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September 3, Live Feed Updates


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10:51 p.m. BBT - Janie has the POV around her neck! Will, Boogie and Janie for Final Three!

All four houseguests are in the kitchen talk about the comp. Erika is sitting at the counter with a glass of wine - she seems a little subdued - her fate is sealed. The HGs have wine again tonight, red and white.

10:56 p.m. BBT - Janelle is now taking a shower while Boogie and Erika talk about the POV comp. Boogie said the "Slop Till You Drop" didn't ring a bell for him. He didn't study food comps because he didn't think they would be included so it sounds like it was a puzzle - they were required to put pictures of this season's HGs in order on a board based on the answers to questions. Boogie apologizes and says he is sorry that he is going to lose one of them this week [as if he thinks that Will might be at risk]. It sounds as if Erika thought it was a really close game, she just had Alison in position 8 instead of position 9. Boogie is now giving Erika a hug to console her. Will in now in the shower too; they are playing footsie with the body wash. Boogie is actually doing a really good of sounding upset that he didn't win the POV (explaining that they didn't even go over the food comps this week) but then he has been doing a fairly good job of acting with Erika in the last couple of days.

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Will: Great Competition, but when you have so much at stake, can't have things breaking

Janie: Do you have anything to drink?

Will Booger: Uh huh in the HOH

Jani in shower. Erika looks shell-shocked. Will eating.

Booger: I didn't know what the things were, balanced diet, rats, I'm mad at myself, not thinking about food comps. They never said anything about this. Sorry one of you is going (to Erika).

Erika: I had it, but my Diane broke, I had her at 8 instead at 9. I had everything up.

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Will's eating his yogurt, enjoying every drop.

Erika is looking worried, sitting at the counter having some wine.

Janie is getting ready to shower.

Three feeds are on Erika's expression as she drinks this experience in, and one feed is on Janie in the shower.

Boogie comes in and starts saying to Erika that he didn't understand "that the thing was a bridge." He says he didn't know what things were. He didn't know what "slop till you drop was," and he didn't know what "Balanced diet" was. His mind wasn't thinking food as he went into it. (Erika doesn't seem very convinced--ed)

Boogie: I'd like to say I'm sorry that I'm gonna lose one of you, but I just didn't give it a good go. I didn't have a picture up there, and I definitely was missing three or four things.

Erika: Obviously, don't take it personally, but obviously I'm gonna campaign.

Will: I don't take it personally at all.

Erika: But I'm sure she will evict me.

Boogie: This girl--

Will: At this point, I think she probably will.

Boogie says that they are just postponing the inevitable, anyway.

Will says what can he expect--he can't play golf with Tiger Woods, either. (So why should he expect to win at POV against Janie).

Erika says she had it. Her "Diane broke" because she had it in 8 instead of 9. She had everything in, and Diane was at 8, everything was up, and she thought she had her in 9 at that point.

Boogie: Oh, I didn't know what you meant by that.

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Boogie is hugging Erika, swaying back and forth. Will is getting into a shower, too.

Boogie: It's so weird how you can be so on something, and then you can be so dumb on things, too, you know?

Erika: Mmm hmm

(She has moved back to the counter at this point).

Boogie keeps trying to explain why he lost.

Boogie: We didn't even talk about the food comps at all the last couple of weeks when we've been discussing everything.

I saw the quotes, balanced diet, and the thing is I was so panicked that I didn't take the time to think what that corresponded to.

He says he kept switching things around and smashing the button and he looked like a "fucking idiot." He says he doesn't know where to laugh or cry at this point. He says "It's so not like me." He hates it that one of them has to go.

Silence from Erika.

Boogie: Well, if you leave, I'll probably see you in a week. I'll get the best spot of all. Third. Awesome.

Boogie is telling her to keep Marc on his side of the house. Soften up Howie, keep Dani sober when he arrives so he can make good with her.

ERika: God! I can never get past fourth place!!!

Boogie: I'll let these two lovebirds have the f---ing storybook ending. FUCK! (yells)

Boogie whispers: Erika! You won't tell me you'll vote for me?

(I think this is what he said. I definitely heard "vote for me?"--ed)

Erika just shakes her head and puts up her hands.

Boogie: Janelle, you are awesome. I've got to give it to you.

Janie: Thanks.

Boogie tells her she has found her calling in life. Game shows. CG may be on to something.

Boogie asks if she is lucky in Vegas at casinos? She says yes. She just throws it down and wins, or puts money into slot machines and wins.

Boogie says he believes it, and they need to be friends after this.

Erika says she is hanging out with Janelle!

Boogie: Well, I'm glad I stressed out and counted people and contests for nothing.

Will says that it may be time for him (Will) to accept the fact that this game is not his niche.

Will is very excited, loudly telling how he tried to get the answers right.

Boogie: There were two girls in the contest and Danielle is black. WTF did you miss?

Will: I'm not saying I was close. I'm sayin' I'm not good at this!!

Boogie: I shouldn't be talking. I hit the buzzer eight times and didn't have a picture on the wall.

There was a question about which hg shaved another houseguest. They got that mixed up because Howie and Kaysar both shaved.

Talk about slop till you drop. Erika says she knew that. Boogie says why does she know that now, instead of then, when she was competing??

Erika says that she knew it and the hook broke.

Boogie snaps that it's not right, when "there is so much on the line, here. No offense to you, Janelle. But maybe they could splurge on a double hook." Will says "at this level, you can't have hooks breaking." Then he says that he is going to drop it.

