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BB7 Allstars Detox


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I don't know just what I want to share yet, but from here and now I know I got too caught up in the fishbowl of then. Caught up in the netting of the drama, I may have been more 'judge-mental' than I would ever want if in the other's shoes.

And so, now that I'm detached .....

Erica -- You really did okay. A woman in a man's game. Clever, witty, knew how to take advantage of a situation, and played the cards dealt to you. Kudos.

Mike -- You said up front that you wanted the street credit. I think you earned it.

Kaysar -- It makes me sad that you gave up on the game, yet I think I understand.


What might you share now?

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Erika: I still don't like you. You creaped me out all year how your were sneaking around and playing everyone.

Mike: I still think you are disgusting and the show you put on the first time you went in the jack-shack was gross. You kept up the gross factor the whole game.

James: You whining and vicious attacks against Janelle was tiring. You blamed Janie for everything.

Will: I did not like you at first but in the end I saw that you were trying to be more real and seemed to have feelings.

Kaysar: Your heart was not in the game but I really admire your integrity.

Howie: In the game you really get on my nerves. I have been told that outside the house you are an amazing friend.

Janelle: You played a good game. You chocked in the final 3 but you were still a winner for me.

The rest.... I don't have a lot of memories of you. Sorry.

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I'm still having BB withdrawals. Survivor, Amazing Race, Flavor of love, Biggest Loser, and Deal or no deal are helping out a little bit but BB beats all of em.

Allison - I don't know, have a nice life.

Nakomis - You were robbed. I wish you could've stayed longer. You are a very intelligent person and realize that this is a numbers game. (Howie obviously didn't realize that when he nominated James and Sarah :lol:). From the beginning, we could tell what your strategy was, trying to see where the alliances fell. In the first HOH competition, you knocked out both Howie and James. Smart move, season 6 had the numbers (although 4 vs. 10 aren't the best numbers).

Jase - You need to host housecalls more often. You're gameplay might've sucked (calling people out, never works), but you're a hilarious person.

Diane - I really wanted you to go far, but Janelle nominated you (that nominations kind of reminds me of Drew nominating Holly, not the smartest move but at the time but he did win the game due to the twin hatred). Sorry

Kaysar - 3rd eviction, never a member of the jury. You're just not cut out for this game. You are a nice person though

Marcellas - I'm sure you are a nice person outside of the house, but you are very hypocritical. I noticed that on housecalls when you were explaining your actions (it was the 2nd to last show of the season... been awhile since I watched it but if you do come around to morty's and ask me what hypocritical actions you did, then I'll rewatch it and tell you). I hope you do come back to housecalls though. It was very entertaining having you last season. I don't know the effect of the house, so I can't insult you, but only tell you what some viewers feel.

Howie - I'm not sure what kind of effect the house had on you, but insulting (I'm not using the words "calling out" because you were in the jury stage and calling him a fatass at the jury house) George went too far. The reason we liked you last year was because everyone hated the nerd herd because of their constant bashing. When you went Busto on April, everyone was happy because the viewers hated April so much (wish you would've gone Busto on Ivette). I'm sure you are a nice person outside of the house also, but it really was sad seeing you attack someone 11 years older than you. I don't know the effect of the house, so I can't insult you, but only tell you what some viewers feel.

James - I'm sure you've seen the video "Shut the **** up" on youtube. I, along with most of the people watching BB, were probably saying the same thing. I've compared you to your behavior in the house and in the jury house, and you understand that it is just a game. You stopped the whining and complaining about the "harm" in the jury house, and you seem like a nice person. I don't know the effect of the house, so I can't insult you, but only tell you what some viewers feel.

Danielle - You were ROBBED, robbed robbed robbed robbed, ugh, I can't believe Erika fell for chilltown's plans. You are a great player and should've won season 3 (even though you're too modest to say so). I loved watching you play everyone in the house and wish you would've done better than 6th place this season.

George - loved you. You seem like an annoying person to live with (no offense), but you are a genuine person and I was rooting for you to go to the final 2. Two of my favorite moments in the house were when you won POV (which caused James to be pissed saying it was rigged) and you winning HOH. You were the best person to win that competition that week because it was a double eviction week and no one knew who you were going to put up. Your family has a good person in you. (Another one of my favorite moments is when you were rapping and called james a dick and a prick! :lol: )

Will - I wasn't rooting for you in the beginning, but as I saw you manipulate people, I thought to myself "Wow!" I wanted you to go far. I don't care what you or Boogie said, but you carried Boogie on your back like the big baby he was during the game. I wish I would've watch your season because you did an AMAZING job!

Janelle - loved you in this season, loved you in last season, and I hope you make it onto the Amazing Race. I can't believe how many competitions you won! If I were to criticize you on anything, it would've been NOT TO TRUST CHILLTOWN! You did an amazing job in the game (sad you didn't make it to the final 2 in either year :() and deserve respect. Great job!

