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Janelle "Janie" - Evicted Week 12


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I read Janelle's interview and she STILL doesn't see it! Asked about her biggest mistake in BB7 she gave the generic "trusting CT too much" and the specific "putting up Marcellus."

Asked if she should have evicted one of CT sooner she said that no, they were protecting her too.

She made what I consider the THIRD worst BB play of all time, AND SHE STILL DOESN'T KNOW IT! (I think she's repressed the incident; it would be easy to do, given the manner in which it occurred):

#3: As F5 HoH and knowing she was going to nom Erika, she intended to put up MB also, but obeyed (that's the most accurate word I can find, based on the dialog they had) Will, and put up George instead.

As I've written in a number of places IF she put up E. and MB, one of them WOULD have gone home that week, and if nothing else that means the F3 would have been different. And as long as I'm writing aobut it again, let me point out that she also had a play at F7 (if I recall properly) which involved a two-week alliance with Danielle that was clearly beneficial enough for both of them that they both had reason to stick to it.

But by the time she knew she was being played (thanx Erika!) it was too late! As she correctly said in F4, the ONLY way she was getting to F2 was to win F3 HoH, and therefore at F4 her correct play was to eliminate the strongest comp player: if she evicted E. she'd almost certainly have out-endured both of CT. So even the play that all the "my Jani right or wrong" posters applauded turned out to be the wrong move for Janelle by that time (and her mistakes on BOTH sides of her trusting/not trusting Will were ALL about how she thought people would SEE her, not about winning.) GREAT COMP PLAY, not much else as far as I can see.

And MAYBE she chokes in the clutch: compare her comp-win percentage in the F3 comps she played in BB6 and BB7 with her comp-win % in all the other comps she played in in those two seasons! It's like a .330 hitter who goes 1-for-18 in the World Series ... two years in a row.

Anyway, just to finish:

#2 worst play ever: Howie as HoH putting James on the block (as Maggie told him to.) Even though James had been less-than-faithful to the Sovs he was NOT with the Herd, he was just forming microalliances with Herd members; but he was still VOTING with the Sovs, and as Dani would have said, at that point in the game "It's all about the numbers."

And of course

#1. (laughing just thinking about having to type it in) Marci's winning PoV while on the block and NOT using it on himself. I wasn't a BB watcher back then - I'd LOVE to hear who talked him out of using it, and how - anybody good at describing relevant context succinctly?

Finally, lest readers misinterpret, I sincerely LIKE Janie (for what she is), but I don't idolize her (or anyone on TV whom I can think of - except possibly Toby Ziegler) and I felt that here at the end I wanted to state what I believe is a relatively objective view of J.'s performance.

And for BOTH their sakes I sincerely hope that she and Will limit their post-BB realationship to occasional e-mails.

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very true ginger. i think she will be getting some major shocks after she watches the tapes. between James, marcellas, jase, and Boobie.. its hard to tell which one she will challenge first. hahahaha. she will bitch slap marcellas... shove the marcellas doll up james hoohaaa and she will make jase and boobie sing like they have just hit puberty.

although she does have some sense of what james has done cause Will told her that. too bad he didnt warn her about his buddy wanting to piss and shit on her face. <_< very dissapointing.

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I agree with nursie,

There are some reasons why the "CBS FAN VOTE" would pick the winner incase a jurour couldn't fullfill it's duties.

George could die of a heart attack

Howie could kill George

George might kill Howie

Marcellas might kill Howie

James might kill Howie

Will might kill Howie

Marcellas most likely would be the reason CBS needed the extra poll, cause he would be the first to commit suicide.

Then there is leaving the sequester house (they won't be punished.

Feeds are so boring (had them on twice for about 5-25 minutes today)

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I love Janie and as much as the feeds suck and for my own selfish reasons I wish she did't evcit Will but I think by her doing so she has gained self respect.

Could she have made F2 not evicting Will maybe but we all know Will and Boogie were taking each other....Erika told Boogie she would have broke the promise to Janie but we will never know that.I think she would have too...she was not playing for second place at all and she thinks she can win against Booger so either way Janie could have ended up third which she did

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I hope you read these threads because you were a joy to watch. You're beautiful, funny, down to earth, real, and we, the viewers, could relate to you. If Will has a brain in his head he wont let you get away! Good Luck in all your endeavors - you put the twinkle in BB7 Allstars!

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She may have been evicted Thursday from the CBS hit reality television show Big Brother 7 All Stars, but Grand Rapids native Janelle Pierzina has gained millions of fans all over the world and helped the show top the ratings this summer.

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