Will says that Janelle's hobby is playing games. Back when she wasn't talking to them when they first entered the house, Janelle told him she was playing "island hopping," and she was jumping around on things. He says she gets "in the zone." She agrees and says she always does that during comps.

Erika walks away, and Boogie whispers, "I'm going to hell. I'm going to hell!!"

Will: I'll be in the VIP section with you.

Erika comes back.

Janelle talks about giving people sparklers with Cristal champagne, and everyone looks at the person with the sparkler, and they wonder who that person is, so everyone wants a sparkler. So that sells a lot of champagne even though it is cheesy. Boogie says that is genius, whoever came up with that.

Talk about clubbing. Erika has more wine.

Erika goes in the SR.

Boogie: I'm going to hell. She came up to me and said it was okay--she felt like she already won!

Janelle: Boogie, did you throw it?

Boogie: No.

Janie: You didn't?

Boogie: I honestly fucked up. I couldn't afford to throw it. What if she won??

Boogie and Will went into the bathroom and they are excited, and talking to the camera.

Boogie: We are SICK! You wanted good versus evil--you got it!!!

Will: We're eviler than you ever imagined!

Boogie: You got it! You wanted it, you got it!!! It's like ordering off a menu at Dolche.

Boogie: I fucking hate myself.

Will goes in to whisper in Janie's ear. She says, "I know."

Will talks about his hair. He wanted the "David Beckham," but their hair stylist wouldn't do that on him, because he has different hair.

Will asks if Janie wants to cut his hair tomorrow, and she says yes.

Boogie demands to know why Will doesn't trust HIM to cut it!

Will says they can both do it, and Janie says she wants to do it.

Boogie: This is amazing. I mean, Hollywood writers could not write this. Can you believe this, Will? Two bad boys, and--

Will: I'm not allowed to talk about this, but this morning I had a meeting and --FOTH

Will says "People forgive you. They do."

Boogie: Everybody likes a winner.

Will: You guys--this is over!!! This is over!!!

The guys yell Superbowl!!!!

(Erika must be in the DR and can't hear?--ed)

Boogie says the great thing is that everybody played their part. Everybody played their parts so well.

Janie is laughing about how she said she wanted a shotgun when she was all depressed.

Will says that at one point, they were playing cards, and she didn't want to play and was crying, and then she won and she was all happy and said, "I won!"

Boogie says he didn't even recognize Janie that week. It was when he realized she was human and not a robot.

Boogie says that they have this war with Janie, then a fake war.

Will says that when the other HG's see this show, they will lose their minds!

Janie is wearing her crown right now.

Will starts to talk about a DR and James, and we get FOTH again.

Will says that not a single vote has been cast against him this year.

Boogie says that if they were on BB UK, they would be stars. Will says superstars. Boogie says beyond superstars.

Janelle says she beat James' veto record.

Will: Listen, I said it from the beginning of the show. James is a rookie and he is dealing with professionals. He's an amateur. Let's keep that for amateur hour. This is not stand up night. This is professionals. He is gonna be outmatched, fast!

Boogie: OMG. I'm gonna have to move. I'm gonna have a pipe bomb sent to me.

Will asks what they are buying first. Will says he has to buy gifts for the office, because they will kill him.

Will: I really wish I didn't have the addiction to do these things. I wish I didn't. It's terrible.

Janelle: The show?

Boogie: Our friends thought we were bad before?

Will: My whole thing is I just wish I was comfortable just being who I am, but instead I have this thing, like --the producers


Boogie: The great thing about the next few days is it's a foregone conclusion, especially if he tells her. We can all chill out and relax, and we don't have to act weird because, three in a row, and--

Will: Janelle can talk to Erika and go, "Will's the worst player ever."

Janie: No, I'm going to talk to her. She doesn't think I can beat either one of you. Especially you (to Will).

Will: She told me that, too. She said I could be anybody on the show, and I was like---

Boogie says they can all chill out and not act weird. He can say that she is awesome.

Will: Yeah. You don't have to be mean.

Will says if he won POV, he would say in his speech "the obligatory bullshit," and he thought it would be easier than this, but it comes down to friendships and relationships. And he knows it will come to a shock when he says he has to evict Erika.

Boogie thinks that Dani will tell Erika that she has figured out that Janie is working with CT.

Boogie says it will be like a kaleidoscope, and it is pretty and then it comes into focus for them.

Will compares the moment of clarity they will have (the jury) to the moment at the end of Sixth Sense. He loves that movie. (So do I!--ed)

Boogie: Danielle's gonna figure it out.

Janie says that Dani already saw them talking, and she then wanted to talk to Janie, and said she was nervous.

Boogie says that Dani told him that Janie said to someone "Can I trust CT?" and Dani wanted to know what it was about.

Janie says she didn't say that to anyone, but she was afraid that Dani overheard her talking to one of them asking if she was supposed to throw a comp to them.

Boogie laughs about how George came to him, and said that he noticed that every time someone goes to Will to find out if they are safe, Will would say "Talk to Boogie." Janie says maybe they should get t-shirts that say "Am I Safe?"

Talk about the competition.

Janie says that she got one piece on and then heard someone hit the buzzer (this was probably Boogie, who hit it even though he had no pieces on the board).

Janie was amazed, thinking someone had already finished the comp.

Will says he saw a picture and thought it looked like Jennifer Aniston. It ended up being Alison.

Will: I wouldn't have voted her out if she looked like that!

They worry for a moment about where Erika is, and Boogie is worried that she may be having a breakdown in the DR.

Will says that Erika was ready to put them all on the block, and tried to get rid of Janie.

