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Housguests liking or disliking change thread


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Ok I stated in a previous post that Erika really dropped down my scale this year and Mikey B really move up my scale. Let me known what you guys think of all the HG's after this season. Do you like them more, less, or the same? Dont be afraid to elaborate a little on each as well.

Alison- A little more- I guess we didnt get to see much of her but I felt she was courgeous to try to go after Janie week 1!!! Had she lasted I think she could have done some major damage!

Danielle- like her more- She was one of my least favorite players of BB3 but I knew she was an esstential villain to this game. However she sure wasnt much of a villian this year I found her very enjoyable and very loyal this season. I walk away liking her much more after this season.

Diane- same- I really liked her she was one of my favorites and still is today. However not much can change she really just didnt play up to her potential this season but I still love her.

Erika- less- I didnt like her game play this year she really back stabbed a lot of people and was very hypocrticial of Ali game play which she used to perfection this season. I still wouldnt say I dislike her totally but she dissapointed me this year with her dececitful game play.

George- even more- Gosh what can I say about CG!!!! Just love this guy period!!! He is pure entertianment and really isnt that bad of a player just not the best in comptetions. Provided one of the best moments of the season with his speech!!!!!!

Howie- hate him more- Didnt really care much for his antics in BB6 however he was still my fav of the sovs. However some of it was pretty funny so I wanted to give him another chance. I found his jokes to be old and boring this year!!! He really wasnt much of an all star he was just a byproduct of a strong alliance. He needs to grow up too!!!

James- same- Didnt really care much for James in season 6!!!!! Was one of my least favorites. This year I felt his game play was not very good what so ever. The master of the veto sure didnt impress me this season. I say he is about the same.

Janelle- like her more- She took a big rise in my opinion. Hated her in season 6!!! But this season she really proved to me that she is just one damn good player period!! Second only to Will in my opinion!! She made some good moves in this game and some bad moves. She wasnt as hateful to other HG's as last season. Even though I get sick and tired of seeing her win all AC's and competions so what this girl has got it all. I come away liking her much more. She may have taken the biggest jump on my list upwards.

Jase- same- I really liked him at the beginning of this game and really thought man I can really root for this guy this year. But his game play was to weak this year. I dont hate him anymore he is just an in between for me.

Kaysar- same- Do I really need to explain? He is the most overrated player in the history of the game!!!!!!!! He just aint cut out for this game.

Marcelles- went from love to dislike- Marcelles just like Erika was one of my all time favs. However he dropped down even farther then Erika. I found him very weak, very decitful, very much a baby and a very poor player!!!! I dont know but after this season I dont even like him anymore. He was just boring!!!!!!!!!

Mike- like more- What can I say about Mike. I thought he was just a clown and not a very good player what so ever. A butt kisser to the Doctor. But you know what this game changed me. He played an awesome game!!!!! He lied when needed, told the truth when needed, won comps when needed. He did it all in this game and I find him very likeable now. He deserved to win this game! Kaysar is the most overrated and Mike may be the most underrated.

Nakomis- same- loved her in BB5!! She didnt play all that well this game so she remains about the same! Still like her alot though! Glad she made it on thought she could easily be on the outside looking in. Certainly didnt expect her to make it by the fan vote!

Will- love him- Are you kidding me he is reaffrimed his status as the greatest player of all time!!! Should have been the first target right of the back and should have certainly been a target down the line. However after not being nominated the first week I knew people were giving into his amazing powers yet again. He played really a flawless game it was only Erika who was able to convince Janelle to make her worst move in the game and get rid of Will. Will your number 1 in my book and I dont think anyone will ever be able to replace you in the top spot. I will miss watching you the most next summer!!!!!! They should throw 13 strangers in a house with just you and maybe Janelle. I bet you 2 make it to final 2!!!!!!!! Dont knock Will for not winning comps he said it himself he doesnt try to hard to win competitons.

one more thing replace one member of the house this season with some one who was left of the cast list this is easy for me ill take LISA and kick Marcelles out I guess. Wish Lisa would have gotten in instead of my supposedly favorite BB3 HG I guess i learned that Lisa is my true fav from Season 3.

