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HoH variations around the world

Brekkie Boy

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Having a look at some info on http://www.worldofbigbrother.com today and I didn't realise how many versions now actually had their own adaption of the Head of Household format.

BB USA was the first to move away from the original rules back in 2001, and is still the only version where the public eviction vote has been entirely dropped. However, concepts of the format crop up around the world.

Firstly, one I've mentioned before - Brazil. Here the "Lider" nominates one person, with the other HMs voting once each to determine the second nominee (HoH votes only to break a tie) and the public vote to evict. In addition to the position of "Lider", the winner of the "Angel" can give immunity to a fellow HM.

This is the only other version though where the "HoH" is determined by a challenge. In most the others I've come across the HoH is determined by a weekly vote.

The Belgian version of it has more similarities to the Veto really. The "Big Boss" gets their own private suite to share with a HM of their choice, and also the power to save one nominee and replace them with a person of their choice.

In Greece they also used the voting system - but their third series began as "Big Mother", with houseguests joined by their mothers in the house. When a HG was evicted, so was their mother. The mothers though did choose the HoH each week - but when ratings fell the mothers were kicked out and it was up to the HMs to decide.

And in Spain - back in BB5 the HoH could deduct 3 points from a nominee - similar to BB Aus now, while last year in BB7 the HoH could save a nominee - with the replacement being the person with the next highest votes. ("Gran Hermano 8" has just begun - not got much info yet, but the HMs are divided between four apartments.)

Elsewhere, well in Australia they have the -3pt twist too, awarded to the weekly "Friday Night Live" winner.

Here in the UK despite several rumours of introducing a HoH, we've only had one once - for one week in BB4. However, there have been numerous twists where HMs have had the privilege of being the only HM to nominate that week and other Secret Missions where if passed, the winner is immune from eviction.

P.S. To all you French Canadians, a new series of Loft Story is due soon. It is officially a variation on Big Brother which results in a male and female winner. One week the men nominate the women, and the next week it's the other way round. The nominees are decided by each voter ranking the opposite sex, with 1 for least favourite and upwards. The two or more men/women with the least votes face the public vote.

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