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September 2, Live Feed Updates


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CT working out in BY. It sounds like if Erika doesn't win the POV they def plan on sending her home because they are worried about her in an endurance comp. Will says he can flirt Janelle off an endurance comp (they must not realize there could be a 3 part HoH comp w/only 1 part being endurance)

Will says they may be getting cocky & they better be careful. They know for sure that Janelle is going to take Erika out because Janelle dislikes Erika & even something like the way Erika shuffles her feet annoys Janelle. Will thinks that the fans are going to roast CT when they get out of the BB house & he hopes it won't hurt him professionally. Boogie says it won't & that CT has come across as funny & the fans forgive funny.

Erika comes out so convo changes. Erika doesn't stay long so convo changes back. Will says something about who's left in the house being Producer's picks vs America's picks & good vs evil. Will may use the good vs evil thing in his eviction speech.

They say Erika has to go because she will hold onto that key (in an endurance comp) for a week because her life depends on it whereas Janelle would rather have a Doctor boyfriend after the show.

They are discussing how they should answer questions to different jury members. Will then says they should focus on winning the POV & how Boogie is going to marry Erika. Will asks if Boogie has already told Erika that Will will bow out of the comp when if they get to final 3. Boogie says he told her earlier.

Erika comes back out & convo changes to chitchat. Erika asks Boogie for a hug & he does it. They tell Erika that statistically Will is due for a win & Janelle is due to lose so Erika shouldn't feel pressured that CT will do it. Will doing sit-ups, Erika & Boogie playing pool.

Janelle in the bathroom with a scary looking facemask on.

(nite all, I'm off to bed early)

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11:08pm bbt

Super boring in the BB House tonight. Will and Janelle in HOH bathroom, Will is going to have a bath and Janelle is going to shower.

Erika and Boogie sitting on opposite sides of the red couch outside. Erika is playing solitaire and Boogie is drilling out loud.


Boogie came upstairs to HOH and had a shower after Janelle finished. Erika had a shower in the downstairs bathroom and then went right to bed. Janelle just got into bed. Will is doubling his mattress and making his bed. Boogie is in the kitchen having something to eat and studying the pictures on the wall.

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Boogie asks Will if he wants to win the veto or if janelle should win it. Will thinks either way is fine

Will: you want her to win it and send Erika to jury?

Boogie: that would be the best wouldn't it?

Will: umm

Boogie: Just in case Jani's in finals against us

Will: yeah

10:30 Will is telling Janelle about how Dani told him to go up to Janelle when she was HOH and flirt with her. He also brings up dani and james and how dani would throw peolple under the bus but act like she's their friend. they also bring up james whining and biting his nails all the time

Boogie and Erika are playing pool both think jani has put on 15-20lbs

11:00 boogie going over bb events and the order of HOH and nominees

Will is in the HOH bath and janelles in the HOH shower, they start to sing so the cameras dont film them

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Last Hour

Boogie is in HOH bed sleeping. Erika was in bed but got up and went outside to sit on the couch.

Janie told Will a couple stories about some travelling she did when she was filming a pilot for the travel network.

All HG's were trying to sleep for a while.

Janie and Will can't sleep. She gets up and goes and lies in his bed for a bit. They whisper a little. He starts acting awkward with her being in his bed, he's not lying down and says let's go play cards. She gets up to go and he lays back down to go to bed. She says don't you want to go now? He says he would rather stay in the room.

Will and Janie are laying in their beds talking. Will wonders if they will get to go on Regis and Kelly. Janie thinks some will. They make an agreement that if Regis and Kelly invites one of them then they will say they'll only go on if they invite the other too.

At one point Janie asked Will his thoughts on cloning. Then she insists that a lady in Great Britain cloned herself and now lives with the child. Will doesn't believe her and asks if she read it in Star magazine. Then he says "As a member of the medical community don't you think they would have told me if this happened?" They both laugh, then he tells her she's crazier then he thought.

I believe Will has fallen asleep and Janie is trying to. Mike and Erika still sleeping. (Actually, Erika is not shown on the feeds so I assume she is sleeping)

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Will and Janelle tried to sleep for about 10 minutes and then Will sat up. Janie asked him if he would come lay beside her. Will said he can't. Janie: Please W: Sweetie, I can't J: Please, I won't do anything W: I know you won't. Will asks Janie why she can't sleep. She says she's thinking about things. He wants to know what but she says she can't say. He says he's thinking and worrying about his life outside, his job, he's going to have so much mail to open, so many problems out of here. They are talking alot about how difficult it is adjusting outside of the house.

