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What worked Sam, the truth? That's not strategy:

Look Sam, you can break down as many posts as you want, you can twist & turn them, Erika does not belong in the Final 2. The reason she is there is because Boogie knew he could win against her. She is not winning tonight except for 3rd Place money. The majority of people see this, including the people who are on the Jury. Boogie knew they all hated her, he is the puppetmaster when it comes to Erika. All he does is pull her strings and she's on him like a lapdog, and this is after she was told he was playing her. She has no self respect, she can't possibly. It's like when you tell a little kid don't touch that it's hot, and then they go ahead and touch it anyway and they get burnt. That is exactly what's going to happen to her.

If you look back at my posts from a couple of days ago I said that it looked like Boogie had the jury's respect and the jury's votes. Then after roundtable I said I wasn't sure because Boogie's assessment was that he had 3 votes, Erika had 3 votes and CG was an unknown. Never did I say Erika 'belongs' in the final 2 (not that she doesn't - it is what it is), never did I say Erika was going to win, never did I say I wanted Erika to win. If you will look back at my posts Ladybee what I said is that Erika wasn't delusional or an idiot for saying she actually played the game. As a matter of fact, Danielle, Howie, and Marcellas made all the same points I have with respect to her gameplay and Will even added that she played a 'brilliant, phenomenal game'. So if you're still arguing that she had no game that flies in the face of the entire jury, none of whom got the impression that she was stupid or delusional.

What irritates me is when women call other women stupid and crazy because the woman doesn't have self-respect and gets herself into positions that reinforce that lack of dignity. Janelle got played for a fool just as badly by Chilltown and I've never once called her stupid or delusional for believing their lies. Janelle also doesn't have much of a strategical game outside of comps and I've never once called her stupid or delusional for thinking she deserved to win. For me it's worth arguing for a person's dignity, even if that person is Erika and she's not at all popular or respected. jmo - sorry if you disagree.

(PS I personally also think Danielle was onto something when she said people have a problem with women playing dirty but not men - hence some harsher criticism of Erika than for Boogie - also irritating)

PPS And no Marty, I'm not Erika's brother - I thought you said you were nice :o

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