Erika - Let's get one thing straight, you did not evict Will. Janelle did. Even though I didn't want you to win, you did a good job. You did make it to final 2. You said that you felt you were playing for 2nd place. The moment you nominated Danielle is when I felt you were playing for 2nd place. I'm certain you are a nice person outside of the house, (you were nice inside the house too) but you're not cutthroat enough to play this game.

Mike - I hope you gave Will his $500,000 for helping you win. You can argue that you did just as good a job as Will, but Will was the one who worked Janelle and the rest of season 6. You rode his coattails, got angry often, and were very annoying. "I'm going to piss in Janelle's face if she evicts you Will." People would like you better if you weren't so cocky. Knowing you, if you read this, you're going to say "Well, you don't see anyone else this season with an extra $500,000 in their pocket" or something more vulgar but to that extent. However, congratulations are in order because you did win. Out of Erika and you, you deserved to win. Great job. However, most of the viewers felt you rode Will's coattails.

One thing I stand by no matter how much I like or dislike a person is that whatever place you finish in (whether it be 14th or 1st), you deserve it. Alison, you deserve last place. Mike, you deserve 1st place.

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Allison - I like you. Your reputation did you in, and I really dont think your strategy is sound. But, I like you.

Nakomis - You're just too freaky. I guess that's the point of why you make yourself look like you do. To me you just need to grow up.

Jase - Funny sometimes, but too outrageous to win the game.

Diane - You didn't play the game well and that is why you are gone.

Kaysar - You are too trusting.

Marcellas - You come off as a lazy sloth sitting around in your robe waiting to get evicted.

Howie - I didn't like your behavior in the end, but I think you are cool.

James - You have a strong competetive streak. Too strong. It blinded you. You made a bad move and it got you kicked out.

Danielle - You are not the player everyone thinks you are. You had a decent run in season 3, but that is it. You just barely kept your head above the water this game. They could play all-stars over 100 times and you will never win.

George - You seemed lost and I guess you were. BB changed from season 1 to season 6. You were out of place.

Will - You are good. You know it. We know it. I don't think anybody can deny it.

Janelle - Janelle, you should have been the winner of BB all-stars, but the way the game works is all the best players do each other in and the floaters finish it off.

Erika -I dont hate you as much as many do. I don't think you played the game well. I know it doesn't matter since you get the 2nd place winnings, but you really dont deserve it.

Mike - I was up and down about you all season. I dont think you deserve the win. I think your performance on the final show was good. You said the right things. Still, of all the people on the show. You are the scummiest.

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Danielle: I forgot you on the last post I did. You played a terrible game. I voted to get you in because I thought you would be an ALL STAR but I was wrong. You tooted your own horn way too much. You drank too much. You made bad moves. You aligned with the wrong people.

Ringing that doorbell 602 times (or however many) times made me realize that you were nuts!

Marcellas: You played a horrible game. What the heck did you contribute at all to the game?

Nakomis, Diane, Allison I really did not get a chance to see what your game would be. I think I would enjoyed any of you so much more then Erika.

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DANILLE YOU PLAYED A GREAT GAME... THE ONLY REASON WHY YOU WERE OUT IS BECAUSE Erika backstabb you....and trusted CT...You thought Erika was going to do your dirty work for you and get rid of Will but that sly devil got to her first...I like that even though it was a game you had a good time and party you ass off..:lol: Who cares if you got drunk that night with Erika was stressful and besides you didnt have to go to work the next day or drive...It reminds me of my college daze such a blurr but I had a blast ...pass the that bottle :) You always followed my motto Lets do the damn thing..... and be damn who you step on to get there...if they didnt want to get tackle then they shouldnt have come to play...U ARE A PLAYER.. You used strategy and competitiveness to get what you want....Girl you have brains and Beauty and you have a lot of fans especially in the African American community... As I said in my letter to you on James website I wish much sucess and hope to see you and your family on other reality series.

Allison I wish you would have played longer...I believe you and Dani would have rock the house...With your photographic memory you would have rocked!! I hope to see you on another reality series also...Maybe you and Dani could do something on MTV I hear they help promote there reality stars careers...

Will, Mike love ya glad to see Old school run the house again..Old school meaning in a good way and not literally calling you old...You showed everyone how to really play the game..Will you would have won if it wasnt for Erika...I thought I knew this game but watching you ...I found out I knew nothing.. I was going to tryout for next season but I dont know now...:lol: my mind is still like :blink:

James you had me scared a couple of times but you did great and I am glad you had fun...I thought you were going to up the game a little because you were playing with the big dogs now...but all and all you still did great...I just wouldnt made it so obvious you were blowing the comps...

Janelle I think you didnt play that well this year...I was a huge fan last year but this year was little disappointing...I knew you were going to only make 3rd because you let everyone use you...You won comps however they were given to you...And if CT didnt protect you you would have been gone a long time ago... I wanted to ask you what was your strategy...I am still confuse... On a couple of comps you kicked butt on I will give you that but from last year I knew you were already good at those comps... On a personal not if they do another all stars do not rely on a guy but guts and your own planing to see you through LOOK OUT FOR #1 and not your alliance because your alliance should have already came there to play and not ride your coat tail..