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Then Janelle completely switches gears and asks Will about cloning. Will says it's a lot further away than people think. "Nah uh, I heard about a women in England that cloned herself, and it's like now she has a sister." Janelle tells the doc. "As a member of the medical community, I think I would have been informed of this if it was true. Where did you read this in Star Magazine?" he asks. Janelle says, "No She did this herself." Will: "She did this where, in her basement? Where did she get the equipment? I guess she just bought a kit on line.." She says it's a secret because it's illegal. [This is so cool, because the Home Clone Kit is a sponsor of Morty's TV] They try to go back to sleep.

1:30PM BBT: They just can't sleep. Will says that after BB2 people treated him differently. In real life, the doctor says he's a complete introvert, very quiet and conservative, but something about being in the BB house causes him to regress into a being a child again and people have never seen him acting goofy and wild. They talk about what it's like to run into fans and being recognized in public. Janelle says it was really strange to get out of the house and go back to work and find out that Hardy is now her boss (Hardy Hill of BB2 also works at The Mansion in Miami Beach Florida,)

2:00AM BBT: The chat still goes on.

[Thanks for all your great material, please carry on, getting late, gotta go to bed]

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11:01am BBT

Still snoring away.

One cam on each sleeping hampster. Maybe they should do it like this from now on.

11:36am BBT

Will is awake and is in the bathroom. Wether he'll stay awake is another story all together.

Boogie is sawing enough lumber to keep us seeing fire for a VERY long time.

Feed 2 just went to fire when Will went into the Diary room. Now we have 2 shots of Janelle sleeping on feeds 1 and 4... and 2 shots of Boogie snoring on feeds 2 and 3.

12:16pm BBT

Will and Erika up in the kitchen on feeds 1 and 2...

Boogie and Janelle still snoring away on feeds 3 and 4.

I wonder if it's going to be ANOTHER boring day again today.

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(I just typed for 20 minutes and pushed the wrong button and it's gone! Ugh!--ed)

Everyone is outside and Will asks Erika (who seems to be inside and he is talking through the window) if she will show him the lotus position. He tells her he is close, but he has a past injury to the hip and knee. She says she wouldn't do it, then. He says "How will I be one with the Universe?? I want to be one with the Universe!!" Erika says it isn't necessary.

Will quickly tells Janie that he thinks POV will be about past POV's, and he wants her to think about those past POV comps.

Will: Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?

Janie: I'm thinking!

Boogie comes outside and Will says Boogie is trying for the sleeping record. Boogie is snippy this morning. When Will says that he thinks maybe POV will be today (instead of tomorrow as Janie suggests) because they don't have anything "in the can," Boogie snaps at him that they have an HOH and nomination ceremony! (How could you forget Boogie's reign, Will??--ed). Will says he thought that was live--he doesn't know what he was thinking. He apologises.

Boogie asks what they were "strategizing about" when he came out.

Will explains his POV theory and Boogie thinks that is possible.

Talk about Regis, whether you get $1,000 to appear. Whether you get someone you know to fly with you for free. Boogie says he was thinking about it for a half an hour this morning.

Will says that when he got up this morning, Erika told him "Good girls versus bad boys." Boogie says "She said that? That's pretty accurate except for the versus part!" Will says that if that is all you know, you would think that, though. Will talks about how it is a perfect show, couldn't have been better even if scripted. Showmances, two girls, two guys, two AC, to producer's picks, etc.

Boogie: All you're missing is the gay guy, and he left halfway through the season.

Will: Thank God!

Janelle: Who do you think he hates more? You or Will?

Boogie: I don't know. Who do you think Marc hates more? Me or you?

Will: Um... I think he physically despises you more as a person, but I think he dislikes me more. Like, you disgust him, I think, whereas I, he actually, like he hates who I am, but you disgust him.

Boogie: Yeah, that's a good description.

(Janie is giggling through this. The guys are doing this for show--ed)

Will: Like, deep down in his, like he hates the core of my being--

Boogie: Yeah, cause I'll fart in his face and he has to wipe the seat down with an alcohol rub.

Will: Right. He hates like the core of my being, but you just like are vile to him.

Boogie: Good point!

Will: Yeah.

Janelle: I have no idea what he thinks of me.

(Janie is ignored--ed)

Will: What about James?

Boogie: I think he hates you more.

