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September 4, Live Feed Updates


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9:44PM BBT

Janelle & Will are in the kitchen 3rd grade whispering on Feeds 1&2

Will & Boogie are in the BY on feeds 3&4 talking about what jury votes Boogie will get against Janelle

(Isn't this the same stuff that was happening hours earlier? Are my feeds on time warp?)

10:44PM BBT

All are at the dining table playing cards. Erika is wearing her big goofy sunglasses (shocker). Boogie keeps saying something about Dolce & investors that makes FoTH happen over & over. Erika & Janelle look really bored.

You can tell that the Erika sunglasses thing is bugging Boogie. He looks at her oddly.

Boogie: You know Erika I was thinking for someone who like sunglasses so much, you didn't really come with a strong collection (:lol::lol::lol:)

Erika: I have one, one pair.

Boogie: You have one pair & you like them so much that you really don't bring the heat

Erika: I only have one pair

Boogie: In your life? You're kidding? What happens if you are at home & you leave them in your car & visa versa?

Erika: I don't.

Booge: I have a dozen pairs

Jan: me too

Erika: Well maybe I have 2 pairs but like one I usually wear

& the card game continues

Janelle gets up to check something the oven & then gets a bowl of ice cream to eat while she drinks her wine & waits for her food in the oven to finish cooking. (every time I see this girl she is chewing)

We keep going in & out of FoTH for either what they are singing or saying

Boogie gets back to the Erika sunglasses thing. He tells her that she really needs to step up her sunglass game. Erika asks if he wants her to take them off. Boogie says no but she needs to step it up in her outside life because that pair she has is......he asks if she wears sunglasses in her real life as much as she does in the house. Erika says no, the reason she wears them so much in the house is that the lights in BB hurt her eyes. Erika asks if the lights bother Boogie's eyes & he says uuuhmm NO.

11:36PM BBT

Will & Janelle are on the BY sofa. Will looks at Janelle's foot & tells her she has toenail fungus (gross). he uses the medical term. She gets all embarassed & says she is mad at him for saying that. Will tells her not to be embarrassed that it doesn't gross him out. He grabs her foot & says see the way your toenail is discolored & pulling away from the skin? You have toenail fungus (YAK)

(nite all, I'm off to beddie bye)

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7:56AM BBT

HG are sleeping

9:28AM BBT

still ZZzzzzzzzzz

10:48AM BBT

still a huge snoozefest going on

11:34AM BBT

3 are sleeping in the dark. The lights are on in the HoH & Boogie is listening to music w/a pillow over his head (seems unfair that just because he got up BB forces lights on him & lets the others have darkness)

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10:21 BBT

All feeds on Sleeping HGs.

Erika is tossing and turning

10:38 BBT

Will awake, Whispers to Jani. Flopping around to get comfy. All settled (ed: I think they are holding hands under the pillow between them?)


Boogie up, uses BR, looks like starting ADLs (Nope)

Checks to see if anyone else up.

Now listening to Music in HOH

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12:48 BBT

Feeds on Erika and Boogie on red couch

Boogie called to DR.

Says he has ear wax removal stuff in his ear can they wait.

So..."Erika, Please go to the DR"

Boogie "thanks BB"

Will & Jani still in bed.

(ED: Can you feel the excitement folks..... our final four.)

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(ed. Since there aren't any updates on this from last night, thought I would add this from BB7Dish)

11:45pm - 12:30am BBT

RED ROOM - Janie & Will

They were going to play cards, but instead opt for turning off the lights to whisper, flirt and "fight" a little.

Janie: (whispering loud) I'm not gonna win anyway. I'm taking you.

Will: (whispers too well)

Janie: It doesn't matter. I'm taking you. I'll take second.

(Before everyone gets into a tizzy, or starts slamming Janie as an idiot (or worse, which I wont post anyhow) relax and remember Janie's DR session from the episode last night. She is under no illusions that Chilltown is being honest to her. She knows she has to win to win, and she is playing them/him as much as they are playing her.)

Will: What would you do with the money if you did win?

Janie: I don't have any debt. My car is paid for. I have a small mortgage.