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I think I would have taken out Diane, I just don't think she brought much to the table this year, and I liked her during her season.

I would have replaced her with Monica. She may not have lasted any longer than Diane, but she would have shaken the house up a little bit.

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Alison- a little less. I liked her then but I wanted her gone early this year.

Nakomis- a little more.

Jase - same, didn't really like him then.

Diane- same.

Kaysar- same...still love him :D .

Marcellas- same, he's still annoying but funny.

Howie- still love Howie

James- less. Kaysar was right, a chip on his shoulder.

Danielle- a little less. I loved her in season 3.

Chicken George- don't remember him from Season 1 even though I watched but I love him now. You're alright Georgie :D .

Will-more. Loved the flirtmance

Janelle-same- love the buxom blonde

Erika-same. Mostly I feel pity for her.

Mike-a little more. I didn't like him at all before.

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i would have like marvin & drew, hardy to replace howie, kaysar, marcellus

alot weak players made chilltown reign of deceit to easy and they had no punishment for their action. this wasnt the brightest bunch of bb players. female cast was ok except for ericka who leech like she always does.

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Alison- Same. She is one coniving broad and I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see her game.

Nakomis- Same. I've always liked her and nothing she did this season made me like her any less.

Jase - Same, didn't like him then, don't like him now.

Diane- Same. I would have liked to see the old Diane back though.

Kaysar- Less. I really really liked him last season. I thought his game play SUCKED this season but he was soooo much fun to look at. :wub:

Marcellas- Less. Such a drama queen, cry baby.

Howie- Way less. This year through Morty's I got to see what Howie is all about and wasn't pleased at all with what I saw.

James- Same. I liked James last season and I like him this season. A big whine bag though.

Danielle- Less. I love her personally but for her game play, I would say less. She's my all time favorite player, she was awesome in her season but her game play just wasn't there this season.

Chicken George- More. I got to see more of George, he's a nice guy.

Will-Same. Always loved Will, awesome player, awesome.

Janelle-Same. Loved her last season, loved her this season, she was too easily manipulated though. :angry:

Erika-WAY LESS. She's lame. And I think she's going to need some therapy after this one.

Mike-Less if it's possible. I never ever liked Boogie but I think he deserved to win over Erika.

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Alison- She tried to play the game too quickly and I was glas she was gone. I didn't like her from the start and that didn't change.

Nakomis- I liked her during her season but not during this one. She sort of acted a little like a bi**h from the start and I don't like that type of attitude.

Jase - No change or feelings either way. I didn't even realize he was there.

Diane- Cute girl that I was going to semi-root for until her attitude.

Kaysar- Like him a little less only because he didn't really play this season.

Marcellas- I liked him going in and hated him going out. His incessant whining really irked me.

Howie- I still love Howie and I understand why he was hurt so much but he should have just talked to George and told him how much it hurt, it would have made CG feel worse then yelling.

James- Alot less this season then last, and I didn't like him last season. He came in hating the S6 alliance without reason and it bugged me.

Danielle- I don't remember her from her season but same with Alison, she tried to play that first week and her talking sh** about Janelle lowered her in my eyes.

Chicken George- I liked him all the way up until the backstab/backdoor of Howie. He really screwed up a friendship there and acted way worse then he normally does.

Will- I hated Will at the start of the game and ended up wanting him and Janelle in final two with either one winning and I would have been happy.

Janelle-I like her even more though I wish she never trusted Erika. She not only played a hell of a game but she played it consequtively and with a huge target on her back constantly and made it to final three. You GO Janie!!

Erika-I liked her during her season but when she turned into a bi**h I lost all sympathy for her. I was still willing to at least give a rat's ass until she made the comment, "Janelle is destined for third place" and thought she ran the game from the beginning like CT actually did.

Mike-I hated him at the start and through most of the game. He was an arrogant cocky SOB and the only reason I wanted him to win was because Erika was the other option. Pissing and Shitting in someone's mouth for revenge is not even funny, it's just sick.

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