner in the cage next to him.Karl tells them the Others are coming - not tomorrow night but right now!

People are worried.Rousseau says there's not enough time or wire to set up the dynamite.Sayid suggests they shoot the dynamite.They'll need three sharp shooters.Jack decides they also can't risk losing their chance to contact Naomi's boat.He orders everyone to leave the camp and make for the radio tower.He turns to Charlie and asks if he's still up for a swim.Charlie says yes, and Claire is suddenly worried for him.Jin and Bernard volunteer to be the shooters along with Sayid.Jack wants to be the third shooter, but Sayid tells him he can't - he's got to lead the group to the radio tower.

Charlie says his good-bye to Claire.She knows he is volunteering for something dangerous and doesn't want him doing it.Charlie lies and says everything is going to be all right.

He'll be with her at the radio tower before she knows it.He kisses her one last time and walks away knowing he'll never see her again.As everyone in the beach camp gathers their things to head out, Claire lifts Aaron out of his crib - and doesn't see Charlie's D.S.ring.He left it for her and Aaron, passing it along to his "family."

Charlie and Desmond row out to the point where the cable goes straight down into the ocean.They're over the Looking Glass station.Charlie then hands a list to Desmond and asks him to give it to Claire.It's the five best moments of his life, his own greatest hits:

5) The first time he heard himself on the radio.On a deserted road in England, Drive Shaft's van has a flat and Charlie is changing the tire in the rain.Charlie argues with Liam, saying the band is a joke.They're broke and no one is buying their album.Charlie tells Liam he quits - but then they hear "You All Everybody" on the radio for the first time.Hearing his words and his voice is almost too much to comprehend.

Unbridled joy whips through the guys, and all thoughts of quitting are forgotten.

4) Dad teaching him to swim at Butlin's.At a summer camp, a nervous young Charlie stands at the edge of a pool while his gruff dad tells him to jump in, he'll catch him.Liam warns Charlie their dad won't.Then his dad's voice turns gentle and soothing.Charlie jumps in, and his dad does catch him.Charlie swims with his dad's help, laughing and utterly delighted.

3) The Christmas Liam gave him the D.S.ring.Christmas morning on their Finland tour, Liam gives Charlie the D.S.ring as a gift.The ring is a family heirloom passed down through generations and given to Liam by their mom because Liam was the first born.The initials D.S.stood for their ancestor, and it's why they named their band Drive Shaft.Charlie says he can't take it but Liam insists.He acknowledges that he's a junky and a mess and he'll be lucky to make it to thirty.Liam says Charlie is different.Charlie is going to get married and have a family, and the ring has to stay within the family.

Liam wants Charlie to take it because he'll know it's safe.Charlie is clearly touched.

2) Woman outside Covent Garden calls him a hero.While trying to avoid a downpour, Charlie hears a woman being mugged scream for help.He runs in and hits the mugger with his guitar case.The mugger releases the woman and runs away.Charlie admits he was scared.The woman says he's a hero, that three other people walked by and didn't help her.Charlie tries to dismiss it, but she's insistent.He's a hero, and don't let anybody ever tell him differently.Charlie is deeply moved.

1) The night he met Claire.On the night of the crash, Charlie sees a pregnant woman struggling to get comfortable by a fire.He is struck for a moment, and then he approaches her with a blanket.He can see she's clearly worried, and he tells her they're going to be all right.Charmed, she thanks him.They smile at each other.There is chemistry between them, and it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Desmond is touched by the list and offers to dive down in Charlie's place and flip the switch.

Charlie pretends to go along with this change of plans but then knocks Desmond out with an oar.He says they both know Desmond isn't suppose to take his place.Charlie stuffs his greatest hits list in Desmond's pocket, grabs the weight belt, takes a deep breath, wipes away his tears and jumps into the ocean.

With the weight belt, Charlie drops quickly.He swims along the underside of the station looking for the moon pool entrance.He finds it, swims up into it - and surfaces into the station.He sucks in air and then realizes it isn't flooded.Juliet was wrong.And more importantly, Charlie is alive! But then he hears a door open and sees two women enter.And they have guns pointed right at him.

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