Will: (surprised) You own your own home?

Will starts talking to her about getting involved and investing with the Dolce group.

Then they get back to whispering. They embrace-whisper so closely, her hand on his back, his hand in her hair, or holding the back of her neck - hot! - it tends to look like they're kissing, but they're not.

Anyhow, ever the romantic, Will sits up after this little whisper session and starts going on about properties and insurance.

(Pardon me while I zone out, doc.)

He asks her about Miami condos and prices...

They get back to whispering... a lot.

Will: Yeah. It's frustrating for me too.

Janie: (whisper)

Will: It's the same for me too.

Janie: (whisper)

Will: And it's brought up, and...

Will: I look at it like this, it's like a grain of sand in my life. But once you give it, then that's it, the episode is wrapped. But if you build, build, build...

(Will, for the feeders, there's been more building here than all seasons of Moonlighting combined. Would you make out already? We want fireworks.)

Will: I want to tell Scrubika that everytime she says things to you that hurt you, and every time she twists things around, then I am going to tell her 2 things Boogie's said about her.

Janelle:(disapprovingly) Will...

Will: Erika is going to say Mike and I called you a groupie for the rock video... and other things

Janelle: I don't care about stuff like that.

Janelle: Did you really say those things?

Will: Nope.

They recommence with the whispering. Then a bit about Will's life outside the house, studying, debt, getting board certified, Doctor 90210, etc...

Will: Let's make a deal not to talk about the game.

Will: And don't listen to Scrubika, okay? I feel like she's going to say hurtful things...

Janelle's fadin' fast.

Will: I told the DR, we can't bring time pieces into the BB house, so if you hear ticking it's Erika's biological clock.

Then he whispers to her.

Janie: Really?

Will: Yeah, really.

Will: So what would you really do with the money if you won?

Janie: In the DR I say stupid things, like "buy an extravagant bed for my dog."

Will: (laughing) I did the same thing in season 2! I was all "gold chains and jet skis, bitches."

Will: I didn't realize it was 9/11, and I looked like a total asshole.

Janelle: I didn't see you say that.

Will: (proud)It was one of my funniest lines.

Janelle whispers to him, he whispers back.

Will: It's like ride the meteor, go on the slip and slide.

(lucky boy that i'm not a rumor monger. that is almost too juicy to pass up)

Will: I wonder if we'll be friends after the show.

(Janie - listen closely for Classic Will tells. That was one of 'em.)

Will: The show brings out the worst in me. It's not who I am.

Janie's listening, but not responding. Will's looking at her. She's laughs. They lay there looking at each other for a bit.

Will: I can't believe I wasn't voted out in the first 3 weeks.

Janelle: I was supposed to be gone the first week. That's what Mr. & Mrs. Smith's plans were...

(Funny how life works out sometimes.)

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Erika sitting outside alone, blowing smoke rings.

Will sticks his head out of the door & says something but goes back in.

BB announces an indoor LD.

Will in the Bathroom messing w/his hair (man he's go some major fly-a-ways from his new haircut, can't wait to see it dry)

Erika comes inside & on her way up the stairs to the HoH she tells Will to leave her a really good, good-bye message.

2 feeds on the HoH bathroom. Erika comes out of the shower (looking extra haggard today, if that's even possible)

2 feeds on Will, alone in the kitchen. Will gets called to the DR.

Boogie just came out of the DR & says they are doing their good-bye messages.

2 on Boogie playing solitaire, the other 2 of Erika putting on make-up (all I can think is, why bother?)

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Meanwhile, Up in HoH

12:35am BBT

Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Boogie is sharing his concerns with Erika. Seems Boogie wants Will to hand him a win. Good luck with that, Boogie. Anyhow, this post is for all the Erika and Boogie fans out there...

(Echo.. Echooo...)

Mike: If not, I'll just go try to enjoy it for what it is and then go back to my life... I've come so far, I want it to happen... Will's come so far, he wants it to happen. Will has already had this experience, it'd be shitty for me if I had to leave, so he could have it again, you know?

EriKa: Does that make you nervous?

