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Josh Holloway as Sawyer


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Josh Holloway as Sawyer


Josh Holloway was born in Northern California but moved after only two years to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, where he was raised the second-eldest of four boys. From an early age he discovered a passion and love for films. After one year at the University of Georgia, he embarked on a successful modeling career which took him all over Europe and North America.

Holloway's pursuit of acting brought him to Los Angeles, where he soon landed a role in the comedy Doctor Benny. He followed that up with lead roles in the independent films Mi Amigo, Moving August and Cold Heart. He then gained considerable notice for his lead role in the Sci-Fi channel's Sabretooth. Most recently he guest starred on CSI and Navy NCIS.

Holloway's hobbies include boating, sailing, snowboarding, martial arts, motor cross and playing guitar. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Lost's Sawyer Mulls Kate

Source - Sci Fi Wire


Matthew Fox (left), Evangeline Lilly (center)

and Josh Holloway (right).

Josh Holloway, who plays the conman with a heart Sawyer on ABC's hit Lost, told SCI FI Wire that he's got his own ideas about the resolution of the romantic rivalry with Jack (Matthew Fox) for Kate (Evangeline Lilly). "I don't know how long he's going to pursue this Kate thing," Holloway said in an interview. "He's a conman, right? He tries the angles. One angle ain't working, he's going to try another angle. That ain't working, he's going to try another one. I'm waiting to see what angle he's going to try next, or when he's going ... to try the angle of getting another girl. I want to see that. I want to see if he says, 'You know what? You don't want any of this. Watch this!' I hope that's going to happen, but I don't know. I'd like to see him sitting in a chair, getting his beard shaved and his laundry washed and some other girl cooking his dinner. An open-for-business kind of thing, right? But that's my own hope. I don't know how that's going to work."


Holloway's Sawyer has broken through to fans, partly because of the increasing sexual tension with Lilly's Kate. But Holloway added that the show's producers keep him and the other cast members in the dark about upcoming plot developments.

"I don't know whose side he's going to end up on, or if he's just going to always remain an independent contractor, kind of, from situation to situation," Holloway said. "I don't know if he's going to develop relationships and lean more towards one way or another. I hope not. I hope he stays in the middle, honestly."

Lost airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT; new episodes will resume with "Deus Ex Machina" on March 30.

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Josh Holloway Is 'Lost' at Long Last

By Kate O'Hare


LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) -

Holloway's experience on "Lost" is hardly the first time that an actor in his mid-30s has suddenly catapulted to stardom. George Clooney did it in "ER," and more recently, Julian McMahon did it in "Nip/Tuck." And while he's now a confirmed movie star, Harrison Ford was about that age -- and making ends meet by working as a carpenter -- when he got the role of Han Solo in "Star Wars" in 1977.

"Really?" Holloway says when told this. "He's a big inspiration for the character of Sawyer. I love him, Harrison Ford. That's what I used for my prep. I wanted Sawyer to be a cross between Han Solo and maybe Wolverine -- a little more edge and anger to him, but with the lovable scoundrel that Han Solo was."

"It's such a brilliant character. I love playing, not a bad guy, but a scoundrel. That's the key, to be the guy that you love to hate, not the guy you hate, or else, in the nature of this show, I would have been dead already." And, since series co-creators J.J. Abrams ("Alias") and Damon Lindelof keep hinting a major character will die at season's end, Sawyer could be dead yet. "And I still could be," Holloway says. "They remind us of that constantly."

It's not that Sawyer hasn't had his close calls, though. When he's not reading such books as "Watership Down," annoying physician and self-appointed castaway leader Jack (Matthew Fox) or exchanging double entendres with enigmatic fugitive-from-the-law Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Sawyer busies himself with stashing away whatever usable items he can salvage from the wreckage of the show's doomed Australia-to-Los Angeles flight.

This hoarding got Sawyer into trouble with Jack when, just out of spite, he refused to say whether or not he had needed medicine. Jack then turned to castaway Sayid (Naveen Andrews), a former Iraqi Republican Guardsman, to employ torture to get Sawyer to talk. "I really liked it," says Holloway about filming the scene. "I knew it was going to be difficult physically, but I like that kind of stuff. I like getting beat up a little bit. It's normal. I grew up in the country with three brothers, and gosh, all we ever did was to come home with something my mom had to fix."

