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PREMIERE DATE: October 1999


Leaving his true love Buffy behind in Sunnydale, the vampire Angel tries to get a fresh start in Los Angeles. Instead, he finds a whole 'nother breed of fiends waiting to bring out his dark side. Along the way he joins forces with several other like-minded heroes looking to protect Angelenos from the demon threat.

Glenn Quinn left the show after the first season, gifting Cordelia with Doyle's demon powers. After spending the bulk of the series fighting the evil lawyers at the firm of Wolfram & Hart, Angel and his gang found themselves running the firm's LA branch as of the beginning of the show's fifth season. James Marsters' Spike, a regular character on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" joined "Angel" in Season 5, following the demise of "Buffy." TNT has rerun rights to the first four seasons of the series and began reairing the show in September. The show will likely run twice a day on the cable network.


David Boreanaz as Angel

Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Amy Acker as Winifred Burkle

J August Richards as Charles Gunn

Andy Hallett as Lorne

James Marsters as Spike

Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase

Vincent Kartheiser as Connor

Glenn Quinn as Doyle


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Okay, you twisted my arm, I admit it... I liked this show. Buffy was always just 'okay' to me, but I kind of enjoyed watching this one. I think it actually got better once they added Spike.

The only major problem I had with this series was the finale. I didn't like the way they ended up killing off Wesley. Perhaps I am just biased because he wass my favorite character though. I just found his death to be completely meaningless.

Perhaps there should be a thread on meaningless finale deaths. heh I can think of two recently that I didn't care for.. Wesley on "Angel" and Trip on "Enterprise". I'm sure there are more, but thinking makes smoke come out of my ears and I just replaced the batteries in my smoke detectors and they're too sensitive right now...

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I have never seen the finale ..

But I am so sad that it's over .. right when I got into watching the boxed dvds .. I raelized that it was over and there would be no more ..


Why do all my favorite things go away?

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Guest ranster627

Well, there are rumours of movies in the future ... their excuse for cancelling was to make room for the hotly anticipated Point Pleasant ... it was being hailed as the new Dark Shadows ... bad judgement if you ask me ... sure the last season got weird, but there would have been little work needed to get the old formula going again ...

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From what I heard it got weird under increased pressure from the network .. they kept shooting down things the writers wanted to do ..

If it comes back it would be cool to come back on a movie .. or on a different network that wasn't limited by constraints..

Don't think they can get all of the cast members back together ..

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