Boogie: That that's going to happen?

Erika: Mmhmm.

Boogie: VERY. It kind of scared me today, when he kind of verbalized it for me, you know?

Erika: What did he say?

Boogie: He said the same thing he said to you. I said "she's not stupid enough to take you over me, if she has the option is she?" He's like, "well, I don't want to mislead you..." da da da da da ... and it's funny, because ..

Erika: Did that scare you?

Boogie: Well it did, because this whole ride... because it wasn't really real, there were people here, good players and stuff...he was saying, "I'm here for you Boogie, I want to make it up to you" and stuff....

Erica: ...and now that he's here..

Boogie: Now that he's here, it's like his ego has kicked in and now he's ramped it up with her, and I know exactly where his head is at. He's thinking, "Boogie's a great competitor, and he'll try to make it happen, but if not I've got Janelle."

Boogie: It's just so clear to me, his selfishness and his ego. I guess I can't expect him to be like, "you should take Boogie." I just saw it come into focus. To tell you the truth: if I went to the finals with him and he won, I wouldn't have much of a problem, but if he takes her, and he wins, it'll crush me.

Erika: If she takes him and he wins?

Boogie: Yeah, but I try to appreciate that I did good. If it doesn't happen, it won't happen. I made it happen when we needed to win something.

Erika: He didn't.

Boogie: He's getting though on his f'ing smirk. It sucks, 'cause I have to question his level of committment to the end, you know? If he knows he's going to the finals, no matter what, that'll be f'ed up for me.

Erika: We should have cut him week 3.

Boogie: No, I wouldn't be here with out him.

(good for boogie that he recognizes that.)

Boogie: It's just that we are so close to doing it together...it'd just be.. If we can do this, it'll be so...

Erika: I don't know if she wins this... she said today she was taking you, but she could be lying.

Boogie: It's the smartest move...if she comes this far 2 yrs in a row...and takes Will, she deserves to get her heart broken.

Their conversation fizzles out after this. Boogie's just using her 100% as a receptacle... for his bs. When he's done, he puts on the headphones, and Erika goes outside to smoke, talk to herself and play pool.

Back to current events, (So exciting)

BBT 1:20 pm

Ericka putting on her makeup and Boogie playing solitare. No cams on Will or Jan so I assume they are still sleeping.

(Thats it!!)

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CT & Erika in kitchen/dining area.

Boogie just asked Will if he thinks tomorrow nites show is live because they are having them record their good-bye messages now. Will says that makes sense. Boogie says he wonders if the show's schedule has been changed since they walked in the house. Will says that would explain why they now told him he can make it to that wedding. Will wonders why they are ending the show early & Boogie thinks it is because they are shuffling the fall line-up.

They are trying to figure out what days will be what show. They wonder if the finale will be Sunday (nope but you are getting warmer).

Boogie says Cory (the PA) would not say if the show was ending early & was trying to play it off like they were just trying to get messages done ahead of schedule. Boogie thinks he should get a bonus for figuring it out.

Erika asks if they left her nice GB messages.

Will is cooking Janelle & him a fancy breakfast. Fried eggs, toast, cottage cheese, & fruit (I think) arranged all purdy on the plate.

Will making fun of how much the PA's hate him. He says they don't just hate him, they really despise who he is as a person. Boogie says big picture is that they love Will but they hate him on a day-to-day basis. The PA's work hours & hours getting things ready & then Will shits all over it. Will laughs & says imagine someone coming in to Geisha & you comp their meal & then they sit there yelling how much it sucked & then started telling you how to do your job. (laughter all around)

BB is being pretty lenient today. No FoTH & they have been talking about their DRs & naming Cory by name a lot.

Boogie says it's odd that they made him record a GB message to Janelle since she has the POV. Janelle comes out of DR & they tell her of their suspicions that the show is ending early.

