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Goddess Juliet...


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Juliet is the perfect woman... She's got it all, Character, Charisma, stunning beauty, sence of humor, i could go on and on... My new favorite character!!!! She plays it good too!!! This is so great!!!!

Thank you Gods of lost!!!!




Looks like Elizabeth Mitchell will be on a few episodes too..

The cost of living.

Further instructions.

The glass ballerina

A tale of two cities, and I hope many many more!!!

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No, tell us how you really feel, King... B)

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I haven't checked the credits, but they look too much alike. Maybe actress one coldn't complete the job, so they got another...who knows...

Either she is really strong, or Jack is a COMPLETE wimp. He got knocked the f*ck out...by a girl!!

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She has been on a few shows!! CSI to name one..

chicken francese?????

That's the best you could come up with?? I can make that while sleeping..


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The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) .... Mrs. Claus/Carol Calvin


- The Cost of Living (2006) TV Episode .... Juliet

- Further Instructions (2006) TV Episode .... Juliet

- The Glass Ballerina (2006) TV Episode .... Juliet

- A Tale of Two Cities (2006) TV Episode .... Juliet

Running Scared (2006) .... Edele

"House M.D."

... aka House (USA: short title)

- Damned If You Do (2004) TV Episode .... Sister Mary Augustine

3: The Dale Earnhardt Story (2004) (TV) .... Teresa Earnhardt

... aka 3 (USA: short title)

"Boston Legal"

- Catch and Release (2004) TV Episode .... Christine Pauley

- Still Crazy After All These Years (2004) TV Episode .... Christine Pauley


... aka Our New Life in Everwood (UK: new syndication title)

- Staking Claim (2004) TV Episode .... Sara Beck

"The Lyon's Den" .... Ariel Saxon

- Pilot (2003) TV Episode .... Ariel Saxon

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"

... aka C.S.I. (USA: short title)

... aka CSI: Las Vegas (USA: syndication title)

... aka CSI: Weekends (USA: promotional title)

... aka Experts, Les (Canada: French title)

- One Hit Wonder (2003) TV Episode .... Melissa Winters

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

... aka Law & Order: SVU (USA: promotional abbreviation)

... aka Special Victims Unit (New Zealand: English title)

- Mercy (2003) TV Episode .... Andrea Brown

The Santa Clause 2 (2002) .... Principal Carol Newman

... aka SC2 (USA: promotional abbreviation)

... aka Santa Clause 2 (UK: poster title)

... aka The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause (USA)

Man and Boy (2002) (TV) .... Cyd Mason

"Spin City"

- Fight Flub (2001) TV Episode .... Nancy Wheeler

Double Bang (2001) .... Dr. Karen Winterman

"The Beast" (2001) TV Series .... Alice Allenby


- Rampage (2001) TV Episode .... Dr. Kim Legaspi

- Where the Heart Is (2001) TV Episode .... Dr. Kim Legaspi

- Fear of Commitment (2001) TV Episode .... Dr. Kim Legaspi

- Witch Hunt (2001) TV Episode .... Dr. Kim Legaspi

- The Crossing (2001) TV Episode .... Dr. Kim Legaspi

(9 more)

Hollywood Palms (2001) .... Blair

"Time of Your Life"

- The Time They Got E-Rotic (2000) TV Episode .... Ashley Holloway

- The Time She Turned 21 (2000) TV Episode .... Ashley Holloway

- The Time They Decided to Date (2000) TV Episode .... Ashley Holloway

- The Time They All Came Over for Thanksgiving (1999) TV Episode .... Ashley Holloway

The Linda McCartney Story (2000) (TV) .... Linda McCartney

... aka Histoire de Linda McCartney, L' (Canada: French title)

Nurse Betty (2000) .... Chloe Jensen

... aka Nurse Betty - Gef

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" In the begining of the show when she was playing that cd...wasnt that the same song Desmond was playing in the Hatch when they first showed the Hatch in Season 2?"

Nope not the same song! The song Desmond was playing was "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" by The Mammas and The Papas. I have that one on my computer downloaded it a few weeks after the show lol!! Im like this is a great song!!!

The song the other night was called "Downtown" by Petula Clark now I have that song as well lol!! My friend new it right away im like ive heard this song before but not sure what it is called or who it is!

Both great songs to start of the season's lol!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Im still looking for that freakin song used when the tail end and the front end of the plane reunite!!! I cant find it at all!!!! I dont think its a real song just something the Lost music people put together! If anyone knows were I can get it let me known.

Shes not as Hot as Kate though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katie still trumps all :wub::wub:

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You are right about the songs, I was a little wrapped up into Juliet to even notice they were different....


When you're alone

And life is making you lonely,

You can always go downtown

When you've got worries,

All the noise and the hurry

Seems to help, I know, downtown

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HA!!! Notice how during the fight scene Kate just stood there and watched... She knew Juliet would have kicked her butt...

And as soon as Sawyer got hold of a gun, all Juliet had to do was point her's at Kate... She knew that Sawyer knew that She would shoot Kate in a heartbeat. She also knew that Sawyer knew that She could take out him and Kate before he even had a chance to point at her yet alone shoot...

Juliet>>>All Others..



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Something about her mouth makes me want to punch her...any actress/ sctor who can make me feel that much violence is awesome!!

I'm wondering if during Kate's time away, was she instructed/ conditioned to not touch Juliet? Kate has demonstrated in two seasons that she is far from weak, why not attempt to elbow Julliet, or anything but stand there.

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