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September 7th to 12th Video Thread


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Erika Dances, Silent and Solo

It's Saturday before the finals. Boogie is ignoring her, so she dances with the mirror.


Boogie Dances, Silent and Solo

Half-hour later, Boogie takes to the headphones and does his kind of dance while he hides from Erika.


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Boogie Sends Erika to Bed -- Alone

2:30am: Boogie gets irritated after Erika keeps pushing that she took out "the brains of Chilltown." They split into different rooms.


Erika Hunts for Cigarette Butts

Ten minutes later, a frustrated Erika is hunting down a butt to smoke.


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B-O-R-I-N-G Final Day

This one-minute footage is just for that special day when you crave Big Brother gossip, news, and wild expectations... and you say you'd even be willing to watch those final days again.

When that day comes, just remember that we warned you today:

"Here, loop this."


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