Now they have waffled & convinced themselves the show isn't ending early but instead they have a luxury comp coming where 2 HG get to leave the house for a few days (nope, now you're getting cold again)

(Well I'm off the the grocery store, take over anyone. This stuff is too exciting to miss :mellow: )

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Erika and Janie in restroom - Janie curling her hair. Will and Booger doing dishes. All are speculating on why they're recording goodbye messages so early. They think Booger's right, that the show's ending early, but also are thinking that someone's coming back from sequester as a HUGE twist or that someone's getting to leave the house for awhile and has to tape now because they'd be gone for the taping.

Erika told Janie are speculating that Tuesday's show is live. Janie thought that made no sense so Erika told her that Allison used her pov and evicted her all in one fell swoop. Janie seemed amazed.

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Now they're convinced that Chicken George is coming back as America's Choice. Janie thought Danielle might come back but Will said "Are you kidding me, after she acted like an East LA gangster?"

Will is telling Booger they might bring Howie back because he was "shell-shocked" by his eviction.

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Not much going on. All are sitting in the BY cutting up & telling stories & giving shout-outs in between long pauses.

4:41PM BBT

Outdoor LD is over. The go into the SR to find that BB has given them some board games & a bead making set. One is called liar's dice & Will is bitching about something else they got (a toy plane maybe?) saying it sux. Jan & Erika want to play liar's dice. The HG thought they might be getting a smaller sized table but they didn't. Will says if you are on the net never buy "Tough Bird Spitfire Flyzone" FoTH

Will & Janelle want to play liar's dice. Will says the other game, the pig dice game is not fun. Will says he wants to build the plane & have Boogie set it on fire so he can launch it over the wall. Boogie says he's not too into pyrotechnics. Will says to get ready because he is about to be. Will takes his little toy plane outside & promply launches it on the roof where it gets stuck. Will yells "THIS SUX!!" just like a little boy.

Boogie is being pissy & doesn't want to play liar's dice but they talk him into it. Will reads the directions out loud (I think the game is pretty much like liar's poker that you play w/a dollar bill only you use dice instead of dollars). They decide the game is too complicated & no one wants to play anymore but they decide to give it a go. Will is really whining that the game isn't fun & doesn't make sense (I guess he's never played liar's poker because it is fun & is a perfect game for the kind of situation they are in).

Will goes to get the pig dice game that he says sucks just so he can show them how sucky it is. They are rolling the pig dice (& OK, the pig game does suck). They are going to all 4 go to the DR & complain to BB that they want better games. Will breaks one of the games for no reason. Will starts reading the history of the pig dice game aloud. Boogie gets annoyed & asks him to please quit reading aloud.

They all 4 go to the DR so we have empty feeds. I hear a BB female voice go Hiiiii & then FoTH.

After a brief FoTH we are back to Erika playing with her bead set & the other children are nowhere to be seen.

The 3 others come back & I think the reason they don't have many games to choose from is copyright issues (odd I would think it would be free advertising for the manufacturers & they would want it). Will says BB is thinking about letting them watch a movie tonight but he's not allowed to talk about it.

Boogie goes to HoH to listen to music, Erika is playing with her bead set, Janelle is brushing her teeth, & Will is bitching.

(I'm out for awhile)

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6:50pm bbt

Janie, Will & Erika outside. Janie went inside to change so she can walk. Will is going to lift weights.

As soon as Janie left Erika says "looks like you've got her wrapped" W: It happens E: She didn't really think you were going to final two did she? W: People get pretty close quickly in this house, she needed attention and I needed attention, we have a lot fun together. E: You don't have real feelings for her do you? (Erika is asking all this really snotty) W: I adore Janelle, she's hilarious. E: Really? W: I adore her, don't you think she's funny? E: What is Erin going to think of this? W: I don't think she's going to be happy. E: What are you going to do when you get out? W: I think we will all have things to re-assess when we leave here. E: You will have things to re-assess too? W: We all will, I'm just trying to keep things simple and I'll take a couple weeks when I get out of here and see where things are. E: I definitely think this is a difficult game to play with a significant other on the outside W: Tell me about it

Right after this conversation Will went inside to find Janelle. He tells Janelle about the conversation and says Erika is totally trying to goad him into saying something about Janelle that she can run back to Janelle with. Will says he didn't give her anything.