Janie says that Erika talked to her and said that no one can beat Will at the end, and they will need each other. She told Janie that she made that promise to Janie when Janie was HOH, and now they should use that promise.

Janie says she told Erika that she lied to her several times, though. Erika said that she had to, though! Erika told her she made a promise to Janie to take her to the final two, so they should stick with it.

Will: Who do you think she wants to be in the final two with? Boogie!

Not you!

Janie: I know!!

Will says that Erika told him that she was going to campaign against him.

Boogie: Yeah, like, this is the first time I've heard you be totally honest (Erika).

Will says he told Erika it was probably totally useless to campaign, but it's fine.

Janelle says she told Erika that she has lied to her many times, and she didn't trust her.

Will: I would vote for Dani before I vote for Erika!

Janie shushes him and they say Erika is in DR.

Boogie: Dude, I have a mess on my hands. You have a mess on your hands, too. (to Janie)

Janie says she will listen to what Erika has to say.

Boogie: Even if you weren't with us, it would be the worst play ever.

Janie: No one would take me to the final two. I have to take myself there.

Boogie says that Erika is the only one of the three of them that could grab a vote from the jury, because she has friends there.

Janie says she has friends, too.

Boogie says that he means that it would be foolish to pick Erika, who has friends on the jury, as opposed to the two of them.

Will asks why anyone would vote for them?

Janie says that there are a lot of reasons why people would vote for them.

Will says he had a goal and he accomplished it.

Boogie: Whatever. Let's just chill out, anyway.

Janie: The thing is, she's crazy. She says all of these things, and I can't believe her.

Janie says she has caught Erika in about 8 lies.

Erika says that James came to her in about week 4 and told her that Janie was after her (so that's why she went after Janie).

Boogie asks if Erika said all of this just now?

Erika comes out of the DR and seems cheerful.

Boogie: Do you guys want wine?

Janie: Is the Pope Catholic?

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11:55 p.m. BBT - Erika and Janelle are finally talking! [Too little, too late!]

Erika is telling Janelle that she can't beat Will and that everyone (she specifically mentions James and Danielle) has said that they will vote for Will. Erika is trying every angle, she tells Janelle that she (Erika) can't beat her in final two, Janelle can beat Erika and Boogie but not Will. She wants to know why Janelle would want to give the money to a doctor and a million. Erika reminds her that they agreed to go to final two together. Janelle points out that Erika has broken their agreement several times, she want to know why Erika voted out Chicken George rather than Boogie (Janelle claims that she wanted Boogie out). Erika says she didn't realize that.

Janelle thinks she thinks she can beat Will - sort of!

Boogie just heard them talking and offered them the HOH to talk.

All four feeds are on Janelle and Erika in the HOH room - Janelle is defintely standing her ground pointing out that neither Erika nor Boogie would take her to final two and neither will Will so either way she will have to win to take herself to final two. Erika is trying every trick in the book, she reminds Janelle that her boyfriend left her recently and left her with a mortgage [Hello, it's your house and your mortgage not Josh's] and that she really needs the money. Janelle counters so do I and Erika tells her she is just playing for second place right now. Janelle tells her that she will think about it but that it is a really difficult decision. Erika tells her that Will and Boogie will gang up on her for sure but she (Erika) promises not to. She swears on her mother. [i have to give her credit for some pretty fast talking]. "But you didn't tell me!" has been uttered by both of them several times as they both claim they were confused and didn't know what the other wanted. Janelle says she is really confused and needs to think. Janelle reminds Erika that she [Erika] is a better competitor and that ultimately Janelle needs to get herself to final two. Erika repeats several times that she really needs the money and that she will not take Boogie to the final - she promises. Erika claims that she doesn't have any jury votes so it would be worth Janelle taking her to final two.

Erika has just asked Janelle if she knows who the biggest lier in the house is.

Erika: Will has come to me and said "she's ruining my life;" "she's a fucking pitball." She spills the beans but doesn't labor the point about Will. She returns to talk that neither Will or Boogie need the money and Janelle says she needs to pee but that they will talk more later. [The best stuff happens late at night!]

12:15 p.m. BBT - Two feeds cut to Will and Boogie playing cards downstairs. Janelle has gone downstairs to the bathroom and Erika comes down to join the guys. Erika: "No more booze?" The guys were just casually talk about the cards. Erika is now sitting with them while Janelle has gone to the gym to touch up her make up. Erika is now in the shower and Janelle is brushing her teeth (still wearing her tiara).

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Erika immediately corners Janie as she is brushing her teeth. She asks who Janie is voting out. Janie says she doesn't know. It is 50/50.

Erika says that she knows Janie likes Will, but everyone in the jury has said they are voting for Will. Janie asks why?

Erika says because he is a master manipulator. She includes herself in the number of people who would vote for Will. He got her to vote put up Marcellas and got her to put up Dani, right?

Erika: Dani even said when she was leaving, she said she was voting for Will.

(They are talking in normal voices)

Janie says that even if she got rid of Will, she would take Boogie to the finals.

Janie: It's pretty much a lose/lose. I have to take myself to the final two, and I can take who I want to, and try to beat them in the end.

Erika messes up and says it might be better to take someone like Will and Boogie--then she changes it to Erika and Boogie. She says Janie can beat Erika and Boogie. Janie says that Erika is a better competitor than Will.

Erika: I AM??

(Big confrontation, in logical voices, and Janie is taking no BS--ed)

Janie; MMm hmm. That's why it is 50/50.

Erika: Even if I am a better competitor than Will, I can't beat you at the end.

