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Ode to BigBrother Allstars


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For 72 days, three days a week

my heart belonged to CBS.

The sadness I feel now that BB has ended

you can only begin to guess.

I laughed at Dani when she was drunk;

I loved Jedi Howie's crude antics.

I wanted Marcellas to change out of that robe,

And I name Will & Janelle BB's best showmantics.

I loved Chicken George

and his bout with gas from slop;

but I wish someone would have shoved some food down Scar-ika's throat

---even a Tootsie pop!

Though I never liked Alison I must admit

her comment to Erika was the key.

I hope she uses the money she won

to buy herself some dignity.

And to our favorite Iraqi peach

We had plans that you'd go far.

But though it didn't work out the way we hoped,


Chen-Bot was a necessary evil, I guess

she kept her job cuz she's married to 'the man;'

but our dear sweet Janie, America's Choice,

won herself 25 grand!

So though I wave a tearful good-bye

to ChillTown, Season 6-er's and all of BB 7,

I have to disagree with Boogie's statement---

for playin' the ho I think he's going to heaven!

---Cathy, a Big Brother Addict

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OH the show is over, the curtain fell

Booger won the $500,00

Hope he can use it in hell. <_<

Janelle is going back to her club

Will is still a doc

I will miss seeing them in the hot tub :P

Opinions were said, sarcasm on tap

but the best words spoken all year were

"How do you pick between gonorrhea and the clap?" :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Bye Bye BB7 All-Stars, as usual it was great,

But now I can't wait to see Big Brother 8 ! :D

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Omg you guys those are sooo funny! And sooo true! I can't wait to see you all again next July for bb8 :D

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Neither Erika or Boogie should have even been on ALL STARS!

Erika was voted on as America's Choice because she went around to some not so well known forums and chatted with the people. She set up a voting bot and these people agreed to run it for her. She cheated her way in with the voting machine that ran 24/7. No way was she a good player or an ALL STAR.

Boogie was only in the game because Will said it was a package deal. If they wanted him they had to take Boogie. Will has said this.

So 2 people that had no business being in ALL STARS are in the F2.

*just a note James had people in his My Space friends list using the voting bot too. It is a way to cheat with the votes. I think he would have gotten voted in anyway but no way would Erika have been voted in.

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If I had the computer expertise .... I'd love to put video clips together to go with Supertramp's.. "Goodbye Stanger"

If you're not familiar with the lyrics and want to take a minute to see them...


and yes, Tarman... LOTS of talented people in here :excl:

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