Will and Janelle back outside and Erika is inside packing. Will and Janelle walking and discussing Erika and her butt kissing. Janelle thinks she's weird.

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BBT 7:00 pm

Ericka is in BY on red couch when Will goes out to begin lifting weights. Jan is in the BR chging into more appropriate clothes to I believe walk.

E, So, Will does she (Jan) really thinking of taking you to the final two?

W, I don't know. You can really get to know someone quickly in the BB house.

E, So what are your true feelings for her?

W, I adore her. She is hilarious (?) I adore her. Isn't she hilarious?

E, Really? (surprised) What will Erin think about this?

W, I don't know. I have a lot to think about and figure out when I get out of here.

Will goes into the BR to tell Jan of the convo he just had with Ericka adding that he believes it was E trying to bait him for some reason.

J, Hmmm.

They go outside and begin walking together doing their laps in BY.

(Sorry, for some reason now that they are walking I can barely hear them)

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Will and Boogie are walking out back talking game. Discussing what to do to get to final 2.

Will says that Janie can get in the "zone" and will hold on to a key like it's her life. We need to cuddle her

Boogie "we can take this gangster" (oh my) and say every man for himself.

Boogie basically wondering why Janie would get confrontational during last HOH.

Will says when she (janie) knew E was coming after her she won these things.

Basically talking in circles.

Erika walks out and the convo turns directions to something about Jonah and Rich.

E goes back in... Boogie says "tight subject switch"

... continues circle talking

W: if she wins this, could i flirt her into taking me? yes, but i wouldnt, I would convice her to take you.

more blah blah blah

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E and J in the Gym

E telling J that those two ( M and W) are gonna take eachother.

E says I dont think i could vote for you if you take them.

E telling J that he's the smartest in the house.

J says she thinks she could beat either of them

E says "you think you couldnt beat me? you win everything"

J says not everything... lists what erika won

janie: i dont know, tough decision

E.. i can offer you something will cant..... (huh?)

J: like, no one's gonna take me.. you know? i feel like those two arent that well liked by jury

E: i know that dani and james will vote for him (will)

J: can you understand my reasoning? sort of?

E: i can but i also wanna warn you.. he's a doc. he's smart, thrown all comps. he's not stupid, he's athletic... i'd hate to see you ganged up on... im trying to plead a case here.

J : even if you promised... if you got final HOH.. why in God's name would you wanna take me?

E: b/c i wanna go against the best... they are both f'n millionaires doesnt that piss you off?

J: i know...

E: it kills me that they are both so confident.. i want you to throw him a curve ball so bad. after yall did shower video he was bragging .. he said "everyband needs their sl ut"...

J: he did:??

E: yeah in front of lots of people. I know you guys are close but im campainging.

J: he said he called me a groupie

E: no he said every band needs band slut..

J: slut?

E: uh huh .. Take it as you will... you have doc. and restraun. planning their wrap party outside...

E; swear on (mom?) i would take you... -talks about her season when julie asked her who she'd take.. ali or robert..

E im trying as much as i can.. they are so f'n confident out there

J: you need to tell him that your gonna take me anyway

E: we nver talked if he gets to end he's gonna win I know your gonna go back and tell him all this stuff..

J: im just scared... cause if i kickout him.. and i cant win against boogie

E: i promise you i wont take him (boog?) people are so confid. that your keeping him..

Will just came in...

E: can you give us a min.

E: janelle, he called you a slut on nat. tv.. and bragged about it.. he's playing you, im sorry.. has a gf he's in love wiht.... what can i say..

janie sitting on treadmill now.. taking it in.

E: i wont take boogie... i will kick him out.. i promise you i promise you on my mother.

J: it wouldnt be smart for you to take me....

E: i dont think i could beat boog. wouldnt be smartest move to take you.... maybe it wasnt smart to get rid of dani... i dont pride myself on being greatest strateg. plyr...

E: i would do it. you cant get guaran. from those 2... dont know what comp will be.

J: im just nervous about you... you said you'd evict boog.. we shook on it.. you didnt.

E: back up janie.. you said you were going after CT.. put me and CG up... if i wouldnt have won veto i would have gone.