Janie: I know. But that's why you would take Boogie. No one is going to take me to the end. I have to get myself there. I know that.

Erika: But the thing is, you'll have those two gang up on you. I won't gang up on you.

Janie: Will is not going to take me, anyway.

Erika; The thing is that those two will gang up on you. I won't gang up on you. I told you when I evicted CG.

(Janie is looking at her like she is very amused by this conversation--ed)

Janie: Yeah, but you didn't do what we said.

Erika: You didn't tell me not to evict CG!

Janie: I know.

Erika: I didn't evict CG because Will said if I evict Boogie, he is coming after me next. That was when I was like, OK. I didn't have like a plan.

Janie: Well, we shook on it and you did the oppposite.

Erika: What? You never told me to evict--I said I'm not evicting Boogie, and you were like, WHY? (Erika is stumbling over herself).

Janelle: You said, if I do? And I said, yeah, totally.

Erika; Well, then I must have misunderstood you.

Janie: What do you mean?

Erika: I didn't think I was supposed to evict Boogie.

Janie: Why? I told you to.

Erika: Because I asked you, when I said final two...

Janie: I said yeah, if you evict Boogie.

Erika: Oh, you didn't say if you evict Boogie. Whatever. It was so fast. Anyway, if you evict me, it's fine. I just want to know.

Janie: I don't know. I mean, I want to think about it for at least a day. I think that either way it's gonna be an uphill battle for me because no one is gonna take me to the end. People are gonna want to get rid of me.

Erika: Well, I can't beat you or Boogie. So, but you can't beat Will. You can beat Boogie. So you can beat me and Boogie, but you can't beat Will and Boogie.

Janie: But neither one of you are going to take me to the end. That's what I'm saying. I have to win anyway.

Erika: So, why would you want to give the money to a doctor and a millionaire, and not me? I'm playing for second place. I cannot win this game. But it's like, why would you want to take people who are rich? I mean, Boogie and Will are--he is a doctor. I have nothing. I have a boyfriend who f--ing left me. (Janie says "I know, but" and Erika interrupts again) I want to just appeal to your sense of logic.

Janie: My thing is like--

Erika interrupts

ERika: It's like when you told me and you came upstairs, and you said you would win POV and wanted to work with me, and evict CT--

Janie: And you didn't want to, because you didn't get rid of Boogie.

(Erika is talking over Janie, saying "NO NO NO")

That said to me, then, that you we were done.

Erika: No, Janie. I said fine, we'll go after CT and you nominated me and CG.

Janie says she knew who she would take off the block and replace with veto noms.

Janie says that Erika did the opposite of what they agreed to do.

Erika says that she thought Janie wanted her to get out CG. Janie asks why she would think that??

Erika again says she wants to appeal to her--she can beat her and Boogie. Why would she choose to go with two people who are so closely aligned?

Janie says she feels that Erika and Boogie are closely aligned.

Janie says she will get ganged up on either way. Erika says "What if I promised.."

Janie says Erika has already broken so many promises already.

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12:22 p.m. BBT - Janelle has just gone outside and is sitting on the red couch smoking. Will asks her if she is okay and tells her she looks upset. He says he can read her like a book. He now says that she is being weird with him and suggests that Erika has said something about him that has upset Janelle. Janelle: "Why, have you said something about me that would upset me?" Will: "I have never said anything about you that would upset you." After some persuasion, Janelle starts repeating the things that Erika said that Will said. He suggests that Boogie has been telling her stuff but Janelle says that Erika said that Will said this. Will asks if he can call Erika out on what she has said and Janelle says no.

12:28 p.m. BBT - Boogie joins them. Janelle: "I'm ruining Will's life"

Will is lying up a storm and denying everything and suggests that Erika is grasping at straws. He is doing good damage control but Janelle doesn't seem convinced. Boogie repeats what Erika said about Will being a doctor and Boogie being a millionaire.

Erika has finished her shower and now joins them all outside. She lights up a cigarette and after a few comments about the competition and Erika's sore knee there is silence. Boogie finally goes to remove laundry from the dryer and is folidng the towels. Erika says (a la James) "You're not folding the towels right" and they all laugh and make fun of James. Janelle goes into make Apple Crisp.

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Erika says that it was so fast, she fucked up (with CG).

ERika says that Janelle broke HER promise to Erika first. She said she would put up CT.

Janie says she didn't want to put up Will.

Erika: Why?

Janie: I just didn't. I wanted to get rid of Boogie.

Erika; If you had told me that, I would have done it! I just didn't know what you wanted to do.

Erika says that the guys don't need money, but she would be happy with only $50,000!

Erika says she knows she can't beat Janie.

Janie: I feel if you win HOH in the final 3, though, it would be logical for you to evict me, and then--

Erika interrupts and says that she has evicted CG and Dani, and now Dani has probably turned James against her. She has always played for second, but Janie has played for first. She can't win against Will.

Janie says she thinks she can win against Will, sort of.

(Erika's voice cracks)

ERika; My boyfriend f--ing left me high and dry. Can I say that to you??

Janie: I know, but I feel like even if I got rid of Will, there's like this thing of trust that has already gotten broken with us, and it's already on shaky ground..

Erika: What if I give you my word?

Erika says that she knows they came into the game as two strong women, and they wanted to align coming into the game but people pitted them against one another, but--

Boogie interrupts them. He says they can go into the HOH room for their talk, if they want. He says there are four of them left, so feel free. They thank him. (Erika has NO shame.)

