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If Big Brother was a football game.


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Janelle gets the Dan Mariano award. Great player but can never make it to the big one.

Will's the quarterback of Chilltown but the running back Mike Boogie won Superbowl MVP this time.

Erika was the opposition in the Superbowl that sort of fluked her way into the big game. Struck first in the Superbowl but ended up losing 42-7 with the last two TD's being unnecessary.

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janelle peyton manning chokes in the end when it counts

ericka eagles in the superbowl where everything goes wrong in the end

boogie the adam vinteri the kicker that does nothing but comes in to seal the win and get the glory

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Janelle's butt is way too big to be Joe Montana. She's more like William Perry with that muffin top!

As for the game - Will is the Patriots - he won the first time and no one saw it coming just like the Pats' 2001 Superbowl championship. Here it is 2006 and he almost won again this time but he ran into the Broncos (Janelle) who looked unstoppable until they got taken out of the playoffs by the wild card, Pittsburgh (Booger) who ended up winning the super bowl.

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Will - The head coach who calls all the plays but gets fired by the owners before the end of the game.

Mike - inexperienced assistant coach who has to take over

and manages to win the game, even though the fans hate him.

Erika - A groupie that Mike messes around with, but has no interest in her after the game.

James - A bench-warmer, third stringer, who whines because

he is taken out of the game.

Marcellas - Just a guy who hangs around the locker room checking out the guys but is kicked out soon after the game starts.

Howie - A big lug, a running back who fumbles the ball 2 or 3 times and is benched by the coach. (Knocks the coach's hat off when he leaves the game.)

George - A lovable old guy who runs onto the field with a water bottles during time-outs.

Danielle - A hot cheer-leader who has a tendency to drink too much, during and after the game.

Janelle - A sweet, pretty cheerleader who thinks she loves Will, but finds out he likes her only as a friend.

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