J: CG would have gone home (doubt it)

E: CG over me? that would be stupid right?

J: i dont know.. crazy, i really dont

E: w/ me you'd have a guarantee to final 2

J: boog would take you

E: boog would take will

J?: but id have will against me and...

E: neither one can guarantee you that.

E: i know you guys like each other, i can make a deal like that...

J: so you promise to take me?

E: on my mother, i dont wanna be a villian... lets not let these guys win janelle. think about it.

J: your deal is very tempting.

E: you wanna see tapes and think " i should have kicked him out"

E: he manipu. you... mentions marci...

J: i know

E: why would you want to do that

J: i could beat them at the end.. easily

E: not will. even dani said she'd give to best plyr.... if will gets there dani would vote for him

J: dont know if i could b eat you in end erika...

E: neither one can promise you that.... id much rather get the 50 (thousand, 2nd place)

E: CG told me you had his vote.

J: what about marci?

E.. i have marci... you have howie, will , dani, cg, james.... i can guarantee you that. why would you want to give boogie 50 thou?, wouldnt you rather give me that?

J: yeah i would

E: ive never said a bad word about you...

J: werent you trying to come after me a few weeks ago?

E: yeah.. but you were winning... (she's not now?)

J: i dont know what to do... (rummages through make up bag) did he say anything else??

E: who will? ... will is playing everyone.. know what i mean

J: yeah... i didnt leave him a good goodbye message though... i dont know what to do

E: im sure you can ask them if you can leave another one... i would hate you to get home, and see what they have said about you. (same goes for erika)

E: he's in love w/ a girl... what's he doing with you? playing you maybe what do you think?

J: yeah..

E: he's gonna be like, maybe i need to reasses what ive got.... that's bs.. he's been w/ her a year

J: i dont know what to do erika, im scared

E: what does your heart say?

J: a lot of things

E: it's not like they need money... a doc. and rest


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Erika & Janelle in the gym. Erika telling Jan that CT is going to gang up on her. Erika promises something on her family. Erika says she would hate to see herself leave 4th & Jan leave 3rd again. She says Will is a Dr & can win these comps but has been throwing them. She tells Jan she can't beat him once he tries. Erika says CT has pitted the 2 of them together & she is offering Jan a deal to send CT to the jury house & for them to go to final 2. Erika says she is not a scumbag player & she is fine w/winning $50K. Erika says she doesn't want CT to get to the final 2 because they don't NEED the money (wahwah).

Erika says for Jan to think about how Will never slept in the same bed with her until she won the POV. Jan says she would feel guilty sending Will home. Erika tells Jan that Will called her a slut on national TV & she shouldn't feel guilty to kick him out. Erika says she is a 36 year old woman & she has seen it all.

LAUGH OF THE DAY ALERT: Erika says she is pretty knowledgeable about guys.

Erika says for them to stop going after each other & go after CT. Janelle says she feels bad because she already told Will he was safe. Erika said at first she wasn't even going to say anything but CT is outthere talking about the finale & it was making her so mad. Erika says she will fucking kick Boogie out. She says CT has played them both & she is sick of it. Janelle doesn't want boogie to scream at her if she evicts Will. Erika says fuck Boogie, Boogie doesn't want Will here either because he knows he can't beat Will. Erika keeps saying come on Janelle, let's do it. Erika says they will have to vote for you. (It cracks me up when HG actively campaign for 2nd place)

Erika says he's not on your side Janelle. Then she throws the dreaded "wait til you watch the tapes" in. Erika says she would hate to see what CT is saying about them in the DR.

Erika & Jan go out to smoke & Erika continues her "I want 2nd place" campaign. She says Will & Boogie don't NEED the money (wahwah). Erika says CT thinks both of them are a joke. Erika says she is just being honest. Erika says she can't beat Jan in the comps & Jan points out that she has won several comps.