"So the torture was great, but it was torture, because I'm 35, and I spent 14 hours, two days in a row, on my knees. It was grueling, yelling, I lost my voice. At one point, I hyperventilated a little bit. It was very interesting, as an actor, to go there." Regarding the question of whether there are any more like him at home, Holloway says, "They're all computer heads. They're very intelligent. The brother right under me is a nuclear physics major from Georgia Tech, so they're all brainy. I can barely send an e-mail."

He does, though, get a taste of home when he's hanging out with Fox, who, according to fellow cast members, likes to let it all hang out. "Oh, Matt is unafraid," Holloway says. "He's just secure with himself and his family, and he is not afraid to be nude -- not out in public, but if he's around his house, he don't care, and I love him for that. He reminds me of my dad, because my dad was a total nudist. We grew up on a dirt road, way out in the country, no one can see you, so Dad was just walking around naked all the time. So Foxy reminds me of Dad."

While Holloway may get a little nostalgic for home, he doesn't miss modeling. "I have nothing bad to say about the industry, because it provided me with exactly what I wanted it for. I traveled extensively and made some cash. But it's just not fulfilling work. Oh, Lord, we made a joke that you carry away your modeling stick, so you could whack yourself on the head a few times right before they shoot, so you don't have a thought and get that far-off look in your eyes. It's really just from being smacked, that's all."

When Sawyer gets that look in his eyes, it's usually because Kate is around. In the torture scene, she took him up on his offer of information in exchange for a kiss that seemed to go on longer than strictly necessary. "I was looking at that," Holloway says, "going, 'Well, shoot, Hollywood kissing's supposed to have tongue in it -- or is it?' I liked it. It went well. When I watched it and saw the tongue action, I was like, 'Oooh, maybe we shouldn't do that, but my character, of course he's going to go for it."

As for the big, two-part finale in May (the final part is reported to be 90 minutes, with the last 30 almost commercial-free) and the mysterious death, Holloway says, "The last three episodes, they're going to answer some questions and create more, but they're going to move the story forward. In the season finale, they're not even giving us a script. We only get our scenes. We work for the CIA, I swear."

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Josh Holloway of ABC's 'Lost' Signs for 'Whisper'

By Liza Foreman


Sarah Wayne Callies will co-star as his girlfriend in the movie, which centers on the abduction of a young boy in New England. Callies is making her feature debut later this year in the upcoming adventure film "The Celestine Prophecy," based on the novel.

Stewart Hendler is making his directorial debut on "Whisper" for Gold Circle Films, with a screenplay from producer-turned-writer Chris Borrelli.

In addition to playing Sawyer, the hot-tempered southerner on "Lost," Holloway's credits include the feature films "Cold Heart" and "Moving August."

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Yet another from E!

Josh Holloway (Sawyer)

You naughty boy. You stole Jack's girl.

Yeah, I did. And it's wonderful! I'm not apologizing.

So, you're digging it?

Of course. I love the way the story has developed, and, you know, our relationship off-set, as actors, Evie and I. I love the fact that we're becoming more playful and less combative all the time, her with her arms crossed, and me always being mad and saying something snide. You know, there's a development in that relationship coming up that's actually really beautiful.

So, there'll be more Kate and Sawyer?

I hope so! I haven't got her yet. Come on!

You could at least tell Jack about your run-in with his father.

Are you kidding me? I hold the ultimate trump card. I think he'll string him along with it. Dangle the carrot.

Is that boar still haunting you?

I hope not! Damn boar! You know, that was a real boar, and he was so massive. But thank god, he didn't run me over. He had a thought. I saw him do a little jitter, like, toward me, and then he stopped. I could just picture myself on When Animals Attack!

Are you scared your character will die?

Of course! It just hangs there. You know it's a possibility, so you better be on your best behavior and step up to the plate, you know? There are too many ways you can die on that island.

