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Great Season... Baaad ending.


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It may just be my opinion, but I really liked this season of BB. I was very much entertained after not having much expectations.

To me this season had what it takes to be good.

HG's you love to hate.

HG's you hate to love.

HG's you just love.

and HG's you just hate.

There was a lot of drama, plenty of laughs and a few sad moments as well.

I thought the high point of the season was when Chick Town finally saw the light of day and evicted Will. Isn't that how just about every Disney fairy tale ends? When the princess overcomes the evil and lives happily ever after. I am a big fan of WIll. I think he's the best puppet master this show has ever seen. But, its human nature I guess that we expect the good to overcome the evil and when Will got evicted... Well, I just thought it was fitting.

Then comes Thursday's show and it couldn't have been more anti-climatic. As many, many, many reality shows seem to end. The best players do not take the prize. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out why. The best players knock each other off until the end and then by luck, chance, opportunity, or whatever some floater takes them out. It's boring. I don't even know if I am going to watch the finale. I probably will. My hopes is that Erika wins, but that's becuase the only thing worse than a floater is somone who rides coatails.

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I enjoyed the season. It's just a disappointing ending. Not because Janelle isn't in the finals, although that's what I wanted. I honestly wouldn't have minded if there was at least one halfway decent choice to win. But for the second year in a row, and the third year out of the last four, the two people in the finals are beneath contempt. It's getting old.

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Are you kidding? This was almost as good as Season 6. The fact that it took forever to finally evict the blonde bimbo was the worst part though. I'm glad to see that no one from that gang knuckleheads from last year will win again. Will has to be the best player ever. He wiped out pretty much everyone in that house. His downfall was, not getting rid of the bimbo earlier. I doubt that Mike will win tho. To many people on the jury wont vote for the best player. They will vote for the person that screwed em over the least. :P

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I wanted Janelle to win. I wouldn't have minded if Will won. Danielle, who I hate, would even be better than Erika or Boogie. Here's my rundown. No particular order.

The six different HG types are

Competitor - This HG does well in challenges. Stays in the game by winning PoV and HoH.

Thinker - Thinkers use strategy to allign themselves with the right people and find ways to vote out stong hg's.

Player - Uses wits, lies, and manipulation to keep himself off the block and convince others to vote his way.

Ho - Same as a player, but less effective and usually resorts to sexy flirting.

Floater - Stays out of sight. Doesn't make too many waves. Doesn't win too many competitions. Seen by most as non-threatening, but usually ends up winning the game.

Hanger - Clings onto other strong players and alliances. participates in strategy, but is usually lost when the main partner is voted out.

Janelle - Competitor

Will - Player

Danielle - Thinker

James - Competitor

Kaysar - Thinker

Howie - Hanger

Allison - Ho

Diane - Floater

Nikomis - Thinker

George - Floater

Erika - Floater

Mike - Hanger

Jase - Player?

Marcellas - Floater

Pro-active Hg's like Competitors, Thinkers, Players, and even Ho's should win the game more often than re-active players like Floaters and Hangers. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

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Nice little categorys for the HGs... those work well. Although, Jase is more like a Competitor to me. Seems to try hard to win everything but lacks altogether on the other side of gameplay (mental). If he ever made it on Survivor he'd do well until the merge.

People are complaining about this ending, but to me that last sequence to get here was awesome: Janelle out plays Will at his game (player); Boogie out plays Janelle in her game (competitor). It may not make for two exciting matchups, but how we got here was probably the most entertaining out of all the seasons.

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Personally I thought the whole season sucked. I have seen these people in the house before and was not thrilled about watching them again. But I watched and the only really good thing was the antics of Will. The ending....well Chicken George isn't going to win so don't care(not that I cared that much anyway...:> )

It would be nice if next year they have regular people like they had for season 1.

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To me this was the lamest season of BB 29_3_13.gif

Will was the closest thing to an "All-Star" in the house. The season was boring until Will stepped up his game & made it interesting & the moment he left the show went back to sucky as evidenced by a 3 minute long endurance comp. I really hope Boogie wins because at least then I know Will is getting 1/2 the money & he is the only HG that deserves a dime :D

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Personally I don't even detest Erika or Boogie.A bunch of people went on TV for my entertainment.The entertaining ones have gone.I simply find both Erika and Boogie very dull boring people.That's it.I didn't even have a pick to win BB7.But doorknobs with hair would have more personality than these two.


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