Erika tells Jan if she would have won the POV Will was going home. Jan says CT told her Erika was evicting Jan blah blah blah. Janelle has not agreed to anything. (still the thought of Erika staying has me terrified because I cannot stand to look at her in her stupid assed sunglasses or listen to her whiney pleading voice for 1 more day. I can't, I just can't)

Erika is into the 3rd telling of her pleading, promising, dogging CT, swearing on her life, swearing on her mother's life schtick again. Janelle shakes hands with Erika & says they have a deal for them to take out CT & go to final 2. Jan says Will is going to hate her.

(so I think I will call it a nite)

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back from flames

E: you'll see my DRs..

J: i would feel bad if I keep you, you get HOH and drop me

J: what about dani?

E: i never had a deal with her.. period.. period... i had no one else to go too.. everyone was like "oh the float herd"... i obviously couldnt align w/ CT... i had no one left... what? CG?

I promise on my family..im not a dirty player in this game.. never have been. those two will gang up on you... i wont.. ill be here to help you.

J: im scared you and boogie will be together...

E: im on the rebound.. im emotionally f'd up too... id hate to see u leave 3rd again.. and id hate to leave 4th again.. and see these two get to the final 2..

J: you dont think i could beat them?

E: Will is a doc.... in shape... why wouldnt he be able to do these challenges?

J: cause he's not good

E: no, no.... he's thrown every single f'n comp... he will pride himself on that.. that's his game. he almost beat me in that veto.. he wanted it bad.. when he triess....

J: yuou think he threw the pov i won?

E: yes

starting to repeat a lot

E: lets get them out... im offering you a deal.. i will get boog out.. i will send hm to jury.. he doesnt need money..

J; very tempting money

E: id much rather take the 50... im not gonna scumbag you, im not a scumbag player

Pressure was from will, not boogie... I dont know what i can swear on... family, mother... i dont know what else to do... idont want those two to get to the final 2...it's not about the money for them. its about winning... we need the money...

(erika is really trying here)

E: will is so arrogant right now... it makes me so angry.. points out the Doctor thing again.

E: it's aggravating. look at it this way.. he never slept in the same bed w/ you til you won veto

E: he said you were like "you have to kiss me and when have i told you im not on your side"

E He was making sure he was playing both of us.

J: i feel bad taking him out though

E: WHY? after he called you a sl ut on tv?? he kicked out your friends.. now he has you to himself.

J: ughhhhh

E: have i told you anything you havent thoguht about

J: i want to believe that he wasnt doing that

E: he is very charismatic ... when he came out and said "every band needs a slut" i just thought it was so rude.... all of a sudden you win veto and its "lets go sleep in RR together"

J: i dont know...

E: i dont want you to look back and think fk.. we should have ganged up on those boys... think about it.. think about it...

E: you cant get boog. this week. you can(t ??) beat him.

E: im telling you on my life i'd much rather sit up there with you.. i want to take the best..

J: i almost wanna do it but i dont wanna go out there..

E: tell him whatever you want... he lied to you... (tells about the marci eviction)

E: what more proof do you need... lets fn go after them... (this could work)

E: lets do it janelle... lets kick out boogie...

J: i feel bad, i told will he was safe...

E: you told marci he was safe.. .. why would you feel bad telling him a lie when he lied to you so many times.... send them to the fn jury house .. for howie .. leaving those two boys in here is a dangerous game...

J: its so tempting... i think i may want to... ( not completely commiting)

E: lets fn do it.... we have a chance to turn this around ... just do it... they are fn out there talking about the finale... i wasnt gonna say ne thing to you .. i heard them talking when i went out to do laundry and i was like thats it.. where is she....

E: you know the jury would like it... send the best player packing...

J/: he's so confident...

E?: i swear i will kick him out... they have played us both and now im done... they are gonna gang up on you. woman to woman.. im being straight.

J is quiet.. thinking.

E: what can i say. boog. doesnt need money. i wouldnt take him.. im not gonna let these two boys manipulate us... they've played both of us very well... lets do it janelle... two girls.. the two of us final two..

J: ill be so nervous... boog will scream at me

E: Fk boogie! fk boogie/... trust me.. boog is staying out of it.. but ... it would be so awesome.