Will: I got that one wrapped, Dude! I got that one wrapped!!!


Boogie: Actually, I don't think he hates you. I think he is afraid of you.

Will: Yeah. There's two.. Oh, yeah, I'm not allowed to talk about that. I got a lecture this morning, and I'm not allowed to talk about a lot of stuff.

Janie: Am I gonna get one, too?

Will: No.

Boogie: About the DR?

Will: Uh.. A lot--


Jedi training goes on forever...

Mike and Janie gripe that they need to see Dr. H. FOTH

Boogie is saying that the POV must be tomorrow, because they would already be building it. It can't be simple--it must be big and crazy.

Boogie asks about last year, what the comp was. Then he asks what happened when you got evicted last year. Did you get to see what was happening on the monitor after you were evicted. Janie says yes, and Boogie says that is good to know. Janie asks why. He says that if this goes like he wants, he doesn't want to be yelling "Yeah!!" He says he doesn't want the girl (Erika) to have a nervous breakdown.

Will comes outside, and Mike is quizzing with Janie.

Will: It's so funny, this house is so divided. I went inside and Erika was like, "Quiz me!" And then I come outside and we're quizzing.

Janie: What??

Mike continues quizzing.

Erika comes outside and it's mostly silence.

Janie and Will are both sitting there in their sunglasses, playing cards. Erika is slumped on the couch on the other side of Will. They are ignoring her as they play cards. Will starts to sing "American Pie" and we get FOTH

A skywriting plane is going overhead. They are bummed it is an ad. Will says they should tell Boogie it was a banner--it will be gone by the time he comes outside.

Will reads it outloud and it is www.coffeebeanbears.com. He says that if a banner plane comes over he would expect it to just say "Chilltown burning. Chilltown lies to all. We hate Chilltown. Chilltown has cancer. Chilltown SUX."

Will wonders what they are going to do today--Nothing?

Erika: I hope not. Let's have a day off. I feel great. All I needed was sleep.

Erika says she kept reliving that day over in her head, and this game "is not for the faint of heart."

Janie goes to do laundry.

Janie goes inside.

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Will says it will be really hard for him to go back to work.

Will says he forgot how to drive after his last time on the show.

Erika says she can't concentrate.

Will: It makes you wonder if it is good to stress your brain like this, or really bad. It's one or the other.

Will: People don't realize that boredom is an incredible stress. Or, it's incredibly good because it forces your brain to do things it wouldn't normally do.

Erika says she has been thinking about things she hadn't thought of since she was seven years old.

Will says this is a test of so many characteristics.

Erika says maybe it is good to be away from t.v. and the outside world.

Will says that he worries because the things that define his life (e-mail, phone, etc) are shut off.

Erika says that it is really easy for her to leave her life this time.

Will says it was for him the first time, because he was single. He says that last night Janie begged him to get in bed with her, and the last time he was in the house he would have done it, but he can't and won't this time.

Will: I guess that's a testament to what I want out of life now as opposed to what I want out of life now.

Will says that you can't live like James and not have fun because you are so afraid that your gf or her family will get mad, but you also can't sleep in the same bed with the buxom blonde, either.

Erika: Do you think it's bad that me and Boogie??

Will: Not at all. You guys are single.

ERika: And we liked each other outside of the house.

Will: Although it has benefited your game, and my game, you guys' relationship, it isn't like one of you is using the other one for the purposes of the game.

Erika: Right.

Will: So it's like, that's not unhealthy. So I think that is totally fine. And I think it's too bad that sex in the US is so stigmatized, too. Because, you know, you don't want to be like a season 4 homance. But like, the truth is in another country, what's going on here wouldn't be---

I don't know.

Erika: I don't know.

Erika says kissing and touching and holding is one thing, "but that kind of intimacy to me--it's just private."

Will says what about if Erin was there--they already have a relationship.

Erika: It's one thing if you have that--I mean, the most Boogie and I have done is kiss.

Will: Sure.

Erika says it would be awkward to have the "first intimate moment" on the Internet. (Too late, Erika!--ed)

Will: We don't know the answer to this. Let's just change the subject.

Erika laughs.

Will says they can edit the show however they want. They could edit it so that he turns Janie down, or they could edit it so that he is pursuing Janelle.

Will: That's why I am totally dependent on you to resurrect my life after this.

Boogie comes outside and says that he saw the Dr. and it was so gnarly. The Dr. said "over half of my ear canal was blocked!"