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Sparklet can you point out some good moves that Danille made in the game.

Outside the house I bet she is awesome and I know I would love her but ....SHE PLAYED A CRAPPY GAME.

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OK Marty,

She may have left 6th place but she made an hell of an impact while she was there, this girl played the game and the only reason why she was out is because Will got scared of her and knew it was her or him. I dont blame him for that because I would have done the same thing.

1. She was suppose to leave first but she let Allison shoot herself in the foot

2. She put it in other peoples head that the 4 had to go by creating doubts without them knowing about it. Everyone knew she was a threat except the Kay and Jan

3. She laid low until it was her time to move

4. When she struck she made a blow which pissed off America and the 3

5. She told Will to make Janie fall in love with him to get Boogie off ( worked a little to well)

6. In her conversations she ended up gaining information that was useful to the LOD

7. In some cases when she pretended to be drunk...(only once she was really drunk and that was Erica) people let down there guard and told her things which she used to her advance.

8. She had guts and was not scared to back down

9. even though the decision bit her in the butt, but that was a damn good decision to have the 2 hohs disagree..Alison didnt trust her and went around saying that Dani came up with the Idea...It would have worked if Jase didnt get so damn paranoid.. That made her back down a little...

10. Her alliance failed her in the POV comp when she was HOH not her..but they made it up next comp. but her plan would have worked if those 3 knuckle heads played the game james won a telephone and Mar. party...He made himself look guilty..

11. She knew Erika was after Will so she was going to let Erika do her dirty work for her... but Will got to Erika first.. Sly Devil :lol: I still like him

12. Even Will and Boogie was scared of Danielle Will said in playing this game a in a scale 1-10 Dani is a 9.

She is always thinking of the game even when she appears to be relaxing she is always thinking of the game...

13. Janelle said that Dani was the best player besides Will and Boogie to play the game also..

14. She made an incredible impact and gave good advices...strategically she did a good job

Well I could go no but I thought this was enough..

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Rebel, 3rd place is better than 11 other people who played the game.

There can only be one winner and 13 losers, rebel. How is Janelle making it to third place make her worst than the other 12 losers? Seems your opinion is based off a bias.

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Okay, I'm ready to fess up.

I really like Janelle, very much.

And Season 6 I thought she played a great game.

But in All Stars I discovered that beyond being an ace at competitions,

she really isn't that good a game player without other people around her to call the shots.

I'm going to have to agree that Janie didn't deserve to win -- at least not All Stars.

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I know Dani had a lot to live up to. She most definatily did not play up to her reputation. Her head was spinning so much I think she could not play a good game. Yes she was all over the place gathering information but she did not do one good thing with it. Nada.... nothing.

Janelle did not play a smart game. She is the comp queen but her brain was not working in the game either. I only mention Jani too because Sparklet I know you have a grudge against her.

My opinion

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I only mention Jani too because Sparklet I know you have a grudge against her.

OK I gave you my reasons why I like Dani but this is what piss me off around here... Just because I am a Dani fan doesnt mean I have a grudge against Janie.... I write it like I see it... to me Jani didnt play that great...I have nothing AND I REPEAT nothing against Janie I just thought Dani was the better player...and I gave some of my reasons why.... Just my opinion...

You called me out on the reasons why I like Dani and I responded.. nothing to it... You like Janie...good.. but dont bash me for liking Dani...

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sparklet, hey I in no way bashed you at all. Bashing Danielle is not bashing you. I just don't see any reason to say Dani played a good game. That is only my opinion. Don't take it personally please.

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Allison - sorry you didn't get to go further

Nakomis - wish you had made it further too....

Jase - his outburst totally changed my opinion of him. what a baby!

Diane - she irritated me with the way she talked.

Kaysar - so damn sexy

Marcellas - I liked marci I was pissed he turned on Janie

Howie - I love you Howie!

James - You have an ugly attitude!

Danielle - dani you did really well. Your girl Erica really stabbed you in the back.

George - I love you georgie! I really wanted to see you win it!

Will - Your good.

Janelle - I love you Janie!! I will always be a fan! You go girl!

Erika -I feel very sorry for you.

Mike - You disgust me.

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When I first logged on for the BB8 countdown, everyone was heralding Sparklet's rejoining.

Now I look in here and everyone seems to be on her back.

Sparklet -- I don't know you from a hole in the wall.

How did you turn the crowd between then and now?

It's off-topic, but what the hey!

wot happen'd ?

p.s. Let me take my stand, lest you doubt me. I also think Danni played a good game, but it was yesterday's game.

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i miss putting dont flame or bait others in my threads :D

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lol i found it on a nursing forum. i had to support my profession :lol:

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