Boogie says "the request is in," and they should push really hard (for liquor or for the movie--not sure which--ed)

They go to the HOH together

Erika: I mean, I don't know what to say. This guy owns six restaurants. He's a millionaire. Will's a doctor. Why not give a girl who needs some money for a fucking--

Janie: Yeah, but I need money, too, Erika!!

Erika; I know, but I can't win against you. So take me to the final two.

Janie: Yeah, but I don't think you will take ME to the final two.

Erika says she will give her word on her mother. Janie says she already gave her word and then she voted out CG.

Erika is saying that Janie put up CG and ERika on the block, and Janie says that she knew someone would win veto.

ERika; When you were talking about CT, I thought you wanted Will out. Not Boogie.

Janie: Why? Boogie is a great competitor.

Erika says she guesses she is confused.

Janie: I TOLD you I wanted Boogie out.


Janie: I didn't want CG out!

Erika; I thought you wanted. Hmm. Oh, yea. I forgot about that. It happened so fast, I didn't know what you wanted. Because when I made that deal with you, I said okay..

Janie: Yeah, and I thought you were going to evict Boogie.

Erika: I fucked up.

Janie says they shook on evicting Boogie.

ERika tries to say she thought it was CG, then says it happened so fast.

ERika; But, I wouldn't have left the two of them in the house if I thought that.

Janie says that at that point, the deal was nullified for her.

Erika says that Will came to her and told her that Janie told Will that they had a deal, and that Janie told Will that she was breaking the deal with Erika.

Erika says that she has to appeal to Janie because she needs the money. She has a bf who left her high and dry with a mortgage.

Janie: I can't believe James told you that I was after you before.

Erika says that James told her that she was not a pawn and Janie was after Erika. Janie says she guesses he plays that way, but it is psycho and she totally wasn't after Erika.

Erika says that she thought that if she left Boogie in the game, she and Janie would have a better chance, because they couldn't beat CG. (So she was looking out for Janie. Right. --ed)

Erika tells the story that Will threatened her with coming after her if she put up Boogie.

Erika says she couldn't think--it was too fast.

Erika:All I know is that if you keep the two of them in the house together, they will gang up on you. I am not going to gang up on you.

Janie says that Erika and Boogie will gang up on her, either way.

(Talking in circles here)

Erika says that Janie should have told her when she put up her and CG that she wasn't after Erika. Janie says there was no time to tell anyone anything.

Erika says when Erika and CG were on the block, she thought Janie wasn't going after CT--she was coming after Erika.

Janie: I thought I was pretty clear. Maybe I wasn't I guess. I thought I was.

Erika keeps talking about when Janie put up Erika and CG.

Erika claims again that she didn't know Janie wanted her to vote out Boogie and not CG.

Janie says she needs to think and needs to pee.

Again, Erika says that the guys don't need money, and she could really use $50,000, and she promises not to take Boogie.

Janie: Yeah, but you can beat him. That's why I'm worried.

Janie: For me, it doesn't matter to me who leaves, it's like I have to win anyway, and you're a little bit of a better competitor than Will.

Janie says that she has to eliminate another person, and she knows that no one will take her and she knows that Erika can beat Boogie, and therefore she will take him.

Erika says that neither of the guys will look Janie in the eyes and tell her that they will take her to the finals.

Janie agrees.

Erika keeps pushing that she won't gang up on Janie, though, like the guys would. (She's ganging up on her NOW! --ed)

Janie says, why would Erika take her to the finals and not Boogie, whom she feels she could beat? It doesn't make sense.

Erika is counting off the people who won't vote for her.

Janie: That's why I was kinda hoping you were gonna win HOH.

Erika: I was trying, but I f--ed up.

She says Dani is going to "poison" the minds of the people she voted out.

Janie promises to think it over.

Erika says that she can honestly say she will take Janie, and the others won't look at Janie and tell her that they will take her to the finals. She needs the money.

Janie: No, I know your situation. I KNOW it. Trust me.

Erika keeps saying over and over and over that she needs the money and the guys don't need it--it is sport to them. She will take the $50,000 only--she promises on her mother.

Erika; You know who the biggest liar is to you in this game. You know that, right?

Janelle: Yeah. Boogie.

Erika: Janelle!

Janelle: Boogie and Will.

Erika tells Janie that Will comes to her and says things about Janie. He tells her that Janie is a pitbull, ruining his life, and he needs to get her out of the house. She says she knows that Janie likes him, but he is playing with Janelle.

Again, Erika says that she will take $50,000.

Janie: Why would you want to take 50 over 500, though?


Erika says because she knows she isn't going to win no matter who she plays against.

Janie: I don't know, Erika. I don't know about the jury. I really don't.

Erika again says she could use the money.

Janie: Me, too.

Erika; I'm in dire straits, to be perfectly honest. Neither of those guys needs any money, Janelle.

Janie: I know they don't. Let me think about it. I need to pee. We have so many days to talk about this. I promise. We'll talk more. Ok?

Erika: Ok.

Janie goes outside, and Will asks what is wrong--says she looks sad.

Will says that he is sure Erika made up lies.

Janie: I don't know if they are lies.

Will: As soon as you walked by, I could tell something was wrong.

Janie says she is just confused and needs time to think about things.

Will: Ok. But like something just happened with Erika upstairs. I went to the DR and you went upstairs and talked with Erika, and now you're weird. It obviously deals with me.

Janie asks why? Has he said anything she would be upset about?

Will says he never has said anything she would be upset about.

She says she isn't upset.

Will insists that she is upset.

Will says okay.

Will: Do you see why things are weird from my perspective? You were super happy and you went upstairs with Erika.