Janelle is really feeling bad, but she isn't talking about it. She just warmed a towel and went into the bedroom and climbed in bed, and put the towel on her stomach. (cramps).

Boogie is talking about how he talked with Dr. H and they talked about football. Boogie is worried about things Dr. H said about the network and football. Will asks if he had coffee with him or something--he hasn't had human contact without anyone else for months!

Mike goes inside and talks loudly to himself. He says that he has his ears clear now, so that when Julie Chen tells him "Congratulations, Mike Boogie--you are the winner of BB7" he will be able to hear her.

Mike comes outside and says that he bets Erin is "very adept at speaking her mind."

Will says she is tall, and pretty and authoratative.

Mike asks if she can be a little condescending, like Will?

Will says yes, and like he uses "sweetheart," Erin uses "bud and pal."

When she uses that, she wonders if it is friendly or angry. (He sounds proud of this--ed)

Mike goes on about his ear again.

Long FOTH as Mike talks about his ear and Dr. H.

Mike says that "He is as J as the next one. J's are dope. Why do you think they have all of the cash?"

Will: He should write for Hallmark, ladies and gentlemen!

Erika puts her head down and says "Mom, I am so sorry."

Mike says that it is not disparaging at all!

Will says that Mike is the guy from NH who can get by with anything.

Erika goes inside.

Mike and Will are on the side of the pool.

They are talking too low to hear, but I hear:

Will seems to be talking about his conversation with the producer.

He keeps saying he shouldn't talk about it. Then he says a little more. He says he will discuss it in general.

Will: Don't do the things you are doing.

Boogie: What? Like breaking things?

Will says that and other stuff.

Boogie: Is she cool?

Will: Pretty cool, considering.

Will: I will say one thing. No one expects the two of us to be here.

Boogie asks about that, and Will says he can't confirm, but he definitely got the sense that no one expected them to be in the finals.

Will: It was like this. Bad, bad, bad bad bad. But. I was like, Okay, I admit that. But you have to admit this. Okay. (laughter)

Boogie asks if he said they could have gotten Kaysar and Nakomis? (at the end)

Will: I didn't do that, but I was like, look, you knew what you were getting, and you got it all!

Boogie screams and laughs and splashes.

Erika comes outside.

Boogie says Dr. H has a bag that looks like it should be the doc's bag on Little House on the Prairie or Happy Days.

They seem to be saying two different things to to the girls about what they think the comp will be. Boogie is saying that he thinks since it is the final one, he thinks the questions will be comprehensive. (Earlier, they told Janie they thought it would be all about POV's).

Erika: It's gonna be a big one. It's gonna be comprehensive and physical.

Boogie: I agree. They did one last year that was awesome.

Boogie says they had to jump in the pool last year.

(Maybe they are talking about the final three and not the POV?--ed)

Boogie: She's been hitting the mint chocolate chip and the Marlboro Lights.

Erika: I doubt it. She changed her battery today. Like, she's a machine and she changed her battery.

Boogie does an impression of Janie as a machine.

(in machine voice) "Bitches. Leave."

Erika: She's unstoppable.

Boogie: Not tonight. I got clear ears! What you know about that!!! (yells)

Boogie yells to ME:

Boogie: If you are sitting home on a Saturday afternoon, and it is Labor Day weekend, and you are watching this---

Will: You'd better have both your legs broken. It's your only excuse.

(They are so right. What am I doing??--ed)

Boogie: You'd better be an invalid and you'd better have a problem, a health issue or something. You definitely, definitely are not doing the right thing.

Erika: Go outside! Look at this day!

Boogie: If you live in a rainy part of the country, take the opportunity and go see film. Do something, but do not watch our boring asses. We don't want to be here. You shouldn't be. Labor Day weekend, these f--ing cameras should be shut off from the Internet. There should be music pumping. Dicks to be eaten.

Will: However, the chances of you seeing two relatively good-looking people having sex is pretty good, actually.

Boogie: Or at least whispering, which approximates a tongue bath.

Will: Yes.

Erika tells Mike his body is looking great.

Mike talks about his body.

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Will: Hey, Boogie

Boogie: Yeah?

Will: I think this show is going pretty well.

Boogie: What makes you say that?

Will: At least I think it is. I just get a sense.

Boogie: Is that just the usual Will? Or does Will know something.

Will says he knows just a little more. He says that he will tell him one line.

Will said "You have to admit this is a great final four."

She said: Yeah, especially with operation double date!