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Holloway Muses on 'Lost' Finale

By Kate O'Hare


LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Calling in from the set of his new movie, "Whisper," in Vancouver, B.C., Josh Holloway has a few thoughts on the finale of ABC's "Lost."

"I was a little disappointed in the finale," says Holloway, who plays con man Sawyer on the hit series. "I liked it, but I didn't love it. The script was one thing, but they tried to do so much, I feel like that some things lost the power they had. But that's okay; it was still good."

After a season full of dangling plot threads and tantalizing clues, fans were hoping for some solid revelations at the end. What they got in the May 25 finale were some hints and a few surprises, but in the end, more questions than answers. And that goes for the actors as well.

"We don't get answers either," Holloway says. "So I'm like, 'Aaaarrrgh!' I'm assuming that's the way TV is. I'm excited personally to quit asking questions about the writers and what they do and just do my job."

"Lost" follows survivors of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles, crashed on a tropical island a thousand miles off-course.

In their month or so on the island, the castaways have discovered that it's no ordinary place, with polar bears, an invisible "security system," and the unseen "Others" whispering in the jungle.

They've also learned they're not alone. Mira Furlan plays Danielle Rousseau, survivor of a boat accident, who's been on her own for 16 years, and William Mapother played Ethan Rom, who faked being a crash survivor in order to pursue his own nefarious ends before being killed by one of the castaways. Both Danielle and Ethan showed a lot of interest in pregnant castaway Claire (Emilie de Ravin), both before and after she had her baby.

In the finale, Danielle stole the baby, hoping to trade it to "The Others" for a child stolen from her 16 years ago, but they had other plans. The Others -- or at least their scruffy, seagoing minions -- tracked Sawyer and fellow survivors Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Michael (Harold Perrineau) as they set sail on a raft. They ultimately snatched Michael's young son, Walt (Malcolm David Kelley), instead of the baby, shooting Sawyer and leaving the raft ablaze.

Sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed something about the people on the boat, but if not, Holloway says, "There were twins, which I don't know if you could tell. They were identical twins, which was really spooky. There again, that wasn't emphasized."

There also may be more footage showing what happened everyone was forced off the raft. "They filmed some stuff of us in the water that they cut out," Holloway says. "I'm wondering if they're saving that for the premiere. I'm hoping that it wasn't for no reason, because it was cold and it was three in the morning when we got there."

Loyal Sawyer fans probably noted that he had a new hairstyle on the raft, trading in his free-flowing locks for a samurai-style ponytail.

"I've been really having a hard time just with the logistics of the frickin' hair," Holloway says, "and trying to work with the hair whipping in your face all the time, because we shoot outside on the beach, right? I was thinking about that, on the raft, God, it's going to be coming from all directions! So I came up with that little idea. It worked great. I could actually see."

In one of the episode's unexpected moments, high-school science teacher Arzt (Daniel Roebuck) was helping the castaways deal with some old, unstable dynamite when he was suddenly blown to pieces.

"That was one of the best deaths I've seen," Holloway says. "'A shower of meat,' as it was described in the script. We were like, 'Oooh, God!,' but even that could have been a little more Tarantino-ish, if you will. It needed a little more blood."

Since he went to work on "Whisper" the day after "Lost" wrapped in late April, Holloway didn't exactly get to have a viewing party for the finale. "I watched it in my hotel room after we wrapped at three in the morning here," he says. "That's how I've seen the last four episodes, actually, because I've been working every day."

Since Sawyer is currently underwater and his fate unknown, fans may have to wait a bit to see another scene between him and Jack Shepard (Matthew Fox), the neurosurgeon who has become the castaways' de facto leader. That would be a shame, since the fireworks between them is one of the show's most entertaining elements.

"They're like two brothers who were separated at birth," Holloway says. "They're two sides of the same thing. Sawyer's just had a different life experience. He was raised more on the darker side of life. I find it really interesting because Matthew and I work kind of similar. He's the kind of person I can sit next to and not have to say a word to and just get it. We really don't have to talk that much, like brothers.