Will says clearly Erika said something to her about Will to try to keep her around instead of Will.

Janie: She said you were saying things about me.

Will asks if he can call her out, then? Because they aren't true.

Janie repeats all of the things Erika said. (They are all true, too--ed)

Will: Are you ruining my life??!

Janie: No.

Will says that he has never said anything bad about Janie.

He looks at her, speechless.

Janie tells him not to make that face.

He says he doesn't know what to say.

FOTH and Will leans in to whisper to Janie.

Will: I'm trying to think how to say this.

Will whispers and I can't hear it.

Janie: Yeah.

Will: So, Boogie, can I tell you?

Boogie: Here's what she just told me.

Janie: I'm ruining Will's life!

Boogie: I'm a restauranteer and Will's a doctor, so I really need the money. No one can beat you--I just want to come in second place!

Will: Oh, did she fail to tell you other things, too?

Will says that Erika told Janie that he was going to win POV and evict Janie really meanly, and that Janie was ruining Will's life. Will says that Erika is grasping at straws.

Boogie; So why would you be upset?

Janie: Because I'm not ruining Will's life!

Boogie asks why it would upset her if Erika claimed that, then?

Janie says because Erika swore on her Mom.

Will says this puts him in an awkward position, because he could tell Erika that he has always been cordial to her, and now this.

Janie asks if Will has ever said she ruined his life?

He says he has never said that by any means.

Lots of staring from Will to Janie.

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Erika comes outside.

Will gets up and leaves the couch.

Erika tells Boogie he isn't folding towels right. She says she is being James.

Janie says she is hungry now. She goes into the house.

Erika: It was good having this ride with you, Boog.

Boogie: It was fun. Are you sure you are leaving?

Erika; Probably.

Boogie: I mean, it was an accomplishment you, me and Will making it to the final four. Supernatural.

Erika tells Boogie that if he campaigned against her (Erika), it might help out.

Mike says that he won't do that.

Will is all upset. Janie follows him.

He says "I've put a lot out there, and for you to be weird after one conversation.."

Will says he is very good at the game, but at the end of the day he does have emotions, and there are only two people in this whole house that he has had feelings about, and that is her and Boogie. He says he has said bad things about everyone in the house, including himself. He has always said good things about Janie. He doesn't feel that the show allows privacy about his relationship with Janie. He says he has said mean things about everyone.

Janelle asks if he said she was ruining his life.

He says he know what Erika is saying.

Will is whispering to her in her ear.

(I heard the word "bed."--ed)

Janie: I don't know, either, because we can't talk openly!

Will: I know!

Will whispers some more.

Will: That's all I got, you know? But it sucks because it's like, this is why that worried me. I can explain it. We're super happy. I go to the DR and I'm super happy and I come out and it's weird. Like, this is the BB game and my picture of what I'm discussing is like this whole quilt and one person who has been annoying us forever and is desperate and sad and pathetic is now doing things that hurt you.

Will says he doesn't like it when Howie yells at Janie. He doesn't like it when things are hurtful to Janie--not to him. He says he has said funny things that are mean about everyone. He says they will watch the show and crack up together. He says he is doing a poor job of explaining it.

People can abuse him all they want, and they can kind of abuse Boogie because he signed up for it, too, but he feels Janie is part of them and he is protective of her and he doesn't like it when they hurt her. He says it isn't their fault Erika needs the money.

Will: Skrubica, you suck. You're hurting her and you're hurting me.

Janie: That's the only part of the conversation that bothered me.

Will says that he hurts that she would take Erika's word over his, and she says she hasn't taken her word.

Will says he has been tolerant of Erika, and a lot of people would call her out and say she is hurtful and pathetic, or he can remind himself to do what he does best---cause her pain in the DR.

Janie: Give me a hug. I'm sorry! I never believed her!!!!

Will says that week 2 he did say Janie was a fembot, and she wouldn't talk to him.

Janie laughs.

Will says they probably splice footage like that in, and he will tell her everything he said.

Janie says she doesn't care about stuff from before. It was her saying she was ruining his life.

Long FOTH because Will talked about DR.

Will says "That's the most honest I can be. I hope that's enough, and I hope you respect and understand that.

Janie: Yeah.

Will: And you're wearing a tiara.

Janie: Sorry.

Talk about Will's hair.

(Janie is fine again now)

Will says he always gives BB a story, but now the story has changed.

Janie: I've liked you since day 25. No, actually, it was day 13.

Will: That's not true.

Janie: Yes, it is.

Will wants to know what happened, and she says she can't tell him. Then she whispers that he is funny and silly when you jumped in the slop!

Will says he told them that she was so good in comps that she was the terminator, and he had to go into the future to get an amulet to beat her. Stuff like that.

Will says he was annoyed with Janie because she wouldn't give him attention, and she thinks that is cute. He says that they are a lot alike, and asks if she is needy. She says yes. He says she is a pain in the ass, too. She says she doesn't think so.

(I think Janie said something about snuggling, and he said he would a little, but not under the covers.)

Will and Janie are rehashing how they became friends, week by week.

(They are lying on the bed, on opposite ends. Her leg is next to his hip, and he has his hand wrapped around her ankle.)

Erika comes in and interrupts them.

Erika: I don't want to interrupt the campaigning, but I don't want to be all alone.

Janie: Where's Boogie?

Erika: He's in DR!

Erika gets on the bed, sitting at the head of it next to Will.

They continue to talk about how they became friends.

They are talking about how Dani said that James was her new Jason. Talk is about James, and Erika is revealing stuff, too.