Will says he thinks that this is being shown as a huge battle between good versus evil. Boogie thinks they are taking snatches of convos from the girls and making it look like they are a team.

They talk about when operation double date started. It was when Kaysar was still there.

Will is laughing, and they are saying they got rid of three members of Janie's alliance, and her best friend in the house, Marc. Then they got Erika to kick out her best friend.

Will: Keep in mind--I haven't won anything. It's only a million times worse because I haven't won a single contest, you know. (laughing)

Mike: The ultimate is if Janelle wins this POV and YOU win the final HOH.

Will: Mmm hmm.

Mike tells how he questioned Janie, asking if you can still see people on the screens after you are evicted, and he got Janie to tell him yes, and then he told her a lie about why he wanted to know.

Will tells Mike how Janie asked him to get into bed with him.

Boogie: Forbidden fruit, baby.

Will says that he asked them in the DR if they got that, as proof that he didn't get into bed with Janie.

Boogie says he has done damage control every chance he gets in the DR.

Will thanks him.

Will says he hopes the fans know that he thinks Janie is great and super hot, but he loves Erin!

Boogie; Yeah. You have something real. This isn't real.

Will says 5 years ago, he would have gotten into that bed.

Will says that Erika notices it, too. Boogie says that when one girl notices that, it is usually legit.

They both think this is the best--awesome.

Will says that Boogie convinced Erika, and he convinced Janelle.

Boogie says from Janelle's perspective, they have saved her three weeks.

Will tells how he fielded questions from Janelle about what he did.

Boogie: You have an answer for everything.

They continue congratulating each other.

They agree they want Janie to win POV.

If Boogie or Will wins, it's just a level below what they prefer.

Will: If Erika wins it, you'd better be ready to hold onto the key while they spray mace in your face. Because we can't go out like that.

Erika comes outside and says they can stop strategy talk.

Boogie: Why wouldn't it include you? We're drilling.

The guys say strategy talk happens when you have more people in the house.

(A loud blast just happened--sounded like a gunshot.)

Erika is drilling replacements after POV's. Erika seems to have them down, but she messes up on one.

(I have to go now. At least we know where the guys really stand--on everything, including Janie.--ed)

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2:30 p.m. BBT - HGs are in indoor lockdown.

Will is showering again! Boogie is futsing with his hair. He and Will are discussing hair styles and hair products.

TMI ALERT! Erika is sitting at the kitchen counter chit chatting with Janelle. I think Janie has her period. She has been talking about how last year during the HOH endurance, she had her period and how bad she was bleeding. Janelle is preparing food for everyone.

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6:00 p.m. BBT - Will and Boogie sleeping. Janelle and Erika discussing Erika's relationship with Josh Souza, talking about how guys are jerks and don't know when they have a "catch." Josh moved in December to Miami and wanted it to be a fresh start, Erika had a hard time with the move because she owns a house and has a job in Los Angeles and everything is in Los Angeles, she has nothing in Miami and Josh is in a mediocre job in Miami. Erika doesn't want to just get up and leave Los Angeles, it where her home, her family and her job. She wants a family and says maybe she didn't think the relationship was strong enough to move to Miami with him. They both started going out and meeting other people and were attracted to other people. She says Josh always had too high expectations of his life and relationship and expects passion and romance every single day while she is more grounded in reality. Janelle doesn't understand what he is doing in Miami. Erika admits that he is making more money in Miami than in Los Angeles. Erika says that once he got the nice job and the nice car, he wondered if she was the right person for him. Erika thinks that maybe relationships aren't meant to last forever.

6:15 p.m. BBT - Janelle and Erika were talking about dating professional atheletes. Erika says she dated a professional athlete (long distance because he lived in Pittsburgh) and it was really hard because they travel so much and have such a different life. She says every woman should date a professional athlete and get it out of her system. Janelle says he is 32, divorced and they don't go out much. They talk about how Josh and Janelle's boyfriend wouldn't have like the shower scene. Erika dated her professional athlete when they were both 26, he was a hockey player. They talk about the fun they have dating professional athletes, best seats, parties, etc. We get FOTH when personal details such as names are asked.

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6:25 p.m. BBT - Feeds are back and Janelle and Erika are talking about how she would never date Boogie on the outside; she doesn't want a guy who doesnt' have to work, she just wants a normal guy.

Janelle says that she only has to work one day a week, the rest of the time she just works out with her trainer, goes to the beach, goes down to the keys, watching movies, reads books - she has a lot of books.