"When we've got a big scene to do, we're not all joking with each other. We don't even talk to each other. Then after the scene, we give each other a big hug. That chemistry, and the way we work, comes through on screen. So I find a scene with Foxy to be very intense, but easy to do, because he's right there, on fire, and I'm right there. It just works."

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Lost actor on big screen next year



Josh Holloway, who plays 'Sawyer' in the hit TV series 'Lost', will make the jump to the big screen next year in a new supernatural thriller called 'Whisper'.

The film follows Max Harper (Holloway), a kidnapper whose victim is the young son of a wealthy woman.

But having kidnapped the child, Harper and his associates discover the boy is not all that he seems.

The film, the big screen debut of director Stewart Hendler, is currently in post production.


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Holloway Created Lost Heartthrob



Lost heart throb Josh Holloway convinced the show's producers to turn his character from a sleek businessman into a rugged badboy.

James Sawyer was written as a Prada wearing New York conman, but Holloway had different ideas.

He explains, "I thought Prada would look rubbish after a day on the beach and it wouldn't age well.

"I made him a little softer and a little scruffier. Girls love a messed-up tough guy."

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'Lost' Actor and Wife Robbed at Gunpoint


'Lost's' Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway, who plays con man, Sawyer on the ABC castaway drama, "Lost," said that he was grateful to the Honolulu police for their help after a reported armed robbery at his Hawaii Kai home in a statement released by the actor through Touchstone Television on Thursday, October 13.

"My family and I are fine and appreciate everyone's concerns and good thoughts," Holloway said in the statement. "We are very grateful for the help of the Honolulu Police Department and the support of the local community."

KHON-TV reported that Holloway and his wife, Yessica, were held at gunpoint in their home in the early morning of Wednesday, October 12. The thief rousted the pair from their bed and took the couple's cash and credit cards. The robber then drove off in Holloway's Mercedes-Benz, which was found abandoned a short time later.

According to KHON news reports, there was no indication the robber recognized the 36-year-old actor. When asked for further details, Holloway, who cuts a volatile, angry figure in the castaway series, had nothing to say about the robbery itself. As of the last update, the thief is still at large.

The Honolulu Police Department referred questions to the detective assigned to the case, who wasn't immediately available for comment. Honolulu police would not release any information on the robbery. Holloway's agent did not immediately return a call to her Los Angeles office.

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"Lost" actor, wife robbed at gunpoint in home


Josh Holloway arrives at the 'Lost' season 2 premiere party

at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Sept. 14, 2005

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A cast member of the Emmy-winning TV series "Lost" and his wife were robbed at gunpoint in their Honolulu home, police and a spokeswoman for the actor said on Thursday. A spokeswoman for actor Josh Holloway confirmed that he and his wife had been robbed.

Honolulu police declined to identify Holloway but said a couple living at his property was awakened at 4:10 a.m. local time on Wednesday by a man wearing gray-and-black shirt and baseball cap holding a handgun.

Local KHON-TV reported that the robber took cash and the keys to a Mercedes-Benz car later found in the area.

Holloway, 36, plays Sawyer on ABCs top-rated show "Lost" about survivors of a plane crash trying to survive on a mysterious, uncharted Pacific Island. "My family and I are fine and appreciate everyone's concerns and good thoughts," the actor said in a statement. "We are very grateful for the help of the Honolulu police department and the support of the local community."

The show is shooting its second season on Hawaii's Oahu.

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Man Arrested in Robbery of 'Lost' Actor


'Lost's' Josh Holloway

Police have arrested a man described as "a possible suspect" in the home invasion-robbery of "Lost" actor Josh Holloway. The man matches the general description of the robber who held the star of the ABC castaway drama and his wife at gunpoint October 12 at their home in Hawaii Kai, Capt. Frank Fujii said. The man was arrested Tuesday, October 19 on outstanding burglary and felony assault warrants.

He and a companion were taken into custody after the car they were in was stopped by police in Palolo Valley. Police said they fired rubber and wooden bullets, as well as pepper spray when the men initially refused to get out of the car. The commotion forced the temporary lockdown of nearby Aliolani Elementary School, teacher Kathy Tom said.

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