J: he said hurtful things

E: he called you a slut... nice huh? a doctor... i say we turn it around on these boys... lets do it.. come on janelle

(she may as well be on her hands and knees kissing as s right now, oh wait. she is)

E: whatever lets just fn get 'em.. they have to vote for you.. look how good you've played this game...


J: i think your right!!


E: lets just fkn get these boys out.. they've played us hard.. lets get them back...

E: i know you like him.. cause when i asked you you tur ned 8 shades of purple.... earlier i was like "let her keep him" ... he's not on your side janelle....

J: oh man... (head on hand)

you can faintly hear the boys outside the gym door

erika goes over the fact that will is a doc. and boogie has restaurants.. neither need money...

J seems to be swaying a bit... (this could work, and if erika goes back on this, she'll need witness protection when she gets out.)

E and J decide to go smoke...

Notice that BB gave them wine...

Outside now on red couches...

E: im over it.. over these two boys...

J: yeah..

E talks about how she told people stuff to see how fast it would get back to you...

continue their discussion on this... dont know where boog and will are... probably shaking in their headbands right now

E: wouldnt you rather have me get 2nd than boog?

J: yeah..

E says she didnt want marci to leave... and they lied to everyone that left... they think it's a joke.. they have manipulated us... (operation double date anyone?) I'm just being honest with you.. he can tell you how smart you are, funny... he cannot guarantee you final two.... i can.. they cant.... boog wont take you...

E says do you really want to watch tapes and see him call you things?

J: no i dont

E: i think these 2 have played us long enough

J: yeah...

E: one is gonna get to final 2 with you.. and i would hate to see you lose.

both are sitting on red couch in BY... CT inside somewhere

they talk about votes... apparently James told E that he would vote for janie in the end

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E and J are talking in BY on red couches still..

E still pleading her case...

apparently boogie is outside now in the back (from what i read on chat)...

boog is def. out back.. i can hear his work out breathing. fooo foooo foooo. (lol)

E : i can look you in the eye and say i will take you to final 2..

J : promise?

E: promise... he has manip. you... lets not let these two get to final 2...

J: i know

E: come on J lets do it.. i promise you

J... okay if i do it i have to keep saying im getting rid of you

E: thats fine...

J: ok

plane over head.... (i hate planes!!!)

E: dr. evil.. see you later...

they are whispering and there is a plane overhead.... boog is still out back i think

will just came out i believe.... CT is at the weights now..

E: i promise you... promise you...

E: in the final 3 boogie will automatically think i will take him...

J: (giggle) he will

E: that's the beauty of it if i stay...

missed some

E: and i promise you.. i will give it to you (hoh)... thats how you can trust me..

J.. i believe said ok ok..

J. i need money too...

E: i know, i know..

J: would you like some wine?

E: yeah

J alright..

they go inside...standing at the counter now...

E: lets send will packin'

E: we have a deal??

J: you promise youll take me to final 2?

E: i swear on my mother.. id much rather take you... holds hand up

J: OK you have a deal... cheers... (drinks wine)


they shake on it

E: lets get 'em...

J: will is gonna hate me

E: think what howie is gonna thing...

apparently (going off chats) either will or boog saw them clink glasses and hug..

(I'm doing a happy dance)

will and boogie are pouting...

janie and erika in the kitchen still..

done posting for tongiht..

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On more thing....

Boogie says if Janelle votes Will out he will piss in her face. Will says you have lost your mind dude. Boogie says he will turn into a fucking animal. He says he will pimp slap both those bitches. Boogie is trying to rile Will up. He says this is our fucking show & those bitches think they are going to steal it from us. Will says if Janelle tells him tonight that she isn't sleeping with him in the redrum then he knows it's wrap city for him. Will says you never know Jan may tell him Erika talked his ear off & it was all BS. Boogie says yeah but better to be prepared for the worst.

Will says he is going to go to Janelle & tell her that he thinks they can make a run at the Amazing Race together. Boogie says for Will to lie to Janelle & tell her they are friends w/Rob & Amber & Romber got paid $75K just for appearing on TAR plus their 2nd place prize money. Will says he is going to play up that he & Jan are the Rob & Amber of BB. They decide to go in & cook dinner.

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