Will is now up. Will just went into the DR to request something.

Janelle says it hard to find a normal guy in Miami. Before her current boyfriend, she dated Michael.

Will just went into the DR to request a Queen CD.

They are now talking about how the tarantula's are boring. Janelle says the fish last year were much more interesting because they would actually react when they fed them. Will says the spiders are annoying because of the constant fluorescent light.

6:40 p.m. BBT - Will asks Erika why he can't be alone. He says: When I wake up and find I am alone, I have to come and find you guys. Erika says she is the same. Will is laying down on the couch and Janelle and Erika are sitting at the table playing cards. Boogie is now up and in the HOH bathroom putting on deodorant (Thanks Boogie!).

6:50 p.m. BBT - Janelle and Erika have now each gone back to their beds leaving Will alone (and humming) on the couch. Boogie is listening to music in the HOH.

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7:45 p.m. BBT - Will, Janie and Erika are all now in the Yellow Room (Janie and Will each in their own beds) reviewing the season, how everyone will be perceived, who threw what comp, etc. Discussing how the play the game. Just rehashing the same old stuff. They discuss Jase throwing comps and Erika says "Yes, that's the way you go out of the game, you have to win comps to stay in" - How ironic is it that she says that to Will?

Boogie is now up and in the kitchen making something to eat.

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All HG in the kitchen/dining /LR area. Erika giving Boogie a massage. Janelle playing solitaire. Will must not want to be alone because 1st he stood at the kitchen counter & flossed his teeth then he left & came back with his electric toothbrush & stood in the kitchen brushing his teeth.

Boogie goes to the HoH alone & starts training for a memory comp. Janelle showering. Erika sitting at the dining table staring at the picture wall. Will wandering around.

(It is super exciting in the BB house & I know all you guys without the feeds are so jealous that ya can't watch this stuff :P )

8:45 PM BBT - Finally some game talk

Boogie says Erika heard Will quizzing Janelle & after Erika hearing the convo in the SR between Jan & Will she is suspicious. Will says it won't matter in 3 hours (the POV must be happening late tonight. 11:45 BBT?)

Will joins Boogie in the HoH. Will says if we can do this we are in final 2. Boogie says this is a big step tonight, a big hurdle. It's basically a 3 step process at this point. If we can get by tonight & we can get her out but if we can't we still have one more chance. Howie & Marcellas can be as mad as they want.

Will thinks the comp tonight is aquatic.

Will wants Jan & Erika kept apart because they could be teaming up & saying lets get Will out & then team up & go against Boogie. Boogie says they can't think like that. Will is listening to a Queen CD while Boogie sits deep in thought.

Meanwhile in the house....the girls are not teaming up. Janelle is in the gym putting on make-up & Erika is in the kitchen not doing much of anything.


Will tells Boogie he is in a phenominal position for a bunch of reasons because he can hold the noms the same & Will can vote out Erika, then Boogie can act shocked like he had no idea Will was going to do that. Boogie says oh yeah, he's been rehearsing it. Will leaves to go make sure Erika & Janelle aren't talking.

Will is standing at the picture wall & touching the HG that corresponds to each question. Erika corrects him each time he is wrong (so Erika has the memory part down pretty good).

9:14 BBT

Will asks Janelle if she always get ready for comps then looks up at the camera & says "OK you guys said 45 min (so MBE POV is happening around 10PM BBT)

Will goes back to HoH & tells Boogie that Erika mentioned him quizzing Jan & told him to give her the wrong answers next time. Will says he's glad the POV is tonite because he can't keep this up much longer. Boogie agrees. They say if Janelle wins POV tonight they can relax & have a good time. If Erika wins it they will be stressed out & Boogie will have to show show showmance her. Boogie says he won't be able to romance Erika off of that key next week or to convince her to throw it because she's safe. Boogie says he will be able to get Erika to kick Jan out if she wins. FoTH

Will says if it is at all possible for Boogie to help him win the POV. Will says he wants to do the eviction. he wants to stand up & drag out the ceremony for a long time like he did in BB2. Will says if he wins POV they need to say they are evicting Jan all week in the DR so it will be a surprise when the evict Erika. Janelle comes in & they start pumping her up to win POV. Will leaves & Boogie & Jan start quizzing each other.

Erika is sitting at the kitchen counter alone. We keep going in & out of FoTH.

Each HG is in a different room psyching up for the POV.

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