Erika says that she thought they would have caught on to James when he threw the POV comp for Dani.

Janelle says that they still had the agreement and she had to trust him, though!

Erika says that if they are going to throw in sponsors, they should pay them more.

(Janelle has gone for the moment)

Will says that KFC sucks and he can say what he wants on the internet.

Will thought that during lockdown we saw the spiders on the feeds, but Erika tells him it is fire.

Janie is called to DR and Erika tells her to put on lip gloss.

They have beer (two bottles) and wine (two bottles).

Boogie and Erika are playing cards.

Will is cooking something, and for some reason, BB has one feed on the oven. Constantly.

Boogie quits the card game and says he isn't even keeping score because Erika is ridiculously ahead.

Boogie: Congratulations! You have won NOTHING!! Bwahahahaha!

Erika: Why are you so mean to me?

Boogie: I just mean you didn't win anything for the cards.

Will starts talking about DR and we get FOTH

Erika asks if the guys will leave her really nice goodbye messages?

Erika: Not a mean one, Will.

Will: I can't promise.

Erika: WILL!!!!

He says he is just kidding.

Will says he happened to leave a great, sweet goodbye for CG. He didn't think he was leaving, but he left a good one because he had a bad feeling.

Will says he left a bad one for Howie.

Boogie says that he didn't leave Howie's until the next day.

Will fries eggs for a sandwich, and then asks if he can rinse them off.

Will says that he told Howie in his message that he was entertaining and fun, but that he broke the cardinal rule of BB, that you don't out alliances.

Will: Did you leave any mean ones, Erika, or not at all? What about Alison?

Erika: No, I just left appropriate ones.

Will: What was your one to Alison? I know you guys didn't get along.

Erika says she just said that it was her goal when she came into the house to get Alison out, and then she felt kinda bad after she did leave.

Will says that is kind of nice.

Boogie says he respects the fact that BB didn't have a returning HG this year. You shouldn't get a second chance in All-Stars.

Will says that another reason he got into trouble with Julie Chen was that he said "Hey, Sweetheart, why don't you get a twist and get me out of here!" That was the day they started the twist.

Will says the twist was a bomb, and Boogie says not to remind him.

Will says Boogie couldn't know this would happen, though.

Erika: How could you not know, though?

Will says that CG messed it up.

Erika says that they should have told HER, though!

Will says that he told CG to nominate Will. Everyone would be happy then.

Erika; Except for ME.

Will says George was about to do that, but Boogie flipped on George.

Boogie says that "one of the greatest moves of the season was me not shooting my mouth right then."

Will says he would have gone up. Erika says she would have gone, then. Will says no, Boogie would have used the power then, and it would have been great. But he didn't get to tell Boogie before then.

Boogie says that CG f--ed it all up--he should have put up Janie when he had the chance. He deserves sitting in the sequester house now. Will asks why he didn't do it. Boogie says that this moment will be one of the most lasting ones for him in the house. He tells how, in the hot tub, that CG told them that he got hate mail for putting up Britney. James asked him if he was basing his decision because of mail he got at home? CG said he wouldn't discuss it. It was one of the only times that he saw CG completely resolved.

Erika says that a rumor went around that the town worked to evict Britney, and it obviously wasn't true, but he took a lot of heat from it.

Will: He wouldn't put up the popular girl?

Boogie says before anyone says anything to him about not using his power, they need to talk to CG, because they could have their cake right now and eat it too. But now they aren't because of CG.

Talk about having the "power" that Boogie had.

He says that he told George that someone had the power, and he might not want to cross that person.

Will asks if they were mad at Boogie for it?

Boogie says that Alison made him read a legal document into the camera!!! He starts to say what it was, and we get FOTH!

Will tells Erika that Janelle told him previously that she was going to send Erika home if she won POV. He says that he doesn't want to mislead Erika. He says he won't be offended if she campaigns, but he isn't sure it is useful.

Boogie asks Erika who she would take with her if Boogie wasn't there. She won't answer--she says he IS there, so she doesn't know.

Janie comes out of the DR.

Boogie asks why it wasn't called the diamond veto this time?

Janie asks why they didn't get white wine.

Boogie was hoarding it, but he tells Janie she can have it, if she wants. She says that is okay--she doesn't need it.

(Boogie says he is "stockpiling" the white wine.)

(I have to go--it's almost 5 a.m. here!--ed)

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3:30 p.m. BBT - Will is really stepping up the damage control. I missed how it came about but he and Janelle are sharing the kingsize bed tonight and he is talking up a storm. He claims that James and Kaysar each independently called him to form an alliance before the show but James proved to be "too shady" to work with [Pot meet Kettle]. Will also told her about the hand phones in the DR (and it sounds as if he has been doing the same thing with her). He admits he has been doing that with Boogie in the DR since the first week. He is doing really amazing damage control and she appears to be falling for it hook. line and sinker. He keeps whispering to her (because either the manipulation would totally disgust us or it would bury his relationship with Erin) - I can't imagine there is that much to whisper about but I'm not as shady as Will. I think the gameplan now is to keep talking so Janelle never has a chance to really think things through and keep Janie and Erika apart so they can't compare notes.

Meanwhile, after chatting in the BY for a while, Erika and Boogie are now doing ADLs in the HOH bathroom and getting ready for bed. Erika: "I'm ready to go home." and "My body is so stressed out." Erika is now changing under the covers into one of Boogie's Chill Town t-shirts. "Nobody look at me, I'm changing under the covers." Boogie explains that he dreams about the game every single night. He turns off the light and starts to put on the headphones but Erika asks him to talk to her a little bit more because she is anxious. He tells her the competitions are over and to relax and enjoy herself.

