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My Big Brother Ringtone


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So i'm an addict.

I have a Windows Smartphone which allows me to play audiofiles as a ring tone. So I went to the CBS website and found a real-video file with the credit for big brother - saved it to my hard drive, then converted it to wav, and then to WMA format.

The point of this? I now have the big brother theme as my cell phone ringtone! Woot!

Since I know there are other addicts here, I figured I'd share it for those with phones that can play audio files as rings tones.

So here it is!




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Guest Sleepy

That tune is annoying.......hope they have a new one.....especially on the 24/7 when they don't show anything........course they put fish on last year.....wonder what it will be this year?........anyway if you like that tune......you go on then :clap

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