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Next Evictee Will Be...



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  1. 1. Who will Janelle send packing?

    • Erika
    • Will

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Just a thought: I've heard a number of women say that although there are several words about females that they HATE, the one which gets them most in the gut is "slut".

I wonder how much E.'s telling J. that W. has used the word ABOUT J. influenced what finally happened:

After E. told J. that, the very next time J. was with W. she asked him about it. He first denied it but it seemed clear that she didn't believe him, then he said 'maybe in a specific context, but if so it was a joke.'

And I think that THAT was the point where it all changed for J.: I think some part of her decided that if there was even a CHANCE that Will's saying that about her would be part of the season's record, she could not afford to then take him to F2, or even F3.

I suspect that this idea alone, the juxtaposed (in her mind) clips of W. referring to her as a "slut," followed by a clip of her evicting someone else and keeping him, outweighed EVERYTHING else, because it was so central to her self-concept file. That was even more important than the possibility that Will was telling the truth, had been sincere all along, and wanted a relationship with her after the show, and that she'd lose that by evicting him. That was only a possibility, while if he did say that about her the result was a sure-thing.

Nicely played, E..

Women know how to get to other women.

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I think it was a culimination of all the things Erika shared - the ruining my life, pit bull, slut, in addition to another one that seemed to bother her - the timing of when he agreed that they could share a bed (after veto, when he went into "overdrive" into playing her.)

I agree, too, that "slut" is nothing compared to the C-word, which I know we've heard from Booger, Jase, and Diane, but I don't think from Will.

And I don't think it was so much about women getting to women, but more like the truth breaking through the illusion.

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