Janelle and Will appear to be asleep.

[i am off to bed myself!]

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4:45 BBT ... People are still awake actually.

Janelle and Will will talk as soon as one realizes the other isn't asleep yet.

The latest was Will saying that Boogie will be really pissed with him if he takes Janelle for the Final 2.

"Should I take you?" he asks Jani.



In the meantime, Erika got up, went outside for a smoke and a few hands of solitaire. She spoke aloud a few times about how you can't win this game. <meaning both solitaie and BB, I think>. Eventually she went to bed in the bug room. Boogie asleep -- in the same position as he was when he turned away from Erika (again).

Will and Janelle whispering again. He's saying that he really has lots of problems, that he's not nearly as confident as she things he is.

Jani asks why he is so different outside the house than he is in here. He says that his normal moral fiber isn't what he portrays in the house -- that he actually tries to lie, cheat, etc. But at least he admits that he's coming in t be a dirty, malicious player, while others pretend to be moral and ethical and yet they're not -- like Marcellas.

Janelle offers that Howie is the same way both in and out of the house. So is Kaysar she adds. Will agrees, and again defends his part in evicting Kaysar.

Will is saying that the internet was very cruel to him, both that the fan mail he recieved was wonderful. Says the internet doesn't care about you as a person, that only you can care about you. In here it's actions that speak louder than words. Uses "Scrubika" as an example of putting up Janelle and then turning around to ask her to keep her.

Tells Janelle that his friendship with her over the last month is the only thing that has made his experience enjoyable. Says that when he gets out he needs to take some time off, hook up with his friends, and figure out what he is doing with his life. He's looking forward to hanging out with many of the HGs, but doesn't want to discuss this game for even another minute. He's even thinking about skipping the wrap party -- it's so stressful, like you're on exhibit.

Says Boogie will bring 20 people to the party. Janelle asks how can he get them all in? Will says he's done it before. "He's like you, he always gets his own way."

Trying to sleep, again. Asks Janelle to tell him Dairy Queen stories.

They begin to discuss the boys going there to hit on the cheerleaders who worked there. The manager was also someone in their high school.

Will says he used to work at "Bell Taco" and that he sliced his fingers there -- had to go to the hospital.

Janelle says she didn't always obey all the rules for cheeleaders. Will asks for an example. She mentions drinking in her uniform with the best friend Nate. Now Will wants to hear Nate stories.

Nate used to spend the night all the time. She didn't know he was gay until about a week before graduation. She says her Mom knew, though. Janelle didn't know because Nate would lie to her and make up stories about having girlfriends. Her boyfriend didn't mind Nate either -- just thought they were best friends. She says she and her girlfriends were always changing clothes in front of him.

Then she tells of she and her friend sneaking out at night to go meet boys. Just as she gets out the window, there's mom standing in the front yard. She tells her mom that they were just going to have a cigarette.

Another time they spiked her tea with sleeping stuff so that they go out. They thought it was going to be perfect and they did get away with it, but when she came back her mom was waiting for her with the ol' "you're in big trouble, just wait til your father gets back."

Will says they used to create fake bodies under the sheets so they could sneak out, as if that would work! But they really had no where to go -- would have to walk for miles.

They agree that they've had fun, no complaints, life has been good.

5:20 -- Erika just stuck her head in the room. "You guys are still awake? I thought there was a crew in here!" She leaves.

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Will says there a lot of angry women in lesbian bars. He thinks it's harder to be a lesbian than a gay guy.

Janelle has one lesbian friend and, no, she has never come on to her. There was one time that a woman hit on her -- she totally looked like a guy.

Will tells a story of a woman who approached his buddy saying that she's married but once a year she's allowed to have sex with anyone she wants. Will wouldn't let his buddy do it. Said he'd wake up dead or worse.

Quick check of quad cam shows Erika in bed, still awake.

Now we get FOTH as Janelle talks about her friends.

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Will says that Robert, Erika's 'other' ex-boyfriend, used to call Dolce all the time -- trying to reach Will. Called five times over two weeks. Robert finally got his cell phone number from Dolce and called him directly, wanting to hang out. Will turned him down -- didn't know him. Robert was pissed.

Erika still awake. Boogie hasn't moved. These two decide they're really going to try to go to sleep.

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Will and Janie are still awake. Janie says she cant sleep and gets up to use the washroom.

(Ed. Its 8:50 my time. Ive never seen them still awake at this time..Its gonna be a boring day on the feeds...They will all be sleeping!)

Boogie is still awake as well...He was listening to music because he just took his headphones off.

Janie and Will are tossing and turning in bed. Janie says she cant sleep and thinks its because of the Red Bull she drank.

Will says he's totally not tired at all. He just told Janie hes really thankfull shes there.

He keeps leaning to whisper something to her. It looks like they are kissin!

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(So much for that)

Janelle complains that it's hot in the room. Gets up and is off to the bathroom. Then to the mirror in the gym to re-do her ponytail. Then to the kitchen and a quick study of the memory wall. Now back into bed, saying it's almost 6 o'clock.

She thinks she's still awake because of drinking a Red Bull. Will leans over to whisper another something. The says he's going to stay in this bed all day... "gonna eat Kentucky Fried Chicken in this bed." After a moment of silence, says he is not tired at all.

Boogie shifted, removed head phones, and is asleep again. Erika still awake.

Will says "I'm going to sleep on my side, okay?" and turns away from Janie. <What a stark comparison to how Boogie treats Erika in the same situation>

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